Foundry Suppliers from Austria

ÖGI - Austrian Foundry Research Institute
ASMET - Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials
PROGUSS - Verein Österreichischer Giessereifachleute (soon)

International Trade Fair for Manufacturing Technology - InterTool 2024, June 4-7, 2024, Wels

12th International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials - Thermec ' 2023, July 2-7, 2023, Vienna

EICF International Conference & Exhibition 2023, May 7-10, 2023, Bregenz

65th Austrian Foundry Congress / Österreichische Gießereitagung 2023, April 27-28, 2023, Schladming

International Congress on Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering AMSE-2023, March 17-21, 2023, Vienna

Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference - MAMC 2022, September 26-28, 2022, Graz

2nd Forum - Process and Casting Optimization Through Efficient Die Temperature Control, September 22-23, 2022, Vienna

27th IFHTSE Congress & European Conference on Heat Treatment - ECHT 2022, September 5-8, 2022, Salzburg

European Direct Reduced Iron and Alternative Ironmaking Conference - IronMasters 2022, June 22-24, 2022, Vienna, Cancelled. Link does not work.

20th Plansee Seminar - International Conference on Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, May 30 - June 3, 2022, Reutte

Conference on Technology, Innovations and Sustainability of Aluminium - Forum Aluminium 2022, May 17-19, 2022, St. Pölten, Postponed.

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AUSTRIA DRUCKGUSS GmbH & CO. KG  -  manufacture of complex pressure-tight aluminium-die-casted raw parts as well as machined components up to a weight of 6 kg - engine components: pump housing and modules, engine carriers, bearing carriers, oil-filter mounts, rocker arms, front covers, drive-line & chassis components: shift forks, steering box covers, clutch plate carriers, differential gear covers, structural components: tensioning bows, folding-top bearings, closing parts.

BORBET AUSTRIA GmbH  -  manufacturer of aluminium cast wheels for the European automotive industry, multi-low-pressure die casting method, a member of Borbet Group - Germany.

EGM INDUSTRIEGUSS GmbH  -  gray cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron foundry, Disamatic moulding line - small and medium-series of castings up to
10 kg, Stotz moulding machine - small and medium-series of castings up to 150 kg, furan molding - individual and small production series of castings
up to 4500 kg.

FRIEDRICH DEUTSCH METALLWERK GmbH  -  medium-sized metal working company in the field of aluminium pressure diecasting for the automotive industry, and fine profile rolling mill products for the ski industry.

GRUBER & KAJA DRUCKGUSS- UND METALLWARENFABRIK GmbH  -  pressure die castings mainly for the automotive industry.

HOHENAUER EISEN & LEICHTMETALLGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings weighting up to 2000 kg, furan sand moulding and seiatsu process.

HAMMERSCHMIED ERNTBRUNNER EISENGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings, art casting, benches, coffee tables, sink basin, statues, bannisters, tree protection fences, street lights.

HANS SCHWARZ METALLGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG  -  aluminium and bronze casting for car, electrical and mechanical industry, design consultancy, wooden, plastic and metal pattern making, chilled casting from 100 g to 37 kg, sand casting - manual moulding, mechanical jolted and squeezed moulding, the weight of castings vary from 200 g to 400 kg, machining by turning and milling, and subassembly.

J.GRASSMAYR GmbH & CO. KG  -  bells manufacturer,restoring historical bells and manufacturing of accessories and equipment for bell ringing systems, bronze plaques, coats of arms, door handles - symbols on door handles, door plaques, house numbers, key rings, grave ornamentation, mortars, traditional cooking vessels.
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KARL FINK GmbH  -  a full service company from design, through tool building, die making and aluminum alloys pressure die casting.

KATZ METALLGUSS GmbH  -  gray and nodular cast iron products, steel casting, aluminum alloys casting.

KUNSTGIESSEREI WALTER ROM  -  large sculptures, small sculptures, fontains, lost-wax process.

MWS ALUGUSS GmbH  -  Europe’s high tech light alloy specialist with more than 60 years of operating experience in sand and permanent mould casting, supplier of almost the whole German automotive industry, sand and permanent mould castings in all standard aluminium alloys, two production plants in Kufstein and Klagenfurt, Kufstein foundry: permanent mould casting serial production, Klagenfurt foundry: hand moulded small series of cast parts, furan sand moulding, machine moulded middle and high volume series of castings, DISA and HWS automatic moulding lines, a part of MWS Industrieholding GmbH.

MASCHINENFABRIK LIEZEN UND GIESSEREI GmbH  -  unalloyed and low-alloy steel castings for the automotive industry, heat-resistant castings, wear linings for ball mills, container corner castings, customised castings, shell-moulding process.

OBERHAMMER MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH  -  design and manufacture of special machines, systems and machine parts in individual pieces and series, piece and small-scale production of gray iron castings, weight up to 1500 kg.
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TERNITZ DRUCKGUSS GmbH  -  manufacturer of compact steps for escalators and pallets for moving walks, high pressure die casting plant.

VMG GmbH  -  cast aluminium parts to the electronics, automotive, railway and mechanical engineering industries, gravity and low pressure die casting, green-sand machine moulding.

VOESTALPINE GIESSEREI LINZ GmbH  -  steel castings for general application - heavy machinery construction, power generation - steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, oilfield, non ferrous metal castings for maintenance free sliding elements, and compact cam units for the automotive industry.
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