FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. belongs to China FAW Group Corporation. The enterprise comprises First Foundry, Second Foundry, Special Foundry, Non-ferrous Foundry, Foundry Mould Plant, Foundry Research Institute and CFU Casting Company. Nowadays it is the largest auto-casting production base in China.

With its 2715 sets equipment and 18 major molding lines, the enterprise produces 1200 kinds of various products out of grey iron, nodular iron, vermicular iron, carbon cast steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and brass alloy. The annual productivity reaches 180 000 tons castings.

With rich experience in high strength, thin wall and complicated castings, the enterprise produces in great batches and thousands kinds of engine blocks, cylinder head, crank shaft and rear axle. With the equipment of investment casting, lost foam casting, gravity casting and sets of die-casting machines ranging from 150 t up to 1600 t, FAW Foundry produces all kinds of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, brass alloy castings such as cylinder head, intake manifold, gear-box and transmission top cover.

All plants of the Company have passed through the national ISO9000 quality system approval. The castings are exported to America, Japan and some European countries.



Heping Street 1281, ChangChun, Jilin 130062, CHINA
tel.: (++86 431) 85751122, 85757371,  fax: (++86 431) 85751116
e-mail:   masl_ez@faw.com.cn   fawfc@126.com
website: www.faw-foundryrp.com