November 11-13, 2001, Orlando FL, USA


Aluminum Melting and Metal Quality Processing Technology for Continuous High Quality Castings
S. Kennedy, Hy-Tech Furnaces, USA
Aluminum Melting Process Cost Reductions
D. Groteke, Alcovery Technologies, USA
Properties of Fluxes Used in Molten Aluminium Processing
T. Utigard, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
Development, Evaluation and Application of Granular and Powder Fluxes in Transfer Ladles, Crucible and Reverberatory Furnaces
R. Gallo, Foseco
An Examination of Inclusions in a Quiescent Metal Furnace
J. Boileau, Ford Research Laboratory, USA
Capability Study of the Improved Prefil-Footprinter to Measure Liquid Aluminum Cleanliness and Comparison with Different Techniques
A. Simard, J. Proulx, D. Paquin, ABB Bomem Inc., Canada
F. Samuel, N. Abibi, Univ. of Quebec-Chicoutimi, Canada
Interpretation of Prefil Curves and Correlation with Inclusion Type
P. Enright, I. Hughes, N-Tec Limited, USA
J. Ashby, Alcoa-Lingotes, USA
Methodologies for Evaluating Filtering Efficiency in Aluminum Casting Processes
D. Neff, Metaullics, USA
Advances In Filtration Technology for Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting
M. Stapleton, Castech S.A. de C.V., USA
S. Kannan, SELEE Corporation, USA
A Novel Electrochemical Hydrogen Analyzer for Use in Molten Aluminum and It's Alloys
C. Schwandt, M. Hills, D. Fray, R. Henson, Univ. of Cambridge, USA
Control of Hydrogen in 319 Aluminum Alloy for Commercial Scale Production of Premium Quality Sand Castings
G. Crum, M. Griffith, K. Chinnathambi, T. Zeh, Citation, Southern Aluminum Castings, USA
Variation in Hydrogen Content of Al-Si Hypoeutectic Melts with Strontium Addition
H. Guthy, S. Shankar, M. Makhlouf, The Advanced Casting Research Center, USA
Melt Treatment and Strontium Modification of AlóSi Casting Alloys
B. Closset, Timminco SA
Application of an Electrochemical Sensor to Measure Sodium Levels in Aluminum Alloys
M. Stackpool, Ionotec, USA
J. Drekeyser, Vito, Flemish Institution for Technological Research, USA
A. Moores, Foseco Foundry Int'l
S. Devolder, Verheart Design and Development, USA
Effects of Strontium on the Oxidation Behavior of Molten Aluminum Alloys Containing Silicon and Magnesium
P. Yuen, R. Drew, J. Gruzleski, K. Dennis, McGill Univ., USA
Grain Refining of Aluminum Casting Alloys
G. Sigworth, GKS Engineering Services, USA
A Review of Melt Treatments in the Foundry
P. Fisher, P. Cooper, D. Boot, LSM, USA
Influence of Grain Refinement on Hot Cracking in Aluminum-Copper Alloys
M. Bracinni, M. Suery, GPM2, INPG
M. Stucky, Centre Tech Des Industries/Fonderie
Grain Refinement and Thermal Analysis of Al-Mg Alloy 535
P. Fasoyinu, J. Thomson, D. Cousineau, T. Castles, M. Sahoo, Materials Technology Laboratory - CANMET
The Effect of Revert Percentage on the Melt Quality and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-SiC Composites
D. Weiss, Eck Industries, USA
G. Gegal, Caterpillar, Inc., USA
P. Rohatgi, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
A Quality Low Pressure Aluminum Wheel
S. Levy, AluBest Consulting, USA
E. Burhop, Metallurg Aluminum, USA
Effects of Grain Refinement, Eutectic Modification and Pouring Temperature on Soundness of A356 Aluminum
F. Kasumzade, Progress Aluminum Castings, USA
S. Ivan, J. Griffin, R. Griffin, C. Bates, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

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