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13th International Conference - Mechanical Technologies and Structural Materials - MTSM 2024, September 19-20, 2024, Split

24th European Conference on Fracture - ECF24, August 26-30, 2024, Zagreb

5th International Congress on Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering - AMSE 2024, July 23-26, 2024, Opatija

17th Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Conference - QIRT 2024, July 1-5, 2024, Zagreb

17th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society - Materials and Metallurgy, SHMD ' 2024, April 18-19, 2024, Zagreb

4th International Scientific Conference on Materials - MTECH 2023, October 2-5, 2023, Cavtat

2nd International Conference on Functional Materials - ICFM 2021, June 17-21, 2021, Cavtat
19th International Foundrymen Conference - IFC 2021, June 16-18, 2021, Split, Croatia 19th International Foundrymen Conference - IFC 2021
"Humans - Valuable Resource for Foundry Industry Development"
June 16-18, 2021, Split, Held in Hybrid Format.

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Ljevaonica = Foundry

3.MAJ MOTORI I DIZALICE D.D.  -  a large diesel engine and deck crane factory, production of twostroke low-speed marine diesel engines and cranes for hose handling, service and provision, bulk carriers, container carriers, feeder and reefer vessels, general cargo, multipurpose and transloading operation, own foundry, machined castings for medium-speed engines - housings, cylinder liners, cylinder covers, grey cast iron castings - max. weight 40 tons, capacity 2000 tons / yearly, nodular cast iron castings - max. weight 7 tons, capacity 1000 tons / yearly, pattern shop, wood, plastics and metal patterns.

CASTING PLANT BJELOVAR D.O.O.  -  castings of grey and nodular cast iron for automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, agricultural machinery, plumbing and sewage systems.
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CROATIA PUMPE NOVA D.O.O.  -  pump manufacturer, own metalcasting department specializing in cast iron, bronze and steel castings.

DALIT CORP D.D.  -  grey iron, nodular iron and corrosion resistant iron castings for automobile industry, shipbuilding industry and machine-building industry.
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DALEKOVOD D.D.  -  non-ferrous foundry of the company offers castings from Al, Cu and Zn alloys by using the technology of sand casting or gravity-die casting, capacity of 4000 tons / annually.

DURO DAKOVIC TRADE D.O.O.  -  non-ferrous castings and cast iron castings for motor, agricultural and construction machinery, chemical and railroad industries, casts for tools, reductor, engine and machine housings, fly-wheels, different types of brake shoes, drums, rings, manholes, flanges, metal moulds for production of steel ingots, bells, foundry patterns.
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FOUNDRY DUGA RESA D.O.O.  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings, hydrants, fittings for water supply systems, decorative castings, garden furniture, Disamatic moulding line, HWS Sinto HSP moulding line, annually production 920 tons of castings.

FOUNDRY KRAPINA D.O.O.  -  sand and gravity-die aluminium and zamak castings for machine-building, automotive, electrical, textile and chemical industries.

FELIS PRODUKTI D.O.O.  -  carbon steel castings and high alloyed steel castings resistant to aggressive media, wear, corrosion and high temperatures.
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FERRO-PREIS D.O.O.  -  grey and nodular iron castings for electrical motor housing and components, pump housing, fittings, cast iron pipe system and manhole covers, annual capacity 8000 tons.
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FOUNDRY UJEVIC  -  art foundry, bronze castings, sculptures.

IKOM D.O.O.  -  gold and silver products, souvenirs and cups, bronze, brass and aluminium castings.
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IVANAL D.O.O.  -  aluminium pressure die cast products for automotive industry, home appliances and furniture.

JEZERO-METAL D.O.O. (link does not work)  -  aluminium, copper and zinc alloy cast parts for electrical engineering, automotive industry, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, gas taps and gas meters, parts of household appliances, decorative and art casting - statues, vases, ashtrays, handles, cast lighting columns, baroque benches and tables, garden furniture, parking columns, sand moulding, gravity die- and pressure die-casting, centrifugal casting.

LIPOVICA D.O.O.  -  production of aluminium heating radiators, pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

LTH METAL CAST D.O.O.  -  a part of LTH Castings Group - Slovenia, pressure die-casting foundry, aluminium anti-vibration and breaking system components, water and vacuum pump housings for the automotive industry.

LJEVAONICA OBOJENIH METALA KUNDIJA  -  non-ferrous foundry, production of boat fittings, ship propellers, cast parts for marine engines and mechanical engineering, art castings, sculptures, plaques, fencing columns, street lamps and benches.

MIV D.D.  -  valves, fittings and foundry works, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and non-ferrous castings for processing, petrochemical and motor industry, decorative castings.
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METAL PRODUCT D.O.O.  -  non-ferrous art and industrial castings, bells, sculptures, plaques, bas reliefs, sand moulding and gravity-die casting.

NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY VELJKO i MARIJA ZURA  -  sand and gravity-die non-ferrous casting.

PETAR DIMITROV FOUNDRY  -  garden furniture and municipal accessories, tables and benches made of cast aluminium, litter bins, flower stands, bollards, manganese steel castings for crushers and mills, foundry patterns.

PRVOMAJSKA-TZR D.O.O.  -  steel casting, grey and nodular cast iron parts, production of machine tools and equipment for foundries, hydraulic components, pumps, spare parts and accessories for vehicles and special systems.

RS METALI D.D.  -  grey, nodular, vermicular and white temper cast iron parts and components, aluminium alloys and bronze castings, valves, metal hardware, public utilities, benches, pillars, firebox grates, sewer covers, manholes, street caps, grill plates, solid fuel ovens, tools, anchors.

SOBAN D.O.O.  -  sand moulding and centrifugal casting of non-ferrous (Cu, Cu-Sn) products for electrical industry.
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SOMET D.O.O.  -  sand moulding, gravity and pressure die-casting, valves from cast iron, bronze and steel, castings from bronze and aluminium for shipbuilding armatures and awnings, fire–fighting equipment.
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STROJAR D.O.O.  -  castings from all non-ferrous heavy metals - aluminium bronze, nickel bronze, lead-bronze copper for the electrical industry, special bronze types, red brass, standard and special brass, sand, gravity-die and centrifugal casting, a part of business system of Metalska Industrija Varazdin.

VULKAN D.O.O.  -  non-ferrous castings, about 100 tons per year, grey cast iron, up to 2150 tons per year, square manhole covers, weight from 15 to 190 kg, round manhole covers, 60-200 kg, line canal grates, 18-93 kg, round and oval caps, 4-30 kg.
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ZORMAN FOUNDRY  -  copper and aluminium based alloys castings, sand moulding, centrifugal and gravity die casting.
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