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ALCUMATIC A/S  -  production company with many years of experience in the fields of pressure die-casting, finishing and coating, cast parts from 30 g to 15 kg.

AALBORG BRONCESTOBERI A/S  -  letters, signs, logos and plaques, headstone ornaments, sculptures, applied art, accessories for the bathroom and hallway (mirrors, shelves, hooks and toilet paper holders), unique birdhouses and bird feeders, bronze, brass and aluminium industrial cast parts of any size with
a weight from 5 grams up to 400 kg, sand moulding.

ALU-DANICA A/S  -  cast aluminum street signs, nameplates, house numbers, county and town arms, company logos, signs for electrical installations and information plates with stand, green-sand moulding.

AARHUS METALSTOEBERI A/S  -  aluminum and bronze castings, sand and gravity die casting.

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S  -  a trading company, bronze castings, sand, centrifugal and gravity-die casting, continuously cast iron bars.

BRDR. CHRISTENSEN ApS  -  production of large range of cylindrical and taper plug valves and small batches of soft seated gate valves, the company operates
a foundry of its own, gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels castings from a few hundred grams up to 5 tons, a green sand moulding line Disamatic 2013 and a hand moulding line producing moulds in ester cured alkaline phenolic bounded sand.

BR CASTING COMPANY A/S  -  pressure die-casting, production of 300 tons of zinc castings and 250 tons of aluminium castings annually.

BRONCESTOBERIET LEIF JENSEN A/S  -  art foundry, sculptures and figures in bronze, restoration works, maintenance and installation of sculptures, reduction modeling, industrial cast parts, lost-wax casting technique.

BJERREGAARD NIELSEN A/S  -  gravity die casting foundry.

CEROPA A/S  -  aluminum and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

C.C.JENSEN A/S  -  nickel-aluminium bronze propeller castings up to 2500 kg.

DANIA A/S  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings for hydraulic engines, pumps, valves, cylinders and components, truck / buses consoles, bearing housings, bearings and shields, gear cases, rocker arms and valve tappet guides for diesel engines, water pump housings and cooling jackets, compressor cylinder liners, crankshafts, connecting rods, covers and bearings, wind turbine castings, brake calibers and parts, forest and agricultural machinery castings for impellers, valves, consoles and shields, cast parts with weights from 0.5 to 60 kg, two Disamatic 2013 molding lines, one HWS seiatsu-system molding line.

DANSK SKALFORM A/S  -  two shellcasting foundries and one lost-wax precisions casting foundry, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze castings.

FERRODAN A/S  -  castings in grey and ductile cast iron for transmission elements, hydraulic components, gears and other automotive products, machine-building parts, capacity of 18 000 tonnes per year, Disamatic moulding line - casting weight up to 140 kg, semi-automatic furan-sand moulding line - casting weight up to
1000 kg, a part of IPL Group.

FORMKON A/S  -  product development of mechanical parts, production of prototypes, pressure die casting and injection moulding parts in plastic, aluminium, magnesium and zinc, a substantial and professional consulting with reference to development and optimal construction of die casted parts.

F. E. STOEBERIET HANDELSSELSKAB A/S  -  grey iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze castings.

FRESE METAL - OG STALSTOEBERI A/S  -  sand casting in corrosion resistant materials, as bronze, aluminium bronze and stainless steel.

GH HOLBAEK JERNSTOEBERI A/S  -  cast iron castings for public spaces - windows, sills, skylights, stairs, columns, ventilation grilles, grids, balusters.

HVIDTMETAL A/S (NORFORT A/S)  -  centrifugal copper and zinc alloys casting.

JYDSK ALUMINIUM INDUSTRI A/S  -  aluminium foundry, gravity die casting, products for the truck, high voltage and pump industries.

JOHAN JENSEN & SON METALSTOEBERI  -  brass, bronze and aluminum alloys castings and spare parts for automobile industry, cement factories, shipyards, machinery factories and blacksmiths.

K. B. HANSSON'S METALSTOEBERI A/S  -  castings in brass, aluminium alloys and gray cast iron, green-sand hand moulding, furan sand moulding line.

LINIMATIC A/S  -  zinc alloys pressure die casting foundry.

MAGNUS JENSEN A/S  -  copper and aluminum alloys castings, sand moulding, production of bronze valves mainly used in ships and in seawater pipe connections, top and bottom brackets, bronze sculptures, incorporated in Meson Group - Sweden, the Scandinavia's largest valve supplier.

MT JAEGER A/S  -  aluminum, copper and various special alloys casting, Disamatic moulding line.

MABJERG METALSTOEBERI ANDERS SLOT  -  bronze and aluminum alloys castings, cast bronze gears for agricultural machinery, art castings.

METALSTOEBERIET THOR A/S  -  gravity die casting, aluminum components typically weight ranges from 10 g to 25 kg.

NYMETAL A/S  -  sand casting in copper alloys, aluminium alloys and lead, furan sand and bentonite-sand moulding.

NORDSJAELLANDS METALSTOEBERI A/S  -  aluminium foundry, two synthetic sand moulding lines, turntable machines line and hand moulding.

O. STORM SOERENSEN BRONCESTOEBERI A/S  -  castings in bronze, brass and aluminum, facade letters, logos, signs, plaques, headstone ornaments, decorations, sculptures.

RAVN FORHISTORISK STOEBETEKNIK  -  re-creation of prehistoric bronze jewellery works by using antique casting methods, old-fashioned bellows, a charcoal pit for the melt down, clay-moulds for the casting and self-made hand-tools for the finishing.

SABRO A/S  -  grey and nodular cast iron hand moulded castings ranging from 35 kg up to 3500 kg, cast parts for the offshore and marine industries and for producers of compressors, engines and windmills, own pattern workshop, patterns made of wood, plastic aluminum and polystyrene.

SECURE A/S  -  cast parts in aluminum, zinc and copper alloys, steel casting, mailboxes, street lights, wheelchairs, dental equipment, ventilation swings, gear housings, pump housings, bearing shields and furniture parts, sand casting of aluminum and copper alloys, chill casting of aluminum and zinc alloys, pressure die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys, precision lost-wax casting of aluminum and copper alloys and steel.

SKAGEN JERNSTOEBERI A/S  -  large and small series of grey cast iron castings from 200 g to 1500 kg, furan sand moulding.

SLAGELSE JERNSTOEBERI A/S  -  grey and nodular cast iron parts, keels and weights, sewer castings - manhole covers, grates and grids, park benches, chairs, lamp holders, bronze art casting.

SKULPTURSTOBERIET JOERN SVENDSEN  -  art foundry, bronze statues and sculptures, castings in aluminum, silver, stainless steel and cast iron.

STOEBERIET OERKILD  -  supplier of keels to boat-builders in most European countries and in USA, lead keels from 99,5% of pure lead with an antimonies alloy of
2-3%: Finn keels, wing keels, bulb keels, swing keels - without limit in type, size or weight, according to yacht yard, designer's and owner's drawings, gray cast iron keels: Finn keels, wing keels, bulb keels or centerboard keels, weighing up to 12000 kg, combo-keel: polyester concrete / lead and combo-keel: cast-iron / lead, furan-sand moulding.

TASINGE KOKILLESTOBERI A/S  -  gravity die casting, aluminium, brass and copper items - square and round post caps, balls, cones, rosettes for garden fencing and animal enclosures, lamp housings, junctions for lamp assembly, impellers for irrigation machines, heating-cooling elements, brackets, handles, cord holders, wire holders for high voltage, disc covers for hand grinding machines, housings, in-house tool (dies) manufacture.

TEMPONIK SKIVE A/S  -  aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings - die casting similar prototypes and low volume production, a subsidiary of Ide-Pro Skive A/S.

ULDALLS JERNSTOEBERI A/S  -  grey and nodular iron casting, Disamatic moulding machines, a part of one of Northern Europe’s largest foundry groups
Vald. Birn A/S - Denmark.

UG METAL A/S  -  casting in aluminum alloys, brass and bronze, shell molding, sand molding, gravity die casting.

W.KNUDSENS METALSTOEBERI A/S  -  small and large series castings in aluminum, aluminum bronze, bronze, manganese brass, gunmetal, special alloys, industrial and art castings, green-sand high pressure machine moulding, furan sand moulding, lost wax technique, lost foam process.

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