Czech Iron foundry ZDB-Viadrus, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, is founded in 1885.

ZDB-Viadrus offers the following products:
  • cast iron radiators - w/integrated thermostatic valve Honeywell (producer, exporter and wholesaler);
  • cast iron floor standing boilers - gas, oil, coal, coke, wood, pellets (producer, exporter and wholesaler);
  • cast iron gas local heater (producer, exporter and wholesaler);
  • wall hanging boilers (wholesaler);
  • customers casting made of grey iron - GG15 to GG25 (bench legs, fireplaces, fixtures);
  • customers casting made of aluminium alloy;
  • customers casting made of brass (bearing shell, bushing, sprocket wheel);
  • customers casting made of steel - espec. heat / abrasive resistant ones (grates, sand-blasting parts).

Ing. Robert Jurenik  -  Marketing Manager


300, Bezrucova Str., Bohumin 73593, CZECH REPUBLIC
tel.: (++42 69) 608 3050,  fax: (++42 69) 608 2822
e-mail:   viadrus@zdb.cz       rjurenik@zdb.cz
website: www.viadrus.cz