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Qingdao Laurel Enterprise Co. Ltd. China, metallurgy refractory and insulating bricks, ceramic fiber insulation, refractory castables, Refractory and Insulation Materials
We are Laurel Refractory Group, a professional manufacturer of refractory and insulation materials in China. We produce and export refractory / insulating bricks - fire clay bricks for industrial furnaces, high alumina bricks, magnesite bricks, silica bricks for hot-blast stoves / furnaces, silicon carbide bricks and silicon carbide refractory products for metallurgical industry, mullite bricks for kilns, ceramic fiber insulation - refractory paper for induction coil liner, glass wool board insulation refractory, high temperature calcium silicate insulation, high-temperature cellular glass insulation for furnace industry, refractory castables and refractory anchors. If any inquiries please contact me, we will offer you the best price as well as perfect quality. Yulina - International Sales Department, Qingdao Laurel Enterprise Co., Ltd., No 109, Shandong Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, China, Tel: +86-532-80829560, Fax: +86-532-80829650.

Liepajas Metalurgs - the Biggest Industrial Enterprise in Latvia, Liepajas Metalurgs - the Biggest Industrial Enterprise in Latvia
Liepajas Metalurgs is the only metallurgical company in the Baltic States and the biggest processing company in Latvia, leading its history since 1882. The enterprise manufactures low carbon and low alloyed steel products, including reinforcing bars, steel wire, nails and castings. Foundry production includes different products of cast iron, steel, bronze and brass: cast iron manhole hatches for telephone ductwork, the average service life of the hatches is minimum 20 years; cast iron mooring posts for installation on the berthing structures, the average service life of the mooring posts is minimum 25 years; grey cast iron yacht keels, weight 1025 - 1035 kg, length 3550 mm, width 200 mm, height 380 mm; bells of bronze and steel; other types of castings. Contact: KVV Liepajas Metalurgs,
93, Brivibas str., Liepaja 3401, LV-3401, Latvia, tel.: +371 634 55035, fax: +371 634 55044.

Rishit Metals Ltd., Kenya, counter weights by V-process, aluminium, brass and copper ingots for foundries Kenyan V-process Foundry
We, Rishit Metals Ltd. - Kenya, are leading manufacturer of secondary aluminium ingots, brass ingots and copper ingots for foundries. We produce forklift counter weights by V-process. Rishit Metals is a proud member of Bajoria Group - India. Contact: Rishit Metals Ltd., PO Box No. 78727-00507, Nairobi, Kenya, Phone: +254-7333-93200 or +91-9830403065.

Investment Casting Machines
Incastt Machines is setup, essentially, as a dedicated manufacturing unit for production of investment casting machines. We build machines with tried and tested designs, quality workman-ship and with excellent value for cost. At Incastt Machines, we design and manufacture the entire range of machinery required for setting up of an Investment casting foundry: wax melting and conditioning units, hydraulic wax injection machines, slurry mixers, slurry pots, rainfall type stucco machines, fluidized bed type stucco machines, de-wax autoclaves, hot bath de-wax systems, shell firing furnaces, shell knockout machines, abrasive cut-off machines. Contact:
Incastt Machines, No 64/04, Hootagalli, Industrial Area, Mysore - 570018, Karnataka, India, Ph. No.: + 91 97411 22101.

GuangYuan Inverter Electronic Equipment Factory - China, A Leading Supplier of Induction Heating Equipment
We are engaged in researching and developing of middle or high frequency induction heating equipment for forging, metal melting, heat treatment, annealing, braze welding and silver soldering. We specialize in this line for 10 years, with high quality, competitive price, best service and fast delivery time. And hope to find a way to cooperate with you! Contact: Cherry - Marketing Manager, GuangYuan Inverter Electronic Equipment Factory, BaJiaoWo Industrial Park, WanJiang District, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China, Tel: +86-769-22780950, Fax: +86-769-22780951.

Zircar Crucibles Pvt. Ltd. - India, Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide Crucibles, SiC Crucibles from Zircar Crucibles India
We, Zircar Crucibles Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturer of Carbon Bonded Silicon Carbide Crucibles in India and supplying quality product in Indian market as well as export to more than 35 countries. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our quality SiC crucibles are highly used in copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, silver and gold melting operation. Contact: Mr. Brijesh Prajapati, 402, Campus Corner, St. Xavier's Collage Cross Road, Navranpura, Ahmedabad - 380009, India, phone: +91 79 26400457/58, fax: +91 79 26400456.

HPPL - Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd.-India, pure lead and lead alloy ingots, lead oxides, Lead Alloys and Oxides
HPPL - Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned manufacturers in India, engaged in the production and supply of an exhaustive range of lead alloys and oxides that extensively make use of in storage batteries, paints, plastic, rubber, glass and ceramic industries and allied manufacturing processes. We maintain the purity of pure lead at 99.98% (refined lead ingots) constantly. Contact: Mr.Ravi Mittal, Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd., Corporate Office: 9-1-108/1, 2nd Floor, Tatachary Compound, S.D. Road, Secunderabad, A.P., Mob: +91-9396897139.

Export of Cast Iron and Steel Castings
Dalian Shipbuilding Import Export Company (DSIE) is an export and import enterprise. Our business lines: the export of various cast and machined products such as gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, steel castings, and investment castings; the technical processes including green sand moulding, resin sand moulding, lost wax casting, lost foam casting, gravity casting, die casting, and shell-moulding; the export of various forged and stamped parts; the export of various large-scale valves; the export of marine products such as propellers, diesel engines, deck machinery and related parts, anchors, and anchor chains; and the import of various marine and non-marine products. We welcome any customers from the world, and would be happy to build a long-term cooperative relation in various fields. Contact: Wang Wei - Manager, Dalian Shipbuilding Import Export Company, Rms.2207-2210 Dalian Woeld Trade Center, 25 Tong Xing Street, Dalian Liaoning 116001, China, Phone 86-0411-82530406, Fax 86-0411-82530206.

Confecciones Este - Spain: heat & flame retardant and metal splash articles certifie for aluminium and molten iron splas Over 40 Years Experience in Producing Quality Workwear and Certified PPE Garments
Confecciones Este S.L. has over 40 years experience in producing quality workwear and certified PPE garments. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited and we are a registered member of AENOR the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification. We can supply articles from stock and we also manufacture according to client requirements.We produce metal splash certified articles certified up to D3 and E3 for aluminium and molten iron splash. All PPE is certified by notified laboratories according to the most recent European standards such as: ISO 11612 - Heat & Flame retardant and Metal Splash, ISO 11611 - Welding, IEC 61482 - Electric Arc, EN 1149-3 - Antistatic, EN 471 - Hi-visibility, EN 13034 - Acid-resistant. Contact details: Confecciones Este S.L., C/ Juan Ramon Jimenez s/n, Nave 18, Pentasa 3, Burgos 09007, Spain, tel: +34 947483611, fax: +34 947485183.

Yilkan Maca Supportlari A.S. - Turkey Chaplets, Clips, Plates, Chills and Vents
We manufacture pin, square, double head and triple head core chaplets, core clips and plates, chills, and vents for foundry sector according to the customers requirements. Contact: Tugce Yilmazer, Industrial Engineer, Yilkan Maca Supportlari A.S., Orhangazi, Bursa 16800, Turkey, Phone: +90 224 573 88 / 72-73-74, Fax : +90 224 573 74 93.

Bilbobul Ltd., Bulgaria, Castings. High Quality Castings
Our production capacity is 50 tons per month of sand-moulded casting in stainless steel, although our real production capacity is 100 tons per month. Also we can subcontract, near our factory, carbon steel and alloyed steel, using the same patterns, all under the supervision of our staff. Contact: Ms Ralitsa Zaharieva, Bilbobul Ltd., 5, Gladston Str., fl.3, Head office 1 & 4, 7000 Rousse, Bulgaria,
tel. / fax: 00 359 82 826274.

Maruti Protectives - India, wax formulations for the needs of investment casting, Waxes for Investment Casting
We offer wax formulations for the needs of investment casting foundries from aircraft and aerospace industries and defence establishments as well as those making commercial castings. Our waxes are suitable for use on almost all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up. Present range of our products include pattern-waxes, both filled and unfilled, water emulsifiable pattern waxes, water soluble core wax, sticky and patch waxes. Our quality control and development laboratory is well-equipped for evaluation of physical parameters of waxes like contraction characteristics, surface hardness and mechanical properties, softening temperatures, gravity pouring and pressure injection performances. Contact: Maruti Protectives, B-13/125, GIDC colony, Makarpura, Baroda 390010, India, tel. / fax: +91 265 2638776.

In.Kol LLC - Casting and Moulding in Ukraine
Design, manufacturing and repair of tools, dies and moulds as well as mechanical processing of components and metalworking. Moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermosets, PET, direct extrusion, and non-ferrous injection moulding. Inhouse design and project departments. Ivan Ivanov, In.Kol Limited Liability Company, Simferopolskiy Lane 6, Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine,
Telephone: +380-57-7281278, +380-93-1294305 (National/Int'l).

Refractory Cements
We are suppliers of Calcium Aluminate Cements, Refractory Cements, High Alumina Cements, and High Alumina Refractory cements from India. Kindly send your inquiry to: Mr. Pramesh Gandhi, Dynamic Exim Corporation - India, Mobile: 0091-9825083001

Forgelube SRL de CV - Mexico, Forging Die Lubricants
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the newest Forging Lube Manufacturers to enter the Hot Forging Market for Die Lubricants. Forgelube SRL de CV - Mexico was incorporated in the year 2009 to supply quality Forging Die Lubricants or Release agents to the manufacturers of Heavy Duty Forged Auto components, and other OEMs. We are managed by well qualified and experienced professionals having deep understanding of the forging industry. We have complete In-house facilities for production, testing and supply of all types of die forging lubricants especially designed to satisfy the most demanding operations conducted by the process of closed die hot forging of steels. Please enter in contact and start discovering how we can be of assistance: Gustavo G.Schiuma (Managing Partner) and Oscar Lozano Butzmann (Managing Partner), Forgelube SRL de CV, Keramos 122-A, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico,
Tel: 52 81 83721358, Fax: 52 81 83752046.

Alum Foil Scrap, Alum Cable Scrap
Alum Foil Scrap, Alum Cable Scrap, Alum Underground Led Cable Scrap, Alum Sandwich Sheet Scrap, Alum ACSR, Wire Scrap, Alum Copper Cable Scrap, Insulated Cable Scrap, Insulated Copper Cable Scrap, Alum Bottle Cap Scrap, Alum Cans Scrap, Refrigerator / Compressor Scrap, Alum Window Cutting Scrap, Mixed Alum Scrap. Contact: S.K.Camara, Nonferrousscrap International, Helsingborg 252 400, Sweden.

Jeetmull Jaichandlall (P) Ltd. - India, manufacturer of wire, wiremesh, screen, perforated sheet, Wire, Wiremesh, Screen, Perforated Sheet
We are a manufacturer of wire mesh, welded wire fabrics, vibrating screens, perforated sheets, chainlink fencing, hexagonal wire netting, dutch weave, double crimped mesh, dovex screen, rectangular screen cloth, wire conveyor belts, demister pads, test sieves, air filter mesh, wedge wire screen, concertina barbed wire, and other wire products. Contact: Rajendra Chouraria, Jeetmull Jaichandlall (P) Ltd., 109, Netaji Subhas Road, 2nd Floor, Suite No. 30-32, Kolkata-700 001, India, Ph: 91-33-2268-9811, Fax: 91-33-2218-1476.

Castings for Chemical, Cement, Ship-repair and Shipbuilding Industries
Nord JSC is specialized in the production of non-standard equipment, spare parts, reduction gears, gears, shafts, pumps and other equipment for the chemical, cement, ship-repair and shipbuilding industries, etc. The company produces in its foundry castings up to 2500kg, made from steel and cast iron. Nord has a system for corrosion protection of large-sized non-standard details in accordance with all European ecological requirements, which comprises of a sandblasting chamber and a painting chamber for air/airless painting.
The company provides installation and repair services. Nord JSC., Industrial area, 9160 Devnya, Bulgaria, International Cooperation Department, Tel.: +359(52)900877, Mobile: +359(88)7497945, Fax: +359(52)900889.
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