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Livnica = Foundry

DITRX D.O.O.  -  non-ferrous castings.

EKP ELKER A.D.  -  aluminium cast parts, pressure die casting.

ELIR - NIKOLA TESLA D.D.  -  electrical machines and equipment for machine industry and ore mining, aluminium alloys cast parts for electric motors, decorative elements of lighting poles, sand moulding and gravity die-casting.
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GONG  -  cast pendants, pins, plaques, medallions, medals, buttons and badges.

INTERKOMERC D.O.O.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, cast parts from 0.01 kg to 10.7 kg, production capacity 1 200 metric tones per year, metal scrap recycling, secondary aluminium alloy ingot supplier.

JUNIOR-EKO-TERMIK  -  aluminium alloys pressure / gravity die casting.

JELSINGRAD LIVAR LIVNICA CELIKA A.D.  -  steel castings for building of wagons, fittings, valves and armature, machine-building, mining, cement works, military industry, mass weight from 0.5 kg to 5000 kg, capacity 12 000 tons / yearly.
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LIVNICA A.D.  -  grey cast iron, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, manhole covers and grids, spare parts, a part of Fortis Group - BiH.

LIVNICA CELIKA TUZLA  -  carbon steel, alloyed steel, chemically resistant, fireproof and wear-resistant steel castings for fittings, water pumps, mud pumps, slug pumps, crusher components, spare parts for paper, cellulose and machine-building industries, capacity of 8000 tons of steel casting per year.

LIVNICA TESIC D.O.O.  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings - manhole covers and grates, pedestal desks, metal scrap recycling.

LIVNICA VISOKO D.D.  -  cast iron manhole covers and frames, gully gratings, bell traps of lower drainage, drain bell-mouths for roots, fittings, elements for decorative fences, lighting poles, bollards, cast iron and nonferrous spare parts for machine-building, compressors and pumps.

METALAC D.O.O.  -  grey cast iron foundry, municipal type manholes, frames & grates, table bases, stairs components, benches, decorative lamp poles.

ZELJEZARA D.O.O.  -  grey cast iron, steel and non-ferrous casting, manhole covers and grates, table bases, benches, fences, lamp poles, railway brake parts.
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