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AURAS-2000 KFT., HUNGARY  -  consulting and trading, refractories and insulating materials, refractory castables and masses, refractory bricks, fibre insulating materials, graphite products.

ANDERSON & ASSOCIATES, USA  -  consulting metallurgical engineers and testing laboratory, full metallurgical failure analysis, metallographic examination, microhardness test, routine mechanical testing, tensile tests, Charpy V-notch impact tests, fracture mechanics tests, metallurgical consulting services.

AMENEX ASSOCIATES, INC., USA  -  an independent, privately owned metals and materials consulting firm specializing in the analysis of materials problems, investigation of metallurgical problems, technical expertise and assistance to law firms, insurance companies, testing laboratories, manufacturers, power companies, and government agencies, the services include chemical analysis, mechanical testing, nondestructive evaluation, machining, experimental stress analysis, fracture toughness and fatigue testing, and X-ray metallography.

ALUME B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  management services, consultancy services, hands-on trading services to scrap metal merchants, aluminium recycling companies and producers of aluminium semi-products - billets, casting ingots, de-oxidants and granules.

A.CESANA S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer and supplier of fluxes for the metallurgical treatment of aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys, casting release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting, lubricants for the aluminium extrusion, crucibles, refractory, insulation and accessories for cast-houses and foundries, degassing units, analyzers for molten aluminium control, accessories for continuous casting machines and casting slabs and billets, metallurgical processes consultancy - density, composition, dosage, maintenance, ecology and investment.

ALTEK EUROPE LTD., UK  -  design, manufacture and installation of aluminium dross and scrap processing systems, dross processing presses, dross pans, dross and salt cake cooling heads, magneto-hydrodynamic induction stirring systems, tilting rotary furnaces, auto furnace tending machines, spares support, consultancy services to many aluminium operations around the world in the area of dross minimization, handling and aluminium recovery from dross.

ALTECO GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  a machinery broker and consultant specialized in world wide marketing and sale of surplus machinery within the aluminium and non-ferrous metals processing industry.

ALFRED H KNIGHT HOLDINGS LTD., UK  -  a comprehensive range of independent inspection, analytical and consultancy services for the metals and minerals industries worldwide, an extensive international network of laboratories and sample preparation facilities.

ASIANOL LUBRICANTS LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of industrial, automotive and specialty lubricants, die casting lubricants formulated for aluminum, magnesium or zinc, non-silicone die release agents formulated for aluminum and zinc die casting, rolling oils, lubricating oils and greases, anti corrosives, industrial coolants, lubrication related consultancy services and customized solutions.

ALUSIL-MVT, RUSSIA  -  consultancy services in the field of aluminium industry and state-of-the-art technologies: independent audit of the technical level of the existing operational facilities, review and forecasts for Russian and world markets development of aluminum and magnesium production and consumption, development and implementation of the projects for new extrusion and casting facilities creation, "turn-key" if necessary, modernization of the existing extrusion, casting and wire production equipment, development of new technological processes, comprehensive study of light metal and alloy materials, corporate knowledge management, organization of international conferences and exhibitions in Russia.

ALTA METALLURGICAL SERVICES (ALTA), AUSTRALIA  -  high level metallurgical and project development consulting, technical short courses and seminars, international technical / metallurgical conferences and trade exhibitions, extensive experience in copper, nickel, cobalt, uranium, gold, silver and base metals.

ASTON METALLURGICAL SERVICES COMPANY, INC., USA  -  an independent, A2LA-accredited testing laboratory, testing services include: metallurgical testing - metallography and microstructural examinations, Rockwell hardness testing, ultra light knops and Vickers microhardness testing, chemical testing, mechanical testing, corrosion investigations, failure analysis of automotive and railroad components, gears, springs, tools, dies, boiler & refrigeration tubes, fasteners, piping, medical / dental components and electronics, heat treating evaluations and troubleshooting, routine testing and failure investigations on aluminum, zinc and magnesium die castings as well iron and other foundry materials, consulting and engineering recommendations.

ANYCASTING SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  simulation software development and distribution, AnyCasting™ - a casting simulation program that predicts melt filling and solidification in metalcasting processes - sand casting, gravity die casting, pressure die casting, investment casting, consulting services - mould and die design, casting simulation.

AMTEC TRADING GmbH, GERMANY  -  low pressure die casting machines, casting and cooling control systems, casting process automatization, software solutions, melting and holding furnaces, material flow management systems, mold design and manufacture, consulting services to foundries and related industries worldwide.

AMECO USA METAL FABRICATING SOLUTIONS, LLC, USA  -  manufacturing, engineering and consulting services to customers requiring heavy steel fabrications, steel & alloy ASME vessels and fabrications, products produced from plate, forgings and castings, steel mill equipment, cylinders, segments, rings and blanks, custom milled products.

BORCHERT ASSOCIATES, USA  -  career and employment services, specializing in mid-management through executive level search and placement for foundries and foundrymen exclusively.

BAIN & COMPANY, INC., USA  -  consulting services, industry expertise - airlines & transportation, financial services, industrial goods & services, oil & gas, metals & mining.

BUHLER DRUCKGUSS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  die casting machines, dies, consulting services for conventional die casting of molten aluminum alloys, magnesium die casting and vacuum casting process.

BORDEN ENGINEERING CONSULTING & TRADE CO. LTD., TURKEY  -  representation of foreign producers of technical products and raw materials, engineering, planning and management consultancy in the area of casting, forging, iron, steel, non-ferrous industry, aluminium foil, galvanizing, coil coating, ceramic, glass, cement and machine producers.

BARAN GROUP LTD., ISRAEL  -  a global engineering company, diverse engineering services for a wide range of industries from consulting, to design and construction of processing plants - chemical plants, life sciences, food processing, metal casting & refineries, a special team for steel and its alloys, dedicated to the analysis, engineering and management in the ferroalloy industry.

BHOLSTER TECHNOLOGIES LTD., CANADA  -  experts in casting simulation, product and process development, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultancy services in the high pressure die casting industry, a consulting associate of Flow Science Inc., the creator of Flow-3D, an internationally recognized simulation software which is used by scientists and engineers around the world for simulating a vast range of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and multi physics problems.

BEIJER OY, FINLAND  -  a specialist supplier of industrial products, machinery and raw materials to the metallurgical, foundry and engineering industries, products for the foundry industry includes iron, steel, aluminium alloys, alloying materials, melting furnaces, monolithic refractories and firebricks, graphite electrodes, slag-forming additives, filters, foundry chemicals - binders, coatings, sand mixers, moulding machinery and lines, die-casting machines, spare parts, control systems, also offered technical advisory and consultation services.

CASTING CONCEPTS, LLC, USA  -  specialist to the foundry and metalcasting industry, consulting services, studies, audits and project management to metalcasters and suppliers - operations, engineering, engineering economy, metalcasting processes, quality, production, plant layout, flow, capital equipment, supply chain, sales, marketing, market demographics, advertising, trade show/exhibitions, sales networks, manufacturing representatives, product launch/introduction, market share, leadership and problem solving.

CARLO GENNARI FORNI, ITALY  -  plant and machinery supply for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, melting and holding furnaces, mini furnaces for low-medium capacity bronze, brass foundries, laboratory, educational, prototyping, gold, etc., ladles for liquid metal's transport, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for forging processes, heating systems in metallurgy, mixers for paints for dies and sand moulds, second hand casting machines, second hand melting and holding furnaces for aluminium, brass, bronze, zamak, second hand complete plants for different sectors, metal news center specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets from production to transformation and recycling, both in Italy and abroad, consulting services.

CHRIS HOSKYNS, UK  -  international diecasting consultant engineer, technical services - advanced vacuum diecasting technique, techniques for foundry and machining, optimising diecasting design for manufacture, process and plant development.

C. JOHNSON & ASSOCIATES, LLC, USA  -  a consortium of consultants with multi-discipline expertise, incl. foundry processes, testing, resins, compounding, environmental and safety.

CASTING KFT., HUNGARY  -  trading and consulting, raw and auxiliary materials for foundries - ferro-alloys, pig iron, graphite nodularizers and modifiers, carburizers, furnace lining materials, mould release agents, covering and cleaning salts, slag coagulants, die casting mould coats and lubricants, professional consulting activity mainly for iron and steel foundries.

CASTING METALLURGY AND PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, LLC, USA  -  consulting company specializing in steel castings and foundry processes, the diversity of consulting projects includes foundry metallurgist, metallurgical consulting to casting buyers, foundry operations - audits and assessments, quality audits, technical support to companies specifying castings, casting specification development, weld procedure development, development of heat treat procedures to maximise mechanical properties, development and application of melting procedures, non destructive testing procedures - qualification and application, expert witness consultant for casting failures or foundry related issues, due diligence consultant- foundry evaluation, benchmarking foundries.

CLARK TESTING, USA  -  an independent testing laboratory, comprehensive and specialized testing, consulting, training and inspection services for clients in the coal, coke, mining, steel and metal industry.

COMPUTATIONAL THERMODYNAMICS, INC., USA  -  calculation of phase diagrams using the Calphad method (based of the fact that a phase diagram is
a representation of the thermodynamic properties of a system), enable users to model and numerically solve a vast number of different materials-related engineering problems, consulting services.

DYLAC2ON, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a consulting engineering company working to all management levels of companies in the light alloy casting business on issues of strategy, organisation, technology and operation.

DS&D CAST SOLUTIONS, INC., USA  -  scrap reduction, continual improvement, quality systems, foundry technical & metallurgical issues.

de BELDER RECRUITMENT LTD., UK  -  global foundry recruitment, search and selection of all levels of personnel for the foundry and metal castings industry.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG, GERMANY  -  independent technology services in testing, consulting, engineering, measuring and development, a wide range of services in the field of cokemaking technology - from consulting, testing and assessing to planning and constructing coke plant equipment.

DEL SOL INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., USA  -  provider with the best possible line of molding, core making, metal and pour equipment for the foundry industry, consulting services in no-bake molding, cold box core making, green sand molding, shell core, aluminum melting and cleaning room operations.

ELTECNA AG, SWITZERLAND  -  planning and project management, building materials industry, beam machines, dust and flue gas cleaning systems, foundry equipment and blasting machines - sand preparation / mixers, sand separation, pneumatic conveying systems, vibratory feeders.

EXOVA AB, SWEDEN  -  consultancy in materials technology, strength testing, non-destructive testing, corrosion testing, abrasion testing, blasting, peening and cleaning, chemical and physical analysis.

ERZ & PARTNER A/S, DENMARK  -  management consulting, strategy, operations, technology and engineering, experience in the international automotive, foundry and metal industry.

ENGINEERING DR. KARL ABLEIDINGER AND F. BAUERNSTATTER GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  melting consulting for steel castings in basic lined electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, neutral or basic lined induction furnaces, AOD or VOD converters, consulting to improve the sand system - optimizing the sand reclamation, optimizing the chromite / silica sand separation, optimizing of resin and catalyst addition.

EUROPEAN FOUNDRY CONSULTING E.K., GERMANY  -  an independent management consulting and consulting engineering network advising all management levels within companies active in the metal industry.

ELAG GIESSEREIMASCHINEN AG, SWITZERLAND  -  sales and consulting, individual support through proven foundry experts, foundry raw materials, consumables, auxiliary products and equipment, furnaces.

FICK and ASSOCIATES, USA  -  consulting services in casting and forging.

FUNDERIJA ARTISTIKA CHETCUTI, MALTA  -  the only artistic bronze foundry extant within the Maltese Islands and it excels in all aspects of the bronze casting process - from mould-making and lost wax casting to patination, consultation service on repair-works, restoration of bronze sculptures, advice on installation and materials, organizing workshops and master classes.

FORMKON A/S, DENMARK  -  production of prototypes, pressure die casting, a substantial and professional consulting with reference to development and optimal construction of die casted parts.

FOUNDRY CASTING CONSULTANCY, TURKEY  -  consulting company specializing in iron castings, foundry processes and factory investments.

FOUNDRY CONSULTANTS, INC., USA  -  consulting services and solutions from prototypes to full production, representing foundries, pattern-making and layouts services.

FUNDISOFT CONSULTORIA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  consultancy and technical assistance in all areas of foundry technology, a representative of Synchro ERP - software solutions to the foundry industry, and Tennant Metallurgical Group Ltd. - supplier of ferro alloys, metals and minerals.

FIMAGO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  consultancy and assistance services, personnel recruitment, marketing strategy and planning, representation, production service in aluminum gravity diecasting.

FONDEX ENGINEERING, SWITZERLAND  -  engineering, expertise and services primarily on the area of the foundry and construction of facilities in general, advice and studies for new investments, studies of operational improvements, achievements layouts, project management, selling instructions.

FOCON FOUNDRY CONSULTANTS, AUSTRIA  -  specialised in know-how transfer for alloyed steel castings, planning of new foundries, upgrading of existing foundries, introduction of new steel grades products and alloys.

FERRALLOY, INC., USA  -  the company's primary focus is in providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining and related products, thermal process equipment service, scrap metal recycling, foundry consulting - customer retention, sales growth, process diversification, market expansion.

FEAL-INZENIRING D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  consulting services - expertise and optimisation of the foundry processes, quality increasing systems, specializing in pressure die-casting defects.

FOUNDRY SOLUTIONS & DESIGN, LLC, USA  -  foundry solutions consulting, operational assistance, foundry general contracting, foundry equipment automation and installation.

FOUNDRY SERVICE S.p.A., ITALY  -  release lubricants, protective oils and waxes, fluxes and pads for every kind of alloy, capsules for degassing, modifying, deoxidating, ceramic filters, filtering nets, paints, refractory, melting pots, crucibles for aluminum, brass, bronze and zamak, foundry machinery and testing tools, consulting services.

GEMCO ENGINEERS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  strategic and operational consulting, foundry engineering, project-management and general contracting services to the cast metal industry.

GERHARD SPECKENHEUER GmbH, GERMANY  -  consultation regarding use and supply of heat conducting pipes and pins for molding aluminium.

Hagi+Giessereitechnik, Austria, representative, advisor and consulting services to the foundry industry HAGI - AUSTRIA  -  Representative and advisor to leading foundry equipment manufacturers, consulting services to the foundry industry
in the markets of Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia, project management, strategic business concepts, engineering, foundry planning,
a complete used equipment / spare parts service.

HOBSON CONSULTING, LTD., USA  -  solutions for the commercial and technical manufacturing needs, functional strengths of company include: blow molding, injection molding, die casting, compression molding, thermoforming, micro molding, rubber molding, and mold making.

HORNOS E INSUMOS METALURGICOS (HORIMET) S.A., COLOMBIA  -  smelting furnaces and machines for continuous casting of nonferrous alloys, units for the manufacture of bars, bushings and plates, consulting services in the nonferrous smelting.

HEYCOP METAALINDUSTRIE B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  in-house foundry specialised in the manufacturing of non ferrous (aluminium, bronze, brass, copper) sand castings and gravity die castings, in-house pattern shop, expert consultation and support in the design and development of new casting products.

HORIZON PERSONNEL, USA  -  recruitment service for the foundry industry.

HORNOS Y METALES S.A. - HORMESA, SPAIN  -  a company specialized in delivery integral solutions for the foundries, maintenance of plants and equipment, reparation of any kind of furnace, cooling and combustion system, consulting for foundry projects, technical and economical analysis of the complete industrial process.

INTOCAST AG, GERMANY  -  one of the world’s top three producers of casting auxiliaries - continuous casting powders and granules, ingot casting powders, anti-piping agents, insulating covering powders and synthetic refining slags, refractory products in the form of unshaped materials and precast shapes for the iron, steel and non-ferrous metal plants, foundries, cement, ceramics, chemical and petrochemical industries, complete solutions ranging from slag metallurgy consultation and application, appropriate refractory lining systems and the casting process.

IBO-ANLAGENBAU GmbH, GERMANY  -  consultation, planning and analysis, representation of the most diverse fields - foundry, filtering technology, tunnelling, laboratory equipment manufacturing, machine building, vehicle construction and food industry.

ING.-BURO KRAMER GmbH, GERMANY  -  a supplier and service provider to the foundries which cast molten metals via sand moulding, gravity / pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting, supply and sale of second-hand foundry equipment, technology consultation, project planning, execution, supervision and commissioning, liquidation of foundries.

INCAST CONSULTANCY, UK  -  consultants to the investment casting industry, services to both existing foundries and those entering the field of investment casting.

INCITO CONSULTING GROUP, USA  -  design and deployment of practical, real-world Lean Six Sigma solutions within the metal casting and foundry industry.

IDEAL DOKUMHANE TEKNOLOJILERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  consulting, project design, manufacturing, installation and trainees for various foundry equipments, melting furnaces, refractory ramming machines, pouring ladles, complete sand preparation / reclamation systems, complete moulding systems, shot blasting machines, scrap briquetting / baling presses, foundry consumables.

IMACRO, INC., CANADA  -  non-ferrous metals consulting, refractory consulting.

IFG - INSTITUTE OF CASTING TECHNOLOGY, GERMANY  -  technology consulting and development support to all aspects of foundry technology: metallurgical process management, metallurgy and materials science, moulding material technology, CAD/CAE, rapid prototyping, data management and process technology, laboratory services, quality management, environmental protection and labour safety.

INNOCITY KFT., HUNGARY  -  a consulting services company, metal casting simulation service - solidification, thermal, fluid flow, stress and porosity analysis, casting defects, optimization of metal casting processes, metal die casting tool design, casted, machined or plastic parts design, a representative of EKK Inc. - USA.

INTERNATIONAL METALLURGICAL CONSULTANTS, PERU  -  international metallurgical experts, project management, technical assistance, training courses, international events management.

IMC S.A., BELGIUM  -  a technically oriented sales and distribution organization, technical assistance to investment casting foundries, supplier of raw material, equipment and accessories for precision lost wax process foundries - waxes, refractory flour and sand, binders, additives, alloys, pouring cups, crucibles and liners, wax room equipment, shell room equipment.

INTECO SPECIAL MELTING TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  customized turn-key solutions in the field of special and secondary metallurgy, provider of preliminary, basic and detailed engineering for entire plants including mechanical and electrical engineering as well as automation, project and construction management, supplier of equipment and complete plants - from small auxiliary machinery and apparatus to fairly large process units as well as complete equipment and facilities for micro- and mini steelmaking plants for the alloy- and special steel making industry, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing units, ingot casting technology solutions, electroslag remelting, vacuum arc remelting, vacuum induction melting, continuous casting machines for long products, special solutions for die production of special steels, special casting applications, components of continuous casting machines - ladle shroud manipulators, stopper rod mechanisms, mould level control solutions, emergency slide gates, mould oscillators, consulting, technology transfer, technical assistance.

INSUMOS Y EQUIPOS PARA FUNDICION (IEPF) S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  an engineering company, supplier of induction melting systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals, induction systems for heat treatment and forging, spare parts and technical service, consulting in the metallurgy and foundry market.

J B FURNACE ENGINEERING LTD., UK  -  consultants, designers and installers of refractory linings on a world wide basis.

JEAN DANIEL BRAUN S.A., FRANCE  -  consultant in technology and production management for the foundry industry, parts design and production process optimisation simulation center, engineering, CAD, FEM calculation, production management system, efficiency and productivity.

J.E.I. METALLURGICAL, INC., USA  -  metallurgical expert witness service, metallurgical failure analysis, metallurgical engineering and metallurgical consulting.

JFP TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC., USA  -  an independent failure analysis materials and metallurgical laboratory providing consulting, testing, and expert testimony for product development and process control, material evaluation and mechanical testing of ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, rubber, fiberglass and electronic components.

J.W.Styles Australasia, Consultant Valuers & Auctioneers, Leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets J.W.STYLES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD. - AUSTRALIA  -  Consultant valuers and auctioneers, leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets in engineering, steel fabrication, manufacturing, mining, earthmoving, construction, defense, foundry machines, automotive, aeronautical, transport, petro-chemical, chemical and allied, plastics, textiles, printing, office and IT sectors.
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KAPYFRACT AG, SWITZERLAND  -  products and services in the field of high-temperature and refractory engineering, steel and ceramics industries, foundries, cement mills, industrial wood-burning installations, grass-drying installations and waste incineration plants, refractory construction or repair work from planning, thermal-engineering calculations and refractory material supply through to assembly of the refractory lining, consultancy services, procurement services, production services and assembly services for companies in the field of plant engineering and for operators of industrial installations.

KW-CONSULTING-GROUP GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  management consulting, industrial engineering, project management, partner of automobile and non-automotive producers in the foundry sector.

KEVIN KENNEDY & ASSOCIATES, INC., USA  -  engineering and management consultants, vast resource of world-class consultants, engineers and experts in materials technology, product development, and lean manufacturing.

LABOR AS D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  engineering and consulting.

LOBENHOFER CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  assisting foundries to improve their profitability through improvement of existing processes.

LOTUS FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTATION, EGYPT  -  consultation services in all metallurgical industrial topics and concerns: metal extracting, metal casting, metal forming, heat treatment, metal testing and evaluating, supplier of metallurgy / foundry raw materials, spare parts, equipments and instruments.

LAQ S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  materials testing laboratory, chemical tests of nonferrous / ferrous metals, routine mechanical tests - tensile, compression, hardness, microhardness, metallographic, technology trial, research services, technical assistance and consulting.

METALLON, ARGENTINA  -  a technology-based service company, carrying out consulting, technical assistance and training in the field of metallurgy, for the steel and foundry industry and its suppliers, as well as for the metal mechanical industry and other industries processing or using metals.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTANCY & SERVICES (METACOS) SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  a metallurgical and testing laboratory, metallurgical consultancy, failure investigation, corrosion tests, microstructure analysis, development of welding procedures, destructive mechanical tests, non destructive examination.

METAL CASTING CONSULTING (MCC), USA  -  a foundry consulting firm dedicated to the development and advancement of the foundry industry.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING GROUP, INDIA  -  consultancy in metallurgy, materials testing, failure analysis, heat treatment, forging and foundry technology, product standardization, cost reduction, quality improvement & productivity enhancement.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  a consulting engineering firm specializing in fracture mechanics, failure analysis, metallurgy and materials, corrosion, welding, laboratory testing.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING SERVICES LTD., CANADA  -  mechanical and metallurgical engineering expertise to industry, undertake failure and risk analysis studies, and carry out industrially oriented research in metallurgy, materials engineering, fracture and failure mechanisms.

MEDEKO CAST S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  a producer of wide range of castings for different branches of engineering industry, investment casting, centrifugal casting, bronze art casting, professional advisory and consultancy service for solving customers’ problems in the following fields: qualitative judging of individual kinds of metal scrap and their possibility of recycling, engineering and electrical companies’ scrap economy care, cooperation in setting technological parameters of soldering processes, complex services at shape and construction judging of the casts, design and construction of tools for wax mould production, provision of cast machining, provision of galvanic adjustment of cast surfaces, provision of production of copper alloy rotary components.

METALS ENGINEERING AND TESTING LABORATORY (METL), USA  -  a diversified, full service metallurgical testing laboratory, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, consulting, expert metallurgical witness testimony, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, aviation services, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, warranty issues, materials and process problem solving, turbine engine component testing, electronic device testing, and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

MICRO EXPRESS CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  a specialized technology firm focusing on ISPs, software development, networking, data analysis, engineering and consulting services.

MEC.F.CONSULTING, SLOVAKIA  -  metal casting, forging and heat treatment solutions and services.

MAC GmbH, SWITZERLAND  -  foundry planning, foundry engineering, foundry consulting, process optimization, foundry interim management, metallurgical assistance, experts in the light and heavy metals, iron casting, steel construction, sheet metal building, plastics and injection moulding, mechanical processing and maintenance, forging.

MONOMETER HOLDINGS LTD., UK  -  furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, heat treatment furnaces, spares, used furnaces, consultation service.

METLAB LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  a metallurgical engineering consultancy, services include material selection, hardness testing, micro-hardness testing, mechanical testing, micro-structural analysis / metallography, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, failure analysis, case depths and hardness profiles, coat weight tests.

M. MURRAY & ASSOCIATES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a one-stop shop of technology for the magnesium, aluminium, zinc and brass high pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting, casting design, alloy development, molten metal flow systems and flow simulation, die design, thermal analysis and heat control of dies, training, quality systems and management advice, monitoring of die casting machines.

METALLICON PROCESS CONSULTING (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a consulting company, technical support to the metallurgical industry, from minerals processing to hydro- and pyrometallurgy, services available include: process consulting and optimisation, operations management consulting, third party verification, engineering design reviews, process reviews, data analysis and strategy recommendation, management of test programmes, client representation on projects, research project management, option studies development of metallurgical design criteria, risk analysis.

METALLURGICAL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, USA  -  consulting services over 40 years of experience in worldwide metallurgical markets, new and existing product and process development, failure analysis and problem solving, strategic sourcing, metallurgical and metals processing expertise, training and education, presentations.

METCAST SERVICES LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  products and services to the foundry industry, technical expertises in methoding, metallurgy, quality systems and general foundry engineering, representatives.

MALPRO SILICA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate and potassium silicate for foundries, precipitated silica and silica gel manufacturing, minerals and ceramics, mining, paper manufacturing, soap and detergent manufacturing, waste treatment, textile processing, zeolite manufacturing, technology, process expertise and consultancy in sodium silicate manufacturing and installation and commissioning of silicate plants on turnkey basis.

MSI TESTING & ENGINEERING, INC., USA  -  independent metallurgical consultants, testing and engineering services, ICP metal analysis and spectroscopy analysis, metallurgical failure analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing services, hardness test lab, metallographic examinations, weld testing, positive material identification.

MAPRID TECH CAST, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacture and sale of products for foundries, additives for molding sands for cast iron casting and fluxes for aluminum casting, technical advice services for foundries.

METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., USA  -  a metallurgical engineering service laboratory specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components, corrosion & defect investigations, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, metallography, reverse engineering, professional engineering and consulting services in various aspects of metallurgy, corrosion and manufacturing, material alloy selection, heat treatment and protective coatings recommendations.

METALS TECHNOLOGY TESTING LTD., UK  -  metal testing services - chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic testing and non-destructive testing, consulting services.

NATIMPEX, TURKEY  -  subcontracting solutions and consultancy for various needs in stainless steel industrial components, experience in deep drawing, spinning, stamping and fabricated parts.

ONE EIGHTY (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a materials / metallurgical engineering and consulting company, engineering solutions: selection and evaluation of engineering materials for a specific application, manufacturing process optimization, product design and development, reverse engineering of products and processes, failure investigation, expert witness work, commercial research and development technology development, materials testing services: corrosion testing, fatigue testing, Charpy impact test, strength testing, hardness testing, electron microscopy, light microscopy, composition testing.

PETER E. MACLER ASSOCIATES, PLLC, USA  -  management and engineering consultants - foundry design, business assessments, feasibility studies, environmental systems design, expert witness services.

PINCZOLITSCH GmbH & CO. KG , AUSTRIA  -  consulting in the field of casting materials and solutions for the procurement of casting components.

PACIFIC METALLURGICAL COMPANY, USA  -  metallurgical and materials consulting and laboratory services: failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials, fractography and fracture analysis, physical metallurgy, high and low temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals and alloys, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, optical microscopy, metallography, micro- and macro-hardness testing, production problem solving, expert witness testimony, routine and non-routine metallurgical testing, industrial and legal, forensic and production-related consulting services.

PYE METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  specialized in heat-treatment trouble shooting for heat-treatment processes, metallurgical consultant and material problems, developing customized heat-treatment / metallurgical educational courses.

PRODUCTOS MINERALES DEL NORTE, S.A. de C.V. (PMN), MEXICO  -  supplier of silica sand, zircon sand, bentonite, charcoal and graphite, fire clay, refractories, exothermic powders, ferroalloys, inoculants, ceramic foam filters, shot and grit, consulting services - materials and alloys, refractory installation and inspection of induction furnaces.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES, AUSTRALIA  -  new and second hand foundry machines and equipment, foundry chemicals and safety products, consulting and training services: process control, export assistance, green sand training, shell sand training.

PHIL VERDULT CASTINGS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a full non-ferrous foundry periphery for sand casting, including clay bond, cold box, permanent mold, ceramic shell and lost foam technologies, rapid prototyping, consultancy in innovative casting solutions.

QUALIMET, CANADA  -  complete materials engineering services, metals testing, and metals-related inspections and certification to a variety of industries, including structural steel, pressure equipment, pipeline, lifting and hoisting equipment, industrial equipment & machinery, and dangerous goods transportation, metallurgical consulting services - metallurgical and welding engineering assessments, materials recommendations, codes and standards interpretation, weld and metallurgical forensic failure analysis, mechanical failure analysis, incident and accident investigation, expert witness services.

QTE TRAINING & CONSULTING CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  metal industry / foundry training provider - basic foundry technology, patternmakers theory, moulding theory, crucibles and furnaces, basic heat treatment, management technology, occupational health and safety, consulting services.

RIDSDALE & CO. LTD., UK  -  specializing in the analysis of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ores, refractories and other ceramic materials.

REFCON A/S, DENMARK  -  refractory linings / insulation construction and renovation works on the metallurgy plants, foundries, power plants, petro-chemical plants, cement and lime kilns, glass furnaces, a distributor of refractory materials, consultancy, design, drawing, calculations, materials and delivery, installation and operation service.

ROWE CONSULTING SERVICES, USA  -  consulting services.

REFRACTORY DEPOT, USA  -  advertising & consulting, refractory engineering, industrial process application expertise, material compliance verification, refractory product selection, installation procedure control.

RIEHL ENGINEERING LTD., USA  -  metallurgical consulting services, corrosion abatement & protection, materials process design, composites, high performance, high temperature, reinforced & light structural alloys, coatings, polymers, friction stir welding, ceramics, high temperature creep, fracture mechanics, thin film deposition, ferroelectrics, materials research.

RNARIMAN METAL-CASTING CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  expert technical support to ferrous metals foundries and casting users and designers.

RAZI METALLURGICAL RESEARCH CENTER (RMRC), IRAN  -  specializing in metals, polymers, ceramics and software engineering, metal casting processing design, failure analysis for all metals and alloys, metallurgical consulting services.
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RAYAN REFRACTORIES ENGINEERING & PRODUCTION CO. (RRC), IRAN  -  refractory materials production and technical consultation on their application.

REFRAMETAL S.A., COLOMBIA  -  refractory and thermal insulation for industrial furnaces, solutions for foundries, metallurgy, steel mills, forging and rolling plants, cement, lime, ceramics, mining, chemical, petrochemical and glass industries, engineering services and consulting.

SOPRI, MOROCCO  -  consultancy, training and customer support service, fields of competence - metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and plastics industries.

S&A CONSULTING GROUP LLP, USA  -  consulting services specializing in Global resource management development in the areas of financial management, manufacturing technology management, marketing and strategic business, metal manufacturing technology management consulting, process control in metal manufacturing industries and foundries, lost wax manufacturing and technology problem solving.

SIAPRO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  metalcasting technologies, engineering project management and consulting services, supplier of second hand foundry equipment, official representative of world renown companies in area of foundry industry.

STRESS ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC., USA  -  metallurgical services to hundreds of clients in the refinery, petrochemical, electric utility, and foundry industries, metallurgical consultants, material selection, corrosion characterization and mitigation, fracture surface evaluation, wear failures, field services including metallography, hardness testing, residual stress measurement and NDE, full laboratory characterization of metals, alloys and other engineering materials, mechanical testing of force, load, tension, pressure, fatigue, temperature, noise, vibration, torque, strain, creep and displacement.

SCHORISCH INTEC GmbH, GERMANY  -  project management & consulting: foundry technology, metal forming, cutting procedures, a part of Schorisch Group.

SPRINGFIELD METALLURGICAL SERVICES, INC., USA  -  full-service laboratory for metallurgical testing, analysis and consulting serving, expertise and testing in support of failure analysis, reverse engineering, product development, quality control, and litigation support.

SEBESTA S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  mediation, consultancy and representation of the suppliers to the foundry industry.
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STORK TESTING & METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  tests on metals and alloys, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, liquid penetrant inspection. magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and inspection, failure analysis and consulting, corrosion testing and consulting,
a member of the Stork Materials Technology (SMT) group of companies.

TOM BERTONE CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  metallurgical consulting, a wide variety of physical metallurgical services, expert witness testimony for litigations, chemical analysis, corrosion control, metallurgical failure analysis, fractography, mechanical testing, microhardness testing, microstructure analysis and metallography.

THE BURKE GROUP, CANADA  -  human resources consulting, specialized recruitment.

THE CRUCIBLE GROUP PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a research and consulting organisation - education, technology assessments, life cycle analysis, strategy development, analysis of complex technical, industry or policy issues, promotion of innovation, plant trials, laboratory projects, non-routine testing and problem solving, product development, clarification of process fundamentals, process modeling and material characterisations, improvements to costs, product quality and environmental performance, own laboratory which has a range of melting furnaces and complementary induction power supplies, a levitation apparatus designed to study liquid metal interfacial phenomena and solidification, analytical equipment for absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography and metallography.

THE MIDSON GROUP, INC., USA  -  metal casting and metallurgical consultant services - conventional pressure die casting, vacuum die casting, gravity die casting, continuous casting, squeeze casting and semi-solid casting, metal shaping and metallurgical evaluations, casting of non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum, copper, zinc and magnesium, as well as casting ferrous alloys.

TEi METALLURGICAL SERVICES, UK  -  design, supply, repair, maintenance and site installation in the power generation and petrochemical industries, metallurgical test house & consultants: material selection, component remnant life assessments, welder performance and weld procedure qualification, failure investigations, quality / process control investigations, product and material conformance, material upgrades, third party surveillance, litigation and arbitration, annual approval testing programs, product durability, engineering, inspection and maintenance, ambient and elevated temperature tensile tests, Charpy impact tests, compression and bend tests, hardness tests, micro and macroscopic examination of materials, grain size and morphology, phase balance, defect evaluation, coating and thermal treatment evaluation, scanning electron microscopy, non-destructive testing, rapid spectrographic analysis of low and high alloy steels, corrosion tests.

THE NAGLE COMPANY, USA  -  promt, professional, effective recruiting and referral service to the most respected foundries.

THAI NGUYEN IRON AND STEEL JOINT STOCK CORPORATION, VIETNAM  -  metallurgy design consultant service, surveying, designing, manufacturing and implementing word of metallurgy, mine and services of metallurgical sector, installing and constructing civil constructions, electric wire and electric stations, constructions of railway and roadway and road way communication and transport related to constructions of metallurgy and exploitation of metallurgical mines, consulting to build to build works of mine, metallurgy and relevant constructions, operating transformation of electricity, industrial water, testing and adjusting electric equipments.

TELEMAT-TRADE LTD., BULGARIA  -  consultancy services, representation of world renowned manufacturers of foundry equipment, distribution of foundry materials from foreign producers, sale of castings and spares, own production of mould and core materials.

VANGUARD EXECUTIVE SERVICES, INC., USA  -  executive search and recruiting.

WARDROBE REFRACTORIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  repair and installation of all types of refractories, rebuilt or repair of industrial furnaces, refractory consulting services including refractory lining design, failure investigation & analysis, and life cycle cost analysis.

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