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Italian Association of Foundries - AssoFond
Italian Metallurgical Association - AIM

Machine Tools Exhibition EMO Milano 2027 - The Magic World of Metalworking, October 4-9, 2027, Milan

14th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing - ECNDT 2026, June 15-19, 2026, Verona

11th Conference & Exhibition - Made in Steel 2025, May 9-11, 2025, Milan

23rd International Exhibition Lamiera 2025 - Sheet Metal Forming, Cutting, Machines and Equipment, May 7-10, 2025, Milan

14th International Expo of Customized Technology for the Aluminium, Foundry Castings & Innovative Metals Industry - METEF 2025, March 5-7, 2025, Bologna

International Show for Machinery and Technologies Applied to Jewellery and Precious Metal Processing - T.Gold 2025, January 17-21, 2025, Vicenza

9th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress - ECIC 2024, October 16-18, 2024, Bardolino

34th International Exhibition BI-MU 2024, October 9-12, 2024, Milan

International Stainless & Special Steel Conference 2024, September 17-19, 2024, Rome

40th National Conference of the Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM), September 11-13, 2024, Napoli

13th European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations - ESOMAT 2024, August 26-30, 2024, Lecco

Global Conference on Materials in an Explosively Growing Informatics World - CIMTEC 2024, June 20-24, 2024, Montecatini Terme

3rd Conference and Expo 2024 - An International Event for the Corrosion Prevention, June 9-11, 2024, Genova

22nd International ForgeMasters Meeting - IFM 2024, May 27-30, 2024, Milan

EICF International Conference & Exhibition 2024, May 12-15, 2024, Napoli

4th Mediterranean Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering - MCHT & SE 2024  and
5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modeling and Simulation - TPMS-5, April 17-19, 2024, Lecce

International Reference Fair for the Manufacturing Industry - MecSpe 2024, March 6-8, 2024, Bologna

22nd Metalworking Machinery, Technologies and Tools Exhibition SamuExpo - SamuMetal 2024, February 1-3, 2024, Pordenone

12th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress and 7th International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark, September 19-23, 2023, Bologna

17th International Conference on Semi Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites - S2P2023, September 6-8, 2023, Brescia

15th National Days on Corrosion and Metal Protection, July 5-7, 2023, Torino

Brescia Industrial Exhibition - BIE 2023, May 18-20, 2023, Montichiari

2nd International Workshop Surface Quality of Continuously Cast Products - IWSQ-2, December 1-2, 2022, Bergamo

11th European Stainless Steel Conference - Science & Market and 7th European Duplex Stainless Steel Conference & Exhibition, June 15-17, 2022, Bardolino

27th National Conference of Heat Treatment, May 26-27, 2022, Genoa

Raw Materials & Recycling International Meeting, December 1-2, 2021, Bergamo

High Tech Die Casting International Conference HTDC 2021, June 22-25, 2021, Vicenza, Held Online.

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ART FOUNDRY DEL CHIARO MASSIMO  -  large monumental sculptures, bronze castings by lost wax technology.

ARNO METALLURGICA S.p.A.  -  sand cast with hand or mechanical moulding, having weight up to 8000 kg, or realized by horizontal or vertical centrifugal casting, cast parts for mechanical and energy industry, components for marine field and off-shore platforms.

ALPRESS S.r.l.  -  pressure die-casting of light alloys, cold chamber method, cast components for the automotive, electrical, motorcycle, household appliances, hydraulics, compressors, furniture and general engineering sectors.

BRONZI DE LUCA  -  cast bronze monuments and sculptures.

BRAGONZI S.p.A.  -  grey, ductile and austempered ductile cast iron foundry.

CAPANNI FONDERIE  -  bronze bell foundry, bells of any tone and weight, single bells and bells to be in tune with others bells, every casting is characterized by specific inscriptions, images and artistic decorations.

CESTARO FONDERIE S.p.A.  -  cast parts in aluminium alloys, sand moulding.

CASTALIA S.r.l.  -  medium and large aluminium sand moulded castings for energy, electro-mechanical, naval, industrial machinery, tools and transportation sectors.

EREDI CAGLIONI S.n.c. di CAGLIONI FRANCESCO & C.  -  cast parts in copper and aluminium alloys, sand moulding.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA BOCCACCI S.n.c.  -  specialized in creation of unique bronze objects in great dimensions - 3 m statues up to 600 kg, and in the production of multiple copies in small quantities.

F.A.G. di TURCHETTO LUIGI E F.LLI  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings for mechanical, paper, glass and shipbuilding sectors, green sand moulding system for small cast parts from 1 kg to 20 kg, resin sand moulding system for big sized castings.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA LEOPOLDO CATTANEO  -  bronze, brass or silver lost wax casting, statues, sculptures, jewellery, medals, chandeliers, lamps, reproductions of handles, ornamental mouldings, knobs for furniture and decorations, production of models of statues, busts and reliefs on request.

FONDERIA ARTISTICA MARIANI S.r.l.  -  artisan production of statues in bronze, brass, silver, nickel-silver and aluminium, lost wax processing method.

FANTONI ADRIANO S.a.s.  -  aluminium pressure die castings.

FONDERIE BARTALESI S.r.l.  -  bronze castings for glass industry, bronze / brass castings for the naval industry, aluminium castings for mechanical and oleodynamic industry, sand moulding, sand and resin moulding and shell moulding technologies.

FONDERIE di ARLUNO S.r.l.  -  grey cast iron castings.

FONDERIA di LUSSANA GIOVANNI S.n.c.  -  sand-cast aluminium castings, mechanical parts for all product sectors.

FONDERIA di TORBOLE S.p.A.  -  production of grey cast iron and alloyed cast iron castings and machined parts for the automotive market - solid and vented brake discs for cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and heavy duty vehicles, brake drums for cars and light commercial vehicles, flywheels, hubs, wheel hub caps, bearings caps, supports, flanges and oil pumps.

FAI-FTC S.r.l  -  steel foundry, green sand moulding and shell moulding of castings for recuperators for radiant tubes, muffles, diffusers, and supports for furnaces, centrifugal casting for the production of tubes and shaped parts.

FONDERIA FRIBER S.r.l.  -  manufacturer of all types of aluminium, bronze and brass castings, without dimensional limits, green-sand casting, manual sand casting, resin sand casting, permanent mould casting.

FONDERIA GHIRLANDINA S.p.A.  -  production of grey iron castings for hydraulics - pump castings, oleodynamic distributors, valves, hydraulic engines, gearboxes - hubs, mountings, reduction gear casings, tractors and agricultural machines - sump-power takeoff for hoisting devices, gearboxes for engine-driven cultivators, power units - bearing mountings, adapters, earth-moving machines and elevators - pulleys, brackets, sliding blocks, automatic compression moulding line capable of manufacturing 180 moulds per hour.

FONDERIA MODERNA di BASTIANONI & TOSONI S.n.c.  -  gravity and low pressure die casting foundry, production of brass faucets, taps, collectors and valves.

FONDER SHELL di CHIESA LUCIANO  -  castings in carbon, stainless and heat resistant steel and grey and ductile cast iron, shell-moulding and green sand moulding, castings for the automotive sector, impellers for pumps, finned bodies, turbine blades.

FIMA S.p.A.  -  light alloy die casting with a distinctive specialization in magnesium alloys, various castings for the mechanic, motor and electronic industries.

FOCREM S.p.A.  -  cast iron foundry, hand and machine green-sand moulding, own pattern shop.

FONDERMETAL S.p.A.  -  die casting in aluminium alloys, castings for lighting equipment, automobile industry equipment, engine components, agricultural equipment.

FMP S.r.l.  -  lost wax precision steel castings for all applications.

FONDERIE VALDELSANE S.p.A  -  special cast irons and special bronzes castings for the production of moulds and accessories for glassworks worldwide.

FONDERIA V.S. S.r.l.  -  aluminium castings from 0,03 kg up to 10 kg for motorcycle and cars industry - suspensions, electrical and gas systems, gearboxes, pumps, shell mould and gravity die casting, production of dies for foundries.

GASPAROTTO-FONDAL S.r.l.  -  pressure-die casting, components in light alloys for electrical household appliances, industrial machinery, sewing machines and heavy transport, production of metal moulds for pressure-die casting.

GARAVAGLIA S.p.A.  -  wear resistant steel parts for crushers, max weight of castings 5 tons.

GHIAL S.p.A.  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die cast parts.

INDUSTRIA METALLI S.r.l.  -  die casting in aluminium, zinc and brass, cast components for motor vehicles, motorcycles, nautical, electromechanical, household appliances and gardening.

INDUSTRIE PASOTTI S.p.A.  -  die casting in aluminium alloys, cast parts for automotive industry, and household electrical appliances.

ITALRICAMBI S.p.A.  -  manufacturer of wear steel parts for earth moving machinery, production of rolled steels, forged parts - tips and adapters for loaders, excavators and backhoes, ripper tips for bulldozers, and a wide range of cast parts - tips, teeth and adapters for loaders, excavators and backhoes, ripper tips and adapters for bulldozers, protectors for buckets.

LA PULEGGIA S.p.A.  -  cast iron castings for the transportation sector and mechanical industry.

METROCAST ITALIANA S.p.A.  -  investment steel and special alloys castings with a weight from 1 g up to 5 kg, parts for automotive industry, stainless steel valves, motorcycles, pumps, food processing machinery, packing machinery, textile machinery.

MARINELLI PONTIFICIA FONDERIA di CAMPANE  -  art foundry, church bells, ornamental bells, miniature souvenir bells, bells restoration, bronze portals, sculptures, statues, bas-reliefs, panels, plates, church furnishings.

NEW CASTING NIRONI S.r.l.  -  die casting in aluminium alloys, components for electric motors.

NUOVA FRAMAR S.r.l.  -  zamak pressure die castings for the gas sector, automotive, hydrothermal sanitary, domestic, doors and windows, nautical sector, motorhome, lighting, hardware in general and household sector, production of pressure die-casting tooling.

NICEM S.p.A.  -  centrifugal casting of alloys with a low melting point, production of small and medium-sized parts, accessories for shoes and leatherwear, technical accessories, pewter items, costume jewellery, buckles and metal smallware, a wide range of silicon rubbers for centrifugal casting and lost wax casting or micro-casting, artistic enameling of metal parts.

PAROLA & LURAGHI S.p.A.  -  grey and ductile cast iron products for mechanical, building and transportation manufacturing industry.

PRESS FIN METAL di BAGLIONI TIZIANO & C. S.n.c.  -  zamak pressure die casting, articles for bathroom, decorative home lighting, door handles, auto parts and electronic components.

SOMIPRESS S.p.A.  -  zinc and aluminium pressure die-cast components for the production of the household appliance, automotive, gas burner and furnishing industries, subsidiaries: Somipress Romania and Somipress do Brasil.

TECNIFOND S.r.l.  -  castings in aluminium alloys and brass, gravity die casting, shell-moulding.

VECO FONDERIA SMALTERIA S.p.A.  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry.

ZANARDI FONDERIE S.p.A.  -  ductile & austempered iron castings, production capacity 22 000 tons of castings for transportation manufacturing industry, building industry, and metallurgical plants.

ZML INDUSTRIES S.p.A.  -  aluminium die-casting and grey cast iron casting electrical household appliances and for the car sector.

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