"Madara" JSC is a joint-stock company with main office in Shumen, which is situated in North East region of Bulgaria. Though the company was established as a joint-stock corporation in 1991, we have great experience in the production of trucks, front rear and tandem driving and dead axles for trucks, buses, trolleys, roadbuilding machines, gear wheels, steel castings, forging, tools and instrumental kits and services. Founded as a plant for spare parts in 1958 "Madara" JSC has always been one of the leading Bulgarian companies in its economic groupings producers of trucks, aggregates and units.

The Steel and Iron Foundry Plant of "Madara" JSC was established in 1958 to produce steel and iron castings for spare parts with main application purpose in the agricultural engineering.

A reconstruction and modernization work was carried of the manufacturing facilities was carried out in 1980 and favorable conditions were created for the production of steel castings for the automotive industry. Now there is a great variety of steel and iron castings manufactured in this plant, intended for agricultural engineering, freight containers production and general industrial purpose.

From 2002 "Madara" AD is certificied by EN ISO 9001:2000.

Some details:
  • Production Programm:
Steel castings made of carbon, low alloyed steels, high-tensile steels with good welding qualities, grey irons, and ductile irons.
  • Production Capacity:
Annual output is 8 000 tons.
  • Melting:
The process is carried out in electric arc furnaces completely, working on basic regime, with bath capacity rated - 4 tons. The temperature control of the liquid metal is done by dipping thermodrill. A quantometer ARL - 3400 is used for the chemical composition control of the metal.
  • Mixing:
The moulding mixtures and sands are on the bentonite basis, made in centrifugal mixers of "Speedmullor" type.
  • Foundry Cores:
They are manufactured according to the hot-box and Croning processes with oil mixtures.
  • Moldings:
There are mechanized mould lines in flasks of the following dimensions: 600 x 600 x 200 / 200, 600 x 600 x 300 / 250 mm. There is also hand-moulding worked out in flasks of 1250 x 1250 x 300 / 300 mm. There is a special section for jobbing and small scale production of castings with big overall dimensions.
  • Cleaning:
This process is accomplished by means of drum granulating and grinding machines (grinders).
  • Heat Treatment:
It includes normalization and annealing, performed in through-type and box furnaces.
  • Preliminary Mechanical Treatment:
A set of machines and semi-automatic devices for preliminary and finishing mechanical treatment of steel castings are used in this process.
  • Priming:
There is a through-type installation used for application of antirust coat by dipping.
  • Models, Foundry Core Boxes and Flasks Production:
There is a special equipment, tools and production facility available for the manufacturing of wooden, iron and plastic models / core boxes for all processes and flasks of various size and dimensions.
  • Quality Control:
It is exercised by means of up-to date laboratory equipment for quality control of the moulding materials and sands, as well as of the ready products.The dynamic iron analysis is made by means of quantometer ARL - 3400. A continious path control is performed over the moulding and core foundry mixtures and sands as well as of the moulds and foundry cores. An undistructive steel casting control is applied, which includes magnetic flaw detection and ultrasound. The steel castings are mechanically tested and microstructurally analyzed.


Dipl.Ing. Dobrin Todorov  -  General Manager


1 "Madara" Blvd., Industrialzone, 9700 Schumen, BULGARIA
tel.: (++359 54) 61073, 63088, 63473,  fax: (++359 54) 50167, 60479