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Foundries (7, not updated)

ATHY CO-OPERATIVE FOUNDRY LTD.  -  large scale and small scale cast iron casting for a wide range of markets from the artistic to the industrial, outdoor garden and street lighting, ornamental railings, cast iron gates, metal sculptures, renovation and replication of existing antique cast iron work, street seats, bollards and signs, cast windows, window grills and ridge caps, engineering castings, gear blanks, sprockets, machine parts, replacement parts for agricultural machinery,
in-house pattern making facility.

ADAMSTOWN ENGINEERING LTD.  -  production of aluminium castings, green-sand moulding, air-set sand moulding and gravity die casting.

BRONZE ART FINE ART FOUNDRY  -  bronze fine art foundry, lost wax process, sculpture fabrication from the monumental to small scale, a wide range of bronze plaques for different county councils and organisations in Ireland and abroad, awards for various special achievement / business awards and film award ceremonies, various sword parts and props made in bronze for the Irish film industry, restoration or repair work, specialised bronze fixtures and fittings.

BRONZE & IRON ART STUDIO  -  metal specialist and foundry company, bronze, brass, copper, lead, pewter, and aluminium cast, sand cast, lost wax cast, vacuum cast, large / small sculptures, furniture, door knobs / locks, hinges, balustrades, chandeliers, lanterns, console tables, coffee tables, railings, fountains, blacksmith works, restoration and conservation of historical (religious, artistic, technical and ethnographic) and archaeological objects.

CAST LTD.  -  bronze foundry, a total sculpture service to artists and commissioning bodies.

HARTE OUTDOOR LIGHTING  -  production of outdoor and garden lighting in cast iron, gate castings, pole castings, street furniture, swan neck lamps, bollards, post boxes, sign poles and signs, applications with many interchangeable components.

KILMAINHAM ART FOUNDRY LTD.  -  bronze sculptures, monumental pieces, bronze Celtic crosses, maquettes, plaques and reproductions, ceramic shell lost wax process and sand moulding.

Suppliers (3, not updated)

IMPACT IRELAND (METALS) LTD.  -  multi-metal stockholder and distributor, aluminium bar and sheet, aluminium cast plates, bronze, brass and copper bar, titanium bar, sheet and plates, nickel alloy sheet and plates, cast iron bar, ductile cast iron bar, engineering steel bar, stainless steel bar, tool steel bar, hot finished hollow bar.

P. CARNEY LTD.  -  production of high grade - low iron aluminium alloy ingots, copper and aluminium granules.

RPM SUPPLIES LTD.  -  supplier of materials for metal casting and mould-making, sculpting, ceramics and pottery, lead free pewter, aluminium powder, bronze / brass powder, epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins, casting / moulding plasters, silicone rubbers, modeling wax, modeling clays, fiberglass materials, armature sculpting wire, chamber kilns, top pottery kilns, top loaders, kiln accessories, ancillaries.

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