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UMIROM, ROMANIA  -  a part of Gerom Industrial Consortium - a manufacturer and a service provider related to a large range of mining equipment, one part of the activities comprises different steel works in cast and forged variants for decorative and ornamental purpose - table supporting arms, floor standard lamps, garden benches, road guards and obstructions, steel grids, bridge ornaments, power line poles.

UNIMAR, NEW ZEALAND  -  previously known as the Nalder & Biddle (Nelson) Ltd. - marine & industrial engineers, N & B Foundry specialises in non-ferrous sand castings, large range of marine and industrial fittings such as struts, stern bearings, stuffing boxes, surge drums, propeller nuts, fuel tank vents, vintage car & motorcycle parts, plaques, bronze sculptures up to 1400 kg.

UZSO - ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY, POLAND  -  aluminium sand castings and gravity dies casting for various industries and applications - electrical fittings, build fittings, components for white goods, automotive and recreational vehicles components, etc.

ULLRICH ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY DIVISION, NEW ZEALAND  -  a gravity die-casting foundry, castings for various end uses from climbing equipment (scaffold and ladders) through to building accessories.

UNIVERSAL AUTOFOUNDRY PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturers and exporters of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, cast components for automobile and engineering industries - brake drums, flywheels, differential housings, hubs, suspension brackets, ram cylinders, three point linkage parts, impellers, pulleys, adjuster nuts, compressor mounting brackets, seiatsu-process automatic high pressure flaskless moulding line.

UNEX a.s., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of castings and forgings, weldments and heavy steel structures, raw, rough or finally machined and surface treated carbon, low, medium and high-alloy steel castings from 5 up to 18000 kg, nodular cast iron and grey cast iron castings from 0.05 up to 3500 kg, structural steel die forgings from 1 up to 25 kg, castings and forgings for the automotive, railway and military industries, heavy engineering and energy, construction, mining and agricultural machines, and handling equipment.

UMER BROTHERS & CO. (UBCO HOLDINGS), PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of power transmission and distribution line hardware, the products and services range from manufacturing and installation of power line hardware to commercial steel fabrication and various grades of ferrous and non ferrous castings, mainly lead and copper castings.

US BRONZE FOUNDRY & MACHINE, INC., USA  -  production of highly leaded bronze and other non-ferrous metals large sand and centrifugal castings for the hydroelectric, mining, refining and sugar mill industries.

UZINA DE POMPE DIN RIBNITA S.A., MOLDOVA  -  manufacturer of industrial pumps, agricultural equipment, tools and machinery, own foundry for cast iron castings, a subsidiary of Agroexim-Moldova.

UMIT DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  wear resistant shot blasting machine spare parts - blades, impellers, regulators, armour plates, accessories, heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel castings for food and chemical industry.

UNICAST ENGINEERING & TRADING PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  a jobbing foundry, copper alloys / bronze castings, aluminium alloys castings, cast iron and steel castings for marine repairs, industrial and maintenance services, CO2 sand moulding and centrifugal casting.

UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC FOUNDRY, USA  -  stainless steel, brass, bronze, and special alloy castings for building industry, fluid control, food processing, pharmaceutical, power plant, railroad, valve & pump.

UNION FOUNDRY EST, JORDAN  -  production of cast iron manhole covers, communication manholes, grates, trenches, tree grates, steps and surface boxes.

UPPAL FERROCAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  gray and ductile cast iron castings in the weight range from 300 g up to 2500 kg, furan no-bake and hand molding, cast parts for power generation, wind mills, machine tools, paper machinery, construction equipment, pipe fittings, pumps, mining, construction and heavy engineering industries.

UNIMETAL - HASSAS DOKUM MAKINE VE YEDEK PARCA SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  precision components by the lost wax process, high and low alloy steels, ferritic and martensitic steels, austenitic stainless steels, tool steels, cast irons, aluminium alloys, copper base alloys, cast parts for diesel engine and commercial vehicle sectors, electronic and optical components for defence industry.

USTUN IS A.S., TURKEY  -  various cylinder liners production, centrifugal casting and shell process foundry.

UDAYA INDUSTRIES (PVT.) LTD., SRI LANKA  -  manufacturer of grinding mill machines, disk mill machines, tea drier parts, sluice gates, oil expellers and copra cutters, own foundry, grey cast iron, brass and aluminium castings for agro and industrial machinery production.

UPPER INDIA SPECIAL CASTINGS LTD., INDIA  -  carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel castings, capacity to produce 3000 tons of castings per annum, main products - gate, globe, check, ball, butter-fly valve castings, railway rolling stock castings, heavy earth moving equipment castings, nodular cast iron rolls.

UMGENI IRON WORKS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  castings in grey irons from 500 grams to 8000 kg, ductile irons from 500 grams to 4000 kg, carbon steels from 1 kg to 3000 kg, and stainless steels from 500 grams to 300 kg, sand systems: mechanized greensand plant, sodium silicate / carbon dioxide, furan selfset with reclamation plant, Ashland Isocure cold-box system.

ULEFOS JERNVAERK AS, NORWAY  -  the biggest manufacturer of street castings in the Nordic countries, manhole covers, gully tops and industrial castings, production capacity - 21 000 tons of ductile cast iron and 16 000 tons of grey cast iron castings.

ULDALLS JERNSTOEBERI A/S, DENMARK  -  grey and nodular iron casting, Disamatic moulding machines, a part of one of Northern Europe’s largest foundry groups Vald. Birn A/S - Denmark.

ULOS JUVELYRU STUDIJA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  jewellery studio, gold, silver and bronze art casting, manufacturer of jewelry of gold, silver, bronze, perl, amber, semi-precious stones - business gifts, badges, medals, signboards, plaquettes, awards.

U.K.PATTERNS, INDIA  -  Unni Krishnan.K / Ullas Kumar.U Company, gravity die casting and pressure die-casting in aluminum alloys, brass, gun metal, lead and copper, all types of wood and metal patterns.

ULB LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  the company continues in a long tradition of CKD Blansko and produces grey and nodular cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminum castings for street lamps and posts, handrail elements, tree grids, waste bins, stairs, reconstructions of historical buildings, art type castings - flower tables, hangers, garden fountains, garden vases, sculptures, info boards, historical fittings, candlesticks, paperweights, mirrors, plates, souvenir type castings.

UNEKO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  aluminium and bronze alloys castings made by hand / machine sand moulding and by gravity-die casting.

UXA LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and malleable cast iron products for pumping devices, motor stators and clutch stators, armatures for high tension isolators, components for electrification of railroads, tuning nuts and wing screws, hydraulic systems, agricultural machinery, motor-car industry, paper-making and textile machinery.

UNITY METALWORK, CHINA  -  art castings.

UNITED MACHINE & FOUNDRY CORP., USA  -  abrasion-resistant iron alloy castings for a wide variety of industries - crushing of aggregates, coal, slag and minerals, conveying of asphalt, cement, sand and coal, grinding of grain and pigments, ixing of glass, composite plastics, asphalts and concrete, pumping of mine and dredge spoil, and slurries of ash and mud.

UG METAL A/S, DENMARK  -  casting in aluminum alloys, brass and bronze, shell molding, sand molding, gravity die casting.

UNIVERSAL MAGNALIUM DIE-CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  pressure die castings manufacturer of magnalium (Al-Mg alloy), aluminum and magnesium for auto and motorcycle engine cases, covers, starters, alternators, pumps, clutches, drive faces, and frames, computer peripherals such as floppy disks, hard disks, and scanners, other products such as sawing machines and hardware tools.

UPPENDAHL METALL-KUNST-GUSS GmbH, GERMANY  -  aluminum, brass and bronze industrial casting, lead, tin, aluminum, brass, bronze, silver, and gold ornamental casting - sand mould and lost wax process.

UNIVERSAL-MFM LTD., BULGARIA  -  a leading firm with full engineering in design, production, complex delivery, mounting and start of corn processing plants like flour milling factories, forage workshops and plants, silos and granaries, corn receiving grounds etc., manufacturing program - separate flour milling equipment, gear drives, transporters, spare parts and castings of grey iron, middle and high carbon steels, aluminum and copper alloys, permanent molds, dies.

UZINA MECANICA PLOPENI S.A., ROMANIA  -  a subsidiary of Romarm S.A. - National Company for Military Technique, products for the defence systems, assemblies, subassemblies, parts and half-finished products for heavy power-driven vehicles and hydraulic equipments, parts for automotive and oil industries, own foundry, grey and ductile cast iron castings - bodies of hydraulic pumps, bodies of lifting mechanisms for tractors, blocks, cylinder covers for engines, hydraulic distributors bodies, pistons and lids for cylinders, weights up to 40 kg - machine moulding and up to 800 kg - hand moulding, aluminium alloys castings - bear bushing for gear pumps, heat engines mount, pump lids, chill casting, weight 0.1-8 kg, and pressure-die casting, weight 0.02-0.2 kg, steel, aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys forged parts.

URV OY, FINLAND  -  grey and ductile cast iron parts.

URAL PLANT ZENITH JSC, KAZAKHSTAN  -  a part of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, production of special equipment, boats and ships and equipment for oil and gas industry, civilian products and consumer goods, foundry for ferrous and non-ferrous castings, green sand moulding, investment lost wax casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting, other production facilities related to machining, bench-assembly, welding, cutting-blanking, forging, tool manufacturing, heat treatment and plating.

UK RACING CASTINGS, UK  -  sand castings in magnesium alloys and aluminium alloys, castings for motorsport.

UMB ROBINETE INDUSTRIALE S.A., ROMANIA  -  specialized in manufacturing gray cast and ductile cast iron industrial valves, manhole covers and frames for water supplying and sewage systems on low, medium and high traffic roads, protection boxes for underground hydrants, own gray and ductile cast iron foundry.

UCM RESITA S.A., ROMANIA  -  steel foundry produces parts for hydraulic turbines, hydro generators, valves, Kaplan turbine runner blades of austenitic-martensitic-ferritic steel, cast steel parts for marine propulsion and railway traction, parts for mining and metallurgical equipment, machine tools, gantry cranes, compressors (heat resistant and stainless steel, manganese austenitic steel), molding in CO2 hard shells and wax patterns, iron foundry produces grey iron, antifriction grey iron, nodular iron castings for marine propulsion and railway traction, for Diesel engines, air compressor parts, parts for chemical equipment, non-ferrous foundry produces components intended for Diesel engines - shutter ring, sealing ring, piston, ring, bushings, stuffing box radial ring, brush guide (bronze and brass), protective covers, fan cases, rings (aluminium alloy), components for hydraulic turbines and valves - bronze bushings, bearing slides, etc.

UMT S.A., ROMANIA  -  design, fabrication and selling of mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, cranes, motor stackers (motor pliers), special trucks, displacement equipments, hydraulic cylinders, reduction gear box, spare parts, railway bead equipment, electro-hydraulic lifting equipment and other metallic structures, castings - gray, ductile and alloyed cast iron with Cu and Cr, cast pieces range 1 - 6000 kg, carbon and low alloyed cast steel, cast pieces range
1 - 1500 kg, furan sand mechanized moulding line.

UNIO S.A., ROMANIA  -  manufacturer of conveying equipment on flow, belt and chain conveyors, overhead conveyors, hoisting equipment, locomotives and loaders for mining industry, grey cast iron, ductile iron, cast carbon, alloyed and manganese steel, weight range up to 3 tons, air impulse moulding machine line, shell moulding line, hand moulding, bronze, brass and aluminium castings, weight range up to 300 kg in sand moulding and up to 1.5 kg in pressure die casting.

UZTEL S.A., ROMANIA  -  oilfield equipment manufacturer, own foundry, carbon and alloy steel castings up to 3.5 t weight, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings up to 1 t weight, annual capacity about 6000 t.

U.S. CASTING CO., USA  -  manufacturer of castings for a wide variety of domestic and international companies, carbon, low alloy steel, gray, white and ductile iron in weight ranging from 0.5 to 4000 kg, no-bake sand process, lost foam moulding, in-house pattern making and repair in wood, metal, plastic or polystyrene, depending upon customer needs.

UNIQUE SHELL MOULD (INDIA) PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturers of aluminium alloys pressure die casting - wheel hubs, brake shoes, adaptor discs, brake and housing rollers for two wheelers, drive end brackets, aluminium alloys gravity die casting - manifolds, handle holders, upper brackets, master cylinders and disc brakes parts, cylinder heads for two wheelers, shell mould casting - gun metal bushes for connecting rods of compressors, gun metal bodies and brass spindle mixed shut off valve assemblies, phosphor bronze bearing bushes.

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