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VROHIDIS, GREECE  -  ecclesiastical and monumental decorative cast articles - letters, numbers, crosses, flower vases, frames, bronze rings.

VEGA-03 LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings and spare parts, centrifugal casting and sand moulding.

VACUMET AG, SWITZERLAND  -  special steels, nickel-, cobalt- and copper-base alloys, custom-made special materials, precious metals, production of shaped castings in metal and ceramic moulds (precision investment casting), alloy ingots, alloy samples for tests master alloys, pre alloys, semifinished products - blocks, round bars, rods, plates, sheets, technical equipment: high vacuum induction melting furnace, arc knob furnace - vacuum / inert atmosphere.

VALUMEHAANIKA AS, ESTONIA  -  cast iron antique & artistic casting, cast iron hatches, grills, stove plate casting - doors, bedpans, fireplace grids, grates, cooker plates, boil plates, stovepipes, christmas tree legs, manhole covers and frames.
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VARNASFORETAGEN AB, SWEDEN  -  aluminum green sand castings, 0.5 - 60 kg in weight, production capacity 3.500 t/year.

VOLTA AS, ESTONIA  -  production of three-phase asynchronous electric motors, own foundry for aluminum alloys pressure die casting - rotors for AC electric motors, connection boxes, casings and other details.

VIJAY ALLOY CASTINGS, INDIA  -  alloy steel castings foundry with a specialization in manganese steels, jaw plates, jcb tooth points, procliner tooth points, shot blasting plates and engineering castings.

VOSTERMANS ALU FOUNDRIES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  a part of Vostermans Companies, aluminium foundry specializing in the manufacture of aluminium pressure die casting, sand casting and gravity die casting, parts for electric motors, office furniture and general appliances.

VS AMERICA, INC., USA  -  grey and malleable iron castings weighing 1 kg or less, markets served - automotive, electrical fittings, hardware, power transmission, farm implements, railroad and railway maintenance.

VIMAL ALLOYS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  alloy steel (adamite), nodular cast iron rolls & rings, alloy steel ingots, carbon and stainless steel castings of various shapes and sizes to different industries including cement plants, sugar mills, sponge iron plants, power generation, mining machinery, hand tools.

VSS A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings in a wide range of shapes, grades and weight ranging from 0,5 to 13800 kg, hand moulding into furan moulding mixtures and machine moulding into sand-bentonite mixtures, aluminium alloys castings into sand moulds up to 60 kg weight, copper alloys cast parts up to 250 kg weight, bronze casts by centrifugal casting, bushing size: outer diameter up to 420 mm, inner diameter over 80 mm.

VUHZ A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  steel, cast iron and bronze castings by method of horizontal centrifugal casting - reducing and sizing rolls, milling rolls, semifinished products for energetics, cylinder liners, special centrifugally cast castings, heat resistant casts, auxiliary equipment and services for metallurgy of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals - aluminium wire and cored wire feeders, regulation and control systems for inert gas injection for bottom blowing in EAF, regulation and control systems for flow control of inert gas in ladle and tundish, porous plug testers, manipulators for sampling and measuring of molten steel parameters in EAF, ladle and tundish, development, designing and deliveries of atypical equipment for foundries.
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VALLEY BRONZE FOUNDRY, USA  -  monumental bronze casting.

VERES CINKONTODE, HUNGARY  -  hot chamber zink die casting for furniture, electronic and toy fittings.

VIDPOL CASTING CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  manufacturer of castings by lost–foam process in vacuum environment, cast parts from 0.1 up to 2 000 kg in grey cast iron, alloy cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metals, components for motorbike and car industry, cement industry, ship-building industry, electricity, railroad cars, mining, oil and gas machinery, and art - decorative cast articles, ornamental fences, statue metalwork.
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VESTAS CASTINGS GULDSMEDSHYTTAN AB, SWEDEN  -  ductile and grey cast iron foundry, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, castings and cast components to the wind turbine industry, machine industry, general engineering, steel and metal industry, ingot moulds, bottom plates, bottom pouring plates, trumpets, slag pots, the piece weights range from 1000 kg up to 40 tons, furan resin bonded sand technology.

VESTAS CASTINGS-MAGDEBURG GmbH, GERMANY  -  gray and ductile iron castings for wind turbine hub, blade adapters, shafts, bearing housings and frames, the annual production capacity is 10 000 tons of castings.

VIJAY CHILL ROLLS - INDIA FACTORY, INDIA  -  centrifugal casting in grey cast iron, spheroidal cast iron, chilled cast iron and Ni-hard, manufacturer of cast iron chill rolls engaged in steel re-rolling mills, pipe and tube mills, mineral and ore grinding, roller flour mills, solvent extraction plants, crushing and crumbler mills, animal feed mills, oil milling, rice flaking and other various industries.

VICTORY COMPANY (VICO) LTD., VIETNAM  -  steel and cast iron castings for the cement, mining, thermal power, sugar and paper industries, vacuum casting (v-process) production line, manufacturing capacity - 5000 tons per year.

VKP D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die-castings, sockets and switches, electrical cable glands and clamps.

VULKAN D.O.O., CROATIA  -  non-ferrous castings, about 100 tons per year, grey cast iron, up to 2150 tons per year, square manhole covers, weight from 15 to 190 kg, round manhole covers, 60-200 kg, line canal grates, 18-93 kg, round and oval caps, 4-30 kg.
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VINAYAKA ELECTRO ALLOYS INDIA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  stainless steel castings, carbon steel castings, duplex stainless steel castings and low alloy steel castings, valve and pump castings, cast engineering items.

VEEM ENGINEERING GROUP, AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of propellers for users in the leisure, high speed naval and work boat markets, a complete range of products and services to the marine sector, the company operates the largest non ferrous facilities in Australia for mining and industrial spares include coal loading spares, generator bearings, bronze bearings, pump spares, flour and crusher mill bearings, valve components and fabricated equipment components, foundry capabilities include sand casting, shell molding, pressure die casting, lost foam casting, pattern making, computer solidification modeling.

VOGES FUNDICAO, BRAZIL  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings and steel castings from 1 kg to 300 kg, cast parts for the automotive, road and agricultural sectors, turbine frames, pressure plates, collectors, supports and flanges for road equipment, a part of Grupo Voges.

VECO FONDERIA SMALTERIA S.P.A., ITALY  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry.

VMG GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  cast aluminium parts to the electronics, automotive, railway and mechanical engineering industries, gravity and low pressure die casting, green-sand machine moulding.

VALJI GROUP D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production of spin cast rolls for ferrous metallurgy, rolls for rubber and plastic industries, rolls for food and paper industries, and static cast grey, nodular, Ni-resist and Cr-hard castings for metallurgy, tool shops, machine building, automotive and food industries.

VOESTALPINE GIESSEREI LINZ GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  steel castings for general application - heavy machinery construction, power generation - steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, oilfield, non ferrous metal castings for maintenance free sliding elements, and compact cam units for the automotive industry.
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VAN GILST METAALGIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze letters, ornamental cast parts and art casting, lost wax process.

VITKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron, nodular cast iron, steel castings, cast rolls for metals rolling, two-layer-rolls made by technology of centrifugal casting, shape castings, fittings and ship-parts.

VASTARDIS I. & SONS S.A., GREECE  -  brass, aluminum alloys and cast iron castings up to 2000 kg, gears, pulleys, rollers, engine parts and machinery, pump bodies, bindings, jackets.

VALAND INDUSTRIAL CORP., TAIWAN  -  a wide selection of fluid & gas control valves in stainless steel, and automation accessories, lost wax casting.

VALTEC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  production of ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly and strainer valves, flanges, fittings, stainless steel and carbon steel investment castings from 5 grams up to 30 kg.

V.I.P. LTD., BULGARIA  -  aluminum alloys pressure die casting, production capacity up to 300 t, spare parts for the automotive industry - starter and alternator housings and other minor parts, parts for electric motors - housings, output terminal boxes etc., elements for heating radiators, parts for washing machines, sets for GSM amplifiers.

VINDHYAVASINI INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  gray and ductile cast iron castings ranging from 1.5 kg to 250 kg in weight, all grades hubs & drums for commercial vehicles, cylinder blocks, heads & housings, roller bearing adaptors for railroad, railway wagon components, green sand moulding, CO2 moulding, no-bake sand moulding, resin sand moulding, installed capacity 25000 tons per annum.

VIPOM JSC, BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of pumps, pumping units, pumping stations, small hydroelectric stations, gray cast iron and bronze castings, artistic casting.

VOLMET JSC, BELARUS  -  producer of door locks, handles, padlocks, latch mortise locks, bolts and keys, aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

VOSTOKMASHZAVOD JSC, KAZAKHSTAN  -  the largest in Kazakhstan machine-building plant, products to the mining, quarry, mineral processing and nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, own foundry facility, manganese steel castings and carbon steel castings weighing from 20 to 4000 kg.

VINA - JAPAN ENGINEERING (VJE) LTD., VIETNAM  -  a joint-venture among Vietnamese and Japanese companies, capacity of 4000 tons / year castings of grey iron, ductile iron, alloy iron, carbon cast steel and alloy cast steel, aluminium and copper alloy, castings in weight from 1 up to 3000 kg, furan sand molding line and green sand molding line, machine tool parts, diesel engine cases and parts, water pump bodies and impellers, pulp crushing disks, spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles, shipping and railways transportation.

VIET KINH METAL FOUNDRY CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  specializes in processing, patternmaking, casting and machining of all gray iron products which have castings from few kg up to 2000 kg.
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VASKUT LTD., HUNGARY  -  production of investment castings and spheroidal cast iron items.

VTORTEH LTD., UKRAINE  -  aluminium, copper and zink alloys castings, green sand moulding, gravity die casting, centrifugal casting, aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium powder, fluxes.

VAN LONDEN GIETERIJ NV, BELGIUM  -  gray, ductile and alloyed cast iron industrial castings.

VULCAN LEAD, INC., USA  -  cast lead or lead alloy component parts for medical, nuclear, aerospace, automotive, defense, construction, telecommunications and physics research, gravity / pressure die casting.

VERTICE MODELACAO E DESENVOLVIMENTO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  aluminum foundry, gravity die casting, green-sand molding, patternmaking.

VIDA-MEX FOUNDRY, MEXICO  -  part of Guardian Hitch Corporation USA, shell mold and lost foam processes for ductile iron and steel castings - gears, housings, valve handles and valve stems.

VIRGINIA METALCRAFTERS, INC., USA  -  brass, aluminum, iron & bronze art castings, table & floor lamps, garden, birdbaths, sundials, stands, fountains, sculptures.

VMV METAL LTD., BULGARIA  -  grey and nodular iron casting, production of large sized castings up to 25 tons in furan moulding mixture, small and medium sized castings from 6 to 600 kg in green sand on an automatic line Kunkel-Wagner, continuous casting of round, square and rectangular cast iron bars, own pattern shop.

VIET NAM CAST IRON CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  production of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and cast steel castings for the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, stoves, boilers, tractors, trucks, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, flanges, seeding knife points, seeder boots, manhole covers, frames and grates, counter weights, metal art ornamental products, green sand automatic molding lines, manual green sand molding, furan resin sand molding, shell molding, lost foam casting and lost wax investment casting.

VASAR OU, ESTONIA  -  zink and aluminium alloys pressure die-casting, electroplating of metals, polishing operations, door handles and locks, window shutters, components for the furniture industry.

VA PRESSGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  non-ferrous pressure die casting parts for private cars, lorries, boats, office furniture, pneumatic and electronic industry, disablement aids, building equipment, sun-blinds, telephone equipment, weight range from a few grams to 10-12 kg.

VOTKINSK PLANT FOR THERMAL EQUIPMENT (VZTO), RUSSIAN FEDERATION-UDMURT REPUBLIC  -  thermal and non-standard equipment for the metallurgy and engineering complex, cast iron, steel and bronze V-process and centrifugal casting.

VIETNAM PRECISION INDUSTRIAL No.1 CO., LTD. (VPIC1), VIETNAM  -  manufacturer and supplier of metal fabrication parts to various reputable companies, production of automotive parts, motorcycle parts, recreational vehicle parts, medical and healthcare equipment, capabilities: zinc alloy and aluminum pressure
die-casting, stamping, laser cutting, machining, welding, heat treatment, plating, coating and painting, a part of Eurocharm Group - headquartered in Taiwan.

VESTCAST (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  investment castings for aerospace, automotive, power generation, fighting vehicles, food processing and petrochemical equipment.

VICTAULIC POLSKA LTD., POLAND  -  ductile iron and gray iron castings.

VEERA PRECICAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturing and supplying of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, alloy cast iron & high chrome castings to engineering, pumps, cement and mining industries.

VIETNAM POWER PRODUCTS MFG. CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  manufacturing and assembling the marine engines, industrial engines, and agricultural machinery, cast iron parts.

VON ROLL CASTING AG, SWITZERLAND  -  ductile and gray cast iron products, ductile cast-iron pipes and fittings with polymer coating, valves, hydrants, municipal casting - gully grates, manhole covers and channel gratings.

VORONEZH STEELWORKS, RUSSIA  -  production of cast steel parts weighing from 30 kg up to 8 tones for oil field equipment and railway components, furan sand lines for molds and cores production, for mass production of the company are implementing new equipment and technologies - HWS Seiatsu and V-process.

VIORAL S.A., GREECE  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die castings for automotive, electronic and lighting industries.
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VOLCAN S.A., BOLIVIA  -  steel and cast iron castings for mining and heavy industry.

VULCAMET S.A., ARGENTINA  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings for the automotive, agricultural machines and general industries, Disamatic moulding line.

VALCON, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  cast iron and steel castings for the automotive, railway, agricultural, textile, food, chemical, medical, cement, sugar and mining industries, green sand or furan resin molding.

VASPIA S.A.I.C., ARGENTINA  -  brass cast parts for valves, bronze faucets.

VOKO STEEL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of stainless steel welded pipes & tubes, investment casting and sand casting products including fittings and valves applied in industrial, petrochemical, chemical and refinery sector.

V.S.H. GIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  jewelry, decorations and art works, lost-wax vacuum casting of gold, gold with palladium and nickel, silver, brass and bronze.

VRATZA START JSC, BULGARIA  -  ferrous castings for single and low serial quantities with weight from 0.5 kg up to 800 kg made from grey iron, high-strength iron, alloyed iron, low and medium carbon steel, alloyed steel, manufacturer of instrumental equipment, foundry patterns, and spare parts for machine building industry.

VIETNAM TBI JSC, VIETNAM  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron production, gear boxes, driver sprockets, cast iron break shoes, fly-wheels, mounts, suspensions, bearing pads, connecting flanges, manhole covers and grates, spare parts for chemical and water pumps.

VLADIMIR TRACTOR PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  production of tractors, two- and three-blade plows, universal cultivators, tractor-mounted buckrakes and other farmer tools, special vehicles for communal services, and forklifts, cast iron, low-alloyed cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, special alloyed cast iron castings, cast products for mechanical engineering weighing from 1 kg up to 200 kg, castings for civil engineering and municipal services - bodies and covers of manholes, storm lattices, cast fencing, balustrades, picket, floor plates, weighing up to 200 kg, castings for the household purposes - grid-irons, burners, doors, shutters, cast furnaces for detached houses and country constructions, weighing from 1 kg up to 50 kg, castings for glass industry, cylinder head, mini-engine crank case, pipe-line, bonnet, fan rotor, fan distributor made of aluminum alloys, steel castings.

VESTIDA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings for agriculture, constructional machines, elevator mechanisms, compressors, manholes and drain grates, parts for fireplaces, stoves, furnaces and decorative castings.

VIRTASEN VALIMO, FINLAND  -  cast iron garden furniture - benches, chairs, tables, cast iron lighting columns, flower pots, wall consoles, animal figures.

VAN VOORDEN GIETERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  specialised in designing, casting and machining of ship propellers, propeller blades, and high wear resistant castings mainly used for products for the dredging and mining industry, lamellar, nodular, austenitic and white wear resistant cast iron, cast steel, seawater resistant aluminium bronze, castings weight from 25 kg up to 30 000 kg.

VACROM - ZANOCCO HNOS. S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  production of engine liners and piston rings for the automotive sector, centrifugal casting.

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