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"Metal Expert & Co" is established in 1991. Our company is concentrating its effords into two main directions:
  • Castings and preparatives of the entire range Bronzes (tin-phosphorous, ferroaluminium etc.) with mechanical treatment, Brass and Aluminium Alloys. Maximum diameter of castings is Ø1200 mm, maximum height is 500 mm, and maximum weight is 400 kg.

    Orders are executed upon next conditions: 1) by mechanical drawing placed at our disposal; 2) our or client's equipment - patterns or chill. Methods we use are chill casting and sand moulding.

  • Decorative products for modelling city areas and for building's interior and exterior adornment: aluminium and cast iron electrical posts (street and park), aluminium brackets for lightning fixtures (single and ensemble), decorative street lamps, aluminium and cast iron poles to stop parking in areas, aluminium tables and chairs, railing composite parts and fences, aluminium grills for pools, grounds, gas stations, original cast iron door-knockers for houses and complexes in Bulgarian national revival style.


Zapadna Promishlena Zona, P.O. Box 601, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA
tel.: (++359 62) 64-28-77, 64-58-79,  fax: (++359 62) 62-21-47; 64-58-79,  mobile: (++359 885) 451 366
e-mail:   metalexp@gmail.com
website: www.metalexpert.net