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ARENDAL MODELLVERKSTED AS  -  a family business workshop, production of foundry patterns and core-boxes in wood and plastic for sand casting.

ALFSEN og GUNDERSON AS  -  production and supply of filters, spot filters, electrostatic precipitators, suction systems, dynamic separators, tailor made hoods, all types of dampers, fans for air transporting systems, ducts in a variety of sizes and materials, pneumatic and mechanical transport systems, complete solutions for most industrial processes.

BAGGES AS  -  high temperature resistance insulating panels, fiber based flexible and easily formable insulation products, refractory coatings, high temperature electrical insulation sleeving.

BORGESTAD INDUSTRIES AS  -  supplier of refractory products and solutions for the steel, aluminium, copper, ferro-alloy, pulp and paper, sulfate, cement and other industries.

BILFINGER INDUSTRIAL SERVICES NORWAY AS  -  a multi-trade supplier of industrial maintenance, project management and engineering, workshop manufacturing, industrial masonry and consultancy for the process-industry and energy producers, refractory maintenance, projects and modifications in the aluminium industry - foundries, cathode construction and anode furnaces, and ferro industry - ferro manganese or ferrosilicon scoops and reactors, a part of the Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH.

C.H.EVENSEN INDUSTRIOVNER AS  -  manufacturer and supplier of industrial furnaces and industrial heating equipment with low energy consumption and environmental protection, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for metal melting and holding, dryers, spare parts, installation services.

DYNEA AS  -  supplier of specialty wood adhesives, foundry resins, formaldehyde based resins, additives for hot melts, additives for the coating industry, insulation resins and other related industrial products.

FESIL AS  -  one of the world’s largest producers of ferro silicon used as an essential alloy in the production of steel and cast iron, mainly as a deoxidant and an alloying element.

GRAD-TEK AS  -  sand blast units and cabinets for castings cleaning, special blower systems, vibration and centrifugal machines for surface preparation.

K.A.RASMUSSEN AS  -  refining plant for precious (gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and iridium) metals, manufacturer of gold, silver and platinum metals and alloys.

LANGELAND MODELL AS  -  wood, plywood and plastic foundry patterns and core-boxes according to customer drawings and specifications.

METALLHUSET BERGSOE AS  -  supplier of raw materials, ingots and semi-finished products in brass, tin, lead and copper alloys.

MOLSTAD MODELL & FORM AS  -  production of metalcasting tools, patterns and core-boxes done in wood, plastic, aluminum or steel.

QUALITY LAB AS  -  a private independent laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, metallurgical and mechanical test services, metallographic / microstructure investigations, corrosion tests, damage survey, non-destructive testing, hardness tests, strong technical evaluation of test results, consulting.

STORVIK AS  -  machinery and special equipment based upon own product assortment or turn-key deliveries to aluminum smelters world wide - various types of smelting furnaces, lifting yokes for ingots and billets in the foundry and aluminum industry, a complete rig for chisel chipping / removal of aluminum residue in the foundry furnaces, ingot molds.

SR TEKNIKK AS  -  representative of manufacturers of machinery / plant, equipment, consumables and spare / wear parts to sandblasting, blast cleaning and milling processes.

TOTEN METALL AS  -  production of secondary aluminum alloys in ingots for foundries, capacity about 13 000 tons of foundry alloys and 5000 tons of tolled scrap per year, a part of Oppland Metall AS

VALLE MODELLVERKSTED AS  -  production of wood foundry patterns, core boxes and prototypes.

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