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5th International Conference on Materials Design and Applications 2024 - MDA 2024, July 4-5, 2024, Porto

20th National Foundry Congress of Portuguese Foundry Association (APF), May 16, 2024, Porto

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ANTONIO MARQUES RODRIGUES, LDA.  -  brass castings and forgings, fittings for plumbing, irrigation and fire equipment.

ARSOPI, S.A.  -  stainless steel, refractory and nickel alloys parts.
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CARDOSO & ESPOSA, LDA.  -  zamak pressure die castings, decorative miniatures of french monuments and beer bottle openers.

CIF - COMPANHIA INDUSTRIAL DE FUNDICAO, S.A.  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings, fireplaces, heat stoves, light columns and flower stands for streets and gardens, manhole covers and grates.

CONTIBRONZES - FUNDICAO CONTINUA E CENTRIFUGA, S.A.  -  continuous and centrifugal cast bronze bars, bushings, worm gears and other bronze profiles.

CRUZ MARTINS & WAHL, LDA.  -  castings in carbon and low alloy steel, austenitic manganese steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high alloy white cast iron, grey and nodular cast iron, green sand automatic moulding line for cast iron castings, manual and automatic self-setting sand moulding systems for steel castings, castings for asphalt milling and paving machines, castings suited for the high temperature, corrosion and abrasion conditions in the cement manufacture processes, castings for ovens of solid waste incineration, cast parts for ceramics industry, petrochemical industry and machine tools manufacturers, the production capacity is over 7500 tons of castings per year, a part of Vautid GmbH - Germany.

DURITCAST, S.A.  -  production of parts in cast iron and steel, automatic moulding lines, capacity - 11000 tons of castings per year.

ESTANHOS EL REI (VITORINO PEREIRA MORAIS, LDA.)  -  manufacturer and supplier of the pewter articles-copies off real 18th century silver pieces such as milk bottles, coffee bottles, salves etc, green sand hand moulding and centrifugal casting in rubber moulds.

FUNDICAO DO ALTO DA LIXA, S.A. (FAL GROUP)  -  cast iron and steel castings, no-bake mechanized moulding line, carrousel type manual moulding line.

FUNDIDORES DE MONTEMOR  -  production and restoration of sculptures, statues, reliefs and monuments in bronze.

FUNDICOES DO ROSSIO DE ABRANTES, S.A.  -  steel and cast iron castings for power generation, cement industry, shipbuilding and repair, paper industry, railways, mining, public works, green-sand air impact automatic moulding line, chemical bonded process - hand moulding and mechanized line, capacity up to 4000 tons / year.

FUNDIFAS - FERRAGENS E FUNDICAO INJECTADA, LDA.  -  pressure die casting, fittings in zamak for civil and constructive sectors.

FUNDIJACTO - FUNDICAO INJECTADA DE METAIS, S.A.  -  high pressure die casting cast parts in aluminium and zinc alloys up to 2 kg for electric and electronic applications, automotive industry, automation, lighting equipment and household appliances.

FUNDILUSA - FUNDICOES PORTUGUESAS, LDA.  -  production of propellers up to fifteen tons in bronze alloy, with diameters up to 5.5 meters, blades up to eight tons, finished hubs up to nine tons, caps and covers up to nine tons, an annual capacity of 900 propellers, 1800 blades and 250 hubs, caps, covers and other components for the marine industry, the company has one of the strongest foundries in the sector, two induction furnaces with a 30 tons capacity and four sand mixing machines for moulding.

FUNFRAP - FUNDICAO PORTUGUESA, LDA.  -  production of grey iron, nodular iron and Ni-resist castings for the automotive industry - bed plates, crankshafts, turbine-housings, manifolds and turbo-manifolds, differential housings, a part of Teksid Group - Italy.

FAMARCAST - FUNDICAO, S.A.  -  brass gravity die castings for coffee machines, watermeters and fittings, mixer taps / faucets.

FUNDIVEN - FUNDICAO VENEZUELA, S.A.  -  pressure die-casting of aluminium alloys, castings for regulation valves, gas control and liquid hydra carbides, gas burner parts, automotive equipment, electrical and electronic equipments.

FERESPE, LDA.  -  carbon, low, medium and high alloyed cast steel machine parts, high alloy cast iron and nodular cast iron, castings for pumps and valves, maintenance, glass industry, cement industry, spare parts for earth moving machines, spare parts for the food industry, sales capacity of 1000 tons / yearly.
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FUNDICAO LAGE, LDA.  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures and monuments.

FUNDICAO PENEDO BEIRA, LDA.  -  cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings.

FELINO, S.A.  -  manufacturer of products and machines for bakery and pastry industry, as well as ductile iron pieces, grey iron pieces, aluminium gravity castings and machining / assembling of parts and components.
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FIRMAGO, S.A.  -  aluminium alloys casting, green sand hand moulding, semi-automatic moulding line HSP2 and automatic moulding line HSP2D.

FUSAG, S.A.  -  grey and nodular iron castings for furniture, electrical, transport, hydraulic, timber and ceramics industries.
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FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, S.A.  -  cast iron products for manhole covers, gratings, reducers, hydrants, pipes, pipe fittings and joints, gate valves, swing check valves, globe valves.
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FABRICA VISAO, LDA.  -  cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and aluminium castings, industrial castings for the construction, plumbing, irrigation and sanitary sectors, art casting - statues, busts.

INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS J. BATISTA & IRMAOS (IMJBI)  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings, manhole covers, grids, bollards, benches, clamps and flanges.

IPIAC NERY (METALURGICA COSTA NERY), S.A.  -  manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic industry, own cast iron and steel foundry, a part of the Italian-Spanish Group A. Putin devoted to the sector of structural ceramic industry.

JOBASI, S.A.  -  bronze and brass castings, ornamental and art items, accessories for electric installations, telecommunication lines, gas and water networks.

JOAO VIEIRA DE CAMPOS, LDA.  -  tin alloy and aluminium alloy cast parts, decoration items, special gifts, trophies, replicas of symbolic pieces, green-sand hand moulding and centrifugal moulding in silicon rubber moulds.

LOBO & FILHOS - INDUSTRIA DE FUNDICAO DE METAIS, LDA.  -  zamak pressure die-casting.

LABINA, LDA.  -  pressure die casting of aluminium alloys.
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ML - METALURGICA DE LOUROSA, LDA.  -  aluminium alloys castings - arrowheads, cone, acorn, pyramid and flower finials, balusters, balls, sand moulding and

METALURGICA RECOR, S.A.  -  cast iron baths, radiators, boilers and other cast iron products.
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MDF TRAMAGAL INDUSTRIAS DE FUNDICAO, LDA.  -  production of large steel and cast iron castings with weight up to 10 tons for asphalt milling and paving machines, cement manufacture processes, solid waste incineration, machine tools, stone crushers and impact mills, ceramics and petrochemical industries,
a part of Vautid GmbH - Germany.

NOVA FUNDINIO, S.A.  -  high-pressure aluminium die-casting for automotive industry, telecommunications, electrical equipment, tooling, agriculture machines and building, production capacity of 1450 MT per year.


SOMEIL, LDA.  -  zamak pressure die casting, knobs for furniture, furniture accessories, religious items, lighting accessories, household utilities, cast parts for different industrial purposes.

SCHMIDT LIGHT METAL GROUP  -  manufacturing of aluminium pressure die-castings for the automotive and component supply industry.

SAKTHI PORTUGAL, S.A.  -  cast iron foundry, cast parts primarily directed to the automotive market, three Disamatic moulding lines, one GF air impact moulding machine and line, a division of Sakthi Group - India.

SOMEFE - SOCIEDADE DE METAIS E FUNDICAO, LDA.  -  cast iron castings, manhole covers and gratings, fittings, pipes, valves, pumps, liners.

SONAFI - SOCIEDADE NACIONAL DE FUNDICAO INJECTADA, S.A.  -  aluminium pressure die castings for the automotive industry.

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