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TALLIX, USA  -  art casting for sculptors, architects and designers.

TECALU, TUNISIA  -  gravity die casting in aluminium alloys, a part of Groupe Aluthea-France.

TICRONIK, ESTONIA  -  zinc, lead and aluminium casts made by gravity die-casting and sand moulding, production of bronze and brass ingots, bronze cast hubs and rods, large diameter bronze rings and bushings, zinc anode protectors.

TOJO, SERBIA  -  zamak castings for door and window appliances.

TRIPACO. MEXICO  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings, carbon, manganese, stainless and special steel castings, bronze, brass, aluminium, zinc and lead alloys castings, green sand or no-bake moulding.

TENBA AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminium alloys foundry, gravity die casting, cast parts from 10 g to 10 kg.

TURGIBEGA AG, SWITZERLAND  -  aluminium, gunmetal, bronze and cast iron castings - house numbers, street signs, direction signs, steel plaques, house name plaques, honorary plaques, company plaques, doorbell plates, slide tables, fire hydrants numbers, gravity die casting, green-sand machine and hand moulding.

TASHRANGMETZAVOD, AO AI (JSC), UZBEKISTAN  -  collection and processing of non-ferrous metals scrap and metal waste, production of secondary aluminium alloys (ingots) for sand casting and pressure die casting, bronze and brass ingots, zinc and lead alloys ingots, aluminium selected dross, and castings in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys.

TEP ART FOUNDRY, GREECE  -  bronze art casting.
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THE AKERS GROUP, SWEDEN  -  rolls for hot and cold rolling of ferrous and non ferrous metals in cast iron, cast steel and forged steel from a few kilograms
up to 100 tonnes.

THONI ALUMINIUMGUSS GmbH, GERMANY  -  aluminium castings for industries like medical, energy, robotics, printing machines, engines, railway, general engineering.

TECHNIKA/AEROTECHNIKA JERZY DOMICZ, POLAND  -  pressure-die aluminium castings.

TRIEKA AIMEX PT., INDONESIA  -  stainless steel and alloy steel casting, sand casting and investment casting processes, yoke, vacuum impellers, turbine impellers, open / closed impellers, screw impellers, propellers, rings, pump casings, pulleys and hubs, heat distributor parts, exchangers, diffusers, burner tips, chain parts.

THONI ALUTEC SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  aluminium castings in various alloys, cast parts for medical, energy, robotics, printing machines, engines, railway and general engineering, sand moulding, gravity die casting.

THE AHMEDABAD VICTORIA IRON WORKS CO. LTD., INDIA  -  cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel castings for chemical, paper and fertilizer industries, weight range from 1 kg up to 12 tons (single piece) in any size and shape.


THOS BEGBIE & CO., SOUTH AFRICA  -  the foundry is a part of Thosbegbie Holding, castings in high conductivity copper, bronzes and alloys, iron, steel and stainless steel for water cooled components for the melting and smelting industry.
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THE BROCKMOOR FOUNDRY CO. LTD., UK  -  nodular iron castings.

THE BORO' FOUNDRY LTD., UK  -  a wide range of castings using a variety of ferrous materials - ductile iron, grey iron, Ni-hard, Ni-resist, carbon steel and stainless steel.

THE BORBET GROUP, GERMANY  -  metal casting, light metal wheels for passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles.

TAIZHOU BEIGELAI KITCHENS & BATHROOMS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  one of the largest cast iron bathtub manufacturer company in China, middle and high-grade cast iron bathtub and cast iron kitchen sinks, the annual production capacity is about 30000 sets, V-process casting.

TMMETAL BALTIC LTD., LATVIA  -  the only metal foundry and metalworking company in the Baltic States that produces propeller blades and hubs for propulsion machinery from nickel aluminium bronze, castings are in range from 30 up to 6000 kg per part, Omega moulding line and sand hand moulding.


TRIGGS BROTHERS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of small to medium sized grey & ductile iron castings for irrigation, automotive, heavy transport, electrical, building, agricultural and mining industries.

TECHNOGRAPH CO., IRAN  -  aluminium and zinc alloy gravity and pressure die casting, machined parts for the automotive and machine-building industries.

TP CASTINGS, AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium & bronze castings for the engineering & plastics industry.

TSUDAKOMA CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron parts for textile machinery, machine tool attachments and industrial machinery, moulding equipment - large static pressure moulding machine line, horizontally parted snap flask moulding machine line, furan sand moulding machine self-hardening line, hand moulding, production capacity of 1200 tons of castings monthly.

TPC COMPONENTS AB, SWEDEN  -  precision casting by the lost wax process, air and vacuum casting facilities, installation-ready components to the energy, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

TECHNI-CAST CORP., USA  -  centrifugal casting foundry, brass bearing shells, spacers, and glands, bronze gears, glands, and seal rings, aluminum rolls, piping, and structural tube, ductile irons and Ni-resists cylinder sleeves and bushings, stainless steel tubes, balls, bodies, rolls, and wear rings, cobalt alloys bearings, spacers, liners, and segmented rings, nickel alloys balls, seats, seal rings, copper nickel liners and valve bodies, iron alloys cylinder sleeves and piston rings.

THOMPSON CASTING CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum and magnesium sand and permanent mold castings for the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, and commercial applications.

TAVRIAN CASTING COMPANY TALKO LTD., UKRAINE  -  aluminium casting by means of chill casting and pressure diecasting, capacity is 3500 tons per year, steel investment castings, capacity is 320 tons per year.

TAI CHANG HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  zinc alloyed & solid brass die casting.

THE CAST IRON COMPANY, UK  -  design and produce traditional and modern street furniture, cast and fabricated items - ornate lighting and finger posts, litter bins and seats, posts and rails, tree grilles and guards, ornate gates and railings, bandstands and covered walk-ways.

TIANJIN CMT INDUSTRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  grey cast iron.

THANHXUAN CYLINDER LINER CO., LTD., VIETNAN  -  various kinds of cylinder liners (casting and processing) for the car and ship engines.

THANH CONG MODEL MOULDS CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  manufacturer of pressure die-cast parts in aluminium, copper, zinc, antimony, moulds for metallic and plastic industries by CNC machines.
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TAIWAN CHENG SHENG METAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel cast parts, big size cast iron castings up to 75 tons.

THE DEXTER COMPANY - FOUNDRY DIVISION, USA  -  gray and ductile iron castings.


TOEI DIECASTINGS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  pressure die casting.

TOKYO DIECAST CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  pressure die casting.

TSUKUBA DIECASTING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  precision pressure die casting in magnesium, aluminium and zinc alloy, thin-gauge magnesium die-casting, mobile telephone cases, notebook cases, hard disk motor bases, fuel injection, etc.

TOYO-DENSAN CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  pressure die cast products, gravity cast products, shell mould cast products.

TALUM D.D., SLOVENIA  -  aluminium gravity and low pressure die castings for engine-construction, power supply-heating, system & handling, engineering and transport technology, cast parts from 0.2 kg to 30 kg, CNC machining, thermal treatment, and assembly.
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TERNITZ DRUCKGUSS GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  manufacturer of compact steps for escalators and pallets for moving walks, high pressure die casting plant.

TANGSHAN DONGFANG HUASHENG CAST STEEL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  former Fengnan Huasheng Cast Steel Factory, cast steel plant, an annual output of 30 000 ton carbon steel castings and 30 000 ton abrasion-resistant steel castings.

THOMAS DUDLEY LTD., UK  -  gulley grids, channel gratings, surface and stoptap boxes, lifting tools, sealing plates and brackets in grey and ductile iron.

TRIBE DESIGN LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  spin-cast zinc alloy badges, medals, belt buckles, buttons, pendants, keyrings, bottle openers, plaques, industrial items.

TIROSH DAVID QUALITY CASTINGS LTD., ISRAEL  -  manufacturer of aluminium sand and permanent moulded castings for the leading international aerospace companies.

TRAKYA DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  a Soyak Group company, ductile, grey and malleable cast iron jobbing parts in the range of 50 g up to 20 kg, components for automotive, machinery, electrical, white-goods and construction industries, malleable fittings, special pipe jointing parts for gas, water and other applications.

THU DUC TEXTILE GARMENT ENGINEERING CO. (TEXENCO), VIETNAM  -  production of various kind of equipment, spare part for textile, garment, cooling systems and electrical systems, carbon and alloy steel castings, grey, ductile and alloy cast iron castings, aluminium and copper alloy castings, lost foam line, green sand moulding line, silicate moulding line.

TOPLINE ENGINEERING ARGENTINA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  gravity and low-pressure die casting, aluminium cylinder heads and other components for diesel internal combustion engines.

TEDYUE ELECTRONICS & TECH CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die castings - lighting components, electronic components, auto parts and industrial hardware components.

TAIWAN EMBROIDERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of embroidery machine parts, lost wax casting, aluminium / zinc alloys pressure die casting, forging, and custom fabrication & assembling.

TURVILLE ENGINEERING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  gravity die casting company, aluminium alloys cast parts for a range of applications - lighting, traffic control, water supply and measurement, telecommunications and sound equipment, road and rail transportation, power transmission and furniture.

TECHNOCAST FOUNDRY, INDIA  -  grey & ductile iron castings for diversified industrial sectors, machine moulding lines for castings up to 120 kg, and hand moulding area for cast parts up to 250 kg.

TOMAHAWK FOUNDRY, USA  -  gray iron casting, furan bonded sand and green sand molding.


TOKYO FOUNDRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  gravity and low pressure die cast parts for fuel injection pumps, clutches, car air conditioners, braking system, industrial cast iron parts.

THOMPSON FOUNDRY LTD., CANADA  -  casting production in iron and steel alloys from 0.5 to 800 kg, castings that are supplied to companies specializing in manufacturing equipment - pumps, conveyers, gear boxes, replacement parts for power boilers, custom castings - for vintage cars and trucks, such as muffler ends, exhaust manifolds, fender brackets, steps, suspension parts.

TM FOUNDRY LTD., HUNGARY  -  grey and ductile iron castings, green sand moulding and shell moulding

TULSI FOUNDRIES LTD. (TFL), INDIA  -  ductile iron castings for the automotive, refrigeration, air-conditioning, earth moving, electrical and other industries, Disamatic high pressure vertical flaskless moulding line for castings up to 12 kg.

TUSCAN FOUNDRY PRODUCTS, UK  -  cast iron, steel and aluminium plumbing heating and drainage products.

THESSALONIKI FOUNDRY S.A., GREECE  -  a foundry division of Drakos Polemis - specialized in fluids, manufacturing pumps and pump systems, cast iron, ductile iron, steel, bronze and aluminium cast products for almost all industry sectors.

TRELOAR GROUP PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  fluid handling products and services catering to the chemical, petroleum and process industries, Treloar foundry produces castings for customers in architectural, road and rail transport, engineering and marine industries, brass and aluminium alloys castings up to 250 kg, green sand automatic machine moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding.

TADIR-GAN PRECISION PRODUCTS 1993 LTD., ISRAEL  -  manufacturer of machined and assembled aluminium high-pressure die cast products.

THAI HENG FOUNDRY AND MACHINING (1959) CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  grey cast iron and aluminium casting, various types of pulleys, agricultural vehicle, spare parts, automobile parts, production capacity 500 tons per month.

THE HEAVY METAL CO., LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  the company specialises in the design and manufacture of brass, bronze, aluminium and copper castings, pattern making, laser cutting and metal finishing, cast products for the furniture, automotive, marine, architectural and agricultural industries, ornamental and memorial art casting, sculptures.

TAI HO MACHINE FACTORY CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  diesel engine equipment, cylinder liners, cylinder covers, turbo charger casings, casting of great size spare parts.

TUNG HSING METAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  valves pumps and machinery parts of carbon / stainless steels and special alloys, monthly production: sand casting 25 tons, investment casting 35 tons, a part of Brant Science and Technology Group.

TOKYORIKA, INC., JAPAN  -  pressure die casting for the automotive industry.

TORTOLANI, INC., USA  -  jewelry and art castings.

TAEJOO IND. CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  grey and ductile iron casting parts for automotive, construction equipment and agricultural industries.

TASONIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  stainless steel investment casting, aluminium sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting.

TECHNOSTEEL INDUSTRIES LTD., KENYA  -  manufacturer of cast iron, alloyed cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, brass, bronze and aluminium castings for the sugar, cement, mining, tea, chemical, ceramic and brewing industries.

TERNOIS INDUSTRIES PICARDIE S.A., FRANCE  -  zamak and aluminium pressure die casting, locks and fittings, parts for the automotive industry and rail transport, faucets, lighting accessories, leather goods, perfumery and cosmetics.

TORMEX INDUSTRIAS, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer of cattle feed mixer wagons, own lost foam foundry, grey and ductile cast iron castings, a part of
Grupo Vimax Internacional.

TAFONCO JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

TIERPS JARNBRUK AB, SWEDEN  -  grey and ductile iron castings from 100 kg up to 2 000 kg, manhole covers, frames, benches.

TENG JYE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (TANGENT), TAIWAN  -  zinc pressure die castings - electronic parts, computer parts, vehicle parts, machine parts and electric equipment parts.

THOMPSONS, KELLY & LEWIS PTY, LTD. / DAVIES & BAIRD DIV., AUSTRALIA  -  carbon, low and high alloy, high tensile, abrasion & wear resistant, corrosion & heat resistant steel castings, ductile cast iron, abrasion resistant white iron castings, cast components for pumps, light & heavy rail trackwork, general engineering, valves, mining, quarrying, oil refineries, sugar industry, gears, castings in the weight range from 1 to 3500 kg.

TASINGE KOKILLESTOBERI A/S, DENMARK  -  gravity die casting, aluminium, brass and copper items - square and round post caps, balls, cones, rosettes for garden fencing and animal enclosures, lamp housings, junctions for lamp assembly, impellers for irrigation machines, heating-cooling elements, brackets, handles, cord holders, wire holders for high voltage, disc covers for hand grinding machines, housings, in-house tool (dies) manufacture.

TAIHO KOGYO CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  aluminium high pressure die casting production, continuous aluminium bearing alloy casting.

THANASIS KALOMIRIS CO., LTD., GREECE  -  cast iron columns, benches, fences, tables and rails.

TOMOTETSU KOGYO CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  cast iron manhole covers, cast monuments, castings for automotive press dies.

THYSSEN-KRUPP STAHL CO., USA  -  permanent mold aluminum foundry.

THYSSEN-KRUPP WAUPACA FOUNDRY, USA  -  gray and ductile iron castings for the transportation, agricultural, construction and other industries, the foundry ships 1 000 000 tons of castings per year.

TEXMACO LTD., INDIA  -  the steel foundry division manufactures for railways cast steel ride control bogies, casnub bogies, lip castings, draft gears, center buffer couplers and crossings, mechanized high pressure moulding line, capacity 15 000 MT per year, a part of Dr.K.K. Birla Group.

TISINA LTD., BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of grey and nodular cast iron castings weighing up to 400 kg, cast parts for agricultural, road construction and general machinery, machine components for normal, tropical and explosion-proof hoists, manhole covers and grates, cast appliances for solid fuel fireplaces and stoves.

THE LOOP ART FOUNDRY, SOUTH AFRICA  -  a fine art lost wax casting foundry, bronze art casting, from project planning and advice, armature construction and reusable wax based clay supply to specialized mould making, bronze casting and patination, monumental sculptures and sculpture groups, memorials, cast awards and trophies, casting of full size portraits and portrait busts of famous personalities and life size full family portraits, foundry tours, group students casting.

THE LEGGETT & PLATT ALUMINUM GROUP, USA  -  aluminum, zinc and magnesium pressure die-casting.

TC LIVARSTVO d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  development of new products, optimization of technologies, manufacture of prototype or small series of castings, agents of
ESI Group and NovaCast Systems.

TINEKS LIV D.O.O., SERBIA  -  centrifugal casting, zamak, aluminium alloys, and lead, castings for machine-building, transportation, automotive, railway, communications, medical / orthopaedics parts, jewelry, plaques, medals, information tables, artistic and decorative accessories, artworks for churches and religious purposes.

TRARYDS METALL AB, SWEDEN  -  Seiatsu-process aluminium casting, weight range 0.2 - 80 kg.

TIGER MACHINERY AND INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, PHILIPPINES  -  metal casting, steel fabrication and machining, manganese steel, Cr-Mo steel, various stainless grades, high chrome steels and cast irons castings, parts for major equipment in the cement, mining, power and other allied industries.

THANGLONG MINERALS & METALS CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  counter-weight blocks for elevators, sinkers, manhole covers, frames and gratings, fence and decors, garden tables, chairs and other cast iron items produced by sand moulding method, supplier of foundry pig iron.
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TALLADEGA MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO. (TMS), USA  -  gray and ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, and chrome iron sand castings up to 2000 kg, cast products for railroad, mining, transportation, aluminum reduction, power generation, pulp & paper, wire manufacturing, food products, construction equipment, and wood processing.

TCHERNO MORE CO., BULGARIA  -  design, production and trade with sea and river navigation radar systems, ground radars for automatic detection, tracking and identification of moving ground targets, coastal radar systems, airport surface movement radars, own foundry, aluminium alloys pressure die casting, investment casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

TALLERES METALURGICOS CARONOCO, C.A. (TAMECA C.A.), VENEZUELA  -  grey and nodular cast iron, carbon, low alloyed, stainless and manganese steel castings and machined parts for a wide variety of industrial uses, casting production capacities include cast iron to 20 000 t and steel to 3 000 t.

THAI METAL CRAFTERS CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  bronze, aluminium and stainless steel art foundry, sculptures, monuments, decorative castings, plaster moulding and lost wax process.

TCG METAL CAST D.O.O., CROATIA  -  a part of LTH Castings Group - Slovenia, pressure die-casting foundry, aluminium anti-vibration and breaking system components, water and vacuum pump housings for the automotive industry.

TPLI METAL CASTING INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of metal castings, ductile cast iron pipes, fittings, valves, joints and accessories for water treatment distribution system.

TEFEN METAL CASTING LTD., ISRAEL  -  investment casting, cast parts in carbon steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, cast iron, nickel & cobalt alloys, aluminium and copper alloys.

TALLERES METALURGICOS CHILE S.A., CHILE  -  valves, hydrants, grey and nodular iron cast parts.

TALLERES METALURGICOS CRUCIANELLI S.A., ARGENTINA  -  agricultural machinery plant, own foundry, grey and nodular cast iron castings.

TURK MECHANICAL INDUSTRIES COMPANY W.L.L. (TMI), BAHRAIN  -  production of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, copper and aluminium castings, auto engine repair, all type of fabrication services, a part of Turk Group.

TF METAL INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  aluminium alloy gravity die casting and sand moulding, custom and precision components for a vast number of appliances used in factories such as cooling towers, compressed air filters housings, rubber glove machine hangers, sport rims, clamps for power station line, parts for telecommunication and machinery industries, production of gravity die casting moulds (dies).

TASMETSAN METALURJI JSC, TURKEY  -  manhole tops & covers - square manhole covers, rectangular covers, special type covers, airport type manhole covers.

TOS-MET LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, annual capacity 15 000 t of castings for brake drums and discs, cases, pumps, pressure distributors, stands, pedestals.
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TRINITY MECHANICAL SERVICES LLC, UAE  -  a part of Trinity Group, own foundry, grey cast iron, bronze and brass castings up to 1000 kg, carbon steel and special steel cast products up to 300 kg, nodular cast iron castings up to 400 kg, aluminium alloys castings up to 400 kg.

TAZEWELL MACHINE WORKS, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of rough or machined aluminum sand castings.

TITANIA - NORBERTO D. RIVERO S.A., ARGENTINA  -  carbon steel, stainless, heat resistant and alloyed steel, laminar or nodular alloyed iron, super alloys and non ferrous materials, cast parts moulded in synthetic or resin sands, statically or centrifugally cast.

TECH-NOFER, S.L., SPAIN  -  non-ferrous (mainly aluminium) alloys castings for the metallurgical, chemical, car, shipbuilding, building industries.

TELGER OU, ESTONIA  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting with capacity over than 15 t yearly, oarlocks and oarlock sockets for different kinds of boats, canoes and kayaks.

TENHULTS PRESSGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  pressure die casting of aluminium or zinc alloys.

TRAVIS PATTERN & FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  aluminum, bronze and cast iron castings for the agriculture, lumber, mining, stove, pump and general equipment manufacturing industries, green sand casting, no-bake molding process and permanent mold casting.

TUOPU PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  precision (investment) casting products, stainless steel and carbon steel, marine hardware, saddlery, handle and knob, ball valve, pipe fitting, quick coupling.

TAECHANG PRECISION CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  air-investment and vacuum-investment casting, valve, pump, boiler and car components.

TURVILLE PRECISION CASTINGS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of non-ferrous alloys castings for the automotive industry, general machining, pumps and irrigation sector, decorative castings, green sand moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding and gravity die casting.

TEXMACO PERKASA ENGINEERING (TPE) PT., INDONESIA  -  industrial equipment and machinery manufacturer, own foundry, grey and ductile cast iron castings for machine frames, automotive components, precision parts for machine tools, textile machinery, power plants, general engineering, sugar and cement industries, cast components weighing from 0.5 kg up to 10 tons, the casting production capacity is 50 000 tons per year.

TECNO PACK INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  aluminium pressure die casting, machining, sheet metal pressing, hard chrome plating, welding, heat treatment, assembly operations, production of components for various passenger cars, motorcycles and tractor manufacturers, a subsidiary of Amigo Group of Companies.

TECHNOLIT POLOTSK JSC, BELARUS  -  grey iron castings for agricultural equipment, cattle-breeding complexes, doors, plates and other parts for home coal-burning stoves, cast cookware, manhole covers, gully grates, fittings, brake shoes for railways, art castings - sculptures, memorial plaques, decorative park benches, tables, tree frames and fences.

TRITECH PRECISION PRODUCTS, UK  -  investment casting foundry, a division of Tritech Group - UK, aluminium, stainless, carbon and heat resistant steel castings, and nickel based alloy castings for aerospace and defence customers.

THIRUMALA PRECICASTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  investment castings from few grams up to 10 kg in all types of ferrous, nickel base and cobalt base alloys, cast parts for defence, small fire arms, medical equipments and surgical implants.

TIKHVIN RAILWAY CAR BUILDING PLANT (TVSZ), RUSSIA  -  in-house manufacturing of castings, the capacity of the first stage foundry production will amount to 6000 tons of heavy and medium-sized railway steel castings that will ensure the output of more than 4000 freight car bogies per annum, foundry technology on the basis of V-process moulding carried out on HWS equipment.

TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  magnesium casting items for automobile control systems and components.

T.R.X. AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS, AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of automotive components and specialized industrial castings, gravity die aluminium casting.

TEHNOLIV SZR, SERBIA  -  production of casting, tools, dies, fire fighting equipment and machine parts, pressure die-casting of aluminium and zinc alloys.

TERMOMETALURGICA S.A., CHILE  -  pressure die casting in aluminium and zinc alloys.

TUPY S.A., BRAZIL  -  cast iron components for trucks, buses, utility vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors and agriculture machinery - engine blocks, heads and other automotive parts production, pipe fittings, steel and iron shots and grits, continuous cast bars for the civil construction, marble and granite industry.
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TRI-STATE ALUMINUM CASTINGS CO., LLC, USA  -  prototype and low-volume aluminum and bronze casting parts for automotive-special vehicle, agricultural and industrial machinery, fluid handling, pneumatic valve robotics, green sand and air-set sand molding.

THOMAS STUDIO & FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  specialized in designing, sculpting, casting and fabricating fine public and private art including architectural art, fabrications and casting bronze sculpture for other artists.

TEMPONIK SKIVE A/S, DENMARK  -  aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings - die casting similar prototypes and low volume production, a subsidiary of Ide-Pro Skive A/S.

TEKNICAST SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  pressure die casting and machining of precision aluminium alloy products, motorcycle and automotive components, components for office equipment, machinery components.

TRI-STATE CAST TECHNOLOGIES CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum, brass and bronze castings, sand and permanent mold casting methods.

TRIPLE STAR DIECASTING (TSD) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting, fencing products - rings, spears, caps, brackets, scrolls, fittings, locks.

TARA SREE ENGINEERING, INDIA  -  natural sand mixture and carbon dioxide synthetic sand moulding, investment casting, gravity die casting, copper, aluminium and zinc alloys castings for flow control valves, safety valve systems, marine transmission parts, agricultural clutch transmission parts, traction motor brush holders, switch gears, circuit breakers, connectors.

TAIYUAN STEEL ENGINEERING CORP., CHINA  -  casting, forging, machining parts and welding structure components made of ductile iron, grey iron, steel and brass, the production ranges from heavy-industry equipments such as tractors, cranes, trucks, forklifts and jacks to small hand-power tools such as garden lawns and tool parts for forestry, cast parts made by lost-wax process, sand moulding and pressure die casting.
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TIANJIN SANDA FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  resin sand moulding, iron and steel castings for machine building, metallurgy, print, port engineering and ship building.

TUBINGER STAHL FEINGUSS - FRANZ STADTLER GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  steel investment casting, cast parts from 10 g up to 25 kg.

TABARESTAN STEEL FOUNDRY (TSF), IRAN  -  steel and alloyed cast iron parts for different types of industries, total production capacity up to 3200 tons per year.

TSA-STELL GROUP LTD., UKRAINE  -  production of square billet continuous casting and armature construction, castings of various types and grades of cast iron and steel for engineering, mining and metallurgical industries, vacuum film forming and casting (V-process), green-sand moulding.

TERMOVENT SC LIVNICA CELIKA A.D., SERBIA  -  production of special industrial valves and fittings for use in process industry, water-supplying and in thermoenergetics, and for high pressures and temperatures, foundry for carbon and low alloyed steel castings.

TOOLING SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium foundry, low production run castings for prototypes and plastic tooling - whether for rotational moulding, vacuum forming, rim moulding, composite lay-up or infused moulds, pattern and model making services using a wide range of materials - timber, cast aluminium, epoxy resins, gravity and vacuum cast polyurethane, tooling board and modelling paste, polystyrene, closed cell or polyurethane foams.

TRIDENT STEELS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  investment castings by lost wax process in stainless steel alloys, cobalt-chrome, gunmetal, silver, bronzes & aluminium alloys for the general engineering, automobile, aerospace and nuclear fuel industries, defence armament & fire, parts for measuring instruments, orthopedic surgical implants, jewellery.

TRI SINAR PURNAMA PT., INDONESIA  -  malleable iron galvanized pipe fittings and other grey cast iron products - scaffolding nut, turn buckle, steak plate, gas burner.

TECBRASS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of bronze and bi-metallic bronze-steel connecting-rod bushing for all kind of engines, bronze cast parts for motor car industries, tractors and agricultural devices, gearings and crowns, nautical propellers, centrifugal casting, shell moulding casting.

TECNIFOND S.r.l., ITALY  -  castings in aluminium alloys and brass, gravity die casting, shell-moulding.

TEKSYS S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  centrifugal casting of zinc alloys components and parts - holders, handles, boxes, gear-wheels and gear racks, covers and small frames, furniture and construction armours, metal households furnishings, clips and fasteners, decorations.
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TSS S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron castings - machine and hand moulded into bentonite mixtures, bronze, aluminium and brass castings - sand moulding and gravity die casting.

TERIEL SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings for producers of mechanic gears, gas and plumbing fittings, agricultural equipment, water supply and sewage parts and equipment.

TIP-TOP AUTO PARTS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of cast aluminium alloy wheels, size from 10 inches to 24 inches, capacity is around 620 000 pcs / year, gravity die casting, machining and painting lines, modern testing equipment.

TUDEMSAS - TURKIYE DEMIRYOLU MAKINALARI SANAYI A.S., TURKEY  -  the foundry of Tudemsas provides all types of castings in grey cast iron, brass, steel, lead, and aluminium.

TT-TEHNOLOGIA LTD., BULGARIA  -  a non-ferrous foundry, manufacturer of chill castings, low / high pressure die castings, dies for chill / pressure die casting.
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THE UNIVERSITY of MINNESOTA SCULPTURE FOUNDRY, USA  -  a part of the sculpture area of the Department of Art, the used molding processes are green sand, ceramic shell, alkyd-oil bonded-sand piece molding, sodium silicate bonded-sand piece molding, standard investment, and lost foam process.

TY VALVE CORPORATION, KOREA, SOUTH  -  production of gate valves, globe valves, swing check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pulp paper manufacturing, power generation and liquefied natural gas industries, CO2 process moulding line, stainless steel, carbon and low alloy steel castings.

TMT VALU OU, ESTONIA  -  a company of TMT Group, specialized in manufacturing of carbon steel, low and high grade alloys and stainless steel castings for air-cooled heat exchangers, industrial machinery and equipment, energy, transportation, mining, forest machines, the weight of castings is from 5 up to 2500 kg, sand moulding.

TAI WEI CASTING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  spheroidal graphite cast iron and grey cast iron castings in weights from 50 kg up to 10 000 kg, chemically bonded (furan) sand and green sand moulding, cast parts for valves and pumps, automobile parts, industry machine parts, medical devices.

TECHNICAST WANGANUI LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  ferrous & non-ferrous foundry, commercial & industrial brake drums, trucks, busses and light commercial flywheels.

THAI YANAGAWA CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  aluminium pressure die casting, machining and assembly, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, multipurpose engine parts, escalator parts.

TANSOY YEDEK PARCA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of water pumps for trucks and tractors, grey and ductile cast iron.

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