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INTERKOMET, POLAND  -  art non-ferrous castings.

IRFU, IRAN  -  grey and ductile iron cast parts, cast iron central heating boilers, sewage pipes and fittings, and heavy industrial cast parts, aluminum radiators.

IMK 14.OKTOBAR A.D., SERBIA  -  crawler tractors, wheel loaders, hydraulic wheeled excavators, wheel tractors, processing equipment, undercarriages chain tracks components, components for transmission, axial-radial bearings, carbon, low and high alloyed steel castings from 0.5 to 2.500 kg / pcs, production capacity is about 4000 tons per year, aluminum and copper alloys castings, annual capacity is around 500 tons.

INDUSTRIAS AGUILA BLANCA (IAB) S.A., ARGENTINA  -  malleable, ductile and grey cast iron, pipe fittings, plumbing accessories, industrial castings.

INTERNATIONAL ALUMINIUM CASTING SWEDEN AB, SWEDEN  -  gravity die casting, pressure die casting for trucks, electric power, medical equipment, construction equipment and other branches.

ILLICHMANN ALUMINIUM CASTING S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  a member of AST Group, the Plant Zarnovica-Slovakia manufactures aluminum alloys castings by chill casting, low pressure die casting and sand casting - using the furan and cold box process, cast parts for commercial vehicles, automotive industry, motor cycles, engine construction, rail technology, compressors, pumps, cablecar technology, mechanical engineering, electric tools.

INTERCAST & FORGE PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  cast and forged products to the international automotive, rail and industrial markets, 60 000 tonnes of grey, ductile, wear and heat resistant iron castings per annum.

INDUSTRIAL ALLOYS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  precision and specialised castings in all grades of stainless steels, carbon & low alloy steels, heat & wear resistant alloys, alloy cast irons and non ferrous metals, investment casting, green sand and self setting resin moulding, shell and CO2-silicate moulding.

IRKUTSK AVIATION PLANT, RUSSIA  -  the major manufacturing facility of the Irkut Corp., a full range of tooling design, production preparation, manufacturing, and after-sales support of various aircraft, the foundry facilities ensure manufacturing of parts and components made of any ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

INVESTMENT & PRECISION CASTINGS LTD., INDIA  -  ferrous, non-ferrous, nickel base and cobalt base alloys investment and precision castings manufactured by lost-wax and other processes, cast components for automobile, valves & pumps, electrical and electronics, dairy & food processing, defence, earthmoving machinery, air-conditioning & refrigeration, printing, textile machinery, compressors, cutting tools, locomotives, sewing machines, atomic energy, weight range up to 100 kg.

INTERNATIONAL BRONZE, USA  -  bronze, brass and aluminuim plaques, cups, street cast numbers.

IRONS BROTHERS LTD., UK  -  iron and non-ferrous castings, from agricultural and mining castings to high performance yacht keels and reproduction cannons and carriages.

INDUSTRIAS BARTHENEUF MEXICO, MEXICO  -  manufacturer of metal components, foundry pattern making, gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and bronze casting, machining, assembly and secondary operations.

IGLIM BAPO (RPE IGLIM), AZERBAIJAN (this link does not work, please visit the site of the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan for more info)  - 
a specialized enterprise of the aircraft-building industry in Azerbaijan, designing and manufacturing the aerodrome handling facilities for the aircraft equipment: airfield air-conditioners for airplanes and helicopters, cabin pressurization units, air-conditioners of an air crew, low-pressure compressors, units of airborne aeronautical engineering: moisture separators and dehydrators for airplane air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers and fuel-oil radiators of hydraulic systems for airplanes and aeroengines, air-to-air radiators for air-conditioning systems, aircraft galley equipment for civil airplanes, own foundry plant, cast iron and steel ground casting, precision investment casting, pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals.

INTERNATIONAL CASTING & MODERN INDUSTRIES CO. (ICMI), EGYPT  -  production of engineering casting required for various industries, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and copper alloys castings from 1 kg up to 4 tons per cast pieces.

ID CASTING GROUP, FRANCE  -  pressure die casting, zinc alloys (zamak) and magnesium alloys cast parts for the automobile industry, building, electricity and gas sectors, the Group owns 4 production plants in France and 1 in Tunisia.

ISIK CELIK DOKUM LTD., TURKEY  -  steel, cast iron and ductile iron parts for general machinery industry, automotive industry, brick and tile-making plants.
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ISFAHAN CASTING INDUSTRIES CO., IRAN  -  steel casting parts, wear resistant, heat resistant, anti-knock and stainless steels, annual capacity 3500 tons.

IRAN CASTING INDUSTRIES CO. (I.C.I), IRAN  -  automotive and other industrial iron castings parts - cylinder blocks & heads, brake drum discs, wheel hubs, crankshafts, exhaust manifolds, clutch housings, water pump housings, oil pump housings, axle housings, bearings, gear boxes, capacity of 15 000 tons per year.

INVESTMENT CASTINGS QUEENSLAND PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  stainless steels, carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, inconels, monels, hastelloys, white irons, grey irons, spheroidal graphite irons, bronzes, brasses, gunmetal, aluminium alloys investment cast parts ranging from 10 grams up to 25 kg, sand cast metal parts weighing from 500 grams up to 500 kg, and shell moulded sand castings, industries served - architectural, agriculture, automotive, art work / plaques, marine, mining, military / defence, power generation, pumping industry, oil production, food production, glass industry, general engineering, railways and transport, pattern makers capable of manufacturing virtually any form or type of pattern equipment or tooling required for the manufacture of castings, acquired (2011) by Bradken-Australia.

INDUSTRIAS CASALI Y CIA LTDA., CHILE  -  pressure die casting and gravity die casting foundry, cast parts for the automobile industry, gearboxes, pumps, cases of outbreaks, handlebars, gasoline diesel pistons, production of gas burners and kitchen ovens parts for white goods industry, and a wide range of accessories used in fire fighting equipment.

INJECTA DRUCKGUSS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  pressure die casting, aluminum and zink alloys cast parts for automotive, machine-building, electrical and telecommunication industries.

IZUMI DIE CASTING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  die casting.

IWAKI DIECAST CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  die casting in aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys.

INDIAN DIECASTING INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die cast components for air compressors, auto electricals, auto ignition gas stoves, bathroom fittings, electric switchgears, fans, decorative lighting, fuel pumps, refrigerators, sewing machines, washing machines.

IKOM D.O.O., CROATIA  -  gold and silver products, souvenirs and cups, bronze, brass and aluminium castings.
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INTERKOMERC D.O.O., BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA  -  aluminium pressure die casting, cast parts from 0.01 kg to 10.7 kg, production capacity 1 200 metric tones per year, metal scrap recycling, secondary aluminium alloy ingot supplier.

IVANAL D.O.O., CROATIA  -  aluminium pressure die cast products for automotive industry, home appliances and furniture.

ISTIKAMET DOKUM ve INS. SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  manufacturer as per order all kind of grey, ductile and steel castings, mainly drainage manhole covers, gas, telecom and electricity lids, gully gratings, street benches, filters, clips and wrought iron components.
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ISTANBUL DOKUM ve SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  a family company, grey and nodular cast iron, carbon and stainless steel, aluminium and bronze casting, cast parts for the pump and valve sector, ship-building, marble machinery, textile machinery, automotive and construction machinery, alphaset resin + carbon dioxide hand moulding.

IKRAM ENGINEERING COMPANY, PAKISTAN  -  development, production and sales of weaving machinery, own foundry shop with a capacity of cast iron casting up to 5 ton daily, weight range of castings from 250 g up to 200 kg.

IRISH FOUNDRY & MANUFACTURING, INC., USA  -  lost foam aluminum, brass, zinc, iron and steel castings.

INTECH FASTENERS CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  custom fasteners and other non-standard parts in both small and large quantities, aluminum and zinc die casting parts - hardware spare parts, computer hardware accessories, lightings, electric accessories.

ITALO FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO, ARGENTINA  -  aluminum alloys castings, gravity die casting, parts for cartings - engine covers, clubs, crown holders, ball bearing brackets, brake pumps, various valves and brake cylinders for trucks, stairs and escalator combs, lighting columns and lanterns, spares for washing machines.

IRON FOUNDRY DRAWSKI S.A., POLAND  -  grey cast iron, blackhearth malleable iron, nodular cast iron, moulding units and lines Foromat, FKT, Heinrich Wagner Sinto for Seiatsu process, cold-box and hot-box cores.

IRON FOUNDRY FANSULD SP.J., POLAND  -  grey cast iron water-sewage system products, sewer manholes and sewer inlets, water and gas system fittings, machine moulding, hand moulding, gravity die-casting.

IRON FOUNDRY FAKORA MOC SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  producer of environmental-friendly cast iron central heating radiators and central heating boilers for solid fuels (coke, coal or wood), liquid fuels (light oils) and natural gas, grey cast iron components for machine, railway, automotive and building industry, and decorative parts - park benches, garden seats and tables, street bollards.

IRAN FAREH INDUSTRIAL GROUP, IRAN  -  pressure die casting, auto parts, regulators, throttle bodies, components.

INFUN GROUP, SPAIN  -  gray, ductile and vermicular cast iron parts and components for the automotive industry weighing between 1 and 100 kg, the installed capacity is 260 000 tonnes per year, production metal casting plants: Casting Ros S.A. and Fundiciones Miguel Ros S.A. - Spain, Infun Cast China Co. Ltd. and Infun Cast Wuhu Co. Ltd. - China, Infur For S.p.A - Italy.

INDUSTRIAS GROSS S.A., CHILE  -  carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel cast products.

INDUSTRIAS HULS S.A. (HULPREZA), ARGENTINA  -  production of drums, trays, speed reducers and accessories for the leather industry, gray cast iron casting and machining.

INDALRO - INDUSTRIA de ALUMINIO ROSALES, ECUADOR  -  hand cast aluminum pots, kettles, pots, pans and roasters.

IRON INDUSTRY INVESTMENT, OOO (LTD.), UZBEKISTAN  -  production of cast iron castings, heating radiators, pipes and fittings, heavy lattices, sewer grates, billets and grinding balls.

ISKRA ISD - LIVARNA d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  aluminium pressure die casting, processing of castings and assembly, cast parts for the electrical, construction and automotive industries, a part of the ISD Group.

INKAR JSC, RUSSIA  -  production of fuel control systems and automation for aircraft turbojet engines, ferrous and non-ferrous cast components.

ISH JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  steel castings, hand moulding bentonite mixtures, weight 2 - 380 kg, grey and nodular iron castings, Disamatic moulding
line - weight of castings 0.5 - 15 kg, Foromat line - weight of castings up to 80 kg, hand moulding - weight of castings up to 250 kg.

IZHMASH JSC, RUSSIA  -  aluminium and zinc-base alloys gravity / pressure die casting, grey and ductile cast iron products.

INDUSTRIAS JARAMILLO INDUJARA, COLOMBIA  -  cast iron and aluminum foundry, production of wood stoves, mills, spare parts for pulping, manhole covers and grates, pans, grills, curtain rods.

INVERSIONES JOTAGALLO S.A., COLOMBIA  -  carbon steel, stainless steel, refractory steel and manganese steel, grey, nodular and high chrome cast iron castings for agriculture sector, cement, oil, gas and metalworking industries, manhole covers and grates, pep-set moulding system.

IRAN KHODRO COMPANY, IRAN  -  20 000 tons foundry plant for complex cast iron parts for the automotive industry, the foundry uses the lost foam method.

INDUSTRIJSKI KOMBINAT GUCA A.D., SERBIA  -  grey and nodular iron castings - manhole covers, surface boxes, gratings, bell traps of lower drainage, cast bath-tubs, squatting-type closets, carbon and manganese steel castings - tooth boards for excavators and cast ball series for crushers.

IKON LTD., ISRAEL  -  a faucet manufacturer, faucets and batteries for the home and garden, faucets and valves for advanced water systems, faucets and sluice gates for fire extinguishing systems and agriculture, faucet mechanisms and complementary accessories, valves for solar systems, casting department for brass and aluminum alloys, pressure die casting.

IPO LTD., BULGARIA  -  cast iron, steel, brass and bronze castings.

INDUSTRIA METALURGICA BRONCES REY LTDA., CHILE  -  bronze, aluminum and zamak foundry.

IXL METAL CASTINGS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  grey iron, ductile iron, ni-resist, ni-hard and stainless steel castings, rigid-box moulding, tapping pipes, pouring troughs, dross pans for the aluminium smelter industry, pig moulds, ingot moulds, furnace rollers, drain spouts, pouring lips, furnace hinges and plates for ingot manufacturing plants, casting wheels and spouts, pressure pump housings, heavy vehicle suspension and bracket components, water flow components, complex castings for the medical industry, a part of the Backwell IXL Group.

ISIKSAN MODEL DOKUM MAKINA SANAYI LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry with annual capacity of 2000 tons, manufacturing of patterns from cast iron, aluminium and polyurethane materials.

IGLESIAS MODELACAO E FUNDICAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of aluminum and brass castings, green-sand molding and gravity die casting, patternmaking.

INDUSTRIA METALMECANICA FLORES, CHILE  -  cast parts in aluminum alloys.

ISOFUND MODELACAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of castings in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray and ductile cast iron, patternmaking.

INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS (INMETAL) LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  production of high resistance to abrasion, impact, temperature and corrosion steel castings, special cast iron, bronze and aluminium cast parts for the general, mining and cement industries, agricultural and other sectors.

INDUSTRIAL METALURGICA IMESA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  bronze, brass and aluminum alloys foundry.

INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS J. BATISTA & IRMAOS (IMJBI), PORTUGAL  -  gray and ductile cast iron castings, manhole covers, grids, bollards, benches, clamps and flanges.

INDUSTRIA METALURGICA LORSCHEITTER LTDA., BRAZIL  -  gray and ductile cast iron castings for the agricultural, automotive, water pumps and construction machinery sectors, mechanized green sand molding line for castings from 0.5 kg to 30 kg and cold cure resin sand hand molding for cast parts from 30 kg to
2800 kg.

IMA METAV S.A., ROMANIA  -  an aircraft metallurgy profiled society, investment casting - low and high alloyed steels, stainless and high temperature refractory steels and high alloyed cast iron castings, sand molding - gray, nodular and chromium high alloyed cast iron, low, medium, high alloyed steel castings, sand and gravity die casting - aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous alloys.

INDUSTRIAL METALMECANICA S.A. (I.M.S.A.), ARGENTINA  -  carbon steel, stainless steel, special steel, grey cast iron and bronze castings for sugar, energy, gas and hydraulic, cement, paper, oil, mining, automotive, food, textile and ceramics industries.

INDUSTRIA METALLI S.r.l., ITALY  -  die casting in aluminium, zinc and brass, cast components for motor vehicles, motorcycles, nautical, electromechanical, household appliances and gardening.

INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS SORENA S.A., CHILE  -  steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper alloys foundry.

IGREK MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, casting from copper and copper alloys, all sorts of patterns from wood, metal, araldite or polystyrene.

IPIAC NERY (METALURGICA COSTA NERY) S.A., PORTUGAL  -  manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic industry, own cast iron and steel foundry, a part of the Italian-Spanish Group A. Putin devoted to the sector of structural ceramic industry.

INSTITUTE OF METALCASTING AND FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT (IMLT), BULGARIA  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and steel castings.
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IBRAHIM ORS SANAYI A.S., TURKEY  -  steels cast parts for constructional machinery, work machinery, automotive and agricultural machinery, spare parts components of the armoured vehicles and tank, cannon body of the armoured vehicles in the military fields.

INTRACAST PRECISION CASTINGS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  precision lost wax investment castings from 5 g to 50 kg, nickel and cobalt base alloys, stainless steels, low-alloy steels, low and medium carbon steels, brass and bronze alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys.

INJOHNSON PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  zinc and aluminum die-cast products.

INPROM-PROFIL LTD., RUSSIA  -  cast products in aluminum alloys, bronze, brass and cast iron for building constructions, home furniture, automotive spare parts, artworks, hand and machine sand molding, gravity die casting.

INTRICAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  non-ferrous metal, super alloys, carbon and alloy steel investment castings for pump and valve industries, gas oil and instrumentation industries, brewery, dairy and food industry, general engineering.

INDUSTRIE PASOTTI S.p.A., ITALY  -  pressure die casting in aluminium alloys, cast parts for automotive industry, and household electrical appliances.

ISHIBASHI RIKA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  die cast parts for automobile industry, electrical & communication devices, industrial machines, daily commodities.

INDUSTRIAS REYMO S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  gravity die-casting in aluminium alloys, a member of Grupo Metalmecanico.

INDUSFONTE SARL, MOROCCO  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings for manhole covers and grates, public lighting, decorative benches, fences, bollards, tree protectors, water piping, underground west system, irrigation, games and sport, a part of Bouraouine Group.

INFIT SAE, EGYPT  -  an Egyptian-German joint venture company, production of pipe fittings from malleable cast iron - crossovers, elbows, tees, reduced sockets, nipples, plugs, cups and unions, small jobbing cast iron castings - brake discs, brackets, fasteners, Disa molding lines.

INCOMETAL S.A., CHILE  -  cast iron and steel castings for mining and machine-building industries, ornamental municipal cast items.

INTROSCOP S.A., MOLDOVA  -  production of electric / electronic devices and components for them - cranes, elements of thermal networks, leak detectors, defect scopes, magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detectors, assembling of modular parts, aluminium alloys pressure die casting, plastic moulding, precision processing, chemical processing of surfaces, tools production - press forms, casting forms / dies, punching forms, repair and modernization of scientific devices and the equipment.

ITA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  castings in carbon steel, stainless and specials, cast parts for valves and pumps for the petrochemical, oil, gas, chemical and others industries.

INFUMEC S.A.C., PERU  -  gray and nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminum castings for mining, electrical machinery and general machine-building.

ILARSLAN SFERO CELIK DOKUM, TURKEY  -  manufacturer and exporter of auto spare parts, centrifugal casting, all of types air cooled cylinder liners for passenger cars, commercial trucks, buses, tractors and construction machines.

INDO SHELL CAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  shell moulding, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, vermicular graphite cast iron, austempered ductile cast iron and steel castings - cam shafts, gear wheels, exhaust brake valves, rocker arms and levers, cam followers, hydraulic bodies, auto vibration control parts, under chassis parts, brake slack adjuster bodies, power steering pump bodies, hydraulic cylinder covers, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic transmissions, fuel control fly weights, valve operating handles, butter fly valve discs.

IL SAN METAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  cast manhole covers.

ITALRICAMBI S.p.A., ITALY  -  manufacturer of wear steel parts for earth moving machinery, production of rolled steels, forged parts - tips and adapters for loaders, excavators and backhoes, ripper tips for bulldozers, and a wide range of cast parts - tips, teeth and adapters for loaders, excavators and backhoes, ripper tips and adapters for bulldozers, protectors for buckets.

IACRO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  aluminum alloys and bronze cast parts, bronze bushings and bars.

INDUBRON S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of connecting-rod bushing and bearings, centrifugal casting.

INDUSMET S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  casting and machining parts in gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel and bronze.

IRONEL SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  cast iron parts.

IRAN TRACTOR FOUNDRY CO., IRAN  -  grey iron and ductile iron cast tractor parts, auto parts, industrial parts.

INOX-TEK IND. CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of sanitary steel castings, ball valves, flanges and fittings, lost-wax process, weight of castings from 5 grams up to 30 kg, monthly production capacity of 80 tons of castings.

INDUSTRIAL Y COMERCIAL QUINTA NORMAL LTDA., CHILE  -  grey cast iron foundry, cast items for fireplaces, firegrates, fittings, municipal grates and decorative appliances.

IRAN ZOB CO., IRAN  -  complete range of grinding balls and cylpebs, heat resistant steel casting parts - pelletizing grate bars, various type of lifter, cooler grate plates and other kiln parts, alloyed and nonalloyed cast iron and steel parts.

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