Tupy S.A., Brazil, cast iron foundry for automotive industry, www.tupy.com.br TUPY S.A.  -  BRAZIL

Tupy - Brazil is present in all continents and is a reference trade mark in the international market of cast iron components.

The company has an annual production capacity of 500 000 t of cast iron parts for trucks, buses, utility vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors and other types of agriculture machinery. Except the engine blocks, heads and other automotive parts production, Tupy also manufactures and commercializes malleable cast iron parts and pipe fittings, steel and iron shots and grits, and continuous cast bars, to supply for the markets of civil construction, marble and granite industry, and other applications.



Rua Albano Schmidt 3400, 89227-901, Joinville S.C., BRAZIL
tel.: (++55 47) 4009 8181,  fax: (++55 47) 4009 8141
e-mail:   tupy-sa@tupy.com.br
website: www.tupy.com.br