Metalik-BCP Gabene, Bulgarian Foundry Company, steel and aluminum alloy casting METALIK-BCP JSC  -  BULGARIA

In Bulgarian

The company is established in 1967 as an independened company, which grows up her prestige in the mechanical engineering companies all over the country.

Scope of activity:
  • production of steel and brass castings made with accuracy casting. Our products are used in the automotive industry, textile, agricultural and defend machinebuilding;
  • production of steel castings made with shell casting;
  • production of aluminium castings under high pressure.
Except of inland companies we have important customers in Germany, Italy, Turkey and Grċece.


Dipl.Eng. Radoslav Savekov


17, Prof.P.Benev str., 5300 Gabene, municipality Gabrovo, BULGARIA
tel. / fax: (++359 66) 80 94 47,  mobile: (++359 886) 099 707