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GONG, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA  -  cast pendants, pins, plaques, medallions, medals, buttons and badges.

GRUND, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  Zn-Al (zamak) pressure-die castings, weight 0.05 - 200 g.

GUIVISA, SPAIN  -  all types of steel production, 200 000 tons of carbon, alloy and refractory steel, cast steel parts, hand moulding - weight range from 25 kg up to 8 tons, machine moulding - weight range from 2 kg up to 100 kg.

GERMANNGUSS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminum castings from 100 g up to 600 kg for machine-building, textile, electric and mining industries.

GJUTERITEKNIK AB, SWEDEN  -  manufacturer of die-cast zinc components.

GOEPFERT AG, GERMANY  -  valves and fittings for shipbuilding and industry, own foundry, copper alloys, light alloys, cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel and stainless steel castings.

GROUPE ARCHE, FRANCE  -  aluminium or magnesium alloy cast components for the automotive industry and operating equipment manufacturers, high pressure or gravity die casting, the structure comprises seven production plants: S.A.M. Technologies, SIFA Technologies, PACY Technologies, MBF Technologies, F.V.M. Technologies, SERMI Technologies and ALFISA Technologies-Spain.

GIESSEREI ALCO AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminum foundry, gravity die castings, weights from 5g up to 10 kg.

GUESTRO AUTOMOTIVE CASTING & MACHINING, SOUTH AFRICA  -  ductile, grey and austempered cast iron products for automotive, mining, overhead line manufacturers, rail, energy, pumps and valves and general engineering businesses, a division of Dorbyl Ltd.

G&C PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and white cast iron castings, carbon steel, low alloy steel and manganese steel castings from 0.5 kg to 800 kg, cast parts for mining, agricultural, earthmoving, manufacturing and railway sectors.

GUJARAT ALLOYS CAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  precision investment castings through lost wax method.

GAVALA ART FOUNDRY, GREECE  -  small and large scale statues in bronze and aluminum, professional gifts by well known organizations in conferences, in companies anniversaries and in National holidays as Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter etc., foundry works on architectural constractions, hotel main entrances, inside staires and fireplaces in modern flats and offices, services of maintenance and repairing of monuments and statues.

GUIZHOU ANJI FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  various castings of iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and titanium, sand casting, centrifugal casting, investment casting, ceramic casting, bi-metal casting and low-pressure die-casting.
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GRUBER & KAJA DRUCKGUSS- UND METALLWARENFABRIK GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  pressure die castings mainly for the automotive industry.

GROWTH ASIA PT., INDONESIA  -  cast iron and steel foundry, silicate ester sand / alkaline phenolic moulding processes, crushing and grinding parts, jaws, mantles, bowls, screws, ball mill liners, ore bin liners, feed spots, rubber rolls, roughing rolls, on-site fully equipped patternshop, patterns manufactured in metal, wood and resin, a member of the Growth Steel Group.

GRODNO ARMATURE PLANT TZWETLIT, BELARUS  -  water and gas armature production, brass and aluminium alloy castings, pressure die casting.

GEMAK AGGELOS SOTIRAS, GREECE  -  cast hydraulic components for irrigation, water supply and sewage systems.

GUSS + STAHL BOCHUM GmbH, GERMANY  -  foundry and forging plant, steel, grey, ductile and malleable cast iron, and aluminium castings for civil engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgical, tubes, steel, wire, rolling mills and sinter plants, mining, coking, power plants, passenger car and commercial vehicles, agricultural machines, forestry machines, tools, glass industries, household appliances, office equipment, postal and telephone line construction, musical equipment.

GRUPO ALEAR S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  aluminum alloys castings, gravity die and pressure die casting, green sand and shell moulding.

GLOCKENGIESSEREI BERGER, SWITZERLAND  -  bell foundry, a wide range of bells - cowbells, horsebells, housebells, handhold bells and small souvenir bells, bronze castings for the music industry and industrial castings.

GIESSEREI BENOIT AG, SWITZERLAND  -  centrifugal casting, continuous casting, gravity die casting, tin bronzes, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, gunmetal, brass, aluminium alloys, lead and lead alloys, zinc alloys and special alloys castings, ingots, tubes and round bars.

GIETERIJ BENNINK & TEN CATE B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  castings in a varied range of materials, including unalloyed and high-alloy steel, cast iron and nickel base alloys.

GIETERIJ BORCHERTS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  gray and nodular cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium castings for the shipbuilding industry, general mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, waste water purification industry, art objects in both bronze and cast iron, rust fixed steel and aluminium, art casting up to 2000 kg piece weight, lost-wax method.

GREGORIO BROQUETAS S.A.C., ARGENTINA  -  copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and zinc based castings, bushings, bearings, rods, crowns, plate heat exchangers, media necklaces.

GEMCAST B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  stainless steel, bronze and aluminium alloys castings for pump, chemical and foodstuffs industries, mechanical engineering and equipment construction, environmental engineering and electrical engineering.

GIESSEREI CHUR AG, SWITZERLAND  -  gray and nodular cast iron parts up to 300 kg, V-process, green-sand automatic moulding line, shell-process, construction and sewer casting - manhole covers with trap, round and rectangular, for oil-and gas tank cover, slurry box cover and chambers, street hats, floor drains with siphon, trap, rectangular and with bubble trap, dive sheets with handle, inlet-and road grids, street grates with frames, cast parts for machine-building industry - bearing covers, plates, feed housings, supports, augers, bars, stocks, gearboxes, production of wooden, styropor, metal and epoxy resin foundry patterns.

GITRA COMPONENTS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  carbon and stainless steel, grey and nodular cast iron - sand-bentonite moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding, aluminium alloys and zamak castings - sand-bentonite moulding, gravity die and pressure die casting processes, cast parts for the automotive, oil and gas industry, process industry and general engineering.

GREATER CAIRO FOUNDRIES CO., EGYPT  -  production of ductile and grey cast iron valves, fittings, mechanical joints, pipes and bigger sized castings up to
15 tons for water supply, dams, water treatment, pumping stations, pipe lines, irrigation, sewage and sewage treatment.

GRAHAM CAMPBELL FERRUM INTERNATIONAL PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  producer of large grey, ductile and heat resistant cast iron castings up to a weight of
60 000 kg, mill trunnions and heads, kiln tyres and support rollers, clamping cylinders for plastic injection moulding machines, gearing for mills and kilns, bearing slippers and bases, crushing rolls.

GAUTAM CASTING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  cast iron graded castings from 500 g to 250 kg, cast iron heavy castings weighing single piece up to
10 000 kg, counterweights for fork lift industry, nodular cast iron castings ranging from 100 g to 200 kg.

GEOFF COLLIER LTD., UK  -  brass, bronze, aluminium and silver castings, processes - sand casting and investment casting, the company's customers consist of interior designers, architects, antique dealers and other specifiers of bespoke products.

GLEN CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die casting, ductile iron and grey iron castings, drainage castings - manhole covers, various engineering castings.

GOLDEN CITY LACE, AUSTRALIA  -  heritage restoration of buildings, own foundry for production of aluminium decorative lace panels, friezes, droppers and corners for the home or business.

GILLET CASTRES S.A., FRANCE  -  cast iron street lighting and street furniture, art works.

GP DIECASTING, TURKEY  -  an aluminium and zinc pressure die casting, tooling, brass pressing, machining and finishing company.

GIETERIJ DIJKKAMP B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  grey and nodular cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, wear-resistant cast steel, heat-resistant cast steel, aluminium alloys and bronze cast products for street furniture, banisters, door grilles, ornaments, interior, architecture and art items, restoration works, castings for common machine-building industry, hand and machine moulding processes.

GIETERIJ DOESBURG B.V, THE NETHERLANDS  -  complex cast components in blackheart malleable iron and ductile cast iron for the automotive, agricultural, marine and special engineering industries, Disamatic automatic molding line, max. casting weight 30 kg, a member of the Gietburg Group.

GIETERIJ DRUNEN BEHEER B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  production of industrial hand moulded castings in non-ferrous alloys, carbon steel and stainless steel, water glass-bound moulding sand technology, cast parts for the hydro-electric power industry, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, pumps industry - pump impellers, casings, diffusers, runner bowls, suction bells, valves and valve seats, and maritime sector - propellers, parts of adjustable propellers, thrusters, propeller blades, leaf buds, bearings, bushings and screw caps.

GIBBS DIE CASTING CORP., USA  -  supplier of aluminum and magnesium die cast components to the automotive industry, manufacturing facilities in Henderson - Kentucky, Brazil, China, Hungary and Korea.

GUTSUN DIE CASTING CO. LTD., TAIWAN  -  aluminum and magnesium pressure die casting parts - automobile accessory, motorcycle and bicycle components, pneumatic tools, electric machinery, valve products, household products, street lightening, communication equipment, agricultural components.

GUVENCLER DOKUM MAKINA SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  grey cast iron and nodular iron cast parts for the automotive and secondary automotive industry, spare parts for agricultural machines.

GEDIK DOKUM VE VANA SANAYI TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  producer of all types of steam, water, natural gas valves and armatures, grey iron, nodular iron and steel cast parts for the automotive and textile industries, defence etc.

GALVIN ENGINEERING, AUSTRALIA  -  ferrous castings in grey iron, white iron, nodular iron and stainless steel, non-ferrous castings in aluminium, brass and bronze, cast products for the mining, pump, plumbing, transport and engineering industries.

GAOZIT ENTERPRISE, CHINA  -  cast iron products, mainly manhole covers and pipe fittings.

GRIFO ENGINEERING, SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of the GSB self balancing, high performance dewatering pump units, own jobbing foundry supplying ferrous and non-ferrous pump component castings and a variety of engineering castings, smelting capacity - non-ferrous 3500 kg, ferrous 800 kg.

GRAND ENGINEERING & FOUNDRY CORP., PHILIPPINES  -  jobbing foundry, carbon, stainless and manganese steel, ductile and gray cast iron, bronze and brass castings for the mining, cement, quarrying and automotive industries.

GILO ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING CO., SOUTH AFRICA  -  designers and manufacturers of automotive conversion kits and specialised motor sport components, own non-ferrous metals foundry, sand and gravity die castings.

GILLSON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  a wide range of stainless steel valves and relative components, investment casting foundry.

GENERAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES, PAKISTAN  -  auto parts and allied products manufacturing organization equipped with automatic machining facility, grey cast iron / ductile cast iron and aluminum foundry, modern quality control equipment and packing department.

GEBR. EICKHOFF MASCHINENFABRIK und EISENGEISSEREI GmbH, GERMANY  -  castings in lamellar graphite cast iron, nodular graphite cast iron, heat, wear and corrosion resistant materials, unalloyed, low-alloyed steels, cast parts for general engineering, mining equipment, machine tools, packaging machinery, energy industry, rail vehicles, chemical industry, hydraulics industry, fittings industry, special machinery and construction equipment.

GARTLAND FOUNDRY, USA  -  gray iron castings.

GRIGSBY's FOUNDRY , AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium alloys, bronze, brass, monel metal and cast iron castings, chemical and green sand moulding, gravity die casting, design and manufacture of bronze memorial plaques of all sizes, aluminium gear boxes, housings, engine manifolds, mufflers, bronze bushes, marine capstans, bronze fins, cleats and log glands, valves, wheels, pipe fittings.

GOMEL FOUNDRY AND STANDARDS WORKS (GZLiN), BELARUS  -  production of maize and grass headers, pick-ups for forage technique, grain headers for combines, a large range of pull-type machines for harvesting of grain and fodder crops, pre- and postsowing tillage technique, casting items from high-strength cast iron, aluminium and bronze castings, fasteners and consumption goods.

GAMMA FOUNDRIES COMPANY, CANADA  -  non-ferrous sand castings for the electrical, plumbing, pump, valve, meter and defense industries.

GEORG FISCHER JRG AG, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer of valves for domestic water installations, own non-ferrous metal foundry, fully-automated forming and casting facilities and semi-automatic box-free forming facility for unfinished and pre-finished cast parts from gunmetal (bronze), brass and aluminium for valves, fittings and variety of rotation bodies, handmade art castings, especially made for many different artists, a wide product range of fountain accessories and figures for ponds.

GZUT FOUNDRY LTD., POLAND  -  grey and nodular cast iron, bronze castings, art castings and architectonic ornamentation, figurines, medals, commemorating plates, monumental castings, sculptures, bas-reliefs, assembled of parts figures, cooperation with renowned sculptors and artists.
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GETEKA FOUNINDO PT., INDONESIA  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings for pump parts, machinery parts, automotive parts, dies & moulds, furan sand moulding process, pattern shop for wooden, epoxy resin and metal patternmaking, a part of TorishimaGuna - the joint venture between Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Japan and PT Guna Elektro - Indonesia.

GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT TSENTROLIT, BELARUS  -  grey and ductile iron castings, bronze and brass castings, products for oil and gas industry, electric energy, telecommunication, metallurgy, machine-building and civil building - beds, cases, carriages, tables, wheels, pulleys, rolls, counterbalances, braking drums, hydraulic booster bodies, housings, turbine bodies, bearing bodies, matrixes, under stamp plates, tubings, ingot moulds, pallets, crucibles, manhole covers and grates, rain gullies, fireplace grates, furnaces for a cottages, park benches, street lamps, fence elements, flower-bed & refuse bins, art casting.
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GENERAL FOUNDRY SERVICE, USA  -  precision sand casting, rubber plaster molding, investment casting, commercial castings for computer peripherals, indoor and outdoor lighting, medical equipment, telecomm equipment.

GASPAROTTO-FONDAL S.r.l., ITALY  -  pressure-die casting, components in light alloys for electrical household appliances, industrial machinery, sewing machines and heavy transport, production of metal moulds for pressure-die casting.

GARHO GROUP CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of magnesium alloy and zinc alloy pressure die castings - mobile phone and camera cases, brackets, battery covers, office equipment accessories, computer keyboard keys, auto parts, medical parts, decorative parts, metal structural parts.

GOTO GOKIN CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  pure copper casting of tuyeres, tuyere coolers, cooling plates, hot blast valves and seats for blast furnaces, and lance / sub-lance nozzles and copper plates for molds in continuous casting for steel making, electrode holders and cooling plates for the wails of electric furnaces.

GRE-GA FOUNDRY CO. LTD., HUNGARY  -  grey cast iron machine parts, ornament castings, fireplace parts, chill-moulds, typical weight of the castings is 1-35 kg, aluminum alloys cast components for medical equipments and machine-building, weight of castings from 1 kg up to 15 kg, bentonite sand mixtures and furan resin sands moulding.

GERSJES GIETIJZEREN RAMEN B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  cast iron products, authentic cast iron barn door and window grilles for farmhouses, mansions and other historic buildings, cast iron trees of life, anchors, staircase arrows, mailboxes, garden vases, other decoration, restoration and renovation works.

GIESSEREI HEGI AG, SWITZERLAND  -  ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, aluminium alloy castings - up to 220 kg in hand moulding, up to 70 kg in machine moulding, and up to 30 kg in gravity die casting, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings - machine-shaped from 1 kg up to 150 kg, block-shaped from 50 kg up to 280 kg, and hand-shaped up to 2200 kg, castings for use in agricultural and special construction machines, mechanical engineering, railways, power generation, hydropower station construction, pump body, fittings for the energy industry supplies, components for turbines, and measuring instruments.

GH HOLBAEK JERNSTOEBERI A/S , DENMARK  -  cast iron castings for public spaces - windows, sills, skylights, stairs, columns, ventilation grilles, grids, balusters.

GAURAV INTERNATIONAL, INDIA  -  door and window architectural ironmongery and cabinet accessories, cast iron door knockers, etc.

GERAEDTS IJZERGIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a jobbing foundry, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron industrial castings up to 16000 kg in weight, cast iron sculptures in tight cooperation with renown artists, hand-moulding, lost-foam process.

GJUTERIBOLAGET I BREDARYD AB, SWEDEN  -  aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

GJUTERIBOLAGET I ESKILSTUNA AB, SWEDEN  -  grey and nodular iron cast parts.

GRUPO INDUSTRIAL SALTILLO (GIS), MEXICO  -  an industrial company, the metal and automotive segment operates gray and ductile iron Foundry Cifunsa focused on the production of engine blocks and heads, and complex auto parts for breaking systems.

GRUPO INDUSTRIAL SAAVEDRA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  cast iron, steel, bronze and special alloys castings for the glass industry - molds and equipment, glass molding through automatic and semi-automatic processes.

GIFF JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  castings from grey iron GG 15 and GG 20, bentonite mixture, molding line Disamatic 2013 (castings weight 0.2 - 25 kg) and Foromat/Retomat molding lines (castings weight 5 - 200 kg), decorative cast iron elements for public town utilities - chains, small/big columns, foots of bench, fountain parts, gratings to trees, castings for electrical engineering and machine-building industry.

GRUPO JAVA, CHILE  -  the Group has own foundry, aluminum alloys and bronze castings, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and steel cast parts for the power transmission and machine-building industry.

GSP LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  Cu and Al-alloys castings for pumps manufacturing, aircraft industry, railway accessories, and electro-technology.

GUY LESAGE S.A., FRANCE  -  zamak pressure die casting, cast parts from 2.5 g up to 2 kg.

GILLIES METALTECH, NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacturer of cast iron watermain fittings, valves, hydrants and special purpose pumps.

GABRIEL METAL CASTING, INC., USA  -  pewter casting, custom pewter awards and gifts, buildings and bridges, cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, trains and ships, people and animals sculptures.

GREEK MODERN CASTINGS (GMC), GREECE  -  steel and grey iron casting.
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GUJARAT METAL CAST (GMC), INDIA  -  market leader in manufacturing of ductile iron, malleable iron and aluminum alloy castings by lost foam process.

GULF METAL FOUNDRY LLC, UAE  -  a division of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, the foundry is set up with a capacity to produce ferrous based castings of single price up to 1.5 MT, the range of products includes wear resistant high chrome iron castings for crushers, carbon steel and stainless steel valve components, ductile cast iron, Ni-resist cast iron and duplex steel components for engineering applications, chemically bonded sand molding line, hand molding for big castings, in house pattern shop for manufacturing & maintaining patterns and core boxes in wood, resin, aluminium & steel.

GUR METAL HASAS DOKUM SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  investment casting, producer of more than 1000 different parts weighing 1 gr to 25 kg for industries such as textiles, automotive, agriculture, medical and orthopaedics, valves and pumps and especially shotguns and defence.

G.M.P. D.O.O., SERBIA  -  valves, and couplings for transfusion of oil and oil derivatives and other liquids, connectors for quick assembly and disassembly lines in hydraulic installations, distributing boxes for electrical sets, brass and aluminum alloys castings.

GERTI-METAL SH.P.K., ALBANIA  -  aluminum billets, ingots and non-ferrous castings, spare parts for machine-building, mines, agriculture, home appliances.
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GREY NODULES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  small parts casting by hand molding, machine molding, shell molding & investment casting (lost wax) process, grey and nodular cast iron, low and high alloy cast iron, low and high alloy steel & stainless steel casting parts, weight range from few grams to 40 kg per piece.

GIESSEREI POSSNECK, GERMANY  -  aluminum foundry, hand and machine sand molding, gravity die casting.

GONTERMANN-PEIPERS, GERMANY  -  grey, nodular, austenitic and alloyed cast iron, continuous casting, centrifugal casting, hand moulded casting, chill casting.

GEBRUDER PLETSCHER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminium pressure die casting factory, bicycle kickstands, bicycle racks, jobbing casting, tool development and manufacture.

GIBSON PATTERNS & SOUTHERN LANTERNS, NEW ZEALAND  -  a range of reproduction Victorian gas lanterns, styled on the original gas lanterns and poles used in the last century, all in the Victorian style - pedestals for use on gate posts, pillars for use on low walls, wall lights, bollards, sun dials, letterboxes and signs, aluminium casting in traditional sand moulds, pattern making in wood, fibreglass, epoxy resin and metal.

GILTECH PRECISION CASTINGS, NEW ZEALAND  -  non-ferrous jobbing foundry, casting and machining of leaded bronzes, manganese, aluminium and nickel bronzes.

GHATGE PATIL IND. LTD., INDIA  -  grey and ductile iron castings - brake drums, transmission cases, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, body valves, flywheel housings, wheel hubs, rear axle housings, differential cases, brake system items, capacity 36 000 MT per annum.

GATIC PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of access covers and gratings - circular access covers and frames, square and rectangular access covers and frames, 2-part, 3-part and multi-part covers and frames, cast iron, galvanized mild steel and stainless steel grates and frames, brass and stainless steel edged covers and frames, concrete encased covers and frames, tree grates, lifting keys and accessories.

GOLDEN POND METAL DIE CASTING CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  aluminum high pressure die casting, motorcycle parts, automobile parts, woodworking parts, agricultural parts, outdoor parts, communication parts.

GEAR PUMP MANUFACTURING (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer of bearing pumps, bushing pumps and pto gear pumps, own foundry - Engineering Technology Services (Pty) Ltd. for production of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and bronze castings.

GIETERIJEN RISKIN NV, BELGIUM  -  hot chamber high-pressure die-casting technical parts of aluminium, pewter, zamak and lead, pewter giftware - plates, tankards, table ware, figurines, wall clocks.

GEISTERHOLE STUDIO, USA  -  bronze foundry and sculpture studio.

GEBR. STUDER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminum alloys foundry, green sand molding, gravity die casting.

GRAVITEC S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  aluminium alloy gravity die casting.

GODAZ SANAT ALLOY STEEL FOUNDRY, IRAN  -  cast steel parts, carbon, low alloy carbon, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, abrasive resistant, and tool steels, processes: sand cast, CO2 process, shell mold, centrifugal and investment casting.

GOODWIN STEEL CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  castings in the weight range 200-7000 kg in carbon, low alloy, stainless steel, heat resistant, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, super nickel and cobalt base alloys, typical castings uses in the construction, architectural, offshore, petrochemical plant, power generation, nuclear, paper, construction and metal processing industries.

GOVIND STEEL COMPANY LTD., INDIA  -  grey iron castings, manhole covers & frames, grates, valve boxes, water meter box for industrial, telecom, highways and construction sectors, garden & street furniture including park benches, tree grates and tree guards, decorative ornamental castings include boot scrapers, counter weights for various applications, tractor weights, wheel weights and elevator weights, installed capacity of 60 000 MT/yearly.
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GLIDEWELL SPECIALTIES FOUNDRY CO., INC., USA  -  production of castings that range from 150 to 15000 kg in gray iron and 150 to 14000 kg in ductile iron,
no bake molding, industries served - dredge & pump manufacturers, heavy construction, machine base, mining & minerals, oil & gas industry, steel mills, water works, a full service pattern shop which can make wood or foam patterns.

GARAVAGLIA S.p.A., ITALY  -  wear resistant steel parts for crushers, max weight of castings 5 tons.

GHIAL S.p.A., ITALY  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die cast parts.

GEORGE TAYLOR & CO. (HAMILTON) LTD., UK  -  ductile, grey, austempered, abrasion resistant iron and austenitic iron castings up to 3000 kg, 2000 tonnes per annum, industrial sectors - oil & gas, pump & valve, agricultural, automotive, textile, mining.



GEMAR-UMECH SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  cast iron castings for water supply and sewage systems, manhole covers, frames and grates, fire hydrants, valves, fittings.

GYULAI VASIPARI KFT., HUNGARY  -  production of steel structures, machines and machine parts and heating systems with solid fuel, gray cast iron castings, weight limit from 0.5 kg up to 500 kg, green sand machine molding line and hand molding.

GIETERIJ VTB-LEERDAM B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die casting.

GUANGDONG WENCAN DIE CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  pressure die casting products.

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