Steelmaking / Ironmaking Conference, Meeting on Foundry, Argentina, Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia 15th Steelmaking Conference, 5th Ironmaking Conference, 1st CIFRA / IAS Meeting on Foundry,
2nd AAS – AWS Rio da la Plata / IAS Meeting on Welding,
1st IAS Meeting on Environment & Recycling, Exhibit of Suppliers to the Steel Industry

Hotel Colonial, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 7-10, 2005

With the kind permission  of  Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia.

15th Steelmaking Conference:  98 Titles & Authors

  1. Keynote Lecture: Demystifying EAF operations - The path to EAF optimization
    J. Jones (Nupro Corporation, USA)

  2. Carbon injection kinetics and slag foaming in EAF slags
    K. Coley, F.-Z. Ji, G. Irons (McMaster University, Canada)

  3. Results of CoJet in ACINDAR with DRI continuous feeding
    F. Torres, M. Suligoy, J. Micheletti (Acindar), P. Hopperdizel (Praxair Metal Technologies, Brazil),
    W. Siniscalco (Praxair, Argentina)

  4. Control of nitrogen content in electric steel mill with 100% scrap charge
    N. Dieter, S. Mella, M. Merino, T. Moreno, J. Osorio (Gerdau Aza, Chile)

  5. Reduction of electric energy consumption in the EAFs
    J. Alanis, R. Mendoza, F. Lopez (Mittal Steel Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico)

  6. Charging used tires in QASCO’s EAF
    J. D'Souza (Qatar Steel Company, Qatar)

  7. Phosphorus behavior in the EAF
    F. Medina, V. Aranda, C. Cicutti (TenarisSiderca)

  8. Experience and perspectives in the recycling of EAF and LF by-products by injection into the EAF
    F. Memoli (Techint Technologies, Italy); S. Porisiensi (Ferriere Nord, Italy), O. Bonetti (Stefana, Italy),
    C. Mapelli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

  9. Basic principles to define the EAF operational parameters: different approach depending on the melting stage, effects on flicker, productivity and electrode consumption
    L. Jaccard (Forarco Servicos, Brazil)

  10. UCAR Connex Virtual Meltshop (VM2) monitoring system
    N. Lugo (UCAR, USA)

  11. Selecting the right electrode diameter for AC EAFs
    C. Friedrich, H. Fuchs (SGL Carbon, Germany)

  12. Competent solutions for new challenges in steelmaking
    G. Kleinschmidt, M. Wimar, J. Kempken, U. Falkenreck (SMS Demag, Germany)

  13. Temperature measurement with thermocouples in refractories and cooling panels of EAFs
    R. Navesnik (Sensotec)

  14. Increase of hot metal transportation in CST’s torpedo car
    J. Brumana, D. Bahiense, K. de Andrade, J. Garcia, G. Lorenzoni, V. Pereira (CST, Brazil), G. Monica, J. Ce (Magnesita, Brazil)

  15. Estimation of slag composition and saturation conditions at the end of the BOF process
    S. Alzari, C. Cicutti (TenarisSiderca), A. Gomez, R. Donayo (Siderar)

  16. Optimized model of BOF gas recovery operation at Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao
    O.J. Kirmse (CST, Brazil)

  17. Improvements in BOF process at Algoma Steel
    S. Hilderley, L. Greco, E. Wong, K. Ugahadpaga (Algoma Steel, Canada), J. Petroni (Exiros-Tenaris, Canada)

  18. Optimization of lime-Mg process by use of rotating lance
    S.L. de Souza Costa, E. Meireles (Usiminas, Brazil)

  19. Improvements in slag carry-over during BOF tapping by the use of infrared camera
    M. Viale, U. Bertezzolo, J. Perez, R. Ares, J. Usart, A. Gomez, A. Rapetto (Siderar)

  20. Computational study to determine the influence of the tap hole position in a LD converter
    R.S. Ataides, M. Reis (ESSS, Brazil)

  21. Instationary simulation of cooling stack and cooling water circuit for converter gas cooling
    R. Antonini (Voest Alpine Industria, Brazil); A. Engelmann (VAI, Austria)

  22. Secondary metallurgy in a ladle furnace and its relationship with steel cleanness
    F. Medina, V. Aranda, G. Torga, F. Fuhr (TenarisSiderca)

  23. Thermodynamical modeling of CaO – SiO2 – Al2O3 – X slags
    M. Carboneri, J. Soares (Acos Villares Usina Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil)

  24. Effect of design and operating variables on mixing in gas-stirred ladles
    M. Ramirez (Unam, Mexico)

  25. Numerical analysis of transient phenomena of fluid flow and mixing in a steel ladle
    R. Skrzek, I. Daoud, J. Morales, E. Nadalon, A. Vilela (UFRGS, Brazil),
    L. Trindade (Science Technology & Engineering, Brazil)

  26. Determination of optimum calcium carbide for slag deoxidation
    J. Santiago, L. Mombello (Electrometalurgica Andina)

  27. Sensor for direct measurement of soluble aluminum content
    R. Showe, J. Rossoni, A. Hess (Ecil, Brazil), E. dos Santos, P. Lascosqui, R. Ferreira, B. Henriques, D. Bahiense (CST, Brazil)

  28. The use of calcium carbide in steel
    J. Santiago (Electrometalurgica Andina)

  29. Keynote Lecture: A reestablishment of fluid and heat flow theories in the continuous casting mold
    R.D. Morales (IPN, Mexico)

  30. Study of three submerged entry nozzles in a water model of Sidor slab casters
    J.S. Sylvestre Begnis, E. Brandaleze (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia), A. Castella (Sidor, Venezuela),
    G. Godoy (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)

  31. Study of heat transfer in thin slab continuous casting to increase productivity
    H. Castillejos (Cinvestav, Mexico)

  32. Numerical simulation of fluid flow and non-metallic inclusion behavior in a continuous casting tundish
    I. Alves, R. Sicorski, M. Francois, A. Vilela (UFRGS, Brazil), L. Trindade (Science Technology & Engineering, Brazil)

  33. Numerical simulation of turbulent fluid flow in different configurations of tundishes and experimental validation
    R. Parreiras, M. Carvalho, T. Avila (UFMG, Brazil)

  34. Study of flow pattern in a continuous casting tundish by physical and mathematical modeling
    M. Diaz, R. Sanchez, S. Macias, M. Amador (IPN, Mexico)

  35. Contribution to the calculation of the characteristic times and volumes in tundish physical models
    M. Francois, M. Zilles, M. Daroit, M. Liska, A. Vilela (UFRGS, Brazil)

  36. Numerical analysis of fluid flow in a 4-strand tundish
    C. Pinheiro, L. da Silva (Magnesita, Brazil), L. Trindade (Science Technology & Engineering, Brazil),
    M. Reis, F. Vieira (ESSS, Brazil)

  37. Computational model of heat transfer in a continuous casting tundish
    A. Gaston (UNR), G. Sanchez Sarmiento (UBA), J.S. Sylvestre Begnis (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia)

  38. Analysis of submerged nozzles based on parameters of fluid flow obtained through computational fluid dynamics
    C. Pinheiro (Magnesita, Brazil), L. Trindade (Science Technology & Engineering, Brazil), M. Reis (ESSS, Brazil),
    A. Suda (Usiminas, Brazil)

  39. Analysis of the accident occurred in CST BOF No 1
    J. Chiabi, J. Alves, A. Tsutomo (CST, Brazil)

  40. Effective cut of tension in upper part of electric furnaces
    C. Murno (TenarisSiderca)

  41. Relining of Siderar BOFs: evolution from point of view of safety
    M. Magni, A. Montaldo, O. Biga, G. Flores (Siderar)

  42. Continuous temperature systems in continuous casting operations - a system comparison
    W. Glitscher (Heraeus Electro-Nite, Belgium)

  43. Increase of casting speed of low C and peritectic steels in the slab caster No 1 at CST
    H. Silva, S. de Souza(CST, Brazil)

  44. Influence of casting sequenciability on steel cleanness
    J. Padilla, M. Barbaro (SIDOR, Venezuela)

  45. Latest solutions for high-performance slab casting
    G. Wersching, H. Fitzel, M. Stiftinger (VAI, Austria)

  46. Evaluation of mechanical and chemical properties of mold fluxes with zircon addition
    E. Brandaleze (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia), G. Di Gresia (Siderar), E. Benavidez (UTN-FRSN),
    C. Gonzalez Oliver (CNEA-CAB)

  47. The development and characterization of color coded, no free carbon containing continuous casting fluxes
    J. Macho, B. Golimowski, M. McClymonds (Stollberg, USA), D. Steinkemper (Stollberg, Germany)

  48. Characterization and control of mould fluxes used for the continuous casting of steel
    C. Dumortier, A. D’Alfonso, F. Delaunois (Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium)

  49. Study of the incidence of water of the secondary cooling system on the slab
    P. Cejas, W. Dentone, F. Palmieri, H. Puchet, I. Cepeda (UTN-FRSN), W. Balante, G. Di Gresia, J. Usart, H. Riboldi, R. Lopez, G. Rodriguez (Siderar)

  50. From the arc furnace to the plant power supply system, how meltshop production can benefit from an up-to-date electrical system solution
    R. Backes, U. Sturmer (Siemens, Germany)

  51. Results of the installation of the KT sidewall system for oxygen, carbon and lime at the Consteel EAF Gerdau Ameristeel Sayreville
    S. Raposo, J. Lubbe (Gerdau Ameristeel Sayreville, USA), F. Memoli (Techint Technologies, Italy),
    A. Manenti (Core Furnace Systems, USA)

  52. Use of chemical energy in electric arc furnaces using DRI and hot metal
    C. Farmer, M. Coburn, D. Stanton, V. Shver (PTI, USA)

  53. Cooled panels for EAF: important factors to improve useful life
    W. da Silva, J. Monteiro (Konus Icesa, Brazil)

  54. Experience in continuous casting of T23 1.6 % W steel
    J. C. Gonzalez (Tenaris Group), G. Cumino (TenarisDalmine, Italy)

  55. SIBARP – Process control of the billet caster
    R. Carvalho, M. Vieira (Belgo Mineira Usina Monlevade, Brazil)

  56. Decrease of casting speed due to tundish nozzle clogging for high-Mn Si-killed S60 steel and propositions for improvement
    E. Madriz, M. Oropeza, J. Ucar (Sidetur Planta Casima, Venezuela), R. Dekkers (Catholic University of Lovain, Belgium)

  57. Technological improvements in the billet steelmaking shop at Sidor
    A. Castella, H. Solis, J. C. Rodriguez (Sidor, Venezuela)

  58. Development of steelmaking and casting practices of high-carbon tyre cord steel
    I. Murgas (OneSteel, Australia)

  59. Quality improvements on Belgo’s billets for automotive applications
    L. Penna, W. Ribeiro, J. Ramalho, C. Sato (Belgo Mineira Usina Monlevade, Brazil), R. Parreiras (UFMG, Brazil)

  60. Castability of aluminium killed-calcium treated automotive grades in a small billet caster
    I. Murgas, R. Wiblen (OneSteel, Australia)

  61. Development of fluoride-free fluxes for structural steels billet casting
    R. Carli, S. Tintori (Prosimet, Italy), G. Marini (Duferco, Italy), A. Fox (Imperial College, UK), D. Lever (Borax, UK)

  62. Keynote Lecture: Consideration on the slag conditioning for BOF process
    Simao de Oliveira (Magnesita, Brazil)

  63. Evolution of Siderar steel ladle life
    A. Gisbert, A. Vanola (RASA), M. Labadie, J. Perez, A. Gomez, R. Donayo, R. Venica (Siderar)

  64. Low pollution high-performing new dolomite-based products
    F. Pastorino, H. Dittrich (LWB Refractories, Italy)

  65. Identification of wear mechanisms of Siderar ladle refractories
    A. Martin, E. Brandaleze (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia), R. Donayo, J. Perez, A. Gomez (Siderar)

  66. Characterization of wear of submerged entry nozzles
    C. Capurro, C. Cicutti, P. Galliano, F. Fuhr, G. Torga, G. Walter (TenarisSiderca)

  67. Post mortem study of the assembly inner nozzle/stopper rod of continuous casting tundish
    M. Labadie, R. Topolevsky (Siderar); S. Camelli (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia)

  68. Magnesia castables: properties of pre cast refractory materials for the clean steel flow control tundish
    R. de Paula, L. Mariani (Magnesita, Brazil)

  69. Vibro-dense bottom for steel ladles
    R. Handler, T. Schraven (Pahage, Germany)

  70. High-resistant insulating panels for the iron and steel industry
    G. Buijs, D. Guida (Unifrax), L. Simao, J. Braha (Unifrax Brasil, Brazil)

  71. Keynote Lecture: Reliability-centered maintenance
    H. Ellmann (Ellmann, Sueiro y Asociados)

  72. Application of a plan for standardization and improvement of caster molds, segments and rolls to minimize defects in the production of steel slabs
    L. Molina, A. Vela, H. Romanuk, A. Castella (Sidor, Venezuela)

  73. Reforms in the ladle furnace roof at Siderar
    J. Usart, R. Lopez, J. Alonso, J. Lengert, R. Venica, G. Benitez (Siderar)

  74. Advances in the general effectiveness of the Sidor EAFs area through an adequate maintenance management
    L. Galarza, J. Mierez, H. Romanuk (Sidor, Venezuela)

  75. A flexible, modular approach to the design of continuous casting equipment
    H. Wahl, C. Federspiel, K. Herzog (VAI, Austria)

  76. Advanced maintenance systems solutions
    A. Grilli (Danieli, Italy)

  77. Keynote Lecture: Hydrogen in steels: problems and current solutions
    J. Ovejero Garcia (CNEA)

  78. Identification of hydrogen trapped in steel through the technique of decoration with silver
    E. Brandaleze, D. Cavaleri, L. Reda, E. Gonzalez (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia)

  79. Influence of the continuous casting process conditions on the formation of hook cracks in ERW pipes
    J. Basone, L. Dutari (Acindar)

  80. Use of different techniques of characterization of non-metallic inclusions in steels
    W. Bielefeldt, L. Marcon, C. Moraes, A. Vilela (UFRGS, Brazil)

  81. Mechanical and microstructural properties of niobium microalloyed steels for hydrocarbon conduction pipeline
    M. Saavedra (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico)

  82. Comparative study of failure by fatigue contact rolling (FCR) in basic, nitrided and chromium coated AISI 4140 steel
    M. Vite, E. Vera, R. Aguilar, J. Aguilar, I. Cruz (IPN, Mexico)

  83. Analysis of nanoprecipitates through SEM microscopy in microalloyed steels
    L. Bejar, A. Medina, R. Martinez (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico)

  84. Study of sliding wear of aluminum and copper against the AISI 1045 steel in dry and lubricated condition
    M. Vite, M. Bautista, J. Aguilar, R. Aguilar, M. Castillo, J. Vite (IPN, Mexico)

  85. Relation of continuous casting operating parameters with the formation of longitudinal cracks in slab wide face
    R. Basanta, R. Bruna, A. Castella, J. Maita (Sidor, Venezuela)

  86. Characterization of exfoliation in CST hot rolled product
    A. Costa, D. Morais, H. Furtado (CST, Brazil)

  87. Production of ultra-low sulfur steels
    M. Barbaro, H. Solis, O. Carvajal (Sidor, Venezuela)

  88. Impact of the internal quality of the steel in the optimization of the resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking in ERW API 5L pipeline
    P. Baute, D. Cadiz, M. Barbaro, T. Vallejo, G. Basanta (Sidor, Venezuela), A. Sanchez, L. Spear, G. Gallardo, E. Samblas (Unicon, Venezuela)

  89. Characterization of titanium carbonitrides in low-C steels
    L. Bejar, A. Medina, A. Bedolla, M. Saavedra (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico)

  90. Cleanness evaluation in clean steel slabs
    M. Herrera, F. Castro (Cinvestav, Mexico), H. Solis (Sidor, Venezuela)

  91. Development of macrowave nitriding treatment in steels
    A. Medina, L. Bejar, I. Mejia (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico)

  92. Description of the expert system applied to the direct reduction plant of TenarisSiderca
    O. Frola, F. Ajargo, H. Nuccetelli, A. Grazziutti, R. Godoy (TenarisSiderca)

  93. Improvement in blow automation in CST BOF
    B. Rosa, J. de Castro, A. Tsutomo, J. Alves (CST, Brazil)

  94. High-level detection in slag pots
    W. Schutz, F. Monti, D. Taullard (TenarisSiderca), E. Ansaldi (VIA)

  95. Melting control in EAFs by means of a metallurgical balance and fuzzy logic
    O. Frola, D. Taullard, F. Miravete, A. Zanini (TenarisSiderca)

  96. Mold level control and automatic start in steel casting processes
    G. Gonzalez, J. Reyes, F. Montes (Acinox-Tunas, Cuba)

  97. Automatic system of BOF slag detection by infra-red thermography
    R. Navesnik (Sensotec)

  98. Automation in metals analysis
    O. Zugaro (Coasin)

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