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NV = S.A.

ALLAN DIECASTING BVBA  -  aluminium high pressure die casting, cast parts for the interior, construction, engineering, engine and transport sectors.

ALLARD-EUROPE NV  -  cast iron, cast steel items, range from a few grams up to 19 MT in steel and 22 MT in iron.

ALUWIEL NV  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die casting, fencing parts, sets for garden gates, caps, balls, brackets, double rod clamps, pole curbs, connectors, pedestals, handrails, hinge sets, aluminium frames.

BELUX  -  cast items for the gastronomy industry and household equipment sector, hand gravity die-casting in high quality aluminium, craftsman-cast saucepans, frying-pans and casseroles.

BREECAST PRODUCT  -  aluminium foundry, gravity and low pressure die castings for electronics, industrial transport, public transport, silo building, lighting, medical equipment, engine building, electricity, navigation, security, agriculture, thermal applications, furniture, construction, water treatment.

CITYBEL NV  -  castings in grey cast and ductile iron, accessories and apparatures for the distribution of water and gas, parts for pumps, pulleys, cams, stages, boxes, parts for stoves, manhole covers & frames, gratings, gullies, art and ornamental items.

DRADIN & FILS SPRL  -  aluminium gravity die-casting.

DE SWEEMER NV  -  grey cast, nodular and alloyed iron, cast parts weighting between 0.1 and 6500 kg.

FONDERIE ET MECANIQUE DE LA SAMBRE S.A.  -  manufacturer of grey and ductile cast iron casting for the heavy industry sector - steel, glass, chemicals, engineering, cement, and the public sector - street furniture and street lighting.

FONDERIE FALLAIS S.A.  -  aluminium foundry, sand moulding, gravity die and high pressure die casting.

FONDATEL-LECOMTE  -  cast iron castings municipal castings - heavy duty road covers and gratings, park covers, flat and curved gratings, gratings for drainage channels, connection covers, cast iron building construction castings - light duty covers, medium duty hydraulic covers, galvanized or aluminium covers for concrete filling / for paving, floor drains, downpipes, cast iron ornamental castings - tree grates, decorative piles and various castings on customerís demand.

FERROMATRIX NV  -  grey, ductile and vermicular cast iron castings, ADI and special alloyed cast iron castings, automated and semi-automated furan sand moulding lines, hand moulding division, cast parts for gear boxes, wind turbines, turbochargers, compressors, pumps, diesel / gas engines, slag pots, robot bases and arms, machinery, total production capacity: 25 000 tons / year, a part of Group Van De Wiele.

GIETERIJEN RISKIN NV  -  hot chamber high-pressure die-casting technical parts of aluminium, pewter, zamak and lead, pewter giftware - plates, tankards, table ware, figurines, wall clocks.

HASSAL S.A.  -  aluminium foundry specializing in gravity die casting, cast parts ranging from 200 grams to 30 kg for equipment and machinery sector, lighting and fencing, furniture, transport industry, construction products, medical sector, electrical industry, piping, valves and silos, ship-building.

MARICHAL KETIN FONDERIES NV  -  cast iron rolls manufacturer, centrifugal casting process.

MAGOTTEAUX S.A.  -  manufacturer and supplier of grinding media and wear / heat resistant castings to industries involved in material size reduction - mines, cement, coal power stations, quarries and recycling, 14 production units worldwide, a part of the Chilean Group Sigdo Koppers.

MONTEFIORE S.A.  -  steel and bronze castings for many industrial sectors - hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, decoration, building and food, cast parts for valves and pumps, bearings, contact pieces, decorative bronze plates.

PRECIMETAL FONDERIE de PRECISION S.A.  -  investment casting, parts from 1 g to 30 kg in all ferrous alloys, including the stainless steels and in the main copper, nickel and cobalt alloys.

PEDEO NV  -  zinc (hot chamber) and aluminium (cold chamber) pressure die castings up to 500 g in medium-sized and large series.

PROFERRO NV  -  a subsidiary company of Picanol Group, castings in grey and spheroidal iron for transmissions, diesel engines, compressors for engineering applications, cooling compressors, agricultural equipment, pumps, fluid engineering equipment and machine construction, annual production is 20 000 t, Taccone green sand high pressure moulding line and HWS seiatsu moulding line.

VAN LONDEN GIETERIJ NV  -  grey, ductile and alloyed cast iron industrial castings.

WOIT S.A.  -  aluminium, bronze, brass and zamak castings, sand moulding, shell process.

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