Fabricacion de Maquinas S.A. de C.V. FAMA-Mexico, grey, ductile and alloy iron castings, steel forges FABRICACION de MAQUINAS, S.A. de C.V. (FAMA)  -  MEXICO

FAMA is a solid vertically integrated organization with macro-processes that include Foundry, Forging, Machining, Thermal Treatments, Heavy Metal Works, Assembly of Components and Electronic Equipment

Foundry & Forge area manufactures grey, ductile and alloy iron castings, it also produces steel forges units. It has five production lines and highly qualified personnel that give us an ample experience in selecting and handling the appropriate materials required for each part. FAMA is leader in offering an integrated service to our customers such as providing a fully machined casting and assembled unit if required. Nowadays we are serving the industry with a wide range of products and are aimed to the following markets: Tool machine, Plastic Injection, Compressor, Agricultural, Fluid Handling, Glass, Mining / Excavation, Construction, etc.

FAMA's quality is guaranteed by the professional skill of its people, by modern facilities and specialized process laboratories. All its manufacturing processes are strictly supervised and controlled to assure product excellence and optimal operation of the automated technology. Several laboratories at FAMA perform different quality control functions. The metalographic lab is used to supervise materials and treatments, and a computerized lab for analyzing physical and chemical properties. All these help to assure a consistent delivery of excellent products and services.

Our foundry areas are divided in two different casting procedures:
  • In-Line Castings: In which we use green sand with the following machines:
    - Automatic mold making machine (for products from 1 to 25 kg);
    - Semi-automatic mold making machine (for products from 25 to 100 kg);
    - Semi-automatic mold squeezer (for products from 1 to 25 kg).
  • On-Floor Castings: In which resin catalyzers and No-Bake sand are combined with our two continuos high speed mixers (one with a speed of 200 lbs/min and the other with 500 lbs/min). This area produces units from 50 to 8000 kg.

FAMA-Vitro Group

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