HangZhou Power Transmission Group (HZPT), China, foundry, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings, www.hzpt.com HANGZHOU POWER TRANSMISSION GROUP  -  CHINA

HangZhou Power Transmission Group is one of the biggest power transmission components manufacturers in China. We produce all kinds of reducers, motors and brake motors, variators, motor bases, V-pulleys, sprockets, gears and racks, bushes & hubs, timing pulleys, couplings, chains, shaft collars, castings and auto parts.

Our customers are Spain Euro Motors and Homs in Spain, UST & SST in USA, Itafran in France, WMH and W.Stennei in Germany, IPL in Denmark, Transtecno in Italy, etc.

Our Foundry activities include:
  • steel casting - carbon, alloy & stainless steel castings for diesel engines, trucks, tractors, railway, and valves,hand, machine / automatic sand casting, precision lost wax casting, annual otput about 30 000 MT;
  • iron casting - ductile iron, gray iron and malleable iron castings, hand, machine / automatic - Disa sand casting, annual otput about 45 000 MT;
  • non-ferrous casting - aluminum, copper, zinc and titanium alloy castings for automobile's engine, motorcycles, instrument, agricultural machinery, pressure die casting, low-pressure die casting, centrifugal casting, permanent mould casting, and sand casting, annual otput about 6 000 MT.


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WaiDongSan road, 21-1-104, HangZhou, CHINA
tel.: (++86 571) 28880553,  fax: (++86 571) 28893211
e-mail:   hzpt@hzpt.com
website: www.hzpt.com