Metal Technology Group AD, Bulgaria, incorporates Alucom, Centromet and Ossam METAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP  -  BULGARIA
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Metal Technology Group AD incorporates leading Bulgarian companies in the metal-processing industry. The factories - Alucom AD in Pleven, Ossam AD in Lovech and Centromet AD in Vratsa - are specialized in production and machining of aluminum, grey and ductile cast iron, steel and alloyed steel castings.

The member companies are export oriented and more than 80% of their production is exported mainly to the European markets and also Algeria, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Australia. The production of the companies cover the following industrial markets: energy, water and gas supply and sewage industry, metal processing machinery, automotive, shipbuilding, railway, industrial vehicles, ceramic and food industry, chemical industry.

The head office of Metal Technology Group is located in Sofia and is in charge of the marketing strategy and business development activities of the member companies.



Bulgaria blvd., 18, Bokar, 1404 Sofia, BULGARIA
tel.: +359 2 818 5959,  fax: +359 2 818 5949