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International Conference on Martensitic Transformation - Icomat 2025, September 8-12, 2025, Prague

11th International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking - SteelSIM 2025, September 2-4, 2025, Třinec

European Conference on Heat Treatment - ECHT 2025 and 5th Conference on HTSE in Automotive and Transportation Applications, June 4-6, 2025, Prague

12th International Stainless Steel Fair - Stainless 2025, April 2-3, 2025, Brno

29th National Conference on Heat Treatment - MZTZ 2024, November 27-28, 2024, Jihlava

6th International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing - ISM 2024, November 13-15, 2024, Prague

54th International Conference and Exhibition Defektoskopie 2024 / NDE for Safety 2024, November 12-14, 2024, Beroun

60th Slévárenské Dny (Czech Foundry Days & Exhibition) 2024, November 12-13, 2024, Brno

International Foundry Fair Fond-Ex, with Engineering Fair MSV, Machine Tools Exhibition IMT and Welding Engineering Fair, October 8-11, 2024, Brno

11th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling MMM-11, September 22-27, 2024, Prague

8th International Conference on Recent Trends in Structural Materials - CoMat 2024, September 10-12, 2024, Pilsen

10th European Conference on Residual Stresses - ECRS11, September 9-13, 2024, Prague

18th Czech-Slovak Spectroscopic Conference (CSSC) and Colloquia Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science (MSMS), May 27-31, 2024, Kurdějov

22nd Conference on Modern Refractory Materials and Key Achievements in High Temperature Technologies - Refra 2024, May 22-24, 2024, Prague

33rd International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials - Metal 2024, May 22-24, 2024, Brno

38th Annual Conference on Theory and Practice of Steel Production and Processing - Oceláři 2024, April 25-26, 2024, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

26th Conference on Corrosion and Anti-corrosion Protection of the Materials, November 1-3, 2023, Pilsen

10th International Conference on Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture - MSMF10, September 12-14, 2022, Brno

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Slevarna = Foundry

ALMET, a.s.  -  pistons from various aluminium alloys and bimetallic pistons (lower piece made from aluminium alloy, with the ring part and base of steel) for motor-cycles, lorry-trucks, auxiliary engines, compressors, ship, railway and stationary engines in various modifications.

ALFE BRNO, s.r.o.  -  zinc (zamak) and tin alloys castings made by spun casting into rubber moulds, small-series production of sand moulded aluminium alloy castings, decorative cast iron products for various stair cases, banisters, garden and city items, cast elements for lamp posts, waste bins, columns, guard stones, fencing tips, brackets for lighting fittings and firm signs, gratings around trees, post boxes, coffee table legs and fountains.

ART FOUNDRY - LUBOMIR HOLECEK (link does not work)  -  bronze castings of all sizes, art works by the precise lost wax technology.
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ALEXANDER HOLATA ART FOUNDRY  -  services for sculptors and collectors, lost wax casting method for precise and old bronze items, art objects (sculptures, reliefs), memorial tablets, busts, medals, information tables, art fittings, signboards.

AGS JICIN, a.s. (SECO GROUP, a.s.), CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey and nodular iron castings, cylinder liner castings, green-sand (bentonite) moulds, centrifugally-casting.

ALUCAST, s.r.o.  -  investment (lost wax) aluminium alloys castings with low porosity and high mechanical properties.

ALUCASTLE, s.r.o. (link does not work)  -  manufacturer of precision castings of aluminium alloys.

AL-SOLID, s.r.o.  -  sand moulding method for aluminium and cast iron castings manufacturing, capacity about 150 tons per year.

ANTONIN PADERA FOUNDRY  -  non-ferrous (mainly bronze) castings for reliefs, busts, plaques, ornamental plates.

BENES & LAT, a.s.  -  zamak high pressure die castings, weight range from 0.005 to 1.4 kg, capacity is 70 tons per month, and aluminium alloys gravity (chill) casting and low pressure die casting products, weight range from 0.1 to 10 kg, capacity is about 60 tons monthly.

BRANO GROUP, a.s. (SBU Foundry Company Brano)  -  castings for automotive, agriculture and electrical industries.

BRASS, s.r.o. (link does not work)  -  non-ferrous sand and gravity die castings.

CIREX CZ LTD. (TATRAREX PRECISION CASTINGS LTD.) (link does not work)  -  investment wax pattern process for producing of alloy steel (Cr, Ni, Co) castings for automotive, agricultural and chemical industries, ISO 9002.

CHRUDIM IRON & STEEL, s.r.o.  -  manufacturer of ductile cast iron, grey cast iron and steel castings for the road and rail vehicles, valves, energy, textile and agricultural machinery, brake systems, gearboxes and transmissions, engines and cast parts for the engineering industry, weight range from 2 kg to 3300 kg in cast iron castings and from 50 kg up 6000 kg in steel castings, automatic moulding, mechanized moulding and hand-moulding.

CKD KUTNA HORA, a.s.  -  carbon steel castings, low and medium alloyed steel castings for rail vehicles, construction machines and valve bodies, grey and ductile iron castings for industrial fittings, railway vehicles, earthmovers and electric engines.
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COMAX LTD. (link does not work)  -  aluminium alloy castings.

COB SLEVARNA, s.r.o.  -  bronze and brass castings made by sand moulding and lost wax technology, symbols on door handles, door plaques, house numbers, key rings, firm plaques, statues and figurines, artistic and decorative cast accessories.

DSB EURO, s.r.o., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production and sale of castings made of grey, ductile, artificial cast iron and cast steel, pattern-shop production - various patterns from wood, metal and resin.

FERRUM, a.s. (link does not work)  -  steel castings - S 235, S 355, grey cast iron items.

FIMES, a.s.  -  aluminium investment castings, bronze and brass investment castings, investment castings made from steel and stainless steel materials for aerospace, electrical engineering, transportation, health services and optics.
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FERAMO METALLUM INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o.  -  grey iron castings for stators of various axial heights and designs, component parts of passenger car clutches, clutch castings for trucks and high-lift trucks, exhaust piping, boiler cells, radiators, parts for stoves, sewerage frames, covers, climbing iron and water-drainage grates, parts for wash-machines, bearing crosses, parts for farm technology, brackets and base-plates for industrial sewing machines, pump runners, pump bodies, fittings, annual capacity 16 000 tons.
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FOUNDRY-SZ-ZANDOV LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey iron sand moulded castings - weight up to 800 kg, malleable cast iron - sand casting on automatic frameless moulding line, weight 0.30-15 kg, special castings - shell process, for machine-building industry, metallurgy, heavy-current electrical and power engineering.

FOUNDRY TUPRON LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey iron castings, weight 0.2 - 50 kg machine moulding and up to 80 kg hand moulding, cast items for stoves and open fireplaces, valves of inner diameter DN 25-150, decorative art castings.

FOUNDRY ZETOR, a.s. (link does not work)  -  grey iron castings for tractors and automotive industry - crankcases, cylinder heads, sucker and exhaust flanges, brake systems, agricultural, textile and other machines, communal castings - sewer covers, benches, etc., capacity of 35 000 tons.

FEREX-ZSO LTD.  -  grey iron castings, brake blocks for repairs of railway and contacts wagons & locomotives, weights for tractors, brake drums and brake discs for automotive industry.
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GRUND (link does not work)  -  Zn-Al (zamak) pressure-die castings, weight 0.05 - 200 g.

GIFF, a.s.  -  castings from grey iron GG 15 and GG 20, bentonite mixture, moulding line Disamatic 2013 (castings weight 0.2 - 25 kg) and Foromat / Retomat moulding lines (castings weight 5 - 200 kg), decorative cast iron elements for public town utilities - chains, small / big columns, foots of bench, fountain parts, gratings to trees, castings for electrical engineering and machine-building industry.

GSP, s.r.o. (link does not work)  -  Cu and Al-alloys castings for pumps manufacturing, aircraft industry, railway accessories, and electro-technology.

ISH JSC (link does not work)  -  steel castings, hand moulding bentonite mixtures, weight 2 - 380 kg, grey and nodular iron castings, Disamatic moulding line - weight of castings 0.5 - 15 kg, Foromat line - weight of castings up to 80 kg, hand moulding - weight of castings up to 250 kg.

KOV  -  carosseries manufacturing and foundry activity - various castings of aluminium alloys, bronze, brass, zinc alloys and lead for automotive, paper and electrical-engineering industries.

KDYNIUM, a.s.  -  precision casting production by the investment mould process, the weight of castings produced ranges from a few grams to about 30 kg, cast items for automotive industry, commercial improvement, special production and for various other areas.

KOVOLIT, a.s.  -  Al-alloys high pressure die castings, weight 5 g up to 10 kg, for automotive, electrical engineering and textile industries.

KOVOLIT CESKA spol. s r.o.  -  aluminium alloys castings in sand and permanent moulds, for engineering, textile, building and automobile industry, 700 t yearly capacity.

KOVOLIJECKA HUT & GEORG METALL LTD.  -  grey iron castings GG 15 - GG 25 for machine tools - cases, beddings, supports, headstocks, stands, bases, cast pipes, pulleys, covers, castings for food-producing and textile machinery producers, art castings from ferrous and non-ferrous materials, reconstructions of old cast-iron elements.

KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s.  -  grey and nodular iron castings in weight range from 2 kg to 13000 kg for gear producers, machine tools and moulding machines, automobile industry, agricultural machines, producers of pumps, pipelines and fittings, textile machines, shipping industry and producers of glass moulds, capacity 12000 tons per year.

KOVOHUTE MNISEK, a.s. (link does not work)  -  aluminium alloy castings made by pressure casting, low-pressure casting and gravity permanent mould casting.

KDR - SLEVARNA LIPOVKA  -  grey cast-iron castings for woodworking machines, gutter gratings, manhole covers, grillages, furnace grates, stove plates and all kinds of machine parts, the weight of the casting exceeds 50 kg, the production capacity is 1500-2000 tons per year.

KRALOVOPOLSKA SLEVARNA, s.r.o.  -  valve bodies, gear boxes, semi-axles, furnace holders, rope pulleys, fittings, bearings, annealing baskets, gear wheels and other types of castings, low carbon steels up to high alloyed steels with special abilities such as corrosion resistant, refractory and fireproof, hand or machine moulding systems for production of 10 to 3500 kg castings, horizontal centrifugal castings (spun- die casting) - cast tubes, most of them heat-resisting and special alloys used for petrochemicals.

MOTOR JIKOV SLEVARNA LITINY JSC (link does not work)  -  castings from grey iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron.

MOTOR JIKOV TLAKOVA SLEVARNA JSC (link does not work)  -  supplier of Al and Zn alloys pressure die-castings.

MOVO LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey cast iron, sand hand / machine moulding, weight range of castings 1-600 kg, and Al-alloys castings.

MODELARNA LIAZ spol. s.r.o.  -  piece production of aluminium alloy castings up to weight 140 kg with lost-foam technology.
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METAL PROGRES STRAKONICE LTD. (Brabant Alucast)  -  high pressure diecasting in aluminium alloys.

MOSLED, s.r.o.  -  castings from steel, grey and nodular cast iron, and aluminium alloys, patterns manufacture - wood, metal, casting resin, and polystyrene.

METAZ TYNEC, a.s.  -  steel and aluminium castings for automotive, electro-technical and aircraft industries, agricultural techniques, sand moulding, gravity and
low-pressure die casting.

MILOS SLUKA  -  non-ferrous castings - aluminium, bronze and brass, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

PRAGUE CASTING SERVICE, a.s.  -  manufacturer of precision castings by the lost wax method, carbon, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels, nickel and cobalt based super alloys, industrial gas turbines - blades, vane segments, full ring nozzles, heat shields and other structural parts, aerospace - blades, vanes and structural parts, nuclear power - fuel nozzles, medical products - orthopedic implants, chemical industry - various structural parts.

PBS VELKA BITES, a.s.  -  production of aircraft engines, gearboxes, auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, air starting turbines, instruments and equipment, nickel and cobalt-based superalloys, high / low-alloyed steels and high-alloyed cast iron precision investment castings, centrifugal castings, moulds for precise casting, jigs and special tools, prototypes.

ROMAN HVEZDA - CASTING STUDIO  -  artistic casting - mainly bronze sculptures, busts, monuments, reliefs, medals, religious items, moreover brass, silver and tin objects, casting into the sand V-type matrix with sand cores and lost wax method.

ROUCKA SLEVARNA JSC  -  castings with special intent on fittings, pumps and other industrial spheres: steel castings - carbon, low-alloys, high-alloy, stainless steels and special Ni-based alloys (Monel, Incolloy, Duplex, Hastelloy), weight range from 1 to the 2000 kg, nodular cast iron, sand moulding of non-ferrous metals.

ROUDNICKE STROJIRNY & SLEVARNY (ROSS) JSC  -  ductile cast iron and carbon, low and medium alloy steel castings, weight range 1 - 3 000 kg.

SLEVARNA ANAH  -  grey and nodular iron castings.

S+C ALFANAMETAL  -  castings.

SLEVARNA & MODELARNA NOVE RANSKO LTD.  -  copper and aluminium alloys sand castings - machine and hand moulded, aluminium alloys gravity die casting, wooden, plastic and metal patterns and core boxes for machine and hand moulding, metal dies for gravity casting.

SLEVARNA ALPE OLDRICH PELIKAN  -  aluminium alloys gravity die and sand moulded castings.

SMERAL BRNO JSC  -  structural steels, heat-resistant steels, high-temperature steels, corrosion-resistant steels, abrasion-resistant steels, ductile cast iron, max capacity 10 000 tones per year.

SLEVARENSTVI BREJSA LUDEK (link does not work)  -  ornamental and art castings from bronze and brass.

SLEVARNA CHOMUTOV JSC  -  castings from carbon steel and high-grade steel.

SECO GROUP, a.s.  -  manufacturer of mowing tractors and equipment, precision cast pieces from ductile cast iron for the manufacturers of cars and trucks, tractors and construction machinery, Disamatic moulding lines.

SLEVARNA HLINIKU NOVY BOR  -  aluminium alloys gravity die (up to 10 kg) and pressure die (up to 1 kg) castings.

SKS KRNOV JSC  -  grey iron, ductile cast iron castings, hand moulding - furan sand mixture, weight of the castings is up to 2000 kg, machining moulding - bentonite sand mixtures, weight of the castings is up to 170 kg.

SLEVARNA KURIM JSC  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings for machine tools and other branches of industrial production.

SLEVARNA KOLIN (SLEKO)  -  sand mould castings of aluminium alloys weighting 0.05 - 150 kg and Cu-Alloys weighting 0.1 - 250 kg.

SBK LTD.  -  castings of copper-based alloys, sand moulding - weight of castings up to 6500 kg, centrifugal made castings for bearing cages.
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SPO LTD.  -  carbon, low and high alloyed, high alloy "tooling", corrosion and heat resistant and austenite steel castings intended for shoe, tooling, food, power, automobile, agriculture industries, and defence, lost wax process, weight 0.001-5 kg, capacity 200 tons yearly.

SLEVARNA LOSENICKY LTD.  -  aluminium castings, sand moulding - weight from 0.1 kg to 1000 kg, gravity die casting - weight from 0.1 kg to 10 kg, annual production is about 200 tons yearly.

SLEVARNA LUTIN LTD.  -  grey iron castings GG 15 - GG 30 for pumps, gearboxes, valve bodies, and other for machine-building industry, chilled / white cast iron for abrasive-resistant castings, Seiatsu moulding technology (HWS - Germany), weight of castings 5-60 kg, Foromat units, weight of castings 0.5-10 kg, hand moulding line - bentonite sand mixtures and furan resin sands, weight of castings 1-6000 kg, ISO 9001.

SLEVARNA LIBEREC GROUP LTD.  -  grey cast-iron castings for automotive industry - cylinder blocks and heads, gear casings, pump bodies, fittings, exhaust manifolds and brake drums.

SLEVARNA NOSEK LTD.  -  non-ferrous castings - brass and aluminium alloys, various decorative and stylistic door axe-handles and shields.

SLEVARNA NOVE MESTO NAD METUJI  -  grey cast iron products - manhole covers and various engineering machinery accessories, hand and machine moulding, green bentonite sand, weighting 1-800 kg.

SLEVARNA PILANA HULIN LTD.  -  castings made of the carbon steels, low-alloyed, medium and high alloyed steels, stainless steel, abrasive wear resistant, fire-resistant and heat-proof steels, castings made of the alloyed cast irons, from the NI-resist materials, Sedur, Cr21 and others, the net weight of castings ranges from
1.0 to 15.0 kg.

SLEVARNA PRESNEHO LITI A ZAMECNICTVI  -  castings of non-ferrous metals - bronze, brass and aluminium-alloys.

SKODA STEEL  -  steel and ductile / grey iron castings according to customer specifications ranging from 1.5 t up to 200 t, the pattern-shop is able to make any pattern device from wood, metal and cast resin.

SLEVARNY TRINEC, a.s.  -  grey and nodular iron castings for counterweights up to 15 tons, rolls for rolling mills, spare parts for the metallurgical aggregates, castings for drainage system, for agricultural machines and printing industry, cast iron art items; cast carbon and medium / high alloyed steel (Mn, Cr, CrNi, MnCr, NiMo, CrW, CrMo), weight of steel castings from 50 kg to 8000 kg, for railway, tramway and ship transport, for mining and processing of raw materials, spare parts for mining and metallurgy, cast non-ferrous spare parts for metallurgy.

SLEVARNA TURNOV  -  grey and nodular iron castings, Ti and Mo alloyed cast iron for glass moulds.

SLEVARNA TATRA JSC (link does not work)  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

SLEVARNA VYSOKE MYTO, s.r.o.  -  Al-alloys sand moulds, gravity die and pressure die castings, Cu-alloys sand moulds castings, weight range: sand moulds - from 0.1 to 200 kg, gravity die 0.1-10 kg, pressure die castings up to 6.2 kg.

SLEVARNA ZINKOVYCH SLITIN ING. JOSEF BIHA & VLADIMIR VANEK (link does not work)  -  different parts and items made of zinc and lead alloys produced by spin-casting technology - all types of keys, electrician components, hinges, window and door fittings, house numbers to special promotion decorative items and precision mechanical parts.

TAFONCO JSC (link does not work)  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

TOS-MET LTD.  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, annual capacity 15 000 t of castings for brake drums and discs, cases, pumps, pressure distributors, stands, pedestals.
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TSS, s.r.o.  -  grey iron castings - machine and hand moulded into bentonite mixtures, bronze, aluminium and brass castings - sand moulding and gravity die casting.

UNEX, a.s.  -  production of castings and forgings, weldments and heavy steel structures, raw, rough or finally machined and surface treated carbon, low, medium and high-alloy steel castings from 5 up to 18000 kg, nodular cast iron and grey cast iron castings from 0.05 up to 3500 kg, structural steel die forgings from 1 up to 25 kg, castings and forgings for the automotive, railway and military industries, heavy engineering and energy, construction, mining and agricultural machines, and handling equipment.

ULB LTD.  -  the company continues in a long tradition of CKD Blansko and produces grey and nodular cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminium castings for street lamps and posts, handrail elements, tree grids, waste bins, stairs, reconstructions of historical buildings, art type castings - flower tables, hangers, garden fountains, garden vases, sculptures, info boards, historical fittings, candlesticks, paperweights, mirrors, plates, souvenir type castings.

UNEKO LTD. (link does not work)  -  aluminium and bronze alloys castings made by hand / machine sand moulding and by gravity-die casting.

UXA LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and malleable cast iron products for pumping devices, motor stators and clutch stators, armatures for high tension isolators, components for electrification of railroads, tuning nuts and wing screws, hydraulic systems, agricultural machinery, motor-car industry, paper-making and textile machinery.

VUHZ, a.s.  -  steel, cast iron and bronze castings by method of horizontal centrifugal casting - reducing and sizing rolls, milling rolls, semifinished products for energetics, cylinder liners, special centrifugally cast castings, heat resistant casts, auxiliary equipment and services for metallurgy of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals - aluminium wire and cored wire feeders, regulation and control systems for inert gas injection for bottom blowing in EAF, regulation and control systems for flow control of inert gas in ladle and tundish, porous plug testers, manipulators for sampling and measuring of molten steel parameters in EAF, ladle and tundish, development, designing and deliveries of atypical equipment for foundries.
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VITKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY, a.s.  -  grey iron, nodular cast iron, steel castings, cast rolls for metals rolling, two-layer-rolls made by technology of centrifugal casting, shape castings, fittings and ship-parts.

WONS LTD. (link does not work)  -  pressure die casting of zinc alloys.

ZVONARSKA DILNA, MARIE TOMASKOVA - DYTRYCHOVA (link does not work)  -  casting new bells and restoring historical bells.

ZIREL FOUNDRY  -  zinc-based alloy (zamak) castings, weight 1 g - 2 kg, decorative and sales-promoting articles - medals, memorial coins, plaques, key pendants, openers, dog tags, advertising labels, dummies and statuettes, machine part castings and skeletons - bases, holders, beams, boxes, covers, gears, automotive components, levers, draw bars, construction and furniture fittings, and jewellery - belt fasteners, buckles, buttons and advertising badges on genuine leather.

ZINC FOUNDRY KAREL DITE  -  zinc alloy castings of the machine parts and skeletons for different industrial branches and castings for decoration and advertising - footings, holders, beams, connecting elements, housings, boxes, covers, gearings, pinions, levers, rods, mechanical elements, automobile parts, cranks, parabolas, emblems, handles, castings for toys and metal kits, about 1500 kg of castings monthly.

ZVONARSTVI RUDOLF PERNER LTD.  -  bells and accessories.

ZELEZARNY STEPANOV  -  grey cast iron castings, hand moulding (green-sand moulding in bentonite or self-hardening mixtures), weight up to 2000 kg, and machine moulding (Foromat 20 and 30), weight up to 60 kg, aluminium alloys castings, sand casting or permanent mould casting.
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ZPS-SLEVARNA JSC  -  castings from grey and ductile iron, for machine tools, hot and cold forming, textile industry, paper industry and other machines.

ZDB-VIADRUS  -  cast iron radiators, floor standing boilers, gas local heaters, bench legs, fireplaces, fixtures, aluminium alloys and brass castings, heat / abrasive resistant steel casts.
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