KFS - Korean Foundrymen`s Society - Seoul   KOREAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY

The Korean Foundrymen`s Society (KFS) is established in 1977. The main activities of KFS comprise:
  • promote the exchange of information about the foundry industries;
  • publication and distribution of the periodics and books;
  • holding of foundry's technical and academic lecture;
  • encouraging activites for development of the foundry industry;
  • academic and social service activity.


131 Dangsan-dong 1 street, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
tel.: (++82 2) 2069-2877~8,  fax: (++82 2) 2069-2879
e-mail:   kfs@kfs.or.kr
website: www.kfs.or.kr