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OMEN, ISRAEL  -  high pressure die casting of brass & aluminum alloys, cast parts for automotive, heavy truck industry and communications.

OSTERWALDER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  a medium-sized foundry, manufacturer of grey and nodular cast iron parts, including the aftertreatment and the machining of casts.

OVECO AB, SWEDEN  -  cast aluminum prototypes for the automotive and engineering industries, self-hardening sand moulding.

OSCAR A. FERRARO E HIJOS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze art casting, patinated cast bronze plaques, crosses, cover knobs, lid knobs, frames, flowerpots & vases.

OSIPOVICHY AUTOMOBILE UNITS PLANT, BELARUS  -  aluminum alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, gravity and pressure die casting, sand molding.

ORTAL DIECASTING, ISRAEL  -  production of zinc and magnesium high pressure die casting parts for the automotive, communication and electrical industry.

ONUR DOKUM & DEKORASYON SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  production of decorative items in aluminium alloys and grey cast iron.

OZGUVEN DOKUM MAKINA VE METAL ISLEME, TURKEY  -  grey and nodular iron tractor parts, types of differential cases, oil filter supports, covers, brake piston housings, suction manifolds, front axle differential housings, bearing blocks and clutch discs.

ONMETAL DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings for heating systems, brake discs and drums.

OLSBERGS FOUNDRY AB, SWEDEN  -  part od Olsbergs Group, grey and nodular cast iron foundry, cast components for hydraulics and electro-hydraulic systems.

OUZLEDALE FOUNDRY CO., LTD., UK  -  cast iron cookers and stoves.

OMCO FENIKS D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  grey iron castings - stator frames, guidance of the immersion pumps, compressor and pump housings, alloyed grey iron castings - fire grates, nodular iron castings - pump housings, bearing cases, glass moulds castings, continuous cast bars, cast bells from tin-bronze bell-metal.

OEDERLIN GIESSEREI AG, SWITZERLAND  -  steel cast parts in the weight range from 70 g up to 20 kg, self-hardening sand moulding.

OSTERBY GJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  an Osterby Industrier company, carbon and alloyed steel casting foundry.

OSCO INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  gray iron castings for air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive, power transmission equipment, pumps and valves.

OSWAL INDUSTRIES LTD., INDIA  -  carbon, stainless & alloy steel castings for valves, hammers, pumps, crusher cones, production capacity is 2500 tons per annum, weight range from 20 kg up to 1600 kg.

OSSAM JSC, BULGARIA  -  grey, ductile and austampered ductile cast iron castings weighting from 1 kg up to 50 kg, sand moulding, cast parts for water-pipe and gas fittings, cars and trucks, engine- and electric-powered trucks, agricultural machinery, resin and metal foundry patterns production.
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OLD JACKSONVILLE INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  aluminum and zinc pressure die casting, permanent mold casting, spin casting.

O. K. FOUNDRY COMPANY, INC., USA  -  gray and ductile iron sand castings, green sand squeezers and no-bake molding.

OSTLANDSKE LETTMETALL A.S., NORWAY  -  casting and machining of parts made of aluminum alloys, sand molding and gravity die casting.

OLAUSSENS METALL A.S., NORWAY  -  bronze cast parts, centrifugal casting, shell and sand molding foundry technologies.

OSHAUG METALL AS, NORWAY  -  bronze castings for ships propellers.

OZTURK METAL ENJEKSIYON, TURKEY  -  aluminium and zinc alloys high-pressure die casting parts intended for automotive and construction industries.
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OBERHAMMER MASCHINENFABRIK GMBH, AUSTRIA  -  design and manufacture of special machines, systems and machine parts in individual pieces and series, piece and small-scale production of gray iron castings, weight up to 1500 kg.
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ODLEWNIA METALI KADALT, POLAND  -  aluminium alloys, brass and zamak castings - aluminium window handles, door handles, gate handles, shields, fittings, housings, pump parts, propellers, frames, brackets, sand-bentonite moulding, gravity and high pressure die casting.


OLSEN NAUEN KLOKKESTOPERI AS, NORWAY  -  bronze church bells, brass ship bells, clocks, other cast products moulded in sand by ancient traditions.

ODLEWNIA OSTROWIEC SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, carbon and alloy cast steel, bronze and brass castings, aluminium alloy castings, heavy cast parts up to 30 tons for the metallurgical, cement, power, mining, machine, ship and building industries, ladles for the steel, copper, tin and lead melting industries.

ODMECH PRZY HUCIE ALUMINIUM SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and alloyed cast iron and bronze castings.

OZCAST PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of pewter castings from jewellery like earings, necklaces, brooches, pendants and rings to keyrings and suncatchers.

ODLEWNIA RAWICZ SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and alloy cast iron castings, carbon steel, alloy steel, abrasion / corrosion / high temperature resistant cast steel castings, cast parts for machine-building, shipbuilding, power and gas industry, mining and agriculture sector, decorative castings, own pattern shop, heat treatment equipment, machining and painting facilities, a part of ASCO Group.

OMZ-SPECIAL STEELS, RUSSIA  -  the base enterprise of OMZ Corp. - forgings, stamped/formed products, castings, hot-rolled sheets and plates of various in-house produced steel grades, castings for power engineering up to 145 t - bodies of pumps, castings for steam and gas turbines and compressors, bodies of working wheels, hubs, blades, vanes, castings for general machine building and metallurgical industry - for sintering, roasting and blast furnace equipment, beds of presses and rolling mills, castings for shipbuilding up to 70 t - hull castings of sternpost and stempost, castings of assembled and all cast propeller shafts and propellers, castings for mining industry - blanks for large quarry shovels and draglines, drilling machinery, gyratory crushers, ball and rod mills, castings for petrochemistry - bodies of pumps, gusher fittings.

O. STORM SOERENSEN BRONCESTOEBERI A/S, DENMARK  -  castings in bronze, brass and aluminum, facade letters, logos, signs, plaques, headstone ornaments, decorations, sculptures.

ODOKSAN SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  cast iron boiler parts, automotive parts, stove parts, cast iron radiators, bathtubs and sinks.

OYGARSAN TAPPET VE SUBAR GAYDLARI SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  motor part equipment to automotive industry - valve tappets, valve guides, valve seats, own foundry for precision casting.

OLAZABAL Y HUARTE S.A., SPAIN  -  grey, alloyed, and nodular iron castings.

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA BYDGOSZCZ SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  brake blocks for wagons and locomotives, cast iron castings.

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA RAWICA S.A., POLAND  -  grey cast iron castings and aluminum alloy castings, cast parts and components for motor industry, machine industry, cement industry, steel industry, power industry and telecommunications, automatic moulding line, seiatsu-process.

ODLEWNIA ZELIWA S.A, POLAND  -  white hearth malleable cast iron connectors for non-aggressive gases and liquids in water supply, gas transmission, fire protection and central heating systems, gray and ductile cast iron industrial castings for the machine, power engineering, automotive, construction, mining and gas engineering industries, carbon and alloy steel castings by lost-wax process for machine-building, electric, mining and nuclear power industries.
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ODLEWNIA ZELIWA SREM S.A., POLAND  -  grey, alloy and ductile cast iron industrial castings of different classes, in a wide weight range from 0.3 kg up to
30 000 kg, art casting works.
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