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Ossam AD is a foundry, specialized in machine sand casting of cast iron; shell casting, sand casting and hand moulding of steel and cast iron. Ossam AD is a member company of Metal Technology Group AD.

Ossam was established in 1980 as a plant for high-strength nodular cast iron production and at that time was the largest of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula. Presently, the company is specialized in the production of all grades of ductile cast iron, including austempered ductile iron (ADI). The major customers are from Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Saudi Arabia. Over 90% of the production is exported to Central and Western Europe. The indirect sales in Bulgaria are practically again for export throughout the world. The products are mainly intended for the water supply and sewerage sectors, parts for railway infrastructure and rolling stock, military industry, general engineering and the automotive industry.

Some additions:
  • Machine casting of cast iron
    - moulding lines with dimensions of the boxes: 750 630 250 / 320 mm, 750 630 250 / 250 mm, 630 500 160 / 160 mm;
    - max dimensions of the castings: 550 450 350 mm;
    - single weight of the castings: from 1 to 50 kg.

  • Steel and cast iron
    - shell casting;
    - machine casting: 600 500 200 / 200 mm;
    - hand moulding: 1600 1250 300 / 300 mm up to 1200 mm;
    - single weight of the casting: from 1 to 500 kg.
Ossam AD is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 since 2002, ISO 14001:2004 since 2008, HPQ Certificate (Deutsche Bahn AG), TUV certificate for Manufacturer of materials according to Directive 97/23/EC, KIWA certificate for Voestalpine RailPro BV production.

The company is producing more than 200 new parts per year and has developed a lot of new materials, which characteristics significantly exceed the European and American standards.



North Industrial Zone, 5500 Lovech, BULGARIA
tel.: +359 68 601 176,  fax: +359 68 601 174
e-mail:   ossam@ossam-bg.com
website: www.mtgbg.com