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IPRATEC REFRACTORIES - SULTANATE OF OMAN LLC  -  refractory products for industrial furnaces for primary aluminium, iron and steelmaking, a part of
Ipratec Refractories, a division of SGI Group - Belgium.

MALPRO OMAN SILICATES LLC (MALOM)  -  manufacturer and exporter of solid sodium silicate, liquid sodium silicate, sodium silicate powder, water glass and potassium silicate, products for foundry sands moulds and cores manufacturing, refractory binders, adhesives, detergents, drilling mud fluids and welding electrodes.

SOHAR ALUMINIUM  -  a primary aluminium smelter and producer of metal in ingots, sows and hot metal (available to local downstream partners), jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, Abu Dhabi and Electrical Authority and Rio Tinto Alcan.

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