Foundry Suppliers from Ecuador

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DEL VALLE METAL CAST FOUNDRY S.A. (J.C.R. FUNDICIONES)  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings, manhole covers, grids, valve housings, meter boxes and collars.

FUNDIALEACIONES en ECUADOR  -  bronze sculptures, busts, manhole covers and grates, fitness equipment, counterweights.

FUNDIMET - FUNDICIONES METALICAS  -  manufacturer of cast iron manhole covers and grates, gate valves, collars, bronze and aluminum drinking water / sewerage special parts.

FUNDICIONES SAGUER  -  aluminum, bronze, copper, lead and cast iron castings, ornaments and antiques, benches and poles, decorate park items, and different types of industrial parts.

FUNDIRECICLAR S.A.  -  a leading foundry company in Ecuador, production of cast iron castings - manhole covers and grates, gate valves parts, fittings and water accessories, waste managers - metallurgical recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, supplier of raw materials and equipment to the foundry industry.

INDALRO - INDUSTRIA de ALUMINIO ROSALES  -  hand cast aluminum pots, kettles, pots, pans and roasters.

METALURGICA ECUATORIANA CIA. LTDA. (DAFIGO)  -  gray and nodular cast iron, copper and aluminum alloys castings for textile, industrial, road, woodworking and agribusiness machinery, auto parts, spare parts, manhole covers and grates, hydrants, and valves.

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