AVS Ltd.-Ukraine, raw materials for foundries & metallurgy AVS LTD.  -  UKRAINE

AVS Ltd. is a trading and manufacturing enterprise supplying raw materials for foundries, metallurgy, machine-building industry and chemistry:
  • graphite products: graphite electrodes, graphitization (carburization) agents, graphite crucibles, graphite blocks, graphite powder, lubricants and coatings;
  • additives for metal casting process;
  • foundry pig iron and ferroalloys;
  • foundry coke;
  • refractories.

Evgeniy Perederiy  -  General Manager


3, Zavodskaja str., Zaporozhye 69001, UKRAINE
tel. / fax: (++380 61) 2200047
e-mail:   info@avs.zp.ua
website: www.avs.zp.ua