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Engineering Works Trade Fair - Konepaja 2026, Nordic Welding Expo and 3D & New Materials Fair, March 17-19, 2026, Tampere

Subcontracting Trade Fair - Alihankinta 2024, October 1-3, 2024, Tampere

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Thin Sheet Days, April 24-25, 2024, Seinäjoki

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ALTEAMS GROUP  -  cast light metal components for telecom-, electronics- and automotive industries, sand, pressure die and gravity die casting.

ARSA KY  -  manufacture of electricity distribution poles and related electrical equipment, own foundry, aluminium alloys pressure-die casting.

ALSIVA OY  -  a subsidiary of Ouneva Group, specializes in aluminium and zinc pressure diecasting, castings for electrical engineering and electronics sector's needs, furniture, telecommunications, medical equipment industry.

ALUMIINIVALIMO SYRJANEN OY  -  aluminium alloy castings, sand moulding and gravity-die casting.

COMPONENTA OY  -  cast, machined and upgraded components for heavy truck, power and transmission, machine building and off-road industries.

ERIKOISVALU OY  -  castings in aluminium alloys, copper alloys and zinc alloys, sand and shell moulding technique.

FERRAL ALUCAST OY  -  one of the biggest light metal foundries in Finland, gravity die casting and centrifugal casting processes, cast components for the mechanical engineering, manufacturing and furniture industries.

HARJACALLAN VALU OY  -  cast iron castings from 15 up to 2500 kg, sand-bentonite and furan-sand moulding.

JOHNSON METALL AB OY  -  copper alloy casting, plain bearings for big loads and high sliding speeds, and over 500 different sizes of centrifugal and continuously cast slabs in four different alloys with a cast weight up to 2000 kg.

JUPALCO OY  -  grey and nodular cast iron access covers, gratings and frames for municipal purposes, manhole covers and frames for cable and pumping station purposes.

JOKELAN VALU OY  -  a part of Kumera Corporation, the foundry specializes in wear-resistant cast iron castings from 0.5 kg up to 1300 kg for asphalt and concrete machinery manufacturers and users, alloy cast iron crosses and other monumental art castings.

KARHULA FOUNDRY  -  a part of Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy, steel and special cast iron pump castings from 0.5 kg up to 15000 kg, resin-bonded sand and Replicast ceramic shell moulding methods.

KESKIPAKOVALU OY  -  bronze continuous and centrifugal casting.

KELLOVALIMO SOMPPI KY  -  bronze bell foundry, a completely hand-made bells in sand moulds, a variety of personalized business presents and prizes, wedding, engagement and birthday presents, door and dinner bells, mortars, horse harness and sleigh bells, text and nameplates, grave memorials, reliefs and bronze sculptures.

KM-VALU KY  -  gravity diecasting foundry, cast parts in aluminium alloys.

LEINOVALU OY  -  grey iron, ductile iron and steel foundry for small patches and complex castings.

LAPUAN VALU, NISKANEN & NISKANEN  -  grey cast iron foundry.

METSO FOUNDRIES - JYVASKYLA OY  -  a part of Metso's Paper and Fiber Technology segment, grey and nodular cast iron castings for paper machinery components, cylinder and roll components, dryer cylinders, rolls, axles, cylinder blocks, hubs, frames, planet carriers, gearboxes and flywheels, hand moulded castings up to 100 000 kg, annual production capacity is 25000 tons.

MEKAVA OY  -  castings in grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, white cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel based alloys, copper alloys and super alloys.

NOVACAST OY  -  aluminium alloys gravity die casting and pressure die casting, cast parts for the vehicle, furniture, electrical and electronics, metal and mechanical industries.

NIEMISEN VALIMO OY  -  cast iron products for the public sector - manhole covers for drain wells, incl. with logos and signs on covers, pekka locks with a special opening tools, and industrial subcontracting castings - cast iron weights, grates and other parts for the heating equipment, tamping wheels, the company belongs to Cappelen Holding AS - Norway.

PEIRON OY  -  a part of Kumera Corporation, the operations of Peiron Oy are based in two foundries: Kokemaki foundry - specialized in ductile cast iron and steels, and Kangasala foundry - grey cast iron castings, cast parts for manufacturers of equipment and machinery for the pulp and paper industry, metallurgical and mining industry, concrete machinery manufacturers, and power and heating plants.

SACOTEC COMPONENTS OY  -  investment casting foundry.

SPECIALVALIMO J. PAP OY  -  aluminium gravity die casting, low and high pressure die casting, 400 tons yearly.

SELCAST OY  -  aluminium alloys cast parts for electrical installation accessories and industrial components.

SAIMAAN VALU AY  -  lead castings, machinery parts, boat and car parts, radiation protectors, lead hammers, dumbbells, oven shutters, anchors, decorative items, plaques, funeral crosses.

SOTKIAN VALIMO OY  -  aluminium gravity die castings up to 2 kg.

URV OY  -  grey and ductile cast iron parts.

VIRTASEN VALIMO  -  cast iron garden furniture - benches, chairs, tables, cast iron lighting columns, flower pots, wall consoles, animal figures.

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