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M-Kube Enterprise - Australia, renown laboratory equipment supplier M-Kube Enterprise - an Australian company catering products and solutions in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam:
ceramic / refractory metals consumables, heating elements, analytical testing equipment, speciality lab chemicals, and diamond cutting tools.
6th International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering - MSME 2025, January 22-25, 2025, Sydney, NSW

8th Conference Advancing Materials and Manufacturing - CAMS 2024, December 4-6, 2024, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

Annual Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) Conference - Corrosion & Prevention 2024, November 10-14, 2024, Cairns, QLD

12th International Conference on Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts - Molten 2024, June 17-19, 2024, Brisbane, QLD

28th ALTA Metallurgical Conference 2024, May 27-31, 2024, Perth, WA

Australian Manufacturing Week - AMW Sydney 2024, April 17-19, 2024, Sydney, NSW

26th Annual Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast Conference, March 19-20, 2024, Perth, WA

MetPlant Conference 2023, November 5-8, 2023, Adelaide, SA

5th International Materials Innovations in Surface Engineering Conference - MISE 2023, October 29-31, 2023, Brisbane, QLD

20th International Coal Preparation Conference - ICPC 2023, October 16-19, 2023, Broadbeach-Gold Coast, QLD

International Conference on Materials Innovation - ICMI 2023, August 22-25, 2023, Brisbane, QLD

10th International Light Metals Technology Conference - LMT 2023, July 10-12, 2023, Melbourne, VIC

26th World Mining Congress WMC-2023, June 26-29, 2023, Brisbane, QLD

3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing - APICAM 2023, June 21-23, 2023, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW

International Symposium on Sustainable Cokemaking and Ironmaking - ISSCI 2023, February 5-8, 2023, Newcastle, NSW

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ACAST  -  precision investment and sand castings for defence, agriculture, architecture, mining, food and engineering sectors, cast parts in ferrite, austenitic, martensitic, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, grey, ductile, austempered cast iron, copper alloys and aluminium alloys, own foundry located in Shandong - China.

AUSTRAL ALLOYS PTY. LTD.  -  producer of ferrous castings - high integrity stainless steel, high alloy steel, nickel and cobalt alloy, plain carbon, nodular, white and grey iron castings up to 600 kg net weight.

ALAN BECKWITH MACBRO PTY. LTD.  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings from 0.1 kg to 1500 kg, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze and gun metal castings, cast parts for general engineering applications, valves for water, slurry, gas and steam, gearboxes, automotive castings - manifolds, disc brakes and brackets, cylinder ends, valves and yokes for small to large pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, architectural castings - chair and table bases, tree grills, bollards, plaques and signs, jolt squeeze moulding, chemical sand moulding, shell moulding, production of wood and resin patterns for greensand and hard sand moulding, aluminium / cast iron patterns for shell moulding.

ALLIANCE CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  group of companies, suppliers of the major Australian and overseas companies with aluminium, bronze, and iron die casting solutions, Merne Products Pty. Ltd. - gravity die casting in aluminium alloys, Adcast Consolidated Pty. Ltd. - non-ferrous castings.

APCO ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  production of cast and machined parts in cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium, components for the manufacturing, ship building, mining, aquaculture and forestry industries.

ALLEN FOUNDRY COMPANY  -  manufacturer of wear resistant and corrosion resistant ferrous castings - nihard irons, high chromium irons, chromium-molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum-copper irons, grey cast irons, ductile irons, austenitic flake graphite irons (ni-resist) and austenitic spheroidal graphite irons, steels.

AJAX FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  producers of cast irons that perform under conditions of temperature and friction in accordance with individual customers requirements.

APECS INVESTMENT CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  custom casting of gold alloys, platinum, silver, brass and bronze for jewellery and allied statuary and promotional industries, investment casting from either wax patterns or metal master patterns.

AIRBOURNE INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium gravity die casting, automotive components, fan blades, chiller plates for the beverage industry, seat and table bases, design and manufacture of dies for gravity die casting.

ANTRAC NON-FERROUS CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  production of bronze, aluminium and zinc based castings for the building industry, architecture, marine and automotive industries, hard-sand moulding, pattern making service.

ALTAVISION PTY. LTD.  -  production of carbon steel and stainless steel castings made by the lost wax process for power line applications and general engineering applications, malleable cast iron, ductile cast iron and grey cast iron castings, copper, brass and bronze castings made by the lost wax process, aluminium castings made by sand or pressure / gravity die casting.

AUSCO PRODUCTS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of bronze and aluminium marine hardware and components for the mining, drilling and construction industries, own non-ferrous foundry.

ANDREW ROGERS INDUSTRIAL DESIGN  -  industrial design engineering service, small scale zinc, aluminium and precious vacuum metal casting, pattern making, aluminium filled epoxy tooling, prototyping.

A.W.BELL PTY. LTD.  -  complex metal parts, investment casting and sand casting processes.

BILLMAN'S FOUNDRY  -  manufacturer of bronze fountains, street, park and garden furniture and ornamental castings, a large range of functional and ornamental castings in aluminium, bronze and cast iron suitable for private or municipal applications, also specialized in heritage, reproduction, restoration and engineering work of all sizes.

BEVERLEY INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA (BIA) PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of cast iron and steel castings for municipal and civic works, press tool castings for car manufacturers, wear parts for the mining industry, cast iron and steel parts for agriculture and general engineering, architectural and street furniture - bollards, chairs and light poles, manhole covers and grates, green-sand and hard sand moulding, pattern making, heat treatment and machining.

B.R DURHAM & SONS PTY. LTD.  -  production of stormwater, sewer and electrical cast iron and aluminium access covers and grates, gully grates and frames, drain boxes, tree grills.

BUNDABERG WALKERS ENGINEERING LTD.  -  manufacturer of sugar factory equipment and parts for the aluminium smelters, pump manufacturers, construction companies, general engineering and mining industry, production of grey, ductile, high tensile and white cast irons, alloy steels and bronze castings.

COATES AND WOOD FINE ART FOUNDRY  -  sculpture foundry specializing in bronze and aluminium lost wax casting, restoration and patination work.

CAST BONDING AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of wear resistant components of a wide range of geometries - impact plates and bars, wear plates, lined pipe spools and elbows, feed chutes, dispersion cones and plates, gyratory crusher concaves and mantles, hammers, pump and valve bodies, mill rolls, jaw crusher wear faces, valve seats and discs, plough discs, automatic flaskless moulding and transfer system plus floor moulding.

COBBLE CAST AUSTRALIA  -  lost wax art foundry and studio, cast bronze sculptures.

COLONIAL CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  production of unique permanent mould cast aluminium furniture and accessories for a range of commercial and residential applications, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, outdoor load bearing columns, balcony furniture, aluminium railing components, letterboxes.

CRAWFORD'S CASTING PTY. LTD.  -  art foundry, bronze or aluminium fabrication of artworks and sculptures, lost wax process and sand moulding.

CHALKOS FINE ARTS FOUNDRY  -  art bronze foundry, sculptures.

CENTRAL FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  non-ferrous foundry specialized in cast pattern plates, cast master patterns, shell core boxes, vacuum forming moulds, bronze plaques, industrial pumps and fans, urban furniture, lead yacht keels, etc., all grades of non-ferrous materials - aluminium, gunmetal, brass, lead, high conductivity copper, aluminium bronze, phos bronze, manganese bronze, leaded bronzes, tin bronzes.

CHERAS INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of cast aluminium products, gravity and pressure die castings for a wide range of industries, art casting,
a part of the G.James Glass & Aluminium Group - manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors.

CASTECH PTY. LTD.  -  short runs of small to mid-size castings in a wide range of alloys, including aluminium, bronze, grey irons, white irons, carbon steels and alloy steels, cast parts for mining, power generation, automotive and petroleum industries, hard-sand moulding, aluminium gravity die-casting.

CQMS RAZER  -  production of dragline buckets and rigging components, ground engaging tools, excavator bucket cast lips, conveyor accessories, stone dusting systems, crusher consumables and castings for material processing in mines and quarries, jaw lines, gyratory lines, blow bars and liner plates, custom castings for specialist applications.

CAST REPRODUCTIONS PTY. LTD.  -  heritage reproduction experts, gravity and sand-cast aluminium services, aluminium heritage fence panels, posts, corners and friezes, valance and balustrade panels, traditional gates, roof finials and crestings.

DAVIES & BAIRD  -  a division of Thompsons, Kelly & Lewis Pty. Ltd., manufacturer of ferrous castings for such diverse markets as pumps and valves, heavy and light rail - trackwork and rolling stock products, mining, mineral processing, quarrying, sugar industry, cement industry, gears, oil, gas and petroleum industry, defence, power generation, chemical industry, food processing industry, shipping, transport - vehicle components and infrastructure, general engineering, a wide range of mild, low alloy, high tensile, high alloy, wear resistant, corrosion resistant and heat resistant steel castings, spheroidal graphite and abrasion resistant white irons, castings up to 4 tonnes.

DIECAST & PRESSING PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of brass or stainless steel eyelets and washers, zinc alloy hot chamber pressure die casting.

DANDENONG IRON FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  grey iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron castings for the mining, engineering, water, rail and automotive industries.

DERWENT INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of water pipe fittings and industrial castings, cast iron, ductile iron, Ni-resist irons, steel, aluminium, brass and bronze cast parts.

D P JONES & CO.  -  manufacturer of cast bronze memorial and commemorative plaques, family crests in bronze and aluminium, bronze and aluminium signage, granite and marble monuments, memorial lettercutting services, sand moulding.

EXCELSIOR DIECASTING COMPANY PTY. LTD.  -  high pressure diecasting, aluminium and zinc alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, white goods, electronics, camera support equipment, train braking systems, electrical lighting, building industry, commercial solutions.

ECCLES FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING  -  aluminium, brass, bronze, grey and ductile cast iron castings, muff couplings, lumpends, elbows, nuts & tails, skin fittings, sockets, reducing bushes and tank fittings, various castings servicing the marine, mining, industrial and rural sectors.

EXCEL HOSICO DIECASTING PTY. LTD.  -  a part of Hosico Engineering Group, manufacturer of high pressure die-castings for automotive, computer equipment, electrical and electronics, instruments, defence and aerospace, builders hardware, hand tools, sporting goods, medical equipment, telecommunications.

FLOCAST AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  production of continuous and centrifugally cast iron and bronze bars, and a wide range of cast iron castings.

FLETCHER & SONS FOUNDRY  -  steel, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings for a wide variety of customers.

FIELDINGS FOUNDRY  -  production of aluminium, brass and bronze industrial and art castings.

FURPHY FOUNDRY  -  foundry specialized in the design and manufacture of street and park furniture, cast aluminium seats, benches & tables, fountains, bollards, street & park lights, tree furniture & bike racks, litter recepticals and custom-made products.

FUNDERE - FOUNDRY AND STUDIOS  -  art bronze casting and a complete sculpture service from concept / design to production and installation.

FIDAX FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of grey and ductile cast iron castings for the automotive, mining, construction industries, Disamatic vertically parted green sand moulding technology.

G&C PTY. LTD.  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and white cast iron castings, carbon steel, low alloy steel and manganese steel castings from 0.5 kg to 800 kg, cast parts for mining, agricultural, earthmoving, manufacturing and railway sectors.

GRAHAM CAMPBELL FERRUM INTERNATIONAL PTY. LTD.  -  producer of large grey, ductile and heat resistant cast iron castings up to a weight of 60 000 kg, mill trunnions and heads, kiln tyres and support rollers, clamping cylinders for plastic injection moulding machines, gearing for mills and kilns, bearing slippers and bases, crushing rolls.

GALVIN ENGINEERING  -  ferrous castings in grey iron, white iron, nodular iron and stainless steel, non-ferrous castings in aluminium, brass and bronze, cast products for the mining, pump, plumbing, transport and engineering industries.

GRIGSBY's FOUNDRY  -  aluminium alloys, bronze, brass, monel metal and cast iron castings, chemical and green sand moulding, gravity die casting, design and manufacture of bronze memorial plaques of all sizes, aluminium gear boxes, housings, engine manifolds, mufflers, bronze bushes, marine capstans, bronze fins, cleats and log glands, valves, wheels, pipe fittings.

GATIC PTY. LTD.  -  production of access covers and gratings - circular access covers and frames, square and rectangular access covers and frames, 2-part,
3-part and multi-part covers and frames, cast iron, galvanized mild steel and stainless steel grates and frames, brass and stainless steel edged covers and frames, concrete encased covers and frames, tree grates, lifting keys and accessories.

GOLDEN CITY LACE  -  heritage restoration of buildings, own foundry for production of aluminium decorative lace panels, friezes, droppers and corners for the home or business.

HUTCHINSON BROS PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium, bronze, brass and lead industrial castings for the automotive, railway, marine, recycling, irrigation, mining, food processing and general engineering sectors, green-sand and hard-sand moulding.

HESLOP CONTRACT CASTERS PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloys high pressure die casting, cast parts for the automotive industry, white goods, lighting, veterinary sector, builders hardware and rain water products.

HARROP CASTING TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD.  -  production of aluminium, magnesium, brass, bronze and ferrous castings, sand moulding or low pressure die casting, a part of Adrad Group - Australia, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of radiators, automotive air-conditioning parts and other heat exchange products.

HASCO FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  a small family operated foundry, production of aluminium, brass, copper, zinc, lead and gun metal castings, green sand moulding.

HYCAST METALS PTY. LTD.  -  production of engineered investment castings and centrifugal spun castings for the full spectrum of industries, art casting from marquette to monument.

INTERCAST & FORGE PTY. LTD.  -  cast and forged products to the international automotive, rail and industrial markets, 60 000 tonnes of grey, ductile, wear and heat resistant iron castings per annum.

INVESTMENT CASTINGS QUEENSLAND PTY. LTD.  -  stainless steels, carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, inconels, monels, hastelloys, white irons, grey irons, spheroidal graphite irons, bronzes, brasses, gunmetal, aluminium alloys investment cast parts ranging from 10 grams up to 25 kg, sand cast metal parts weighing from 500 grams up to 500 kg, and shell moulded sand castings, industries served - architectural, agriculture, automotive, art work / plaques, marine, mining, military / defence, power generation, pumping industry, oil production, food production, glass industry, general engineering, railways and transport, pattern makers capable of manufacturing virtually any form or type of pattern equipment or tooling required for the manufacture of castings, acquired (2011) by Bradken-Australia.

IXL METAL CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  grey iron, ductile iron, ni-resist, ni-hard and stainless steel castings, rigid-box moulding, tapping pipes, pouring troughs, dross pans for the aluminium smelter industry, pig moulds, ingot moulds, furnace rollers, drain spouts, pouring lips, furnace hinges and plates for ingot manufacturing plants, casting wheels and spouts, pressure pump housings, heavy vehicle suspension and bracket components, water flow components, complex castings for the medical industry, a part of the Backwell IXL Group.

J. A. DINTE PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium and bronze castings for the entire engineering industry include rail, confectionary, food, mining, pump, petrochemical and marine.

J. BAZZANO AND SONS PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium pressure and gravity diecasting from 10 g to 20 kg, cast parts for letterboxes, aluminium grates, boat trailer wheels.

JACKSONS FOUNDRY  -  cast in aluminium, gunmetal, grey cast iron, brass, manganese bronze, aluminium bronze, castings for extensive range of locks and door furniture, cast iron backs for fireplaces, damper plates, fire bars & parts, old vehicle restoration & motor bike parts, bronze sculptures, fence decorations, numbers & plaques, lace work, manhole covers, storm water grates.

JOHN HEINE AND SON PTY LTD.  -  ferrous castings in many specifications from grey iron, nodular iron, high Ni and high Cr wear resistant alloys, through to alloy steels and stainless steel, cast parts for the quarry and mining industries.

KEECH AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  steel, stainless steel, high alloy and ductile cast iron castings for the general engineering industry, agricultural and mining.

KILKENNY CASTINGS / KC AUTO PRODUCTS  -  production of aluminium alloy automotive replacement thermostat housings, water pump backing plates, timing covers, rocker covers, inlet manifolds, tensioner pulleys and other automotive cast parts and accessories, gravity and pressure die casting.

KJ PRECISION ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  gravity die cast aluminium in all grades, production of jetty cleats or marina cleats, and weatherproof emergency telephones for road / rail, police, fire brigade, mining and power stations.

LAW CASTINGS  -  production of stainless steel castings - impellers, flanges, bodies, discs and other cast parts for the shipbuilding, agriculture, automotive, rail, water & general engineering, mining, oil and gas sectors, resin bonded sand moulding.

LACHLAN DIECASTERS PTY. LTD.  -  zinc and aluminium pressure diecasting, handles, panels for poker machines, gun bodies, rack parts.

LENLOK HALES  -  zinc and aluminium diecasting for automotive industry, whitegoods industry, industrial manufacturing, hardware products, petroleum / fluid process control & instrumentation.

LEWIS NON FERROUS CASTING PTY. LTD.  -  production of phosphorous bronze and aluminium castings, bushes, flat rectangles, components and replacement parts for maintaining equipment, art casting - statues and trophies.

MBP AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  casting and machining of non-ferrous alloys - brass, bronze, aluminium, zinc and copper.

MATTHEWS BRONZE PTY. LTD.  -  cast bronze and aluminium memorial plaques, commemorative plaques, heraldic insignia, lettering and nameplates.

MELBOURNE CREATIVE CASTINGS  -  manufacturer of aluminium cast parts and components for exterior lighting, street lamps, garden features, verandah posts, bird baths, custom made name plaques, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

MARGET ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  zinc and aluminium pressure diecasting, cast parts for the automotive, white goods, hardware and electronics industries.

MODEL ENGINEERING SUPPLIES PTY. LTD.  -  cast iron, steel, bronze, brass cast parts for extensive range of models - locomotives and cars.

MATILDA FOUNDRY  -  specialising in aluminium & bronze castings using sand & die casting methods, high performance manifolds, marine products, rail components, building products and renovations, vintage & restoration, motor vehicle, bronze stamps, nameplates & plaques, dies for plastic rotation moulding, electrical fittings for mining industry.

MALLET FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings for engineering and water / sewerage pipeline applications.

MELBOURNE GRAVITY PTY. LTD.  -  a wide range of aluminium gravity diecast components and sand castings for a wide range of applications, for both national and international markets.

McKECHNIE IRON FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  cast iron and steel jobbing foundry, castings for the automotive industry - press line dies, bolsters, injection-moulding dies, mining - cyclones, wear parts, general engineering - pump casings, gearbox casings, ball mill girth gears, paper mill equip, bearing housings, valve bodies and dies, pipes and power station castings.

METT PTY. LTD.  -  high pressure aluminium diecasting, cast products for the automotive industry.

MOSS PRODUCTS PTY. LTD.  -  production of zinc pressure die cast industrial components, automotive parts, threaded components, metal joining.

MERIDIAN SCULPTURE FOUNDERS PTY. LTD.  -  lost-wax art foundry, silicon bronze sculpture casting, restoration and conservation, project design and management.

NORTHERN IRON & BRASS FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, austempered ductile iron, abrasion resistant white iron, corrosion resistant iron, heat resistant iron, bronze and aluminium, and various grades of steel castings, green and chemical sand moulding.

OZCAST PTY. LTD.  -  production of pewter castings from jewellery like earings, necklaces, brooches, pendants and rings to keyrings and suncatchers.

PERIDES ART FOUNDRY  -  monumental art castings, services available for artists - moulding, enlargements, welding, patination / colouring, aluminium and bronze casting.

PERFECT CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  non-ferrous foundry, castings for vehicle or building restorations, sand moulding.

PHOENIX FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  bronze casting - memorial plaques and products, commemorative plaques, household products, artistic castings.

PEDRO PRODUCTS (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD.  -  bronze, aluminium, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel castings for the mining, engineering, defence and municipalities, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

PETER VIRGIN CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of unique bronze and aluminium art castings - fountains, statues, sundials, spouts and flanges.

QUALITY CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  ferrous alloys castings for corrosion, wear and heat resistant applications, casting weight is approximately 1300 kg in steel alloys and up to 3500 kg in cast iron.

RGD CORPORATION PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of irrigation and landscape lighting products, own foundry division, brass, bronze and aluminium gravity die casting / sand moulding, stainless steel, brass and bronze investment casting, castings for the marine, mining, rail, and general engineering industries.

R.C. WHAN PTY. LTD.  -  a family owned company, production of cast iron, ductile iron, Ni-hard and Ni-resist iron, low alloy steels, stainless steel and manganese steel castings for engineering, smelting and mining purposes, chemically bonded hard sand moulding, annual capacity 1200 tons.

ROGERS INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium and plastic products and components, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting.

STEELE AND LINCOLN FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  grey, ductile and austempered ductile cast iron castings for the mining, food and beverage, gas and oil, power generation, light and heavy truck, rail and general engineering industries, chemically bonded sand moulding for casting weights of between 5-50 kilograms, pattern makers using traditional pattern making materials like aluminium, plastic and wood.

SANKEY AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  production of aluminium pressure / gravity die castings and zinc pressure die castings for various industries.

SPUNALOY CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  centrifugal castings in bronze, aluminium and copper.

SUPERIOR CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium and brass castings for the engineering industry.

SUPERIOR CORES PTY. LTD.  -  production of aluminium, bronze, gunmetal, copper and brass castings, green sand or air set sand process, manufacturer of sand cores and sand moulds for the Australian foundry industry.

SANDS HILL PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium alloy castings - fan blades and hubs, valve and pump bodies, machinery guards and housing, automotive and marine components, decorative castings, green sand automated moulding lines, chemical bonded sand moulding, lost-foam process, gravity and pressure die casting, bronze castings - valve and pump components, castings for the oil, gas, and chemical industries, bushing, natural bonded green sand moulding and chemical bonded sand moulding.

SHAW PROCESS CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  investment casting producer, cast parts and components for the automotive, aviation, railways, marine, defence, electrical, petroleum, agriculture, food, glass, and other sectors, art casting, sculptures, statues.

TRIGGS BROTHERS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of small to medium sized grey & ductile iron castings for irrigation, automotive, heavy transport, electrical, building, agricultural and mining industries.

TP CASTINGS  -  aluminium & bronze castings for the engineering & plastics industry.

TURVILLE ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  gravity die casting company, aluminium alloys cast parts for a range of applications - lighting, traffic control, water supply and measurement, telecommunications and sound equipment, road and rail transportation, power transmission and furniture.

TRELOAR GROUP PTY. LTD.  -  fluid handling products and services catering to the chemical, petroleum and process industries, Treloar foundry produces castings for customers in architectural, road and rail transport, engineering and marine industries, brass and aluminium alloys castings up to 250 kg, green sand automatic machine moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding.

THOMPSONS, KELLY & LEWIS PTY. LTD. / DAVIES & BAIRD DIV.  -  carbon, low and high alloy, high tensile, abrasion & wear resistant, corrosion & heat resistant steel castings, ductile cast iron, abrasion resistant white iron castings, cast components for pumps, light & heavy rail trackwork, general engineering, valves, mining, quarrying, oil refineries, sugar industry, gears, castings in the weight range from 1 to 3500 kg.

TURVILLE PRECISION CASTINGS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of non-ferrous alloys castings for the automotive industry, general machining, pumps and irrigation sector, decorative castings, green sand moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding and gravity die casting.

T.R.X. AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS  -  manufacturer of automotive components and specialized industrial castings, gravity die aluminium casting.

TRIPLE STAR DIECASTING (TSD) PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting, fencing products - rings, spears, caps, brackets, scrolls, fittings, locks.

TOOLING SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium foundry, low production run castings for prototypes and plastic tooling - whether for rotational moulding, vacuum forming, rim moulding, composite lay-up or infused moulds, pattern and model making services using a wide range of materials - timber, cast aluminium, epoxy resins, gravity and vacuum cast polyurethane, tooling board and modelling paste, polystyrene, closed cell or polyurethane foams.

VEEM ENGINEERING GROUP  -  manufacturer of propellers for users in the leisure, high speed naval and work boat markets, a complete range of products and services to the marine sector, the company operates the largest non ferrous facilities in Australia for mining and industrial spares include coal loading spares, generator bearings, bronze bearings, pump spares, flour and crusher mill bearings, valve components and fabricated equipment components, foundry capabilities include sand casting, shell moulding, pressure die casting, lost foam casting, pattern making, computer solidification modeling.

WHEATLEY & WILLIAMS PTY. LTD.  -  brass, bronze, aluminium, zinc and gunmetal castings for the mining, steel industries, motor vehicle and related industries, defence, general and heavy engineering, glass manufacturing, ship bells and art plaques, CO2 sand moulding process, gravity die casting, centrifugally casting.

WENTORF BRONZE  -  art foundry, bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze trophies and bronze corporate gifts in a range of Australian animals such as kangaroos, possums, platypus, penguins, koalas, dolphins, wombats, frogs, lizards, Tasmanian devils and Tasmanian tigers.

WADHAM BROTHERS PTY. LTD.  -  production of brass, bronze and aluminium castings with individual casting weight of up to 20 kg, valves, plumbing fittings, couplings, flanges, plaques and artistic products.

W.D. MOORE & CO. PTY. LTD.  -  windmill and solar water pumping solutions, windmill spare parts, pumps and components, own foundry, production of grey cast iron, brass and aluminium in-house castings and specialty castings for outside customers - boat builders, car body builders, model builders, artists, engine restorers and architects.

WAGGA IRON FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of grey, Ni-hard and ductile cast iron castings, and brass and aluminium castings for a broad spread of applications in the civil, commercial, engineering, mining, automotive and agricultural industries - castings for replacement of broken or missing balustrades and other decorative and functional lacework, border fences, cast iron columns, street lamp posts, bollards, park benches, tables, fountains and birdbaths, knockers, knobs and other door furniture, manhole covers and frames incl. with emblems, crests or corporate identity, firedogs, firebaskets and firebacks of fireplaces, barbeque plates, stove and heater cast parts, giftware.

WHITE INDUSTRIES FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  production of steel, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings for general engineering, rail, mining, automotive, road transport, municipal and agricultural sectors, greensand and chemically bonded sand moulding, timbers, epoxy resins or metal pattern making.

WM. OLDS & SONS PTY. LTD.  -  production of propellers and nozzles, single-cylinder marine engines, street and garden furniture, replacement parts for every type of industry, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings, sand moulding, gravity die casting, pattern making.

WEAR TECH FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of long wearing cast iron and steel castings to the power generating, mining and associated industries.

WILLIAM WALLBANK & SONS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of cast iron and steel castings, sheet metal and brickmaking machinery.

ZEDLINA FOUNDRY PTY. LTD.  -  non-ferrous metals castings - aluminium alloys, gunmetal, brass and special bronzes, aluminium and manganese bronzes, admiralty and specialist naval bronzes, chrome and beryllium copper, high conductivity copper, zinc alloys, grey and ductile cast iron and specialty steel castings.

Invited Companies:

ABC Castings Pty. Ltd. - non ferrous gravity die casting, Crown Castings Pty. Ltd. - aluminium and bronze castings, Merne Products Pty. Ltd. - aluminium, bronze and gunmetal casting, die casting, Nadalin Bros Pty. Ltd. - die casting, Queensland Die Casters Pty. Ltd. - aluminium and brass pressure die casting,
Scott Foundries Pty. Ltd. - ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

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