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Gieterij = Foundry

ALUMINIUM GIETERIJ OLDENZAAL (AGO) B.V.  -  production of aluminium castings, hand molding, seiatsu-process, gravity die casting.

ALUMESS METAALWARENINDUSTRIE LICHTENVOORDE B.V.  -  aluminium castings up to 10 kg, gravity die and pressure die casting.

BRONSGIETERIJ ATELIER 80 B.V.  -  art casting foundry, bronze, brass and aluminium alloys monumental castings, statues and articles of renown artists, lost wax method.

BRONSGIETERIJ & KUNSTATELIER DE PAARDENSTAL  -  bronze casting using the lost wax method, sculptures, monuments and artifacts, repairs and restoration.

BRABANT ALUCAST PRODUCTS B.V.  -  casting and machining of high-grade products in a range of magnesium and aluminium alloys, high-pressure diecast components, mainly for the automotive industry - powertrain, suspension and structural parts, a subsidiary of Euralcom Group B.V.

BRINK & van KEULEN  -  casting, grinding, sanding and polishing, maintenance and restoration of brass chandeliers for churches, government agencies, museums, royal palaces and other impressive rooms.

BRONSBEELDGIETERIJ BINDER B.V.  -  art foundry, bronze statues and monuments.

BRONSGIETERIJ BOGART B.V.  -  sculptures in bronze, brass and aluminium, lost wax method.

BRONSGIETERIJ CUSTERS  -  bronze art foundry for both professional and amateur artists.

BRONSGIETERIJ CSER B.V.  -  art foundry, sand moulding and lost-wax casting, bronze art works and sculptures.

BUVO CASTINGS B.V.  -  aluminium high-pressure die casting products.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE HOOISCHUUR  -  bronze casting and finishing, artworks, busts, statues, childhood memories, grave ornaments, urns.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE SMELTERIJ  -  art castings in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys, lost wax method.

BRONSGIETERIJ KEMNER  -  art foundry, bronze monumental, garden and park sculptures, figurines, reliefs, plaques, souvenirs.

BRONSGIETERIJ KLIJNSTRA  -  bronze foundry, lost wax casting method, experience with the casting of simple to complex statues and figurines from few centimeters up to monumental size, gold or chrome plating.

BRONSGIETERIJ MYRON B.V.  -  bronze art casting, sculptures and figurines - torsos, people, animals, mythology articles.

BENCO METAAL VENLO B.V.  -  gravity die casting, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and lead alloys castings for the furniture industry, shipbuilding, engineering, catering, art, music and construction industry.

BRABANTSEE NON-FERRO GIETERIJ B.V.  -  aluminum alloys casting, seiatsu-process.

BRONSGIETERIJ R.ISEGER  -  art foundry customized for artists, companies, individuals and municipalities, bronze and aluminium alloys castings.

BRONSGIETERIJ STIJLAART B.V.  -  bronze art foundry, lost-wax method.

BRONSGIETERIJ STUDIO LEMAREZ  -  art studio, own foundry shop for lost-wax casting of bronze sculptures, reproduction of original works of art, restoration of damaged sculptures, customers consist of professional artists, private individuals, companies, organizations and institutions.

BRONSGIETERIJ VOLKERS  -  art foundry, bronze, brass, silver and aluminum alloys castings.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den BROEK  -  art foundry, lost-wax method, sculptures, torsos, reliefs, restoration and repair of bronze articles.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den KLEIJ  -  art foundry, statues in bronze, brass, tin or aluminum, art casting for artists and hobbyists.

CIREX B.V.  -  steel cast components for automotive, process and machine construction industries, investment casting (lost wax) method, a member of the Gietburg Group.

CHRISTENHUSZ NON FERRO GIETERIJ B.V.  -  a foundry specializing in aluminum, bronze, aluminum bronze and brass castings, sand casting both hand-and machine-formed in various series and materials to a casting weight of 800 kg, gravity die castings in weights from 10 grams to about 6 kg.

DE KLAVA B.V.  -  design, rapid prototyping, sand, chill mould and high pressure die-casting of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy products for complex applications, finishing work, storage and shipping.

DONK INDUSTRIES  -  various aluminum alloys and zamac pressure / gravity die casting, machining, finishing and assembly, precision toolmaking.

DEVENTER METAALGIETERIJ ALLIAGE B.V.  -  aluminum and bronze castings.

DUIJVES-VARIO-DRIJFWERKEN B.V.  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, sand moulding, industrial cast parts - traction drives, discs and brake segments for lifts, boat propellers, and art castings - door grilles, fencing poles, fencing points wall anchors, decorative plates, lampposts, trees and letter boxes.

DE VIKING EDELMETAALGIETERIJ  -  a precious metals foundry, silicone rubber moulds for lost-wax clusters of patterns production, gold and silver alloys jewelry and art works.

DE VRIES NON-FERRO GIETERIJ B.V.  -  aluminum, zamak, brass and lead castings, high pressure, low pressure, gravity die casting, and squeeze moulding.

EBBERS GROUP INDUSTRIES B.V.  -  supplier of a full range of cast iron, steel, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, the Group comprises: Alucast Neede B.V. - green-sand moulding and gravity die casting non-ferrous foundry, Brons Gieterij de Needse Berg B.V. - all types of bronze, aluminium bronze and brass cast industrial products - pump casings, valve casings, adjustable chairs, art works and sculptures, machine moulding (clay-bound moulding sand), hand moulding (furan sand, water-glass sand), lost-wax casting, Gieterij Neede B.V. - grey and ductile iron cast parts, automatic Kunkel-Wagner moulding line for castings weighting from 0.1 up to 110 kg, manual processing for castings up to 3000 kg, Mercator Gieterij Neede B.V. - cast iron and cast steel products.

FLASSH BRONSGIETERIJ  -  art bronze foundry, lost-wax technology.

GIETERIJ BENNINK & TEN CATE B.V.  -  castings in a varied range of materials, including unalloyed and high-alloy steel, cast iron and nickel base alloys.

GIETERIJ BORCHERTS B.V.  -  gray and nodular cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium castings for the shipbuilding industry, general mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, waste water purification industry, art objects in both bronze and cast iron, rust fixed steel and aluminium, art casting up to 2000 kg piece weight, lost-wax method.

GEMCAST B.V.  -  stainless steel, bronze and aluminium alloys castings for pump, chemical and foodstuffs industries, mechanical engineering and equipment construction, environmental engineering and electrical engineering.

GITRA COMPONENTS B.V.  -  carbon and stainless steel, grey and nodular cast iron - sand-bentonite moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding, aluminium alloys and zamak castings - sand-bentonite moulding, gravity die and pressure die casting processes, cast parts for the automotive, oil and gas industry, process industry and general engineering.

GIETERIJ DIJKKAMP B.V.  -  grey and nodular cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, wear-resistant cast steel, heat-resistant cast steel, aluminium alloys and bronze cast products for street furniture, banisters, door grilles, ornaments, interior, architecture and art items, restoration works, castings for common machine-building industry, hand and machine moulding processes.

GIETERIJ DOESBURG B.V  -  complex cast components in blackheart malleable iron and ductile cast iron for the automotive, agricultural, marine and special engineering industries, Disamatic automatic molding line, max. casting weight 30 kg, a member of the Gietburg Group.

GIETERIJ DRUNEN BEHEER B.V.  -  production of industrial hand moulded castings in non-ferrous alloys, carbon steel and stainless steel, water glass-bound moulding sand technology, cast parts for the hydro-electric power industry, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, pumps industry - pump impellers, casings, diffusers, runner bowls, suction bells, valves and valve seats, and maritime sector - propellers, parts of adjustable propellers, thrusters, propeller blades, leaf buds, bearings, bushings and screw caps.

GERSJES GIETIJZEREN RAMEN B.V.  -  cast iron products, authentic cast iron barn door and window grilles for farmhouses, mansions and other historic buildings, cast iron trees of life, anchors, staircase arrows, mailboxes, garden vases, other decoration, restoration and renovation works.

GERAEDTS IJZERGIETERIJ  -  a jobbing foundry, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron industrial castings up to 16000 kg in weight, cast iron sculptures in tight cooperation with renown artists, hand-moulding, lost-foam process.

GIETERIJ VTB-LEERDAM B.V.  -  aluminium pressure and gravity die casting.

HEMIMEX B.V.  -  specialized in bearing bronze, tin bronze and lead bronze, brass and aluminium alloys castings.

HITTECH GIETERIJ NUNSPEET B.V.  -  production of aluminium sand and gravity die castings from small to medium-sized series for general machine construction, electrical industry, railways, heating-system industry and truck industry, a part of Hittech Group B.V.

HEYCOP METAALINDUSTRIE B.V.  -  in-house foundry specialised in the manufacturing of non ferrous (aluminium, bronze, brass, copper) sand castings and gravity die castings, in-house pattern shop, expert consultation and support in the design and development of new casting products.

HUISMAN NON-FERRO METAAL B.V. (HNF)  -  aluminium gravity die castings from 50 g up to 15 kg, low pressure die casting up to 25 kg, high pressure die casting from 100 g up to 10 kg.

HESSELMANS PRODUCTION B.V.  -  specialized in zamak pressure die casting, including copper, glossy and matt chrome plating and passivation, production of locks and keys, furniture hardware, household items, fireplace decorations, name plates, giveaway items, small architectural hardware, showcases, car devices, lighting items.

KLOKKEN- EN KUNSTGIETERIJ REIDERLAND  -  bells, tower clocks, carillons, art casting services.

KINHEIM CASTING B.V.  -  aluminum castings, v-process, gravity die casting.

LIMBURGIA BOUWBESLAG B.V.  -  industrial, building and decorative aluminuim cast hardware, door handles, door shields, engine handles, safety shields, rosettes, railing holders, gravity die-casting.

LAGERGIETERIJ HAGEMAN B.V.  -  specialists in the casting and processing of different types of bearings for diesel engines, gearboxes, turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, propeller shaft bearings.

LOVINK TECHNOCAST B.V.  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron products for automotive, heating, valve, pump and compressor sectors, hand moulding, Disamatic moulding, lost foam process, a part of Lovink Industries B.V.

METAALGIETERIJ BRUIJS B.V.  -  aluiminum alloys and bronze foundry, seiatsu-process.

MARTINIQUE B.V.  -  manufacturing of exclusive gifts and art crafts in expressive shape, own foundry for cast products in pewter, different colour options.

MEGAFA B.V.  -  aluminium gravity die and pressure die casting.

METAALGIETERIJ DE RUITER B.V.  -  aluminum alloys and bronze foundry, hand molding, seiatsu-process, gravity and pressure die casting.

MELIS GIETERIJEN TILBURG B.V.  -  aluminium and bronze casting.

MGG NETHERLANDS B.V.  -  aluminium casting, machining and assembly, automated green-sand molding lines and low pressure sand casting process, cast components for the automotive, truck and other industrial branches.

MAATMETAAL ROTTERDAM B.V.  -  cast iron and bronze semi manufactured articles in the shape of bars, tubes and squares / rectangles, centrifugal castings.

METAALGIETERIJ VERDULT B.V.  -  aluminum foundry, gravity die casting, lost foam, sand moulding processes.

MGP VENLO B.V.  -  aluminium castings for different industries, green-sand moulding - squeezing, seiatsu-process, hand molding, and gravity die casting.

METAALGIETERIJ van WIJHE V.O.F.  -  brass, bronze and aluminium alloys castings for motor vehicles, road signaling equipment, lamps, clocks, fencing, milk industry, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

NON FERRO GIETERIJ OLDENZAAL B.V. (NFG OLDENZAAL)  -  castings in bronze, aluminium bronze, aluminium alloys and various types of stainless steel, impellers, pump housing, valves, heat exchange units, machine parts for engineering, medical, offshore and ship building industries.

NEFIT INDUSTRIAL B.V.  -  industrial supplier of serial machined and non-machined castings in whiteheart malleable iron for the automotive and building industry, central heating industry, agricultural- and installation industry.

NIJMEEGSCHE IJZERGIETERIJ B.V.  -  cast iron castings, particularly for functional counterweights and special machine parts, furan resin sand moulding.

NEDERLANDSE METAALGIETERIJEN B.V.  -  semi-manufactures in cast iron and non-ferrous metals, continuous, centrifugal and sand casting.

PROTOMETALS B.V.  -  non-ferrous prototype castings, lost wax process, clients served vary from industrial customers, designers and artists to rapid prototyping service centres, industrial cast part in aluminium, bronze, brass and zamak, bronze art casting, statues.

PRECISIEWERK ZIERIKZEE B.V.  -  investment casting foundry, non-ferrous alloys, stainless steel and specialty alloys like inconel, stellite and hastelloy.

ROYAL BELLFOUNDRY PETIT & FRITSEN  -  bells, tower clocks, carillons (special musical instruments), bronze or artificial fibers figurines and sculptures, renovations of church bells, tower clocks and carillons.

RENA CASTINGS B.V.  -  non-ferrous foundry, pressure die casting.

ROYAL EIJSBOUTS  -  bellfoundry, supplier of cast bells, carillons, swinging bells, clocks, and bell- and clock towers, art casting.

RADEMAKERS GIETERIJ B.V.  -  lamellar cast iron and nodular cast Iron castings, a fully automated sand moulding line for castings in series between 2 and 80 kg in weight.

SILLEN & CO SWALMEN B.V.  -  art bronze casting, sculptures, reliefs, decorations, plaques, wall letters, name plates, urn and memorial plaques, wall guns.

SALA BRONSGIETERIJ  -  art bronze foundry, large and small castings, single pieces to large quantities, busts, reliefs, sculptures for award ceremonies, abstract and figurative art, tombs, restoration of broken parts, scratches and damage the patina.

SOESTER GIETERIJ B.V.  -  individual items or small batches made to specification in gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, austenitic cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, various manganese steel alloys for wear-resistant products, corrosion-resistant cast steel heat-resistant cast steel, cast steel for use at low temperatures, creep-resistant cast steel, low-alloy cast steel for refining, cast steel for general use, nickel alloys, castings for waste incineration plants, concrete and dredging industries, equipment and machine construction, ornamental castings for municipalities.

SANDERS' IJZERGIETERIJ EN MACHINEFABRIEK B.V.  -  single products and small series of hand moulded casting with a maximum weight of 2500 kg, gray cast iron nodular cast iron, austempered ductile cast iron, nihard high and ni-resist alloy cast parts.

VOSTERMANS ALU FOUNDRIES B.V.  -  a part of Vostermans Companies, aluminium foundry specializing in the manufacture of aluminium pressure die casting, sand casting and gravity die casting, parts for electric motors, office furniture and general appliances.

VAN GILST METAALGIETERIJ  -  bronze letters, ornamental cast parts and art casting, lost wax process.

V.S.H. GIETERIJ  -  jewelry, decorations and art works, lost-wax vacuum casting of gold, gold with palladium and nickel, silver, brass and bronze.

VAN VOORDEN GIETERIJ B.V.  -  specialised in designing, casting and machining of ship propellers, propeller blades, and high wear resistant castings mainly used for products for the dredging and mining industry, lamellar, nodular, austenitic and white wear resistant cast iron, cast steel, seawater resistant aluminium bronze, castings weight from 25 kg up to 30 000 kg.

WEST-FRIESLAND METAGIS (WFM) B.V.  -  bronze, brass and special copper alloys foundry, centrifugal casting.

WAELES NEDERLAND B.V.  -  manufacturer of nodular, ductile, lamellar and SiMo castings, cast components 0.5-7 kg in weight, by Disažatic moulding machine, products supplied to various industries, including automotive, agriculture and mechanical engineering.

WINTEB V.O.F.  -  seawater resistant aluminium air pipe heads, new designs, spare parts, unique cast products in aluminium, copper, aluminium bronze, bronze and other non-ferrous materials.

ZEEUWS VLAAMSE GIETERIJ (Z.V.G.) B.V.  -  grey and nodular cast iron, cast steel, bronze and aluminum industrial castings from 1 kg up to 3000 kg, monumental artwork.

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