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ACSA ACEROS CUYANOS S.A.  -  steel castings from 0.5 to 8500 kg in carbon steel and alloyed steels, heat, treated, rough and machined finished.

ACEROS ALSINA S.R.L.  -  carbon and stainless steel foundry, cast parts for the automotive, naval, agricultural machines, oil, mining and metallurgy industries.

ACERIAS BERISSO S.A.  -  grey, ductile and alloyed cast iron, manganese steel, stainless steel and special steels castings for the energy, mining, automotive, metallurgical and paper industries.

ACEROS CORONA S.R.L.  -  low-, medium- and highly-alloyed steel castings, grey, ductile and vermicular cast iron castings, cast parts for the automotive industry, special heat-resistant parts for furnaces, wear-resistant parts for blasting / cleaning machines, casings, covers, impellers and other pump components, parts for valves and fittings.

ALBERTO MALITO Y CIA. S.R.L.  -  bronze, copper, and aluminium alloys castings, bars, bushings, flats, pipes, profiles, centrifugal casting and sand moulding.

ACEF S.A.  -  grey and nodular cast iron, stainless and carbon steel castings for the steel, ceramic, milling, paper and oil industries.

ACERIAS4C S.A.  -  production of castings in carbon steel, low allow steels, Ni-hard, austenitic steels, regular and alloyed nodular irons, and ADI for different industrial sectors - petroleum, steel mills, mining, agricultural equipment, railroad transport and food industry.

ACERNOX S.A.  -  carbon and stainless steel foundry, castings for the automotive, naval, oil, mining and metallurgy industries.

ALESCO S.A.  -  aluminium foundry, gravity die casting, green sand, no-bake and shell moulding, parts and / or components for automotive sector, agricultural sector and machines for miscellaneous services - printing, urban hygiene, gas, electrical.

ALKIR S.A.  -  production of cast aluminium plastic injection moulds.

ARGENMETAL S.A.  -  aluminium bronzes parts in exclusively for oil, glass, chemical tool machine industry, matrixes and punches for stainless sinks, pieces of aluminium bronze from 120 HB to 480 HB.

ARGENFREN S.A. - FRENOS MG  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry, brake discs for the automotive industry, spare parts for agricultural machines.

ALUMINCA S.R.L.  -  aluminium alloys gravity-die casting.

ALUPRES S.R.L.  -  aluminum alloys cast parts for electric motors, compressors, automobiles and motorcycles, pressure die casting.

ASCHERI Y CIA SACIFAI  -  cast iron casting and machining, products for water extraction, mainly related to farming - cylinders pumps and mills, float valves, hand pumps, centrifugal pumps, street and garden furniture, manhole covers and grates.

BH BAYERQUE HERMANOS S.R.L.  -  automated cast iron casting and machining, camshafts for the autoparts aftermarket and automotive manufacturing plants.

BRONCERIA MATEU S.R.L.  -  bronze casting, funerary art products, various restorations and reproduction antiques and accessories, antique beds, chandeliers and lamps.

BARBERO S.A.  -  manufacturer of centrifuge home dryers, ceiling fans, squeezers of citrus fruits, vegetable peelers, kitchen utensils, centrifugal pumps, electric grinders, and drills, own grey and nodular cast iron foundry.

BREMET S.A.  -  aluminium and zamak pressure die casting, parts for cars and motorcycles, accessories for aluminium fences and lighting.

BROSOLO S.A.  -  aluminium cast parts and accessories for industrial burners, supports and boxes for traffic signal light, elbows, flanges and bends for fluid containers, trucks and tanks, parts for the automotive industry.

BRALCO S.R.L.  -  bronze, copper, and aluminium alloys castings, sand moulding, gravity die casting.

BRINELL S.R.L.  -  cast steel parts for oil and gas, railways, roads, agriculture and other industries, carbon steels, stainless steels and special steels.

BRINSA S.R.L.  -  bronze industrial castings, green sand / synthetic self-hardening sand moulding, continuous casting of solid and hollow bronze bars, centrifugal casting of bushes, rings and crowns.

BRONMAT S.R.L.  -  bronze foundry, gravity-die and pressure-die casting.

COPPER & BRASS S.R.L.  -  copper and brass foundry.

CINPAL ARGENTINA S.A.  -  gray and nodular cast iron casting and machining, cylinder heads for heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, equipment for soil movements, stationary engines, marine engines, railway locomotives and machinery.

CADAFE - FUNDICION DE ACEROS S.A. (FASA)  -  carbon, stainless and manganese steel castings.

CARLOS F.PETERS FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO EN MATRICES  -  aluminium alloys gravity die casting.

C.G.P. AUTOPARTES S.A.  -  non-ferrous foundry, pistons for automotive industry.

COL-PI S.H.  -  aluminium gravity die casting and pressure die castings.

COMPANIA QUIMICA ADRIFA S.R.L.  -  casting and machining of cast aluminum parts for kitchen cooking gas burners, pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

CAFAVI S.A.  -  steel castings, lost-wax method.

CAST STEEL MICROFUSION ARGENTINA S.A.  -  weapon parts manufacturer, investment casting foundry.

DEMA S.A.  -  a group of companies, own foundry for gray, ductile and malleable cast iron castings, fittings for water supply, heating elements, gas and industrial fluids sets, cast parts for automotive, naval, air, agricultural, mining, oil and electrical energy industries.

EDUARDO H. PEREZ & HNOS. S.A. (PISTONES PERSAN)  -  manufacturer of pistons for motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses, tractors and compressors, aluminium foundry.

ESTABLECIMIENTO METALURGICO FRIDMAN  -  aluminum alloys, copper and bronze castings for packaging machines, agricultural and auto parts, furniture and home appliances.

ELMET S.A.  -  aluminium castings, lighting fixtures, lamps and lanterns, columns, wall- and to hang construction accessories, stoves and burners, garden furniture, cast parts for agricultural machinery, equipment for microsurgery, industrial electrical, automotive protection equipment, electronics, construction sector and shipbuilding.

ENERBOM S.A.  -  carbon steel and manganese steel castings commonly used in the oil, gas, chemical, steel, railway and mining.

ESFEROIDAL S.A.  -  grey, ductile and special cast iron castings, weight range from 100 g up to 10 tons.

FALLONE  -  aluminum alloy castings for different oil pumps for the automotive industry, pressure die casting.

FUNDARCO  -  cast iron foundry, green-sand moulding and shell moulding systems, castings for vehicle parts, railway equipment, engine accessories, agricultural machinery and equipment, power transmission, bearings, gym weights.

FUNDICIONES 34  -  aluminum alloys castings from a small piece of 100 grams up to 200 kg, sand molding.

FUNDICION AVENIDA  -  bronze castings for sanitary fittings - bath shower mixers, sink mixers, toilet mixers, taps, sprinkling cocks, connecting elbows, gravity die-casting, shell-cores.

FABRICA ARGENTINA DE HELICES S.A.  -  bronze and other alloys propellers for ships of diverse size and functions, own non-ferrous foundry.

FUNDICION ALUMINIO - LURAL S.A.I.C.  -  castings in aluminum alloy, gravity die casting and sand moulding, cast parts from 100 grams up to 200 kg for food industry, office furnishings, diaphragm valves for oil equipment, electrical equipment, lighting for parks and gardens, hardware in general, housings for gear motors.

F.A.P. DE GARDELLA HNOS.  -  pressure die casting, bronze or aluminium castings for lighting, centrifugal pumps, motorcycle parts, garden sprinklers and different types of hardware.

FUNDICION API S.A.  -  grey and ductile cast iron cast parts and accessories for companies providing gas service, water and sanitation, manhole covers and grates, automated moulding line Hunter and automated moulding line based on BMM molding machines.

FUNDICION ARIENTE S.A.  -  pressure and gravity die casting, aluminum parts for the automotive industry.

FUNDICION AMN S.R.L.  -  gray and nodular cast iron foundry.

FUNDICION ARTISTICA S.R.L.  -  melting, casting and bronze finish art products, monumental sculptures, statues, reliefs, memorial tablets, busts, funeral items.

FUNDICION BALZI  -  bronze and aluminum alloys foundry, cast parts for metallurgical, chemical and food industries, agricultural machinery factories and general engineering.

FUNDICION BUCHHASS  -  art foundry, monuments, sculptures, reliefs, restorations, church items, trophies and business gifts.

FUNDICION BOHERDI S.R.L.  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings up to 25 tones.

FUNDICION DELFIN  -  manufacturer of zamak and pewter cast buckles for belts, shoes and clothing.

FUNDICIONES D'ANGELO  -  bronze and aluminum foundry, green sand floor moulding, chemical bonded sand moulding, shell-moulding, gravity die-casting.

FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO - JOSE A. VISO  -  manufacturer of all types of cast aluminium fittings, handles and accessories.

FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO RIVADAVIA  -  aluminum alloys castings, sand moulding.

F.D.M. S.R.L.  -  aluminum pressure die castings for home appliances, handles and knobs for doors and windows, items for lights, modern aluminum legs, decorative accessories and furniture.

FUNDICIONES DON MATEO S.R.L.  -  carbon steel castings for agricultural machinery industry, railway, roads, petroleum, chemical, food, transportation and mining.

FUNDICIONES DIFLA S.A.  -  non-ferrous foundry, bronze and aluminum alloys castings, centrifugal casting, gravity die casting, shell-molding.

FUNDICIONES EL LITORAL S.R.L.  -  cast iron and aluminum alloys castings, bars and bushings for lathes, brake pumps, brake hoods, camshafts and other parts for automotive industry, weights and spare parts for trailers and tractors, standard motor pulleys, rollers for doors, manhole covers and grates, drain sinks and bars, grills, gates and fences decorative items, benches and garden furniture, sport discs and dumbbells.

FUNDICION FONTANA  -  a family foundry, art bronze casting using a special fine sand mixture, letter openers, ornaments, jewel plates, animal sculptures, busts, reliefs, bells, chandeliers, shields, arms and swords, religious figurines, awards and prizes.

FUNDICION FUNDIFER  -  cast iron castings up to 6 tons in weight, keels for sailboats, balances / counterweights, manhole covers and grates for rainwater, spare parts, crucibles for melting of aluminum, zamac and lead.

FUNDICIONES GIACOBBE S.A. (FUGISA)  -  brass castings.

FUNDICION GATTI S.R.L.  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings, weight of cast parts from 7 kg to 130 kg.

FUNDICIONES GUAZZARONI  -  gray cast iron, aluminium, brass and zamak castings, planting plates, firewood stoves, kichen utensils, lamp poles, benches.

FUNDICION HERVAS GARCIA S.L.  -  aluminum cast parts by gravity die casting.

FUNDICIONES JEA  -  gray cast iron parts, shell molding technology.

FUNDICION LB  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings for water network systems, pipes, rings, joints, elbows, funnels, plugs, siphons, kitchen sink drains, "turkish" toilets.

FUNDICION L.G.B.  -  aluminum alloys gravity die-casting, production of pistons for racing motorcycles, cast parts for the industrial sector.

FUNDICION LAZZARINI S.R.L.  -  aluminum cast parts for the automotive, metallurgy, oil, naval, agricultural, food, textile and construction industries, sand molding and gravity die casting.

FUNDICION LA UNION S.R.L.  -  cast iron castings, cookware, pans, kettles, plates, tables, discs, roasts, burners, stoves, garden benches, gate accessories, elbows.

FUNDICION MERCURIO S.A.  -  production of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and special alloys castings from 1 kg up to 1000 kg for oil, paper, mining, irrigation and agriculture sectors.

FUNDICION NICASTRO  -  aluminum alloy casting for all types and sizes for all industrial sectors, sand molding, shell molding, gravity die casting.

FUNDICION NAVARRO S.A.  -  carbon steels, stainless steels, manganese steels castings for machine parts, green sand molding, phenolic-sand mixtures, shell-process.

FUNDICION PALAZZO S.R.L.  -  cast iron foundry, castings for trucks and cars.

FUNDICION RIOPLATENSE  -  cast iron foundry, manhole covers, frames and grates for drainage, clamps, boxes, hydrants, valves, elbows, stoves, benches, weights.

FUNDICION RODRIGUEZ S.R.L.  -  gray cast iron foundry, castings for stoves, garden furniture, lighting poles, pumps.

FUNDALUM S.A.  -  carbon and stainless steel castings for the defence and automotive industry, investment casting, shell-moulding.

FUNDEMAP S.A.  -  aluminium alloy pressure die casting, products for cars, motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters and bicycles, components and accessories for electronics.

FUNDISA S.A.  -  investment casting foundry, cast parts for automotive industry, valves, accessories, turbines, medical instruments.

FUNDICION SAN CAYETANO S.A.  -  rolls for rolling mills, wear-resistant steel casting for mining industry, cast parts for oil pumping industry - gray and nodular cast iron cranks, counterweights, brake drums, gear reducers, castings for steel industry - ingot molds and plates for ingot molds, slag pots, furnace diffusers.

FUNDICION SANTIAGO MARTINEZ S.A.  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings with net weights ranging from 5 to 450 kg, shell molding, cylinder shirts, drum of wheels for trucks, trailers and busses, engine blocks for cars, trucks and tractors, cast parts for machines, compressors and valves.

FADECROM S.R.L.  -  aluminum alloys pressure die-casting for the automotive industry.

FUNADI S.R.L.  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings, carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel castings, devices for heat treatment furnaces: grills, baskets, wheels, parts for boilers and furnaces: nozzles, burners, radiant tubes, fans, broadcasters bells, parts for valves and pumps: bodies, rotors, diffusers, components for road machinery: nails, teeth, caps, shoes, scarifies, fronts in vain, blades, centrifugal cast rollers and hubs, shell-moulding system and styrofoam technology.

FUNAL S.R.L.  -  aluminium, bronze and zamak castings.

FUNDARG S.R.L.  -  carbon steel castings for the automotive companies, agricultural machineries and hydraulic devices plants, alloy steel castings for railway sector, military factories, shipyards and siderurgical plants, stainless steel castings for food companies, rolling mills and chemical plants, manganese steel castings for road machinery, cement factories and limestone quarries, nodular iron castings for the oil companies, combustion works, automobiles, gray cast iron castings for common machine-building.

FUNDIMET S.R.L.  -  gray cast iron, malleable cast iron and aluminum alloys castings for automotive, agricultural and shipbuilding industries, art casting, home cast appliances.

FUNDICION SANTA RITA S.A.  -  bronze castings foundry.

GRUPO ALEAR S.R.L.  -  aluminum alloys castings, gravity die and pressure die casting, green sand and shell moulding.

GREGORIO BROQUETAS S.A.C.  -  copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and zinc based castings, bushings, bearings, rods, crowns, plate heat exchangers, media necklaces.

HERNANDEZ GALVANO  -  zamak pressure die casting and centrifugal casting, cast buckles, rings, pendants, key chains, lighting and faucets articles, decorative items.

HYAF S.A.  -  gray and nodular cast iron foundry.

INDUSTRIAS AGUILA BLANCA (IAB) S.A.  -  malleable, ductile and grey cast iron, pipe fittings, plumbing accessories, industrial castings.

ITALO FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO  -  aluminum alloys castings, gravity die casting, parts for cartings - engine covers, clubs, crown holders, ball bearing brackets, brake pumps, various valves and brake cylinders for trucks, stairs and escalator combs, lighting columns and lanterns, spares for washing machines.

INDUSTRIAS HULS S.A. (HULPREZA)  -  production of drums, trays, speed reducers and accessories for the leather industry, gray cast iron casting and machining.

INDUSTRIAL METALMECANICA S.A. (I.M.S.A.)  -  carbon steel, stainless steel, special steel, grey cast iron and bronze castings for sugar, energy, gas and hydraulic, cement, paper, oil, mining, automotive, food, textile and ceramics industries.

ITA S.A.  -  castings in carbon steel, stainless and specials, cast parts for valves and pumps for the petrochemical, oil, gas, chemical and others industries.

IACRO S.R.L.  -  aluminum alloys and bronze cast parts, bronze bushings and bars.

INDUBRON S.R.L.  -  manufacturer of connecting-rod bushing and bearings, centrifugal casting.

INDUSMET S.R.L.  -  casting and machining parts in gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel and bronze.

JMA ARGENTINA S.A.  -  a company belonging to Altuna Group, a leading manufacturer of double-paddle keys and flat keys, own brass foundry.

JAIME HERMANOS S.C.A.  -  production of cast pieces in brass, aluminum and zamac, urban furniture for parks, gardens, streets and squares, art casting works, gravity die casting, pressure die-casting, green-sand molding.

LUIS BELLINI Y CIA S.R.L.  -  bronze bell foundry.

LUIS LAFALCE E HIJOS S.A.  -  gray cast iron and bronze castings, pump rotors and bodies, valves, reducers, parts of lifts, hubs and bars, green sand moulding, shell molding, centrifugal casting.

LIANO S.R.L.  -  aluminium and zamak pressure die castings for the automotive sector, electric motors, ventilation, lighting, tools, name plates, boxes, decorative items, hardware.

METALWOLF  -  cast iron and aluminum foundry, gray cast iron grills, stoves, manhole covers and grates, sinks, elbows, bends, hydrants boxes, aluminum alloys castings for the street and garden furniture, tables, chairs, benches, wind vane, fountains, columns, bells, boxes.

MECCA CASTELAR S.A.  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting, parts for internal combustion engines and gearboxes for cars and trucks.

METALURGICA ESCOBAR S.R.L.  -  gray and ductile cast iron foundry.

METALURGICA FUNDIMACK S.A.  -  zamak pressure-die casting, carabiners, buckles, rings and other accessories for leather bags and clothes.

METALURGICA FERNANDEZ S.R.L.  -  gravity die casting in aluminum and zamak alloys, cast parts from 0,02 kg up to 90 kg for the automotive, civil engineering, food, petroleum and chemical industries.

METALURGICA MANSILLA  -  aluminum and bronze foundry, a wide range of street and garden lamps, lanterns, columns and brackets, benches, mailboxes.

METALURGICA ROSARINA FUNDICION S.R.L. (METROFUND)  -  gray and nodular cast iron casting and machining, products for the major automakers, brake drums, hubs and wheel set assembly.

METALURGICA RIO TERCERO S.A.  -  manufacturer of castings in carbon steel, stainless steel, refractory steel, gray and ductile cast iron for mining, agricultural and road machines.

MATRIMECAR S.A.  -  pressure die castings of aluminium and zinc-based alloys.

MEGAFUND S.A.  -  gray and austempered ductile cast iron castings for the automotive industry.

METALAR S.A.  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings up to 10 tons, bronze castings up to 1 ton, cast parts and spares for the sugar and alcohol industry, oil and mining companies, water systems (manhole covers and grates), telecommunications.

MICROWEN S.A.  -  carbon and stainless steel castings, sand moulding and lost-wax process, bodies of valves, spheres, seals, pump rotors, machine parts, structural components, gun parts, tools, medical implants, instruments.

METALURGICA SCHIAVONE S.A.  -  production of pressure die castings from 0.5 kg to 12 kg, precision tool and die making.

METAL TIME S.A.  -  aluminum alloys cast parts.

METALURGICA TANDIL S.A.  -  gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum and special alloys for the automobile market, trucks, agricultural, road, rail, oil, mining industries, engine blocks, cylinder heads, suspension parts, gearboxes, transmission parts, braking system parts.

MARIO VIVALDI e HIJOS S.R.L.  -  bronze and aluminium foundry.

OSCAR A. FERRARO E HIJOS S.R.L.  -  bronze art casting, patinated cast bronze plaques, crosses, cover knobs, lid knobs, frames, flowerpots & vases.

PADMET  -  gray and nodular cast iron, for the automotive, transportation, agriculture, urban furniture.

POLEAS INDUSTRIALES Y ESPECIALES  -  production of cast iron pulleys for oil and agro industries.

PARANA METAL S.A.  -  grey and nodular cast iron parts for the automotive industry, Kunkel Wagner and Disamatic moulding lines.

PROYECTOS METALURGICOS S.A.  -  cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and brass castings for general engineering, sugar and mining industries.

PAUNI S.A.  -  production of medium and high power tractors, road machinery and a series of products for the growth and development of agricultural and road productive tasks, grey and nodular cast iron castings.

PEIX S.A.  -  aluminium alloys pressure die castings for the automotive market, gas and oil industries, heating and lighting appliances.

RUEDAS EB S.R.L.  -  racing, sport and truck cast aluminum wheels.

RG FRENOS S.A.  -  manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic brakes and clutches, own facilities for aluminum pressure and gravity die casting, gray and nodular cast iron castings.

RIBAS INDUSTRIA METALURGICA DE TANDIL S.R.L.  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, spare parts for agricultural sector - ploughs, harrows, seeders, axes and elements for rolling tips.

RIAL S.A.  -  machines and tools for the glass industry segment, aluminum alloy castings for manufacturers of machinery or spare parts.

SMALL CASTINGS S.A.  -  castings in gray and nodular cast iron, carbon steels, stainless steels and wear-resistant steels, small and medium series, cast parts ranging from 0.2 kg up to 900 kg for the machine tool industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural machinery, packaging machines, internal combustion engines, valves and accessories for the oil sector.

SAN DIEGO S.A.  -  steel castings, full line of parts and equipment for the steel industry, valve bodies for the petroleum industry, equipment for the metalworking industry, spare parts and special equipment for the agricultural machinery, spares and equipment for the oil industry, railway and road transportation.

STURAM S.A.  -  pressure die casting and machining, aluminium alloys cast parts and accessories for the motor vehicles.

SANDALL S.R.L.  -  centrifugal casting in stainless steel and special alloys.

STYNCOR S.R.L.  -  decorative castings production.

SANCHEZ Y PICCIONI S.A.  -  gray cast iron and nodular cast iron castings for different branches of industry - agro, automotive, metalworking, hydraulic, chemical, glass - clutch plates of different sizes, valve bodies, brake discs and casings, bodies of water pumps, pulleys, clubs.

TOPLINE ENGINEERING ARGENTINA S.A.  -  gravity and low-pressure die casting, aluminum cylinder heads and other components for diesel internal combustion engines.

TALLERES METALURGICOS CRUCIANELLI S.A.  -  agricultural machinery plant, own foundry, grey and nodular cast iron castings.

TITANIA - NORBERTO D. RIVERO S.A.  -  carbon steel, stainless, heat resistant and alloyed steel, laminar or nodular alloyed iron, super alloys and non ferrous materials, cast parts molded in synthetic or resin sands, statically or centrifugally cast.

TECBRASS S.R.L.  -  manufacturer of bronze and bi-metallic bronze-steel connecting-rod bushing for all kind of engines, bronze cast parts for motor car industries, tractors and agricultural devices, gearings and crowns, nautical propellers, centrifugal casting, shell molding casting.

VULCAMET S.A.  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings for the automotive, agricultural machines and general industries, Disamatic moulding line.

VASPIA S.A.I.C.  -  brass cast parts for valves, bronze faucets.

VACROM - ZANOCCO HNOS. S.R.L.  -  production of engine liners and piston rings for the automotive sector, centrifugal casting.

ZAINA HNOS. S.C.C.  -  copper, bronze and aluminium castings for general industry, bronze terminals for batteries, copper terminals for cables, mounted starting mechanism cables and connection bridges for batteries, aluminium numbers and fonts, reinforced aluminium grids.

ZORZUT INDUSTRIAS S.A.  -  gray cast iron castings from 100 g up to 20 kg, shell-moulding line, cast parts for valves, pumps, motors, gears, burners, bearings, pulleys.

ZANINI S.A.  -  production of bedplates and spare parts for agricultural machinery, grey and nodular cast iron castings.

Invited Companies:

Bujes Y Barrores S.R.L. - bronze and aluminium foundry, Dragon Metalurgica S.R.L. - gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, Fundicion AL3 S.R.L. (FAL) - aluminium foundry, Fundiciones Donor S.R.L. - aluminium and gray cast iron castings, Fundicion Eme S.R.L. - bronze, brass and aluminium foundry, carbon steel and gray cast iron castings, Fundicion G. Tumoletti - bronze, brass, aluminium and gray cast iron castings, Fundicion Jans S.A. - carbon steel, Fundicion Roman - bronze, brass and aluminium foundry, Fundicion Roen S.R.L. - bronze, brass, aluminium and gray cast iron castings, Fundinel S.A. - aluminum and copper alloys castings, Fundicion Santa Catalina S.A. - gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, Funeico S.R.L. - bronze, brass and aluminium foundry, Funlaux S.R.L. - aluminum alloys castings, Fusur S.R.L. - gray cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, Fundicion Y Matriceria Federico Hagert S.A. - gray cast iron castings, Industrias Campa S.R.L. - gray and ductile cast iron castings, Inofer S.A. - zamak and aluminum alloys foundry, pressure die casting, Imfa S.R.L. - gray cast iron castings, Intermetal S.R.L. - carbon steel and gray cast iron castings, Jjm Fundiciones S. De H. - carbon steel and gray cast iron castings, Jose Romero E Hijos S.R.L. - gray and nodular cast iron castings, La Metal De Hector Luis Ares - non-ferrous foundry, Metalurgica Fungris S.A. - gray cast iron castings, Metalurgica Oeste S.R.L. - carbon steel, gray and ductile cast iron castings, Tandilmat S.A. - steel, gray and ductile cast iron castings, Viale Press S.R.L. - non-ferrous foundry, Vanzo S.A. - non-ferrous foundry, Vecal S.A. - non-ferrous foundry.

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Bosio Hnos S.A., Bujes Y Barrores S.R.L., Cit Metal S.R.L., Fundiciones Coassolo, Fundicion Espanol, Fundicion G. Tumoletti, Fundicion Jans S.A., Industria Metalurgica Apaz Hnos S.A., La Metal De Hector Luis Ares, Tandilmat S.A. .

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