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2000 ART FOUNDRY (2000 WORKSHOP CO. W.L.L.), BAHRAIN  -  bronze and brass art foundry, lost wax casting, small statues and miniatures, animal figures, decorative plaques and plates, candle holders.

ARTAL, POLAND  -  metal figurines, small signs, badges, metal prototypes, sign-boards, information boards, fashion jewellery, gadgets.
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ALUMEX-64 LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of bronze, brass and aluminium castings, green-sand moulding, self-hardening sand moulding, gravity die casting,
lost-wax industrial and art casting.

ALFA ARTE, SPAIN  -  art casting in bronze, aluminium and stainless steel, sculptures, busts and important figures, urban decoration, gifts, maintenance and restoration, large-scale chemical sand moulding, lost-wax casting, a part of Grupo Alfa.

A.A.ART CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  bronze foundry for sculptures, statues, art castings, animal figures, fountains, urns, coffee tables, miniatures, and lamp holders.

ACE ALUMINUM BRASS CASTING CO., USA  -  casting in aluminum, brass and bronze, address plaques, custom plaques, rosettes, ornamental & antique parts, table legs, finials, indoor and outdoor ornamental banisters, fence rails, door knockers, handles, brackets.

ALESTA - ALEXIEVI BROTHERS LTD., BULGARIA  -  design, production and restoration of metal art and architectural works - bronze, brass, iron, cast iron in various classical and modern technologies, precision casting of bronze, brass, aluminium and special alloys, wrought iron and wrought copper, interior and exterior metalworks, railings, decorative gates, grilles and fences, reliefs and sculptures, metal garden furniture, bar tops and chairs.

ARGOS ART CASTING FOUNDRY, USA  -  a full-service art foundry, sculpture fabrication and metal work, highly detailed figurines, life-size statues and large public-art sculptures, time-worn art objects restoration, lost wax process.

ARMANDO ARANGO FUNDERIA ARTISTICA, COLOMBIA  -  bronze foundry, modeling, moulding and lost wax casting of art works, restoration techniques.

ALUGUSS-AUE GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  aluminium foundry, hand and machine sand moulding, gravity die casting, cast parts for machine-building industry, art castings.

ALLEN ARCHITECTURAL METALS, INC., USA  -  custom and art casting, restoration, and preservation.

ALBRON BT., HUNGARY  -  aluminium, brass and bronze cast parts, bars, bearings, coins, decorative items and monuments, park and street furniture.

ART BRONZE, USA  -  art foundry, finest bronze art created by world renowned artists and hand crafted.

ALFE BRNO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  decorative cast iron and non-ferrous alloys products for various stair cases, banisters, garden and city items, cast elements for lamp posts, waste bins, columns, guard stones, fencing tips, brackets for lighting fittings and firm signs, gratings around trees, post boxes, coffee table legs, fountains, etc.

AALBORG BRONCESTOBERI A/S, DENMARK  -  letters, signs, logos and plaques, headstone ornaments, sculptures, applied art, accessories for the bathroom and hallway (mirrors, shelves, hooks and toilet paper holders), unique birdhouses and bird feeders, bronze, brass and aluminium industrial cast parts of any size with
a weight from 5 grams up to 400 kg, sand moulding.

ATELIER B.B.C. - BRONZES BREIZH CREATION, FRANCE  -  bronze art casting, monumental works, plaques, promotional gifts, advertising items, various trophies, medals, furniture, crosses, restoration.

ART CASTINGS, BELARUS  -  monumental, garden and park sculptures, figurines, reliefs, plaques, souvenirs, interior items and ritual supplies of bronze, aluminium and artificial stone, investment casting, cold-harden sand moulding, gravity / pressure die casting.

ALPINE CASTING CO., USA  -  jewellery casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass and bronze.

ALLOY CASTINGS CO., INC., CANADA  -  aluminium casting, decorative poles, fire alarm pedestals, traffic bases, and bollards, a wide range of reproduction antique poles and bases for period lighting fixtures.

AGOP CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  a manufacturing and trading company, own foundry Duc Duy Khanh, production of gray cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum castings, machine parts, weights from 5 kg to 1000 kg, bathtubs, manhole covers and grates, decorative plates for fireplaces, ornamental articles, decorative street and park furniture, utensils and home appliances.

ART CASTINGS of COLORADO, USA  -  art foundry, lost wax process.

ATHY CO-OPERATIVE FOUNDRY LTD., IRELAND  -  large scale and small scale cast iron casting for a wide range of markets from the artistic to the industrial, outdoor garden and street lighting, ornamental railings, cast iron gates, metal sculptures, renovation and replication of existing antique cast iron work, street seats, bollards and signs, cast windows, window grills and ridge caps, engineering castings, gear blanks, sprockets, machine parts, replacement parts for agricultural machinery,
in-house pattern making facility.

ART CASTINGS of ILLINOIS, USA  -  art foundry.

ALL-CRAFT WELLMAN PRODUCTS, INC., USA  -  cast bronze and aluminum plaques, bas reliefs, donor recognition trees, engraved nameplates and signs.

AMBEY ENTERPRISES, INDIA  -  manufacturer and exporter of aluminium and brass industrial castings, door lever handles, door knobs, gate latches, letter plates, garden hardware, statues, church bells.

ARTCAST FOUNDRY, NEW ZEALAND  -  bronze art foundry, sand moulding, lost wax casting or a combination of both, workshops for sculptors or students, consulting services.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY, USA  -  art castings.

ALUMINUM FOUNDRY & PATTERN WORKS LTD., CANADA  -  castings in aluminium, brass and bronze for commercial, aerospace, power distribution, military and automotive (race car) use, as well as castings for artists and trophies, green sand, self-setting and permanent mould casting processes, own pattern shop for wood, plastic, or aluminium patterns.

ATELIER FRANCE BRONZE, FRANCE  -  art casting, bronze and silver sculptures, table decorations, furnishings, jewelry, a part of group of foundries which includes Foundry St.Sauveur and the company Brumat.


ART FOUNDRY DEL CHIARO MASSIMO, ITALY  -  large monumental sculptures, bronze castings by lost wax technology.

ART FOUNDRY - LUBOMIR HOLECEK, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  bronze castings of all sizes, art works by the precise lost wax technology.
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ART FOUNDRY of INVERNESS, CANADA  -  cast bronze and aluminium alloys sculptures.

ARTISIAN FOUNDRY VOZDOVAC - JEREMIC BROTHERS, SERBIA  -  art foundry, unique art monumental works, bronze cast sculptures.
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ART GANAR AS LTD., BULGARIA  -  art casting - small plastics and monumental sculptures of brass, bronze and aluminum alloys, capabilities of moulding sizes up to 8 m, full treatment of the finished castings, polishing, patina-forming treatment.

ALEXANDER HOLATA ART FOUNDRY, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  services for sculptors and collectors, lost wax casting method for precise and old bronze items, art objects (sculptures, reliefs), memorial tablets, busts, medals, information tables, art fittings, signboards.

ARTCAST, INC., CANADA  -  art foundry with long experience casting sculptures in bronze and various other metals using the lost wax process, sculptures in any size from small pieces to monumental sculptures weighing up to several tones.

ASUZAC INC., JAPAN  -  the Space Engineering Division, V-process production of aluminium construction and interior / exterior castings - urban furniture and garden furnishing products, gates, fences, ornamental balconies, street lamps, information panels, monuments, aluminium made molds for ready mixed concrete products.

ARCHITECTURAL IRON COMPANY, INC., USA  -  architectural cast iron works, art & decorative fabrications, historic metal restoration, fence panels, railings, rosettes, urns, bollards.

AIL INDUSTRIES CO. LTD., UAE  -  a subsidiary of GIBCA Group of Companies, United Arab Emirates, art, decorative architectural and structural castings in aluminium, brass and bronze, gates, fencing, balustrades, screens, furniture, acclaimed decorative lighting fixtures ranging from wall brackets to 18 m high posts with multiple luminaries, design and manufacture of sacrificial anode system in aluminium and zinc alloys for offshore structures, submarine pipelines, ship hulls and offshore storage tanks.

APECS INVESTMENT CASTINGS PTY LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  custom casting of gold alloys, platinum, silver, brass and bronze for jewellery and allied statuary and promotional industries, investment casting from either wax patterns or metal master patterns.

AMUNDSEN K EFTF METALLSTOPERI, NORWAY  -  lead, zinc, tin, brass and bronze metal works, new crafting or copying, repair of iron, steel and brass objects, various letters, signs and plaques in brass and bronze, brass door handles, vintage car or boat parts, cast shapes and plaques to artists, fencing and poles, small castings in brass and bronze, brass candelabra parts, new and original for late renaissance period lamps, chromed and engraved bells, cast brass medals, antimagnetic bronze anchors for Norwegian navy mine sweepers, lost-wax technology and sand mould casting.

ARTHUR McLUCKIE & SON LTD., UK  -  cast iron and ductile iron castings, engineering castings, garden furniture, decorative ornamental cast iron products.

ALL METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, USA  -  small to midsize production runs of decorative metal castings and cast products for the architectural, utility and construction industries, sand molding and investment casting.


A.P. CASTING LTD., ISRAEL  -  a fine art foundry, lost wax bronze casting procedure, fabrication service especially designed to suite the most demanding requirements of the artist who sculpts in any possible material, all kinds of alloys (bronze, aluminium, stainless steel cast iron) in all shapes and sizes from the smallest, most fragile pieces to 8 tons, 9 meter tall landmarks.

ANTONIN PADERA FOUNDRY, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  non-ferrous (mainly bronze) castings for reliefs, busts, plaques, ornamental plates, etc.

ATELIERS PAUL FLURY, FRANCE  -  sculptor Paul Flury offers sculpture workshops at his farm at Chatelus-Malvaleix, the farm includes a fully equipped studio,
a foundry, and a renovated farmhouse, techniques: modeling - clay, plaster, cement, wax, carving - wood, stone, welding, glass sculpture, moulding - plaster moulds, silicone moulds, bronze art casting, patina, jewellery.

ATELIER R. BOCQUEL S.A., FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures, monumental works, lost wax casting and sand moulding.

ART RESEARCH ENTERPRISES, USA  -  art foundry, services from mold making to complete fabrication.

A.R.K. RAMOS, USA  -  cast aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel plaques, letters and decorative items.

ARBARIYA STEELS, INDIA  -  ferrous and non-ferrous industry castings, art and decorative cast items.

BRONSGIETERIJ ATELIER 80 B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art casting foundry, bronze, brass and aluminium alloys monumental castings, statues and articles of renown artists, lost wax method.

BRONZE AGE ART, SOUTH AFRICA  -  a multifunctional art foundry that specializes in casting sculpture in bronze with both the lost wax and sand casting processes, provides a service to artists from around the world, the design studio produces a wide range of products, ranging from lights, interior accessories to our trademark bowls and exclusive, once-off furniture pieces.

BRONZE ART FINE ART FOUNDRY, IRELAND  -  bronze fine art foundry, lost wax process, sculpture fabrication from the monumental to small scale, a wide range of bronze plaques for different county councils and organisations in Ireland and abroad, awards for various special achievement / business awards and film award ceremonies, various sword parts and props made in bronze for the Irish film industry, restoration or repair work, specialised bronze fixtures and fittings.

BRONZE & IRON ART STUDIO, IRELAND  -  metal specialist and foundry company, bronze, brass, copper, lead, pewter, and aluminium cast, sand cast, lost wax cast, vacuum cast, large / small sculptures, furniture, door knobs / locks, hinges, balustrades, chandeliers, lanterns, console tables, coffee tables, railings, fountains, blacksmith works, restoration and conservation of historical (religious, artistic, technical and ethnographic) and archaeological objects.

BRONSGIETERIJ & KUNSTATELIER DE PAARDENSTAL, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze casting using the lost wax method, sculptures, monuments and artifacts, repairs and restoration.

BRONZE AGE LTD., UK  -  art sculpture casting foundry using the lost wax method to cast works in bronze and other non-ferrous metals.

BRINK & van KEULEN, THE NETHERLANDS  -  casting, grinding, sanding and polishing, maintenance and restoration of brass chandeliers for churches, government agencies, museums, royal palaces and other impressive rooms.

BRONSBEELDGIETERIJ BINDER B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze statues and monuments.

BRONSGIETERIJ BOGART B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  sculptures in bronze, brass and aluminium, lost wax method.

BEHRENDS BRONZE, INC., CANADA  -  cast bronze, brass and aluminum signs, plaques, letters, drink coasters, unique crests and trophies, door pulls.

BRONSGIETERIJ CUSTERS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art foundry for both professional and amateur artists.

BRONSGIETERIJ CSER B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, sand moulding and lost-wax casting, bronze art works and sculptures.

BALLANTINE CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  producer of iron castings to the architectural, engineering and construction sectors, restoration and refurbishment to existing metalwork worldwide, fencing, monuments, ornamental structures, post boxes, lamp posts, tree grilles, bollards, manhole covers, gully grates and frames, trapped gullies, channels, drain grates.

BRONZE D'ART SERRALHEIRO S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze and brass art foundry.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE HOOISCHUUR, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze casting and finishing, artworks, busts, statues, childhood memories, grave ornaments, urns.

BRONZI DE LUCA, ITALY  -  cast bronze monuments and sculptures.

BRONZES DE MOHON, FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures, plaques, trophies, medals, office articles, sand moulding and wax lost casting.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE SMELTERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art castings in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys, lost wax method.

BAYCAST FOUNDRY, NEW ZEALAND  -  casting in non-ferrous metals, castings for boat fittings, automotive and farm machinery, art work in bronze and brass.

BILLMAN'S FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of bronze fountains, street, park and garden furniture and ornamental castings, a large range of functional and ornamental castings in aluminium, bronze and cast iron suitable for private or municipal applications, also specialised in heritage, reproduction, restoration and engineering work of all sizes.

BULBECK FOUNDRY, UK  -  one of the few remaining lead foundries still casting traditional lead fountains, water cisterns, planters and garden statuary.

BENICIA FOUNDRY AND IRON WORKS INC., USA  -  a wide array of iron beds, cast aluminum garden furniture, and other ornamental iron works.

BRASS FOUNDRY CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  brass castings, lost wax process, antique furniture fitting, antique furniture restoration cabinet hardware, architectural fittings and interior design mounts, sculptures, ornaments.

BOTOU FANGYUAN FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  grey and ductile cast iron, steel castings, various manhole covers, surface boxes, gratings, light posts, ornamental casting, 20 000 tons of castings annually.


BRONZES FROM THE SEA, USA  -  art castings, limited edition production of bronze and sterling sculptures.

BOTOU HENGSHENG CRAFTS CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of ductile and grey cast iron, aluminium, bronze and brass art castings, sculptures and statues, bells, ornamental street lighting - lamp post, light head and accessories, candle stands, decorative garden tables, chairs, fountains, fences and gates, tree grates, bird feeders / birdbaths, fireplaces and stoves, bbq grills, cookers, kettles, urns and planters, manhole covers and grates, hand water pumps, couplers, truck parts, machine parts.

BATO INTERNATIONAL CORP., PHILIPPINES  -  manufacturer of brass and aluminium handles, knobs, hinges, drawer pulls and other furniture hardware parts, lamps and lighting components, candle holders, sculptures and tabletop accessories, permanent mold casting, investment casting, a part of
Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corp.

BENGAL IRON CORPORATION, INDIA  -  ornamental castings - bollards, benches, tree grates, fire places, lamp posts, grills, wall brackets, figures.
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BRANDON INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  cast aluminum decorative street signs, sign trims, sign poles, bases and finials, traffic signs.

BELLFORM KUNSTGIESSEREI, SWITZERLAND  -  art foundry, bronze and aluminium alloys casting.

BRONSGIETERIJ KEMNER, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze monumental, garden and park sculptures, figurines, reliefs, plaques, souvenirs.

BRONSGIETERIJ KLIJNSTRA, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze foundry, lost wax casting method, experience with the casting of simple to complex statues and figurines from few centimeters up to monumental size, gold or chrome plating.

BRONCESTOBERIET LEIF JENSEN A/S, DENMARK  -  art foundry, sculptures and figures in bronze, restoration works, maintenance and installation of sculptures, reduction modeling, industrial cast parts, lost-wax casting technique.

BRONSGIETERIJ MYRON B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art casting, sculptures and figurines - torsos, people, animals, mythology articles.

BIRIBA METAIS FUNDICAO ARTISTICA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  bronze sculptures, busts, bells, bronze and aluminium plaques, decorative vases and bowls, nameplates, letters.

BAOLONG METAL PRODUCTS CO. LTD., CHINA  -  ornamental metal components for fence, gate, stairs, construction & furniture.

BRONSGIETERIJ R.ISEGER, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry customized for artists, companies, individuals and municipalities, bronze and aluminium alloys castings.

BIG SKY BRONZE ART FOUNDRY, USA  -  molds and castings for sculptors.

BRONSGIETERIJ STIJLAART B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art foundry, lost-wax method.

BRONSGIETERIJ STUDIO LEMAREZ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art studio, own foundry shop for lost-wax casting of bronze sculptures, reproduction of original works of art, restoration of damaged sculptures, customers consist of professional artists, private individuals, companies, organizations and institutions.

BRONZES STRASSACKER S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze or aluminium art foundry, sculptures, plaques, letters, fountains, funerary art casting, restoration work.

BRONZE SCULPTURE - TREVOR J. ASKIN, NEW ZEALAND  -  art studio and foundry, bronze birds, animals, people and abstract sculptures.

BRONSGIETERIJ VOLKERS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze, brass, silver and aluminium alloys castings.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den BROEK, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, lost-wax method, sculptures, torsos, reliefs, restoration and repair of bronze articles.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den KLEIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, statues in bronze, brass, tin or aluminium, art casting for artists and hobbyists.

COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS FOUNDRY, SERBIA  -  one of the integrated parts of Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor Ltd., casting of copper and copper alloys, art works castings in sand moulds and lost-wax moulds - church bells, busts, relief, fountains, monuments, sculptures, statues.
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CREATED & CAST BRONZE, NEW ZEALAND  -  art foundry specializes in the lostwax bronze casting process, services include silicone rubber and fibreglass moulds, gas tig and mig welding, patination, sandblasting, restoration, casting of public and private sculpture, unique trohpies, childrens hands and feet, handles.

COATES AND WOOD FINE ART FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  sculpture foundry specialising in bronze and aluminium lost wax casting, restoration and patination work.

CASTER BRONZ KFT., HUNGARY  -  art and industrial castings, steel, cast iron, bronze and brass castings, sand and lost wax moulding, centrifugal casting, statuettes, sculptures, busts, animals, erotic figures, female and children figures, home and desk decorations, musicians, soldiers, vases, walking sticks, coins, promotion gifts, beer fonts (towers).

CANLIN CASTINGS, UK  -  aluminium architectural casting, cast iron ornamental items, reproducing an ancient statue, casting a monumental artifact.

COBBLE CAST AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA  -  lost wax art foundry and studio, cast bronze sculptures.

CRAWFORD'S CASTING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  art foundry, bronze or aluminium fabrication of artworks and sculptures, lost wax process and sand moulding.

CASTING DESIGNS, INC., THAILAND  -  architectural castings.

CAPANNI FONDERIE, ITALY  -  bronze bell foundry, bells of any tone and weight, single bells and bells to be in tune with others bells, every casting is characterized by specific inscriptions, images and artistic decorations.

CHALKOS FINE ARTS FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  art bronze foundry, sculptures.

CREA'FONTE S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  fashion jewelry, bronze and brass decorative articles, furniture items, lost-wax process.

CORNILLE-HAVARD S.A., FRANCE  -  bronze bell foundry, statues, bas-reliefs, memorial plaques, art work.

CUSTOM IRON & CASTING WORKS, INC., USA  -  precision ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, restoration of antique street lamps, gates, fences, fountains, benches and urns, recasting of missing parts and broken sections of antique metal artifacts.

CEBU IRON FOUNDRY CORP. (CIFCO), PHILIPPINES  -  cast iron industrial parts, bronze bells.

CHERAS INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of cast aluminium products, gravity and pressure die castings for a wide range of industries, art casting, a part of the G.James Glass & Aluminium Group - manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors.

CAST LINE, HUNGARY  -  jewelry manufacturing, repair and small wholesalers, precision centrifugal casting in gold and silver alloys.

CAST LTD., IRELAND  -  bronze foundry, a total sculpture service to artists and commissioning bodies.

CASTER LTD., HUNGARY  -  art foundry, wax loss process, sculptures - animals, walking sticks, erotic figures, men, politics - soldiers, flat and writing table decorations, female figures, pairs, vases, etc.

CARR LANE CASTINGS, USA  -  castings in a variety of materials for both artwork fabrication and production, the foundry works with world renown artists, producing sculptures, plaques, awards, and ornate architectural pieces.

CLASSIC MEDALS & CASTINGS, NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacture and supply of hand-cast, hand-made medals and small castings - keyrings featuring the club or corporate logo, pin badges, corporate gifts, coasters, club badges, plaques, all cast products are individually manufactured, ensuring a quality standard that cannot be duplicated in mass production.

CANGZHOU METALLIC CRAFTS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  all kinds of cast iron and aluminium products such as garden decoration, park benches, street lamp post, outdoor torches, mailbox sundials, statue of human beings and animals, bells, flower pot and base, boot scraper, furniture, fountain, weather vanes and garden hook, doormats, doorstops, decoration cannon, garden pumps, chimeneas, stoves and fireplaces with more than 500 styles.
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CITYBEL NV, BELGIUM  -  castings in grey cast and ductile iron, accessories and apparatures for the distribution of water and gas, art and ornamental items.

COB NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  bronze and brass castings made by sand moulding and lost wax technology, symbols on door handles, door plaques, house numbers, key rings, firm plaques, statues and figurines, artistic and decorative cast accessories.

CAST REPRODUCTIONS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  heritage reproduction experts, gravity and sand-cast aluminium services, aluminium heritage fence panels, posts, corners and friezes, valance and balustrade panels, traditional gates, roof finials and crestings.

CREAFUSION S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze, aluminium, zamak and steel industrial and art / fashion jewelry castings, lost wax process, centrifugal casting.

DOMIL & CO., SERBIA  -  aluminium alloys castings for decorative fences and gates, railings for balconies and stairs, cast decorative articles for gardens.

DUBLIN ART FOUNDRY, IRELAND  -  bronze, silver and aluminium art foundry, monumental sculptures and fine / delicate casting and exotic patinations for world famous artists, lost wax process and sand casting.

DWARKA CASTINGS & ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of indoor & outdoor cast iron decorative products - street poles, lamp posts, garden furniture, benches, gazebos, bollards & light fittings, art works, sculptures.

DONG HIEP THANH, VIETNAM  -  artwork foundry, bronze and brass reproducing and lost wax casting services, bronze and brass sculptures, statues, reliefs, artwork items - incense-burners, lanterns, cranes, candlesticks, bronze hardware and accessories for furniture and decorative objects.


DEKOMET LTD., BULGARIA  -  grey cast iron decorative castings for fences, doors and banisters, casts for fire-grates and protecting gratings.

DECORALUM MEXICO S. & MFG. CO., MEXICO  -  decorative / ornamental castings in aluminium, bronze, gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, silver jewelry.

D P JONES & CO., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of cast bronze memorial and commemorative plaques, family crests in bronze and aluminium, bronze and aluminum signage, granite and marble monuments, memorial lettercutting services, sand moulding.

DUIJVES-VARIO-DRIJFWERKEN B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, sand moulding, industrial cast parts - traction drives, discs and brake segments for lifts, boat propellers, and art castings - door grilles, fencing poles, fencing points wall anchors, decorative plates, lampposts, trees and letter boxes.

DE VIKING EDELMETAALGIETERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a precious metals foundry, silicone rubber moulds for lost-wax clusters of patterns production, gold and silver alloys jewelry and art works.

DLMZ VTORMET JSC, UKRAINE  -  cast iron, steel, brass, bronze and aluminium industrial castings, art castings - benches for squares, parks and cottages, lamps and lamp posts, decorative high and low fences, graceful railings for interior of buildings, offices and private cottages, V-process, Lost-foam process, impulse-aerial moulding, hand moulding.

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