TEP art foundry was set up in 1978 and has since developed into an ultra modern foundry. The initiators of the company, Theodoros and Elias Papadopoulos, have not only revived the ancient art of casting bronze, but they have also perfected it to its contemporary level. Using only the most advanced materials and methods, TEP art foundry can handle any type and size of bronze casting and guarantee superior quality, fast delivery and competitive prices. Perhaps the key to the success of the foundry is the ability of its craftsmen to identify themselves with the sculptor and to preserve and bring out the initial concept in the best possible manner.

A leader in its field, TEP has an international clientele. The foundry is active in Greece and Cyprus as well as in other European countries. In fact, a representative of the foundry visits both France and the Netherlands on a regular basis in order to deliver sculptures and collect new work to be cast in Greece.


Theodore, Elias & Christos Papadopoulos


Anapafseos 108, 15344 Gerakas, Athens, GREECE
tel.: (++30 210) 8046573,  fax: (++30 210) 8049578
e-mail:   tep@artfoundry.gr
website: www.artfoundry.gr