Guizhou Anji Non-Ferrous Foundry, China, motorcycle and automotive castings GUIZHOU ANJI FOUNDRY CO., LTD.  -  CHINA

Founded in 1966, Guizhou Anji Foundry produces various castings of iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and titanium.

The enterprise uses many casting methods and know-hows, such as sand cast, centrifugal casting, investment casting, ceramic casting, bi-metal casting and low-pressure die-casting.

Before 1983, Guizhou Anji Foundry mainly manufactured castings of airplanes and aero engines for China National Aviation Industry Corporation. Since 1986, it has developed on aluminum-alloy production lines of cylinder head and air intake manifold for imported vehicles and engineering trucks. The company reaches to the ability to manufacture 100 000 cylinder heads annually. In the recent years, the enterprise exports titanium-alloy golf head castings and aluminum alloy castings to the U.S.A., Germany, Japan and Taiwan.



P.O.Box 16, Anshun city 561003, Guizhou Province, CHINA
tel. / fax: (++86 853) 2208 427

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