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29th International Machine Tools, Metalworking and Automation Technology Exhibition - MetalTech 2025  and  AutomEx 2025, May 14-17, 2025, Kuala Lumpur

10th International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Plant Engineering - ICMMPE 2024, November 28-29, 2024, Parkroyal Penang Resort

International Metal Working, Machine Tool & Engineering Exhibition - Metal Engineering Expo - MTE 2024, October 9-12, 2024, Kuala Lumpur

7th Malaysia International NDT Conference and Exhibition - MINDTCE 2024, August 20-21, 2024, Bandar Sunway

International Tin Conference 2024, May 14-16, 2024, Penang

24th International Conference on Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies - AMPT 2023, September 13-16, 2023, Bangi

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AUTO CAST SDN. BHD.  -  grey and ductile iron, and steel cast parts for agricultural, tractor, machine-building, automotive, furniture and other industrial sectors.

ARITA VALVE MFG. (M) SDN. BHD.  -  cast iron and stainless steel valves and Y-strainers, malleable iron / mild steel (steam) and stainless steel pipe fittings, cast iron air vents, brass valves and pipe fittings.

BEYONICS DIE CASTING SDN. BHD.  -  part of Beyonics Technology Ltd., computer storage devices, medical devices and electronics communication products, aluminium die-castings production.

CHEONG FOUNDRY SDN. BHD.  -  production of steel and cast iron castings for oil and gas, petro chemical, mining, quarry and pump industries.

EKO Metal Industries Sdn Bhd (EMI)-Malaysia, Renowned aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting foundry. EKO METAL INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (EMI)  -  Renowned pressure die casting foundry, precision die-casting products in aluminium and zinc alloys
for telecommunications, consumer, home, industrial, audio, visual, heat sinks, fixtures and tools applications, a part of EKO Group.
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FIRST WAVE TECHNOLOGY (FWT) SDN BHD.  -  foundry and forging plant, machining shop, casting production line for spare / replacement parts in weights ranging from 10 kg up to 600 kg for agriculture industry, energy generation industries, construction industries, chemically bonded sand moulding line, grey and ductile cast iron castings: valve bodies & components, bearing casings, plummer blocks, boiler parts, manhole covers & rings, pipe fitting, glands, flanges & couplings, carbon and low alloy steel castings for industrial & machinery, farm machinery & equipment, earth moving / pilling equipment, railways and locomotives.

HICOM DIECASTINGS SDN. BHD.  -  aluminium diecast parts, servicing the biggest names in the automotive, motorcycle and related industries.

HUNTA FOUNDRY SDN. BHD.  -  manufacturer of steel, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, aluminium, bronze and brass castings for the palm oil mill industry, foods industry, electrical industry and general engineering industry, investment casting and sand moulding processes.

HUP YIK FOUNDRY SDN. BHD.  -  manufacturer of sand pumps, gravel sand pumps, water pumps, sand mining equipment and gold mining equipment, production of carbon and alloy steel, wear resistant steel and iron, heat-resistant steel and iron, stainless steel corrosion resistant cast iron castings.

KNL FOUNDRY SDN. BHD.  -  carbon and alloy steel castings, high alloy wear resistant, heat resistant or corrosion resistant steel castings, weight range from 1 kg to 5000 kg, parts for dredging industry, parts for quarry industry, parts for general engineering, annual production of approximately 1500 tons of finished castings.

LESTARI CASTING SDN. BHD.  -  cast iron, ductile iron and high chrome iron, wear and heat resistant steel cast parts for press machine bodies and frames, ingot moulds, pump parts, die holders, components for crusher machines, ram bodies for piling machines, extraction oil machines, frame & parts for copper foil machines.

Megastra Jaya Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, Renowned aluminium and zinc die casting foundry MEGASTRA JAYA SDN. BHD.  -  Renowned gravity and pressure die casting foundry, aluminium and zinc alloy castings, automotive parts, compressor castings, own toolroom for dies and tools manufacturing, machining, powder coating, anodizing, plating and heat treatment services.
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MODERN PRECISION SDN. BHD.  -  pressure & gravity die aluminium casting, zinc alloys die-casting.

NMC GROUP  -  manufacturer and supplier of industrial and electrical fittings, aluminium alloys, zinc alloys and brass gravity / pressure die casting.

PERNIAGAAN LOGAM XING FA (PLXF) SDN. BHD.  -  grey and ductile cast iron foundry, heavy duty & medium manhole covers and frames, and other cast parts in weight ranging from 0.5 to 2500 kg.

PRIMA PRECISION SDN. BHD.  -  steel foundry, lost wax casting process, wear-resistant, high temperature, corrosive-resistant and high precision products to the railway, mining, quarry, cement, construction, oil and gas, marine and general engineering industries, a subsidiary of Prima Metals Group.

RIGHT WAY INDUSTRIAL (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. (TRIM)  -  aluminium gravity die casting and machining, pistons for motorcycles, automobiles, commercial vehicles, farming and industrial engines and outboards marines, connecting rods, mounting brackets, compressor brackets, valve housing.

SENA DIECASTING INDUSTRIES SDH. BHD.  -  aluminium alloy pressure die-castings from few grams to 4 kg mainly for automotive industry, installed capacity of about 120 tons per month.

TPLI METAL CASTING INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of metal castings, ductile cast iron pipes, fittings, valves, joints and accessories for water treatment distribution system.

TF METAL INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD.  -  aluminium alloy gravity die casting and sand moulding, custom and precision components for a vast number of appliances used in factories such as cooling towers, compressed air filters housings, rubber glove machine hangers, sport rims, clamps for power station line, parts for telecommunication and machinery industries, production of gravity die casting moulds (dies).

TEKNICAST SDN. BHD.  -  diecasting and machining of precision aluminium alloy products, motorcycle and automotive components, components for office equipment, machinery components.

WOONSTEEL INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD.  -  producer of steel castings for palm oil mill, high manganese steel castings for quarries, stainless steel and ductile iron cast products for industry spare parts, shipbuilding engineering & harbour industry, ductile iron manhole casting.

YUMEI TECHNOLOGIES SDN. BHD.  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die casting, a subsidiary company of Pioneer Venture Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

ZINCALU CASTING SDN. BHD.  -  aluminium and zinc alloy pressure die-castings for the office furniture industry, motorcycle and motorcycle engines, computer peripherals, electrical & electronic equipment.

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