Huta Zabrze S.A. - Poland, cast iron and steel castings, HUTA ZABRZE S.A.  -  POLAND

Huta Zabrze (Zabrze Steel Works) has more than two hundred years of tradition in the metallurgy equipment manufacturing. It is here that in 1782 the first blast furnace was constructed for the region. Nowadays the company becomes one of the major producers of machines and equipment for metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment-oriented companies.

Huta Zabrze delivers for domestic needs and export:
  • castings of grey, nodular and alloy cast iron and castings of carbon and low-alloy cast steel;
  • electric arc furnaces and secondary metallurgy equipment for metallurgical, glass and ceramic industries;
  • heat treatment furnaces and sub-assemblies of continuous casting machines and equipment for steel metallurgy and foundries;
  • coal charging machines;
  • specialized overhead cranes and hydraulic grabs.


13, Mikulczycka str., 41800 Zabrze, POLAND
tel.: (+48 32) 3763040,  fax: (+48 32) 3763046