Foundry Suppliers from Israel

23rd National Industrial Engineering & Management Conference (IE&M), April 27, 2023, Ariel University, Golan Heights

Israeli Conference and Exhibition on Additive Manufacturing - ICAM 2023, March 13, 2023, Ramat Gan

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A.P. CASTING LTD.  -  a fine art foundry, lost wax bronze casting procedure, fabrication service especially designed to suite the most demanding requirements of the artist who sculpts in any possible material, all kinds of alloys (bronze, aluminum, stainless steel cast iron) in all shapes and sizes from the smallest, most fragile pieces to 8 tons, 9 meter tall landmarks.

ASSOCIATED STEEL FOUNDRIES  -  plant of Urdan Industries Ltd., carbon, low alloy, manganese abrasion-resistant and stainless steel castings, gray and ductile cast iron castings, shell molding, flaskless molding, floor molding, cast parts from 3 kg up to 10 tons for industrial and military applications.

BET SHEMESH ENGINES LTD. (BSEL)  -  a multi-faceted company that includes research and development, castings, machining, assembly and testing of complete modules and turbine engines, vacuum and air cast of stainless steel and superalloys by investment casting - turbine blades and vanes, various aerospace parts and other applications.

CABIRAN LTD.  -  aluminum lost-wax investment casting (vacuum method or upper injection low pressure casting), cast parts for aerospace, defense, electro-optic and hi-tech industries.

FINKELSTEIN METALS LTD.  -  manufacturing of copper alloys castings and extrusions, continuous and centrifugal casting processes.

HASHMRON - FOUNDRY NON-FERROUS METALS LTD.  -  aluminum bronze, bronze and aluminum castings for a wide variety of industries.

IKON LTD.  -  a faucet manufacturer, faucets and batteries for the home and garden, faucets and valves for advanced water systems, faucets and sluice gates for fire extinguishing systems and agriculture, faucet mechanisms and complementary accessories, valves for solar systems, casting department for brass and aluminum alloys, pressure die casting.

MODGAL METAL LTD.  -  a manufacturer of the Quikcoup, production of cast iron fittings and components - couplings and fittings, hole-cut and threaded components for use in automatic sprinkler systems (fire protection), HAVC services, industrial, plumbing and cold or hot water supply piping installations, threaded malleable cast iron pipes fittings, and custom made cast iron products, in a variety of malleable, ductile and grey cast iron materials.

OMEN  -  high pressure die casting of brass & aluminum alloys, cast parts for automotive, heavy truck industry and communications.

ORTAL DIECASTING  -  production of zinc and magnesium die-casting parts for the automotive, communication and electrical industry.

TIROSH DAVID QUALITY CASTINGS LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminum sand and permanent molded castings for the leading international aerospace companies.

TADIR-GAN PRECISION PRODUCTS 1993 LTD.  -  manufacturer of machined and assembled aluminum high-pressure die cast products.

TEFEN METAL CASTING LTD.  -  investment casting, cast parts in carbon steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, cast iron, nickel & cobalt alloys, aluminum and copper alloys.

Y.H.FOUNDRIES LTD.  -  gray and ductile iron castings for valve's bodies, gear boxes and other automotive transmission parts, machine parts for different industries, different pump parts, agricultural equipment, electrical motor parts, break shoes, and fittings.

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