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8th World Tribology Congress - WTC 2026, September 20-25, 2026, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition - FEIMEC 2026, May 5-9, 2026, São Paulo, SP

13th International Trade Fair for Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Fittings and Components - TuboTech 2025, October 29-31, 2025, São Paulo, SP

13th Exhibition & Congress of Technology for Foundry, Forging, Aluminium & Services - Metalurgia 2025, October 7-10, 2025, Joinville, SC

15th International Trade Show and Conference for the Metal-Mechanical Industry - Intermach 2025, July 15-18, 2025, Joinville, SC

10th Brazilian Engineering Congress of PDIMat Network - engBrasil24, November 18-20, 2024, Natal, RN

22nd Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) Meeting 2024, September 29 - October 3, 2024, Santos, SP

Technology Fair and Congress for the Electrometal-Mechanical Industry - EletroMetalMecânica 2024, September 17-20, 2024, Chapecó, SC

8th ABM Week 2024: Annual Congress, Steelmaking, Ironmaking, Metallurgy, Casting, Rolling and Metal Forming Seminars, September 3-5, 2024, São Paulo, SP

15th Metalmecanica and Industrial Innovation Fair - Mec Show 2024, August 6-8, 2024, Carapina, Serra, ES

Brazilian Steel Conference & Expo / Congresso & Expo AçoBrasil 2024, August 5-7, 2024, São Paulo, SP

20th Latin American Foundry Fair - FENAF 2024  and  20th ABIFA Foundry Congress - CONAF 2024, June 18-21, 2024, São Paulo, SP

68th Brazilian Congress of Ceramics, June 17-20, 2024, Santos, SP

9th International Aluminium Congress, April 9-10, 2024, São Paulo, SP

4th International Brazilian Conference on Tribology - TriboBR 2023, November 26-29, 2023, Vitória, ES

11th Meeting of Manufacturers and Users of Refractories (ERUR) - Refractories and Ceramic Materials for Petrochemistry, April 4-6, 2023, Indaiatuba, SP

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ALLOYCOQ INDUSTRIA METALURGICA LTDA.  -  production of aluminium, zamak, copper, brass and bronze castings for the automotive, electric, hydraulic and machine building industries, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

A. KALMAN METALURGICA KALINDUS LTDA.  -  pressure die casting, aluminium castings up to 5 kg, zamak castings up to 7 kg.

ATELIER MECANICO MORCEGO LTDA.  -  manufacturer of auto parts for Ford, GM, Eaton and others, the company owns all the ISO's including ISO TS,
own foundry for pressure die casting.
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BERTOLOTO & GROTTA LTDA.  -  production of bearing sleeves, nodular iron casting.

BIRIBA METAIS FUNDICAO ARTISTICA LTDA.  -  bronze sculptures, busts, bells, bronze and aluminium plaques, decorative vases and bowls, nameplates, letters.

E. R. AMANTINO & CIA. LTDA.  -  shotguns manufacturer, components made with special steel in investment casting with subsequent heat treatment.

FUNDICAO BARBOSA LTDA.  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings for automotive, agricultural, cement, mining, shipbuilding, railway, paper, ceramics, hydraulics and general machinery sectors, green-sand mechanized moulding lines for production of cast parts up to 30 kg, and cold curing moulding for castings
up to 2000 kg.

FUNDICAO E MECANICA INDUSTRIAL MARTINUV LTDA.  -  brass and aluminium alloys castings.

FUNDICAO E METALURGICA J.MARRA LTDA.  -  aluminium, bronze and brass castings, green sand moulding and CO2-moulding processes.

FAI - FUNDICAO DE ACO INOX LTDA.  -  steel castings from 5 kg up to 2800 kg, devices for thermal treatments, products for the metallurgical, mining and cement industries, centrifugal pipes, green sand moulding, furan sand moulding, shell process, centrifugal casting.

FUNDIPRESS FUNDICAO SOB PRESSAO LTDA.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, cast parts for the automotive, motorcycle, textile, construction and communication industries.

FUNDICAO SANTA TEREZINHA (FST) LTDA.  -  grey or nodular cast iron castings for agriculture and food sectors, automotive industry and general tools manufacturers.

IGLESIAS MODELACAO E FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  production of aluminium and brass castings, green-sand moulding and gravity die casting, patternmaking.

ISOFUND MODELACAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  production of castings in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, grey and ductile cast iron, patternmaking.

INDUSTRIA METALURGICA LORSCHEITTER LTDA.  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings for the agricultural, automotive, water pumps and construction machinery sectors, mechanized green sand moulding line for castings from 0.5 kg to 30 kg and cold cure resin sand hand moulding for cast parts from 30 kg to 2800 kg.

JANDINOX INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE  -  investment casting, carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, and cast iron, main products - couplings, levers, several types of pliers (including surgical and orthodontical pliers), dentistís forceps, furniture arms, ratchets, components for hospital beds, bodies for stretches of ribbon, grinder knives, fasteners, rocker arms, sensor cases, mixer blades, parts for harvesting machines, tweezers, car seat fixtures, rotors, endoscope holders, fixtures and valves.

LEPE INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  nodular cast iron castings for tractor manufacturers, automotive industry and their suppliers, green sand moulding and shell moulding processes.

MODELACAO E FUNDICAO JW  -  aluminium foundry, green-sand moulding, prototypes, patternmaking.

METALRENS INDUSTRIA DE FUNDIDOS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, steel and aluminium castings for various industrial segments.

MILANI METTALI INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  non-ferrous foundry, cast parts up to 6 tons in copper or copper alloys - tin bronze, aluminium bronze and manganese brass.

MIPEL INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE VALVULAS LTDA. (LUPATECH MIPEL)  -  manufacturer of bronze valves (Jacarei Plant), stainless steel, carbon steel ball valves and cast iron check valves (Veranopolis Plant) for different industrial segments in civil building, basic sanitation, irrigation and agro industry, own foundry with automatic moulding lines, a part of Lupatech S.A.

MICROMETAL INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  precision casting, steel cast parts for the automotive, rail, marine, petrochemical and agricultural sectors.

MOLDES MARTINS LTDA.  -  aluminium, brass and bronze castings for the agricultural, automotive, machinery and equipment, furniture and other industries, pressure die casting, gravity die casting, green-sand moulding and CO2-moulding process, production of aluminium, brass, steel, wooden, resin and styrofoam patterns.

METALURGICA ORVY LTDA.  -  gravity and pressure die casting in aluminium, brass, bronze and zamak.

TUPY S.A.  -  cast iron components for trucks, buses, utility vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors and agriculture machinery - engine blocks, heads and other automotive parts production, pipe fittings, steel and iron shots and grits, continuous cast bars for the markets of civil construction, marble and granite industry.
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VOGES FUNDICAO  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings and steel castings from 1 kg to 300 kg, cast parts for the automotive, road and agricultural sectors, turbine frames, pressure plates, collectors, supports and flanges for road equipment, a part of Grupo Voges.

VERTICE MODELACAO E DESENVOLVIMENTO LTDA.  -  aluminium foundry, gravity die casting, green-sand moulding, patternmaking.

WHB LTDA.  -  pressure / gravity die-casting aluminium casting, Disamatic and Kunkel Wagner green sand moulding lines for cast iron castings, cast parts for the automotive and railway market.

WETZEL S.A.  -  production of nodular and grey cast iron castings for truck manufactures, farm machinery producers and manufacturers of insulators for transmission and power distribution lines, green sand moulding, aluminium alloy cast parts for the automotive sector, gravity die / pressure die casting.

ZAVI - MODELACAO E FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  aluminium foundry, green-sand moulding, resin-bonded sand flaskless moulding, patternmaking.

ZEN S.A.  -  manufacturer of starter drives, starter pinions, planetary gears and pulleys, tensioners for automotive applications, starter plates and chain tensioners for the motorcycle industry, alternators housings and starter motor housings, cast iron and aluminium pressure die casting.

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