Steelmaking / Ironmaking Conference, Meeting on Environment & Recycling, Argentina, Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia 16th Steelmaking Conference
6th Ironmaking Conference
3rd IAS Meeting on Environment & Recycling

Metropolitano Convention Center, Rosario, Argentina, November 6-8, 2007

With the kind permission  of  Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia.

16th Steelmaking Conference:  83 Titles & Authors

  1. Solidification of a Hipo-Peritectic Steel Under Continuous Cooling Conditions and its Cracking Sensitivity
    J. Ruiz, M. Herrera, H. Solis (Cinvestav / Ternium Sidor, Mexico, Venezuela)

  2. Development of a Project for New Tundish CST
    H. Furtado, M. Fialho, Z. Detogne (CST / Magnesita, Brazil)

  3. Implantation of a Purging System of Inert Gas in Gerdau Acos Especiais Piratini Tundish and Cleanness Improvements in the First Heats of Sequences
    P. Fernandes (Gerdau Acos Especiais Piratini, Brazil)

  4. Original Position Statistics Distribution Analysis for Porosity, Inclusions and Segregation
    P. Morelli, J. Brignone (GNR, Italy)

  5. Study of High-Speed Casting of Siderar Slab Caster Machine in a Water Model
    S. Sylvestre, F. Garcia, J. Aguerri, G. Di Gresia, A. Castella (IAS / Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  6. Influence of Carbonaceous Materials on the Behaviour of Casting Powders at High Temperature
    E. Brandaleze, L. Santini, C. Gorosurreta, E. Benavidez, A. Martin (IAS / UTN-FRSN Argentina)

  7. Improvements in the Steelmaking Process and their Impact in the Quality of the Final Product at TenarisSiderca
    F. Fuhr, G. Torga, C. Cicutti, J. Scoccia, F. Medina (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

  8. Effect of Inclusion Composition in the Castability of Resulphurized Steels
    C. Capurro, C. Cicutti, A. Carranza (TenarisSiderca / TenarisTamsa, Argentina, Mexico)

  9. Analysis of Surface Defects Origin in Material Produced by the CSP Process
    M. Herrera, C. Leon, R. Santos, M. Martin, C. Cicutti (TenarisSiderca / Ternium Hylsa, Argentina, Mexico)

  10. Hollow Jet Nozzle: Industrial Tests During Years 2005-2006 in Ugine&ALZ
    V. Flores, J. Damasse, P. Naveau (Ugine&ALZ Research Center / CRM, France, Belgium)

  11. Study of "Candles" Formation in Continuous Casting Billet Machines
    M. Romano, A. Molina, R. Basanta, J. Lopez (USB / Ternium Sidor, Venezuela)

  12. Start-Up of Acerbrag New Steel Shop
    G. Mugica, A. Vanola (Acerbrag / RASA, Argentina)

  13. Automation of Acindar Villa Constitucion Steel Shop
    J. Micheletti, J. Basone, F. Bensabath (Acindar, Argentina)

  14. Plan to Increase the Melt Shop Production Capacity
    J. Basone, J. Beltramone, F. Torre, L. Pucchio, M. Fabi, L. Peresutti (Acindar, Argentina)

  15. The Electric Arc Furnace Off-Gasses Modeling Using CFD
    M. Karbowniczeka, M. Kawakowskia (Akademia Gorniczo Hutnicza, Poland)

  16. SmartFurnace Control System. Experiences and Results
    G. Fernandez (AMI GE, Mexico)

  17. Prevention of Failures in EAF Transformers. Presentation of the Methodology and Practical Cases Discussion
    A. Mariscal (AMI GE, Mexico)

  18. EAF’s Productivity Greater than 40 Heats/Day
    R. Gottardi, M. Stefano, A. Partika (Concast Technologies, Italy)

  19. Mathematical Modeling of the Melting Process in AC Electric Arc Furnaces
    A. N. Conejo, M. Ramirez, J. J. Espinoza (Instituto Tecnologico de Morelia / UNAM, Mexico)

  20. Keynote Lecture: Modelling of EAF Steelmaking
    G. Irons (McMaster University, Canada)

  21. Utilization of foaming slag praxis during melting of high alloyed stainless steel in the EAF by calcium carbide injection
    J. Bjorkvall, L. Liljedahl, A. Appel (MEFOS / Outokumpu Stainless, Sweden)

  22. Increasing EAF Availability by Automatic Furnace Repair by Robot
    Y.Q. Al Emadi, J. D Souza, R.Reiterer (Qatar Steel Company, RHI Refractories, Qatar)

  23. Scheduling in Modern Melt Shops
    G. Ghatak (Quad Infotech, Canada)

  24. A New Era for the Continuous Scrap Charge: the Definitive Success of Consteel Technology and Its Expansion in Europe from a Productivity and Environmental Perspective
    F. Memoli, A. Manenti (Techint Technologies, Italy)

  25. The Electric Arc Furnace of Tenaris Dalmine: from the Application of the New Technologies of Digital Electrode Regulation and Multipoint Injection to the Dynamic Control of the Process
    L. Ferro, C. Giavani, J. Maiolo (TenarisDalmine / Techint Technologies, Italy)

  26. Implementation of a New Transformer and Carbon Injection Equipment in TenarisSiderca EAF
    J. Ortega, J. Sabugal, F. Medina (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

  27. Evolution of Productivity at Ternium Hylsa Flat Products
    M. Herrera, R. Santos (Ternium Hylsa, Mexico)

  28. Energy Saving Potential in Ternium Hylsa
    R. Brown, C. Lizcano, J. Villarreal (Ternium Hylsa, Mexico)

  29. Reduction of Slag Ferrous Oxide Levels in the Electric Arc Furnace at Sidetur - Casima
    D. Lozano, J. Lopez, A. Molina (Univeridad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela)

  30. The Behaviour of the Secondary Metallurgy Slag into the EAF. How to Create a Good Foamy Slag with the Appropriate Basicity Using a Mix of Lime and Recycled Ladle Slag as EAF Slag Former
    V. Sahajwalla, F. Memoli, M. Guzzon (UNSW / Techint Technologies, Australia, Italy)

  31. Effect of Ca and Ca/Mg Treatment in Steelmaking on the Morphology of Inclusion
    Q. Zheng, J. Shen (Baoshan Iron&Steel, China)

  32. Accidents in Melt Shop
    L. Chevrand (Consultor, Brazil)

  33. Physical Simulation of Slag and Steel During the Ladle Teeming by a Water Model
    C. Sato, R. Tavares (CST / UFMG Brazil)

  34. Development of a Mathematical Model for the Degassing Process Validated in the Plant of Gerdau Acos Especiais Piratini
    A. Celiberto, L. Trindade, R. Sicorski (Gerdau Acos Especiais Piratini / Science Technology & Engineering, Brazil)

  35. Thermodynamics Modeling Applied to the Sudy of Inclusions and Castability of Steels
    G. Grando, W. Bielefeldt, R. Sicorski, A. Videla, A. Secchi (Gerdau Acos Especiais Piratini / Science Technology & Engineering/UFRGS, Brazil)

  36. Ladle Powder Injection for High Fracture Toughness in Steels
    L. Tandon (Gunite Corporation, USA)

  37. Study of Variables for Downgrading due to Inclusions the Ladle Furnace at Ternium Siderar
    A. Martin, E. Brandaleze, R. Donayo, J. Perez, A. Gomez (IAS / Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  38. Numerical Study of Steel Homogenization at IR-UT Reactor
    H. Dos Santos, R. Borges, R. Dettogne, M. Kruger, R. Ataides, L. Trindade, A. De Tassis, P. Lascosqui, C. Silva (Magnesita / ESSS / CST / UFOP, Brazil)

  39. Applied CFD for Process Control in the Metallurgical Industry
    J. Alexis, J. Bjorkvall, M. Nzotta (MEFOS / Uddeholm Tooling, Sweden)

  40. Recycling of Refining Slags at the Secondary Metallurgy
    J. Melecky, L. Dobrovsky, G. Kostiukova (Mittal Steel Ostrava / Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)

  41. Improvement in Ladle Treatment Practice for Enhanced Desulphurisation in SAIL Plants
    P.K.Sinha, N.N.Jha, T.K.Pratihar (RDCIS - SAIL, India)

  42. Keynote Lecture: Property Measurements of Slags and Fluxes towards Slag Design in BOF and Continuous Casting
    S. Seetharaman, T. Matsushita, S. Basu (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

  43. Detection of Danger Zone in the Slag Line of Steel Ladles using Infra-Red Radiation
    O. Martin, J. Usart, G. Tomassini (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  44. Heat Transfer Computational Modelling of the Working Cycle of Steel Ladles - Temalc Model
    A. Gaston, G. Sanchez Sarmiento, M. Data, G. Tomassini, J. Sylvestre (UNR / UBA / Ternium Siderar / IAS, Argentina)

  45. Sinthetic Slags for Steel Refinement
    P. Nolasco, M. Rocco, G. Rusky (Vamtec, Brazil)

  46. Applied Thermography for Detection and Elimination of Superheating Caused by Eddy Current
    A. Calente (CST, Brazil)

  47. The importance of Electrical Machines Inspection in the Plant, as a Factor for the Project Agreement, Operational Stability and Project Problems Related to Maintenance
    P. Muniz, T. Kitaguchi (CST, Brazil)

  48. Thermographic Inspection in the Tower Type Lightning Rods of the 138 Kv System of Arcelor Mittal Tubarao
    A. Calente (CST, Brazil)

  49. Developmet of a Methodology for Collecting Characteristics of the "Conjugado" Electric Motors without Removing from Operation
    P. Muniz, V. Dynnikov (CST / UFES, Brazil)

  50. Breakage of Flashing Hammers in a Slab Continuous Casting Machine
    E. Pasquali, H. Sbuttoni, L. Boccanera, R Velazquez (IAS / Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  51. Less Trobleshooting, Reduced Maintenance Cost and Improved Availability in Continuous Casting Operations
    T.O. Mattern (Shell Deutschland Schmierstoff GmbH, Germany, China)

  52. Replacement of Tilting Rolls with Slipping Rolls in the Cutting Table
    J. Wolter, R. Velazquez, A. Soland, M. Gomez, W. Balante (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  53. Reparation of Continuos Casting Ladle Turret: Replacement of Bushing and Bearings
    J. Wolter, J. Olocco, A. Soland, S. Capote Lopes, W. Balante, N. Bonvechi (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  54. Stress Concentration and Concentrators Effects in Industrial Components
    G. Viau, L. Boccanera, E. Pasquali, H. Sbuttoni (Ternium Siderar / IAS, Argentina)

  55. Fan Maintenance under Wearing Conditions at Ternium Sidor
    F. Robiglio, O. Medina (Ternium Sidor, Venezuela)

  56. Utilization of Turbined Tube for General Cuts with Unique Oxygen utilization
    D. Lucena, P. Assis (UFOP, Brazil)

  57. LD Slag Recycle in Hot Metal Dephosphorization Pretreatment Process
    Z. Chen (Baoshan Iron&Steel, China)

  58. Flow Numerical Study in a Kambara Reactor (KR) for Hot Metal Desulphurization
    M. Kruger, O. Kirmse, D. Cavali (ESSS / CST, Brazil)

  59. Coolant synergies for BOF steel making
    D. Kumar, P. Ghorui, M. Ranjan (JSW Steel, India)

  60. Fluorspar-free Desulphurization Flux in Hot Metal Pretreatment at Kwangyang Steelworks, POSCO
    C. Keum, S. Seo, J. Choi (POSCO Technical Research Laboratories, Korea)

  61. Evaluation of the Run-Off Generation Tendency in Oxygen Converters Using Acustic Signs
    C. Cicutti, R. Donayo, A. Gomez (TenarisSiderca / Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  62. Obtaining More Steel with Less Hot Metal at Ternium Siderar Steel Shop
    R. Ares, W. Balante, R. Donayo, A. Gomez, J. Perez (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  63. Determination of Carbon Content at the End of Converter Blowing as a Function of the Exit Gases
    A. Gomez, A. Data, G. Tomassini, C. Cicutti, U. Bertezolo, R. Donayo (Ternium Siderar / Tenaris Siderca, Argentina)

  64. Scrap Modelling of the LD Converter Charging at Ternium Siderar
    A. Dotto, D. Schnidrig, C. Chongo (Ternium Siderar / UTN-FRSN, Argentina)

  65. Starting of Hot Metal Desulphurization with Rotating Lance at Usiminas Steel Shop # 2
    J. Viana, T. Araujo, J. Sequeira (Usiminas / Insider, Brazil)

  66. BOF Static Control: Automation of the after Calculus Based on Rules System
    P. Torrico, A. Gomez, M. Viale UTN-FRSN / Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

  67. Improvements in the Drawability of Low Carbon Steel 1006-1010
    G. Mugica, O. Vaca, A. Mormolini, M. Febre (Acerbrag, Argentina)

  68. Calcium Treatment of Medium Carbon Steel Grades for Machinability Enhancement : from the Theory to Industrial Practice
    A. Racine, A. Arzur, M. Cofente (Arcelor Mittal Bars & Wires Research, France)

  69. Prediction of Ferrite Content in Continuously Cast Slabs of Austenitic Stainless Steels. Effect of Ferrite on Mechanical Properties of Type AISI 304LN Cast Slab
    D. Alexandro, M. Kocak, C. Dumortier (Faculte Polytechnique de Mons / GKSS, France)

  70. Experimental Study of the Resistance to Severe Abrasion (Gouging) in A-36 and TX10-T Steels
    M. Vite, I. Salazar, J. Vite (IPN / ININ, Mexico)

  71. Development of C- Mn Ingot Steel Microalloyed with V, Nb and Ti to Produce Al 5L X52 PSL2 Steels for Seamless Line Pipes
    P. Baute, J. Maita, Y. Villalba (Ternium Sidor, Venezuela)

  72. Behavoiur of Chinese Refractory Lining in LF Ladles at Siderca
    M. Dominguez, E. Salgado (Liaoning Jiayi JHR / TenarisSiderca, China, Argentina)

  73. Design, production and experience with preassembled KT-tuyere blocks in Dalmine
    F. Pastorino (LWB Refractories, Italy)

  74. Magnesita Castable Application for Severe Operational Conditions in the Steel Industry
    R. Rettore, N. Bellandi (Magnesita / Rasa, Brazil, Argentina)

  75. Innovative BOF Maintenance
    R. Pungersek, J. Jeitler, (Heiko Dettela RHI, Austria, Brazil)

  76. Opening Mechanism and Performance of Ladle Seal Sands
    E. Salgado, F. Medina, L. Martorello, P. Galliano (TenarisSiderca Argentina)

  77. Analysis of the Corrosion Mechanism of MgO-C Slag Line Bricks by Dipping Test
    M. Labadie, S. Camelli, H. Lobato (Ternium Siderar / IAS, Argentina)

  78. Properties Evolution of an Alumina Castable During the Drying Cycle
    H. Lobato, S. Camelli, M. Labadie (Ternium Siderar / IAS, Argentina)

  79. Ceramic Fiber Starting Tubes for a Continuous Casting Tundish
    G. Buijs, L. Simao, L. Pucchio, O. Godoy, P. Ventura (Unifrax Brasil / Acindar / TenarisSiderca, Argentina, Brazil)

  80. The Fluid-Dynamic Behaviour of Mists Used in the Secondary Cooling of Thin Slabs
    I. Hernandez, F. Acosta, H. Castillejos, M. Herrera (Cinvestav - Ternium Hylsa, Mexico)

  81. Ideal Stress and Current in the Submerged Arc Furnace - Power and Electrode Diameter Correlation (J Factor)
    L. Jaccard (Luis R. Jaccard, Brazil)

  82. Development of Ultra High Strength Steel through Electro Slag Remelting with Inoculation
    T. R. Bandyopadhyay, P. K. Rao, N. Prabhu (National Institute of Technology / Indian Institute of Technology, India)

  83. Electrical Conductivity of New MgO Containing ESR Slags and its Effect on Energy Consumption
    R. Schneider, J. Korp, R. Hansenhundl (Upper Austrian Univ. of Appl. Sciences / University of Leoben / Bohler Edelstahl, Austria)

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