Bengal Iron Corporation, India, grey cast iron foundry, industrial castings, ornamental & art castings BENGAL IRON CORPORATION  -  INDIA

Bengal Iron Corporation (BIC) is established in 1964 and successfully stays in the international market of grey iron castings through the excellent customers' service.

BIC manufactures a wide range of grey iron products as per ASTM - A48 / BS - 1452 / DIN - 1691:
  • industrial castings - motor blocks, gear boxes, brackets, valve bodies, plummer blocks, pump housings, pulleys, counter weights, frying pans, various agricultural and machinery parts;
  • sanitary castings - soil pipes and fittings, manhole covers, frames and grates, fire hydrant boxes, water meter boxes, syphon traps;
  • ornamental castings - bollards, benches, tree grates, fire places, lamp posts, grills, wall brackets, figures.
BIC has two foundries with two cupolas each, having a total capacity of 24 000 M.T. per annum. The castings can be produced up to grade GG25/FG250. The max weight of castings is up to 5000 kg.



2-B Tarachand Dutt Str., Calcutta 700073, INDIA
tel.: (++91 33) 2235 9745,  fax: (++91 33) 2221 5507