Azerbaijan Steel Association, Tabriz, Iran, Azerbaijan Steel Association

2nd International Conference on Engineering Sciences ICES-2023, September 21-22, 2023, Azerbaijan Technological University, Ganja

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AZNEFTEKHIMMASH JSC  -  Azneftkimyamash consists of 18 companies including 14 machine-building plants, production of different types and sizes of oil and gas equipment, geology-prospecting equipment, equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry, tools and spare parts for this equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

BAKU STEEL COMPANY  -  production and trade of steel and cast iron castings for oil industry, street and garden furniture - decorative lamp posts, benches, fences, bollards, tree grilles, manhole covers and grates, different grades of steel billets, steel angle bars, rods, squares, tubes and wires.

BAKU UNIVERSAL MACHINE-BUILDING JSC  -  manufacturer of oil equipment and spare parts, production of steel, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass and copper castings.

IGLIM BAPO (RPE IGLIM) (this link does not work, please visit the site of the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan for more info) -  a specialized enterprise of the aircraft-building industry in Azerbaijan, designing and manufacturing the aerodrome handling facilities for the aircraft equipment: airfield air-conditioners for airplanes and helicopters, cabin pressurization units, air-conditioners of an air crew, low-pressure compressors, units of airborne aeronautical engineering: moisture separators and dehydrators for airplane air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers and fuel-oil radiators of hydraulic systems for airplanes and aeroengines, air-to-air radiators for air-conditioning systems, aircraft galley equipment for civil airplanes, own foundry plant, cast iron and steel ground casting, precision investment casting, pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals.

RESEARCH PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE (RPE) SANAYEJIHAZ  -  former Prompribor enterprise operates within the system of the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan, production of flow meters, dosimeters, batchers and alarms for different liquids and gases for application in petroleum industry, civil and military shipbuilding, aircraft and missile engineering, municipal economy, nuclear and thermal power plants, own foundry, cast iron, steel, aluminium, brass and bronze castings, sand moulding.

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