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Öntöde Kft. = Foundry Ltd.

ALUPA  -  aluminium alloys sand and gravity die-casting.

AUSTENIT ACELONTODE ZRT.  -  low alloyed steel, hadfield's steel and heat-resistant steel castings - ball mill armours, crusher and breaker parts, wear and acid resisting parts for pumps, heat resisting grates, agricultural machine parts, mining machine parts, manual and machine bentonite-sand moulding, shell moulding.

ALBRON BT.  -  aluminium, brass and bronze cast parts, bars, bearings, coins, decorative items and monuments, park and street furniture.

ALUKO HUNGARY IPARI LTD.  -  subsidiary of the French foundry FOGA Europe, aluminium die castings for electro-technical and automotive industries.

ADACAST KONNYUFEMONTODE KFT.  -  aluminium pressure die-cast parts for car factories and companies manufacturing household devices ( does not work).

ALFOLD METALLURGICAL AND MACHINE ENGINEERING CO. (AKG)  -  castings made of cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steel, low alloyed steel, heat- and corrosion resistant steel, cold-bonded furan resin moulding process.

ALU-ONTO LTD.  -  aluminium sand mould and die casting for automotive industry, heavy power electric industry, shipbuilding industry, railroad mechanical engineering, decorative castings, annual capacity 120-140 tons sand mould casting and 25-30 tons of die-casting.

BEK-METAL BT.  -  casting and assembling of aluminium, copper and bronze parts, gravity die casting, green-sand moulding.

BORSOD METAL FOUNDRY LTD.  -  grey iron, ductile iron and alloyed iron castings, unalloyed and alloyed steel castings, special alloyed steel ingots, wood and resin foundry patterns.
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B.T.H. QUALIFORM LTD.  -  sand and die-castings from different aluminium alloys for automotive industry, elements for scaffold-constructions in the building industry and pneumatic elements for medical devices, range of weight 0.1 - 25 kg.

BORBAS ZAMAK ONTODE KFT.  -  zamak hot chamber pressure die-casting, cast parts from 0.001 kg up to 1.7 kg in weight for the automotive industry, computer components, furniture products, telecommunications parts, gas system components, locks and hinges.

CASTER BRONZ KFT.  -  art and industrial castings, steel, cast iron, bronze and brass castings, sand and lost wax moulding, centrifugal casting, statuettes, sculptures, busts, animals, erotic figures, female and children figures, home and desk decorations, musicians, soldiers, vases, walking sticks, coins, promotion gifts, beer fonts (towers).

CSZ CSOLNOK FITTING PRODUCTION LTD.  -  the largest domestic manufacturer of the fittings, hydrant boxes for fire extinguishing with water, sprinklers, the various kinds of hose couplings, pipe end connections, adapters, end closer caps, hydrant wrenches, aluminium castings, aluminium-bronze castings, pressure die casting, gravity die casting, shell moulding.

CSEPEL INVESTMENT FOUNDRY LTD.  -  investment castings, carbon steels, alloy steels, super alloys, steel grades resistant to acids and corrosion, materials of high wear resistance, grey and ductile cast irons, valve parts, pump parts, vehicle parts, fittings, lock parts, hinges.
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CAST LINE  -  jewelry manufacturing, repair and small wholesalers, precision centrifugal casting in gold and silver alloys.

CASTER LTD.  -  art foundry, wax loss process, sculptures - animals, walking sticks, erotic figures, men, politics - soldiers, flat and writing table decorations, female figures, pairs, vases, etc.

CERTA LTD.  -  production of lock and handles, zinc and aluminium alloys die-casting.

CSABA METAL FOUNDRY CO.  -  aluminium die castings for armatures, furniture parts, machine parts of household and building industry, diesel-engine parts, engine housings, etc.

DFK LTD.  -  member of Dunaferr Company Group, carbon, low-alloy, high temperature strength, corrosion-resistant, Hadfield (manganese) steels, grey, nodular and wear-resisting cast irons, cast machine parts and components - crane wheel, gear body and gear rim, drive housing, grinding cone, crushing mantle, breaker jaw, sheave, rope drum, heat-, corrosion- and wear resisting parts for engineering industry, ferrous metallurgy, mining-machines industry, cement industry, power industry, construction materials industry, flour milling, vehicle industry.

DIOSGYORI ONTODE KFT.  -  carbon, chrome-nickel and manganese steel casting - 2000 tons / year, grey and ductile cast iron casting - 1000 tons / year, steel ingot production - 30 000 tons / year, wood and plastic patternmaking.

ECSERI ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY LTD.  -  aluminium alloys high pressure die-casting for automobile, electrical, food industry and agricultural machinery - bearing housing, filter case, gear-box, engine-house, cap-screw, locking-ring, covers, shields, etc.

ENGEL HUNGARIA ALUMINIUMONTODE KFT.  -  aluminium gravity die-casting, castings weighing from 0.1 kg to 15 kg, automotive components, lighting equipment, industrial cast parts, a 100% subsidiary of Engel GmbH - Germany.

FEHER '96 FEMONTO KFT.  -  aluminium alloys and bronze casting, industrial castings - band saw wheels, band buffer drums, belt discs, channel trunks, manhole covers and grates, electricity cupboards, water faucet cupboards, impellers, art and ornamental castings.

FEMALK CO. LTD.  -  biggest private owned die-casting foundry, aluminium casting components for the automotive industry.

FERRO-ONTODE IPARI KFT.  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings, 5500 tons / year producing capacity, patternmaking, parts for agricultural and catering industrial machines and equipment, manhole covers and canalization units, boiler spare parts, art and ornamental castings, rail-elements, garden benches, candelabras and accessories ( does not work).

GRE-GA FOUNDRY CO. LTD.  -  grey cast iron machine parts, ornament castings, fireplace parts, chill-moulds, typical weight of the castings is 1-35 kg, aluminium alloys cast components for medical equipments and machine-building, weight of castings from 1 kg up to 15 kg, bentonite sand mixtures and furan resin sands moulding.

GYULAI VASIPARI KFT.  -  production of steel structures, machines and machine parts and heating systems with solid fuel, grey cast iron castings, weight limit from 0.5 kg up to 500 kg, green sand machine moulding line and hand moulding.

HOFFER ACELONTO ES SZOLGALTATO KFT.  -  carbon and low alloyed steel castings, cast parts for commercial cars, parts for heavy acricultural and earth moving machines, fittings and parts for railway industry.

HEGYHAT METALL KFT.  -  steel, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings for spare parts, bearings, bushings, building components, art casting - memorial sculpture, busts, ornaments, bells, street and garden furniture.

H-PROLUX KFT.  -  production of outdoor lighting units, street and garden lamps, lighting fittings, candelabrum, gravity die-casting, machine and hand sand-bentonite moulding.

JASZBERENYI ACELONTODE KFT.  -  steel castings, the moulding is made by cold-box technology which based on phenolic resin, capacity approx. 1000 tons castings per year - crane wheels, rope wheels, gears, beaters, breaking cones, breaking rings, crusher jaws, crushing cylinders, bagger teeth, beating heads.

JUHASZ ONTODE  -  aluminium alloys and brass gravity die casting and sand moulding, cast parts for food, electrical and construction sectors, art casting - vases, statues, folk art decorative castings, religious items, ornaments.

L-DUPLEX PIVO KFT.  -  grey cast iron foundry, hand and machine moulding, valves, pulleys, weights, manhole covers and frames, fireplaces and stoves, garden furniture, machine parts for agricultural and food industries.

LENKEI KFT.  -  furniture fittings, zamak hot chamber pressure die casting.

LOCI VAS FOUNDRY LTD.  -  centrifugal casting.

METALL - KRAFT ONTESZETI ES KERESKEDELMI BT.  -  production of aluminium castings in furan resin sand moulds and gravity die casting, cast parts for the general machine, automotive, agricultural machine, precision engineering, heating technology and lighting technology industries.

MARTY ONTODE  -  copper and aluminium base alloys, sand moulding, gravity die casting, lost-wax process, decorative castings, religious items, ornaments, figurines, reliefs, plaques.

MOHACSI VASONTODE LTD.  -  grey iron and ductile iron castings for fittings, valves, hydrants.

NAGY LAJOS FEMONTO  -  gravity die casting, sand moulding, aluminium products - garden water-tap covers, mains-tap covers and drain covers, ornamental flower holders and mailboxes.

NEHEZFEMONTODE ZRT.  -  copper and copper-based alloys cast products, aluminium alloys castings, grey and nodular cast iron castings, machine and manual green sand and furan-sand moulding, continuous casting, shell process, centrifugal casting, gravity die casting.

"PK" ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY LTD.  -  aluminium chill (gravity die) casting factory, castings for vehicle producing, machine producing, agricultural engineering.

PREC-CAST FOUNDRY LTD.  -  producer and aftermachiner of high pressure die castings made of aluminium and zinc alloys for the automotive and electro industry, casting tool production.

PATINA LTD.  -  iron casting 400-600 tons per year, aluminium casting 100-150 tons per year, cast bronze about 15 tons per year, lamp-standards columns, lamp-heads, lamp-brackets consoles, benches, tables, fountains, rubbish-bins, parking-prohibitory bollards, canal covers, drain traps, barrier and fence elements, unique articles, decorative cast products.

P-METAL KFT.  -  gravity die casting, cast parts for the automotive, machine and electrical industries, production of aluminium alloys.

RABA  -  Raba is one of Hungary's largest automotive manufacturers, different castings.

ROSENBACH KFT.  -  steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper-based alloys, and zinc alloys castings.

SZIMO-2000 KFT.  -  aluminium and copper alloys castings, traditional hand sand moulding, gravity die and pressure die casting.

S+C MAGYARMET  -  investment castings producer, low, middle and high-alloyed steels, bronze, nickel and cobalt based alloys.

SUBA ES TARSA BT.  -  aluminium castings, sand and gravity die casting technology.

SZELL FEMONTODE KFT.  -  aluminium alloys, bronze, brass, lead and babbitt castings, sand and gravity die casting, cast parts for mechanical engineering, automotive, electric and food industries, art casting and statue restoration.

SZORO IPARI KERESKEDELMI KFT.  -  aluminium high pressure and gravity die casting for train brake systems, construction industry accessories and air-technology systems, manufacture and service of dies.

SALLAI ONTODE  -  automotive cast parts, armature castings, agriculture cast components, lifting equipment, locks, fasteners and closures, art, ornamental and decorative castings, medium and high alloyed steels, grey cast iron, abrasion and heat-resistant cast irons, bronze and aluminium alloys, lost wax process and shell process.

SZABO ONTESZET KFT.  -  grey cast iron, aluminium alloys and bronze industrial castings, art and restoration work, sculptures, reliefs, plaques, medals, all sizes and shapes of the country's renowned artists works.

SZEGEDI ONTODE KFT.  -  grey and nodular iron castings for the automotive industry, general machine production, agricultural machine production, building industry, municipal engineering, annual production 5000 tons.
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TM FOUNDRY LTD.  -  grey and ductile iron castings, green sand moulding and shell moulding

VASKUT LTD.  -  production of investment castings and spheroidal cast iron items.

VERES CINKONTODE  -  hot chamber zink die casting for furniture, electronic and toy fittings.

WAMSLER KFT.  -  cast iron fireplaces, stoves, solid fuel cookers, central heating cookers, meat roasters, country grills, pots.

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