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CICAMIN, MOROCCO  -  production of special steel and cast iron castings for mining, quarries and cement factories.

CICASA, MEXICO  -  manufacturer of water meters and auxiliary equipment, processes - casting, machining, plastic injection molding, ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, assembling.

COFUNDI, SPAIN  -  non-ferrous foundry, chill casting - weights between 0.05 to 35 kg, hand chemical hardened moulding - weight between 1 and 2500 kg, cast parts for aeronautical, armament, railway, ventilation, electrical, machinery, wind power, naval, public works, 600 tons aluminium cast production per year.

CAST & ALLOYS, INDIA  -  pistons for Diesel engines, compressors and automotive industry.

CHUGUNENA ARMATURA - BULGARIA JSC, BULGARIA  -  industrial cast iron fixtures for water supply, steam installations, power generation, aquaculture plant, etc., cast iron castings with a weight from 0.2 up to 1800 kg.

COPPER & BRASS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  copper and brass foundry.

COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS FOUNDRY, SERBIA  -  one of the integrated parts of Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor Ltd., continuous casting of copper and copper alloys, semi-continuous casting of brass, continuous casting of bronze and red brass, sand casting, chill mould casting, centrifugal casting, church bells, ship propellers, anchors for small ships, art works castings in sand moulds and lost-wax moulds - busts, relief, fountains, monuments, sculptures, statues.
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CREATED & CAST BRONZE, NEW ZEALAND  -  art foundry specializes in the lostwax bronze casting process, services include silicone rubber and fibreglass moulds, gas tig and mig welding, patination, sandblasting, restoration, casting of public and private sculpture, unique trohpies, childrens hands and feet, handles.

CANADA ALLOY CASTING CO., CANADA  -  large steel, stainless and aluminum bronze castings up to 11000 kg for hydro electric, nuclear power, mining, petrochemical, military, pulp and paper industries - gas and steam turbines and compressors, pumps and valves.

CHICAGO ALUMINUM CASTINGS CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum sand casting foundry, castings for a broad range of industrial applications including machine tools, scientific products, conveyor equipment, railroads, food processing equipment, pumps, decorative items, and many others, squeeze and automatic molding with wood, metal and epoxy patterns.

CHANG AN CAST LTD. CO. of YIXIAN HEBEI, CHINA  -  manhole covers and gully gratings, various cast parts for elevators, for cars, and machinery, grey, nodular and anti-resist iron, cast steel, non-ferrous alloys, 15 000 tons of castings per year.
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C & C METAL PRODUCTS, USA  -  zinc pressure die-casting for ornaments, medallions, hardware, zipper pulls and closures.

CARDOSO & ESPOSA LDA., PORTUGAL  -  zamak pressure die castings, decorative miniatures of french monuments and beer bottle openers.

CUSTOM ALUMINUM FOUNDRY (CAF) LTD., CANADA  -  aluminum and zinc aluminum castings using a wide variety of processes and alloys.

CASTINGS & FORGINGS, UKRAINE  -  a modern metallurgic enterprise established with target to supply nuclear and power machine building, fabrication of large-tonnage cast and forged bars, production of 20 000 tons / year of metallurgic ingots including more than 2 500 tons of castings from iron and steel, a general supplier of metallurgical utensils such as moulds for forging and rolling ingots, weight from 3 up to 150 tons, moulds for tube ingots 12", 9", 8", rectangular moulds for rolling, weight from 3 up to 100 tons, moulds butt wall for mills, cases for steam turbines, bronze casting diameter up to 1500 mm and weight up to
3 tons with partial or complete machining, forgings with partial or complete machining - shafts for rolling machines, generator shafts, shafts of steam turbines, forged strings for presses, shafts for wind power plants, propeller shafts for shipbuilding, weight from 5 up to 150 tons.

COMPASS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, LLC, USA  -  manufacturer of aluminum automotive cast components using pressure die casting, squeeze casting and vacuum / pressure riserless casting process.

CEROPA A/S, DENMARK  -  aluminum and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

CEDERVALL & SONER AB, SWEDEN  -  manufacturer of shafting and stern-tube equipment for ships, stern tube bearings, intermediate shaft bearings, complete stern tubes with mounted bearings and temperature sensors, support bearings and propeller shafts and intermediate shafts, the sterntube bearings are made of steel, cast iron or ductile iron with centrifugally lined lead or tin based white metal.

CINPAL ARGENTINA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  gray and nodular cast iron casting and machining, cylinder heads for heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, equipment for soil movements, stationary engines, marine engines, railway locomotives and machinery.

C & S METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  lost-wax castings, components in a wide range of metal alloys, steel and superalloys, valves, pump parts, propellers, medical accessories.

COATES AND WOOD FINE ART FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  sculpture foundry specialising in bronze and aluminium lost wax casting, restoration and patination work.

CAST BONDING AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of wear resistant components of a wide range of geometries - impact plates and bars, wear plates, lined pipe spools and elbows, feed chutes, dispersion cones and plates, gyratory crusher concaves and mantles, hammers, pump and valve bodies, mill rolls, jaw crusher wear faces, valve seats and discs, plough discs, automatic flaskless moulding and transfer system plus floor moulding.

CAFFIER BARREAU INDUSTRIES (CBI), FRANCE  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and special irons castings, weights from 0.5 kg up to 1.5 t, hand and Disamatic moulding, specialized in glassware moulds production.

CASTER BRONZ KFT., HUNGARY  -  art and industrial castings, steel, cast iron, bronze and brass castings, sand and lost wax moulding, centrifugal casting, statuettes, sculptures, busts, animals, erotic figures, female and children figures, home and desk decorations, musicians, soldiers, vases, walking sticks, coins, promotion gifts, beer fonts (towers).

CIREX B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  steel cast components for automotive, process and machine construction industries, investment casting (lost wax) method.

CENTURY BRASS WORKS, INC., USA  -  brass, bronze and aluminum castings.

CANLIN CASTINGS, UK  -  aluminium architectural casting, cast iron ornamental items, reproducing an ancient statue, casting a monumental artifact, ferrous and non-ferrous industrial casting for engineering.

CARAN CO., IRAN  -  pressure die-casting with a total of 2400 tons and 6 500 000 parts per year, non-ferrous castings for industries such as car & automotives, motorcycles, vehicular, electric & electronics, telecommunications, computers housing, industrial machineries, household appliances, gas burning, agricultural machineries and lighting.

CHAUFFAGEKAR CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of cast iron central heating boilers and heating packages for gas / oil firing.

CHUNJI CORP., KOREA, SOUTH  -  investment casting for automotive parts, gun parts, industrial machinery parts, bicycles, pumps and valve parts, transmitter parts.

CRECO CORPORATION, USA  -  two manufacturing divisions: Nutco, manufacturer of panel nuts and special fasteners and Creco Cast for small and miniature zinc pressure die castings for sporting goods, fasteners, connectors, automotive parts, medical appliances, fiber optics components.

COBBLE CAST AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA  -  lost wax art foundry and studio, cast bronze sculptures.

CASTCO - CAST ALUMINUM CORP., USA  -  sand, shell, no-bake and permanent mold castings from 0.5 kg up to large 2000 kg aluminum castings.

CSZ CSOLNOK FITTING PRODUCTION LTD., HUNGARY  -  the largest domestic manufacturer of the fittings, hydrant boxes for fire extinguishing with water, sprinklers, the various kinds of hose couplings, pipe end connections, adapters, end closer caps, hydrant wrenches, aluminum castings, aluminum-bronze castings, pressure die casting, gravity die casting, shell molding.

CHONG CHEONG FOUNDRY WORKS PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, bronze and aluminum castings, sanitary piping, fittings, manhole covers and gratings.

COOPER CROUSE-HINDS CASTINGS, USA  -  non-ferrous castings, sand and gravity die casting.

CIF - COMPANHIA INDUSTRIAL DE FUNDICAO S.A., PORTUGAL  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings, fireplaces, heat stoves, light columns and flower stands for streets and gardens, manhole covers and grates.

CIMSATAS - CUKUROVA INSAAT MAKINA SANAYI A.S., TURKEY  -  steel, cast iron and ductile iron castings, the capacity is 9000 tons of castings yearly.

C.C.JENSEN A/S, DENMARK  -  nickel-aluminium bronze propeller castings up to 2500 kg.

CAST COMPONENTS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, hard sand and green sand moulds, shell cores.

CASTOP CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  pressure die castings, start motor housings, power steering oil pump housings, fly-wheels, bearing housings, transmission parts, engine parts.

CHANGCHAI CO., LTD., CHINA  -  cast iron castings - cylinder blocks, heads, crankshafts and spare parts, capacity of 35 000 tons per year.

CUSTOM CASTINGS LTD., CANADA  -  a non ferrous foundry manufacturing aluminum and zinc alloy castings using the gravity permanent mold process, semi-permanent mold (sand core) process, and tilt pour process, the castings range in size from 30 grams up to 50 kg - gear boxes, bellcranks, housings, housing covers, lids, hubs, levers, mounts, caps, arms, handles, enclosures, couplers and pedestals.

CANTERBURY CASTINGS LTD. (CANCAST), NEW ZEALAND  -  ferrous & aluminium alloys castings, agricultural casting, transport components, pump casting, gearbox housings, grit cells, firebars, manhole covers, grates, streetware, wear resistant castings for mining and rock crushing, aluminium jet boat castings.

CIREX CZ LTD. (TATRAREX PRECISION CASTINGS LTD.), CZECH REPUBLIC  -  investment wax pattern process for producing of alloy steel (Cr, Ni, Co) castings for automotive, agricultural and chemical industries, ISO 9002.

CHI CHIA METAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  zinc and aluminum alloys die castings for auto parts, brackets, light items, electronic parts, home appliances.

COLONIAL CASTINGS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of unique permanent mould cast aluminium furniture and accessories for a range of commercial and residential applications, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, outdoor load bearing columns, balcony furniture, aluminum railing components, letterboxes.

CRAWFORD'S CASTING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  art foundry, bronze or aluminium fabrication of artworks and sculptures, lost wax process and sand moulding.

CROWN CAST (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a medium-sized foundry specializing in the manufacture of cast iron and steel products, production facilities include floor and semi-automated machine moulding stations for large or small batches of castings weighing between 1 kg and 2 tons.

CSP CASTING (THAILAND) CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  a manufacturer of aluminum and zinc pressure die castings and gravity die casting products, mainly automotive parts and electrical parts.

CIE C. VILANOVA, SPAIN  -  manufacturing of aluminium pressure die cast components for engine, gearboxes, steering systems, a part of CIE Automotive S.A. - design, manufacturing and sales of car industry components, production of biofuel.

CARTERET DIE CASTING CORP., USA  -  an ISO Certified, world-class producer of precision zinc pressure die-castings, serving customers in North America and around the globe, pressure die-castings for a diverse marketplace, including electronics, fiber optics, architectural hardware, medical, automotive, hand tools, communications, electrical hardware, appliance, telecommunications, computer hardware, military and ordnance.

CARLTON DIE CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  gravity and high-pressure die castings for variety of companies producing sewing machines, domestic appliances, sanitary ware, valves, pumps, clocks, etc., gravity die castings in aluminium, brass, aluminium-bronze and zinc based alloys up to a weight of 20 kg, high-pressure die castings in aluminium up to a weight of 3 kg.

CHANG DER FIRE PROTECTIONS CORP., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of fire fighting equipment - slowly descending devices, automatic sprinklers, foam heads, deluge valves, waterflow alarms, hose racks, brass adapters, alarm check valves, hydrant valves for fire fighting, ground fire hydrants, own foundry with automated green-sand molding lines for ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

CASTING DESIGNS, INC., USA  -  architectural castings.

CANBILENLER DOKUM MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings, steel casting.


CER DOKUM VE MAKINA SANAYI A.S., TURKEY  -  gray and nodular cast iron parts for companies mainly in the automotive assembly industry.

CF E&T CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  carbon-manganese steel castings, centrifugal casting, sand moulding, hearth rolls, dry rolls, radiant tube supports, walking beams, outlet rings, beam posts, furnace doors, spools, burner rings, retort tubes, taper bowls, roasters, muffles.

CAMBRIAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings, green sand and cold set sand CO2 molding, gravity diecasting, cast parts for valves and heavy duty hose fittings, transformer and switchgear fittings, sliding door hardware, tool components, plaques, gas burners, foot pedals, special set spanners, pattern shop for wood, metal or plastic patterns.

CHATFIELD ENGINEERING LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  design and manufacture of cast bronze marine hardware, hard-set moulding sand along with the traditional recyclable green sand moulding processes.

CHENAB ENGINEERING WORKS & FOUNDRIES (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  the company flexibly matches with customer’s needs starting right from designing, casting and machining, the product range is from plain carbon to special alloy steel casting.

CAPANNI FONDERIE, ITALY  -  bronze bell foundry, bells of any tone and weight, single bells and bells to be in tune with others bells, every casting is characterized by specific inscriptions, images and artistic decorations.

CERDIC FOUNDRIES, UK  -  ductile iron castings (including low temperature impact grades), cast irons, wear and corrosion resisting alloyed iron castings, non-ferrous alloys casting, a wide range of sizes from 0.1 kg to 1000 kg weight, modern hard sand moulding / core-making techniques and lost foam technology, in house facilities for the manufacture of pattern equipment in wood, resin, metal and polystyrene.

CHAKAN FOUNDRY, INDIA  -  a division of Kores (India) Ltd., nodular iron castings plant, impulse squeeze moulding, installed capacity 8000 tons per annum.

CHALKOS FINE ARTS FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  art bronze foundry, sculptures.

COLUMBIANA FOUNDRY CO., USA  -  carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels, gray, ductile and alloy cast iron castings, no-bake sodium silicate process, market segments served - agriculture, automotive, construction machinery, energy, food processing machinery, glass and plastics manufacturing, machine tools, military, mining, oilfield machinery and equipment, pulp and paper equipment, railroad, robotics, shipbuilding, steel mills, trucks and off-highway.

CITATION FOAM CASTING CO., USA  -  a part of Citation Corporation - a manufacturer of cast, forged and machined components for the capital and durable goods industries, lost foam ductile & gray iron castings.

CONTIBRONZES - FUNDICAO CONTINUA E CENTRIFUGA S.A., PORTUGAL  -  continuous and centrifugal cast bronze bars, bushings, worm gears and other bronze profiles.

CHENG FENG CASTING FACTORY CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  gray cast iron and ductile iron casts - machine tool parts, industrial machinery parts, vessel & vehicle parts, hydraulic & pneumatic valve parts, green sand and furan no-bake moulding systems.

CASTRITE FOUNDRY CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum and bronze castings, sand, permanent mold, shell, no bake, CO2 molding processes.

CROSBIE FOUNDRY CO., INC., USA  -  green sand casting, non ferrous metals, band instrument components, brass decorative tiles, clamps and other casting for utility line work, drawer pulls and other decorative castings, fluid metering valves, golf course signage, railroad key blanks, trim corners for trailers and boats.

CHANGLONG FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  sand moulding grey and ductile iron castings - annual output is 3 000 tons, and precision investment steel castings - annual output is 800 tons, ISO 9001.

CRESCENT FOUNDRY CO. PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  grey and ductile iron castings, manhole covers and frames, gas and air tight inspection covers, manhole riser rings, catch basin grates, gully gratings, tree grate (tree grille), trench grates, channel gratings, bollards, water meter box, valve box and surface boxes, 30 000 tons annual capacity.
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CADAFE - FUNDICION DE ACEROS S.A. (FASA), ARGENTINA  -  carbon, stainless and manganese steel castings.

CARLEY FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  a custom non-ferrous foundry located in Blaine, Minnesota, permanent molding, green sand molding, chemically bonded sand molding, investment casting, a wide variety of aluminum alloys cast parts from a few kilograms to over 250 kilograms, manufacturer of wood and metal patterns, all types of core-boxes and permanent molds.

CLARKSVILLE FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  pattern making and castings up to 750 kg, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron, short-to-medium run production of architectural and industrial castings.

CARLOS F.PETERS FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO EN MATRICES, ARGENTINA  -  aluminium alloys gravity die casting.

CENTRAL FOUNDRY PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  non-ferrous foundry specialised in cast pattern plates, cast master patterns, shell core boxes, vacuum forming moulds, bronze plaques, industrial pumps and fans, urban furniture, lead yacht keels, etc., all grades of non-ferrous materials - aluminum, gunmetal, brass, lead, high conductivity copper, aluminum bronze, phos bronze, manganese bronze, leaded bronzes, tin bronzes.

CFW FANS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  design and manufacture of industrial fans, drying systems, fume and dust control systems, evaporative air conditioning and related products and services, own aluminium foundry.

CREA'FONTE S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  fashion jewelry, bronze and brass decorative articles, furniture items, lost-wax process.

CHEONG FOUNDRY SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  production of steel and cast iron castings for oil and gas, petro chemical, mining, quarry and pump industries.

CESTARO FONDERIE S.r.l., ITALY  -  cast parts in aluminium alloys, sand moulding.

CAST-FAB TECHNOLOGIES, USA  -  precision gray, ductile & alloyed ferrous castings.

CONRAD GmbH, GERMANY  -  design and production of precise diecast models.

CITIMETAL GROUP CORP., TAIWAN  -  precision lost wax casting manufacturer, steel investment castings for industrial valves, valves and hardware for marine, pneumatic tools, fluid installation, motor vehicle parts, food catering machines, leisure equipments, machinery parts, medical parts and aeronautic / military parts.

CHIPS GLOBAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  ferrous and non-ferrous alloys investment casting, cast parts for automotive, machine tool, food processing, aerospace and military industries.

C.G.P. AUTOPARTES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  non-ferrous gravity die casting foundry, pistons for automotive industry.

CHANGZHOU HENGYUAN FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  casting production by the lost foam process, ductile cast iron, gray cast iron, high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel, annual shipments are 5000 tons of lost foam castings and 3000 tons of sand castings.

CHALLENGE HARDWARE INC., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of precision casting, aluminum / zinc pressure die casting, forging, stamping, CNC machining, robotic welding, custom fabrication and plastic injection molding.

CHEMCO HARAPAN NUSANTARA PT., INDONESIA  -  production of aluminium castings for automobiles and motorcycles, motorcycle aluminium wheels, brake systems, pressure die casting, gravity die casting.

CORNILLE-HAVARD S.A., FRANCE  -  bronze bell foundry, statues, bas-reliefs, memorial plaques, art work.

CIE INYECTAMETAL, SPAIN  -  aluminium pressure die casting, large series components for the automotive industry, a part of CIE Automotive S.A.

CUSTOM IRON & CASTING WORKS, INC., USA  -  precision ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, restoration of antique street lamps, gates, fences, fountains, benches and urns, recasting of missing parts and broken sections of antique metal artifacts.

CHRUDIM IRON & STEEL, s.r.o., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  manufacturer of ductile cast iron, grey cast iron and steel castings for the road and rail vehicles, valves, energy, textile and agricultural machinery, brake systems, gearboxes and transmissions, engines and cast parts for the engineering industry, weight range from
2 kg to 3300 kg in cast iron castings and from 50 kg up 6000 kg in steel castings, automatic moulding, mechanized moulding and hand-moulding.

COPOWER INDUSTRIAL CORP., TAIWAN  -  specialized in miscellaneous manufacturing processing and quality system, which includes technology of sand casting, die-casting, forging and machining.

CFS INVESTMENT CASTING FOUNDRY, CHINA  -  precision investment casting, sand casting and aluminum pressure / gravity die casting, cast parts for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and mining industry, valve and pump, and railway sector, in-house tooling, precision machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment services.

CEBU IRON FOUNDRY CORP. (CIFCO), PHILIPPINES  -  cast iron foundry, the company’s main products are cast iron industrial v-pulleys (for industrial & agricultural applications), container van accessories, cast iron parts for water works system applications - fittings, manholes, ductile iron tapping saddles, cast steel bucket tooths, bronze bells.

CSEPEL INVESTMENT FOUNDRY LTD., HUNGARY  -  investment castings, carbon steels, alloy steels, super alloys, steel grades resistant to acids and corrosion, materials of high wear resistance, grey and ductile cast irons, valve parts, pump parts, vehicle parts, fittings, lock parts, hinges.
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CARNATION INDUSTRIES LTD., INDIA  -  grey iron and ductile iron castings, manhole covers and frames.

CHERAS INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of cast aluminium products, gravity and pressure die castings for a wide range of industries, art casting, a part of the G.James Glass & Aluminium Group - manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors.

CANNONEER JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  remelting of scrap materials, non-ferrous castings.

CENTROLIT JSC, UKRAINE  -  grey and nodular cast iron castings weighting from 0,1 kg to 6000 kg, carbon and alloyed steel castings weighting from 100 kg to 1300 kg, cast parts for the enterprises producing pump equipment and compressors, enterprises of the chemical and motor industries, plants producing machine-tools, agricultural technology and equipment for gas and oil extraction, cases, heads, boxes, covers, half-couplings, plates, flywheels, cylinders, adapters, runners, frames, cylinder blocks, crankcases, brake cylinders for cars, buses, trolley-buses, metro tubing, manholes, overflow grates, decorative castings, garden vases for flowers, park fences, benches, moulding is provided by automatic line Disamatic, mechanized line on the base of the moulding machine Foromat, mechanized lines on the base of the moulding machines 234 and 235, mechanized line on the base of the sand slinger 2M296, HWS V-process moulding line.

CENTROMET JSC, BULGARIA  -  foundry for centrifugal steel and cast iron castings - tubes and tube assemblies for chemical industry, cylinder liners for marine diesel engines and diesel generators, rolls for the ceramic industry, furnace rolls, double-layer rolls, bi-metal parts, special cylinders for flush pumps for mine industry and geological researches, other cast parts for the chemical, metallurgic, mining and machine-building industries, a member company of Metal Technology Group.
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CONSTAR JSC, UKRAINE  -  Constar - Turbine Plant of Krivoy Rog, production of gas units, energy-saving turbine units and turbines for low-temperature separation of natural gas, hardware for mining and processing enterprises - magnetic separators and download hammers, spare parts for technological equipment, investment castings in weight from 0.02 kg to 15 kg made of high-alloy steel and alloys on nickel basis with oriented crystallization in vacuum, gravity die (chill) casting in aluminum alloys in weight from 0.5 kg up to 25 kg, sand casting for medium-size and large body cast parts up to 120 kg.

CHANGZHOU JINWEI ALUMINIUM PLATE FACTORY, CHINA  -  zinc alloys pressure die castings, weight range from 60 g to 500 g.

CASTEC KOREA, KOREA, SOUTH  -  production of cast iron automobile parts, Disamatic moulding lines.

CKD KUTNA HORA JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  carbon steel castings, low and medium alloyed steel castings for rail vehicles, construction machines and valve bodies, grey and ductile iron castings for industrial fittings, railway vehicles, earthmovers, electric engines, etc.
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CABIRAN LTD., ISRAEL  -  aluminum investment casting, cast parts for aerospace, defense, electro-optic and hi-tech industries.

CAST LINE, HUNGARY  -  jewelry manufacturing, repair and small wholesalers, precision centrifugal casting in gold and silver alloys.

CAST LTD., IRELAND  -  bronze foundry, a total sculpture service to artists and commissioning bodies.

CASTER LTD., HUNGARY  -  art foundry, wax loss process, sculptures - animals, walking sticks, erotic figures, men, politics - soldiers, flat and writing table decorations, female figures, pairs, vases, etc.

CERTA LTD., HUNGARY  -  production of lock and handles, zinc and aluminum alloys gravity / pressure die casting.

CHUGUN LTD., BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of wear-resistant cast iron and steel castings, facing plates, walls and balls for mills, hammers and plates for rotary crushers, blades and facing plates for asphalt and concrete mixers, brake discs and drums, parts of sliding bearings, heat-resistant cast iron facing plates for clinker coolers and trays for steam boilers.

COMAX LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  aluminium alloy castings.

CARR LANE CASTINGS, USA  -  castings in a variety of materials for both artwork fabrication and production, the foundry works with world renown artists, producing sculptures, plaques, awards, and ornate architectural pieces.

CHANGSHA LIANHU CASTING PRODUCTS FOUNDRY, CHINA  -  ductile iron and grey iron cast products - manhole covers with frames, gully gratings, water meter boxes, street furniture, tree guards, bollards.

CPF LUKEK D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  pressure die-casting of aluminium and zinc alloys, cast items up to 500 grams in weight, parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

CRONING LIVARNA D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  carbon and alloyed cast steel, wear-resistant cast steel on the basis of Cr and Mn, stainless and corrosion-resistant cast steel, heat-proof steel castings, austenitic-ferritic steel castings, serial castings (fittings from DN15 up to DN100), weight 0.2 - 40 kg, according to the Croning method, capacity 150 t monthly, individual and smaller series castings (fittings from DN100 up to DN600), weight 15 – 1000 kg, according to the Veloset method (self-hardening sand moulds), capacity 100 t monthly.

CLASSIC MEDALS & CASTINGS, NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacture and supply of hand-cast, hand-made medals and small castings - keyrings featuring the club or corporate logo, pin badges, corporate gifts, coasters, club badges, plaques, all cast products are individually manufactured, ensuring a quality standard that cannot be duplicated in mass production.

CIRCA MARINE & INDUSTRIAL LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  specialises in building boats and industrial structures from aluminium and steel, own foundry - cast parts in aluminum, bronze, cast iron, steel and stainless steel.

CRUZ MARTINS & WAHL LDA., PORTUGAL  -  castings in carbon and low alloy steel, austenitic manganese steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high alloy white cast iron, gray and nodular cast iron, green sand automatic molding line for cast iron castings, manual and automatic self-setting sand molding systems for steel castings, castings for asphalt milling and paving machines, castings suited for the high temperature, corrosion and abrasion conditions in the cement manufacture processes, castings for ovens of solid waste incineration, cast parts for ceramics industry, petrochemical industry and machine tools manufacturers, the production capacity is over 7500 tons of castings per year.

CALLEN MANUFACTURING CORP., USA  -  aluminum / zinc pressure die casting, miniature zinc die casting components.

CANGZHOU METALLIC CRAFTS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  all kinds of cast iron and aluminium products such as garden decoration, park benches, street lamp post, outdoor torches, mailbox sundials, statue of human beings and animals, bells, flower pot and base, boot scraper, furniture, fountain, weather vanes and garden hook, doormats, doorstops, decoration cannon, garden pumps, chimeneas, stoves and fireplaces.
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CLEARFIELD MACHINE CO., INC., USA  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron products from 5 kg up to 9000 kg in various configurations from basic bars and rings, to highly cored volutes cylinders, and impellers, lost-foam casting process.

CSABA METAL FOUNDRY CO., HUNGARY  -  aluminum pressure die castings for armatures, furniture parts, machine parts of household and building industry, diesel-engine parts, engine housings, etc.

CHUO MALLEABLE IRON CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  malleable ductile and grey cast iron, aluminum die casting.

CIF METAL LTD., CANADA  -  foundry for aluminum and zinc alloys utilizing permanent molds.

CIE MATRICON S.A., ROMANIA  -  full solutions starting from the design and constuction of the moulds, pressure die casting, machining, surface treating and painting of different aluminum and zinc engine parts, parts for the steering, brackets, parts for the gearbox, fluid dynamics and antivibration.
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CITYBEL NV, BELGIUM  -  castings in grey cast and ductile iron, accessories and apparatures for the distribution of water and gas, parts for pumps, pulleys, cams, stages, boxes, parts for stoves, manhole covers & frames, gratings, gullies, art and ornamental items.

COMPANIA NACIONAL DE BRONCES - CONALBRONCES S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  ferrous and nonferrous metals casting and machining, industrial parts for the sugar, paper, cement, steel and shipbuilding - river or sea.

COB NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  bronze and brass castings made by sand moulding and lost wax technology, symbols on door handles, door plaques, house numbers, key rings, firm plaques, statues and figurines, artistic and decorative cast accessories.

CHRISTENHUSZ NON FERRO GIETERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  a foundry specializing in aluminum, bronze, aluminum bronze and brass castings, sand casting both hand-and machine-formed in various series and materials to a casting weight of 800 kg, gravity die castings in weights from 10 grams to about 6 kg.

COMPONENTA OY, FINLAND  -  cast, machined and upgraded components for heavy truck, power and transmission, machine building and off-road industries.

CASTING PLANT BJELOVAR D.O.O., CROATIA  -  castings of grey and nodular cast iron for automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, agricultural machinery, plumbing and sewage systems.
CastingArea's Presentation.

CASTCO PRECISION CASTINGS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer of complex precision investment casting parts in a range of ferrous, aluminium, copper and special high performance metal alloys.

CENTURY PACIFIC FOUNDRY, CANADA  -  grey, ductile, wear resistant iron, nihard, carbon, low alloy, stainless and steel castings for manufacturing, oil and gas, marine, forestry, mining / smelter and transportation companies, high speed automatic molding machines.

CHUGUNOLEENE PARVOMAI JSC, BULGARIA  -  castings in white, ductile and alloy cast iron with a maximum weight up to 60 kg, grist balls, grinding solids (cilpebs) and protective lining for chutes for crushers in ore, cement, copper, building and energy industries, all types brake shoes for railway transport, brake discs, castings for hydraulic elements, for automotive and forklifts industries, spare parts for energy industry, general machine building, agricultural machines and farm equipment, ornamental castings for fence elements and park-furnish equipment, carbon steel castings with a maximum weight up to 2000 kg - castings for agricultural machines and spare parts for general machine building, spare parts for energy industry.

CASTECH PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  short runs of small to mid-size castings in a wide range of alloys, including aluminium, bronze, grey irons, white irons, carbon steels and alloy steels, cast parts for mining, power generation, automotive and petroleum industries, hard-sand moulding, aluminium gravity die-casting.

CASTINGS P.L.C., UK  -  ductile, malleable & grey iron castings up to 25 kg.

CROATIA PUMPE NOVA D.O.O., CROATIA  -  pump manufacturer, own metalcasting department specializing in cast iron, bronze and steel castings.

CHIAUS-PRO PRECISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  zinc alloy pressure die-casting, mold design and manufacture, blasting to tapping, computer, automotive and electronics parts, stationery, and hardware parts.

CORPORACION POK, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  engineering services and products to the sugar, oil, mining, electrical, plastics and rubber industries, the company has a complete design and engineering department for the production of models, patterns, molds and prototypes, a foundry, a machine shop and a quality assurance department, the investment casting division produces cast parts in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

COL-PI S.H., ARGENTINA  -  aluminium gravity die casting and pressure die castings.

COMPANIA QUIMICA ADRIFA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  casting and machining of cast aluminum parts for kitchen cooking gas burners, pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

C.Q.S PRECISION DIE CASTING, INC., VIETNAM  -  aluminum and zinc alloys casting, gravity die and pressure die casting, stamping, machining, painting and assembly products, aluminum wheels, trucks, motorcycle and bicycle parts, lighting fixtures parts, power tools, garden tools, agriculture parts.

CQMS RAZER, AUSTRALIA  -  production of dragline buckets and rigging components, ground engaging tools, excavator bucket cast lips, conveyor accessories, stone dusting systems, crusher consumables and castings for material processing in mines and quarries, jaw lines, gyratory lines, blow bars and liner plates, custom castings for specialist applications.

CANGZHOU RUIKE METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of stainless steel hose fittings, ball valves, glass hardware and various machinery parts, own investment casting foundry.

CAST REPRODUCTIONS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  heritage reproduction experts, gravity and sand-cast aluminium services, aluminium heritage fence panels, posts, corners and friezes, valance and balustrade panels, traditional gates, roof finials and crestings.

CAFAVI S.A., ARGENTINA  -  steel castings, lost-wax method.

CASTINOX S.A., SPAIN  -  production of castings in stainless steels and special alloys: valve parts, fluid pump pieces, and other industrial parts.

COMET S.A., CHILE  -  cast parts for water system applications, manhole covers & grates, ornamental castings for streets and gardens.

CONTIFONTE S.A., FRANCE  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry, specialized in complex castings in small, medium and large series in all industrial branches - general mechanics, car industry, military vehicles, glass industry, handling / machine tools, agriculture and food industry, textile industry, pumps and taps, fully automatic air impulse moulding line, air flow press moulding line, fully automatic high pressure moulding line, continuous casting, a subsidiary of Kuhn Group - manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

CREAFUSION S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze, aluminium, zamak and steel industrial and art / fashion jewelry castings, lost wax process, centrifugal casting.

CHESHMEH SAR CO., IRAN  -  casting and machining of grey and ductile iron industrial parts, weight range from 200 g up to 100 kg, production capacity of 4000 tons per year.

CHODAN SAZAN CO. (CSCO), IRAN  -  cast rolls, sleeves, ingot moulds and other heavy cast iron parts, annual overall capacity 10 000 tons.

CANADIAN SPECIALTY CASTING, INC., CANADA  -  a service-oriented jobbing foundry specializing in heat / corrosion resistant stainless steels, carbon, low alloy and tool steel castings up to 2200 kg net cast weight, and beryllium copper, high conductivity copper, bronze and aluminum castings up to 4500 kg net cast weight, industries & markets served - pumps, valves, compressors and other pressure retaining and rotating equipment, hydro, gas and steam turbines, metal and miscellaneous process equipment, combustion and thermal resistant equipment.

CEYLON STEEL CORPORATION LTD. (CSCL), SRI LANKA  -  production of round steel bars, hard drawn wire rods, wire nails, galvanized welded wire mesh sheets, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel castings - manhole covers & frames, crusher jaws and parts for earth moving machinery, cast components for telecommunication, sugar, ceramics and cement industries.

CHIA SENG INDUSTRIAL CORP., TAIWAN  -  pressure die-casting factory for alloy of zinc and aluminum alloys.

CASTINGS SERVICES LTD., UK  -  manhole covers, gully gratings, linear drainage, water pressure pipes valves and fittings, cable TV manhole covers and fittings, and bridge drainage systems.

CHINA SOUTH LOCOMOTIVE & ROLLING STOCK INDUSTRY (GROUP) CORPORATION, CHINA  -  capacity of 25 000 tons gray iron, nodular iron, vermicular iron and alloyed iron castings - resin moulding sand, green sand and lost-wax production lines, one-piece weight up to 10 tons, typical products include large-sized integral cast engine blocks, cylinder head, cylinder liners, crankshafts, active brackets, inlet/outlet pipes, wheel housings for wind-mill generators, ISO 9001.

CAST STEEL MICROFUSION ARGENTINA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  weapon parts manufacturer, investment casting foundry.

CHINA SPECIAL METAL GROUP LTD., CHINA  -  production of steel and cast iron castings - slag pots and ladles, ingot moulds.

CASTALIA S.r.l., ITALY  -  medium and large aluminium sand moulded castings for energy, electro-mechanical, naval, industrial machinery, tools and transportation sectors.

CASTALLOY TECHNOLOGY CORP., PHILIPPINES  -  production of heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel, high alloy steel, abrasion and wear resistance steel, impact resistance and high strength steel castings for the cement, mining, sugar, pulp and paper industries.

CIMOS TITAN D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  malleable cast iron fittings and cast parts for machine construction, automotive and electrical industries, railway, agricultural facilities, Disamatic moulding line and conveyor moulding line, weight of castings from 0.1 kg to 10 kg.

CARLTON TAYLOR INDUSTRIES LTD. (CTI), NEW ZEALAND  -  CTI incorporating Aluminum DieCasting Ltd. and Hamer Precision Ltd., design, manufacture, finishing and assembly services - sheetmetal fabrication, precision CNC machining, aluminium high pressure and low pressure die casting in aluminium with castings range in weight from a few grams through to 7 kg, products for the electronic and electrical industry.

CASTING TECHNOLOGY LTD., BULGARIA  -  aluminum and zinc pressure die casting for the automotive, medical and machine-building industries.

COPPAL UTAMA INDOMELT PT., INDONESIA  -  steel, aluminium and bronze casting, sand moulding, pressure die casting, centrifugal casting, a part of
Coppal Utama Pt.

CHICAGO VACUUM CASTING CORP., USA  -  precision investment castings from parts weighing as little as a few grams to parts weighing up to 25 kg in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

CHITA WORKS, JAPAN  -  a special steel pipe factory, the Casting Plant has V-process equipment for manufacturing plugs for seamless pipes rolling and base plates, a part of JFE Steel.

CARL WEYMANN GmbH, GERMANY  -  ferrous casting company.

COMBI WEAR PARTS AB, SWEDEN  -  wear parts for excavators and loaders, wear parts systems for dredging applications, shell moulded steel castings between 2-30 kg and machine moulded steel cast parts more than 30 kg, the annual production is 3000 tons, a subsidiary company of Keycast Group.

C.W. TAYLOR & SON LTD., UK  -  heavy up to 38 tons grey, ductile and alloy iron castings for heavy duty gas turbines, corrosion resistant pumps and valves, high-chrome grinding rings, bridle rolls and similar high integrity engineering applications.

CHENGDU XINGYU PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  precision investment castings of stainless steels, heat resistant steels carbon steels, alloy cast irons and other kinds of high alloy steels and special cast alloys, for industrial boilers, watercrafts, carriages, railway, space flight, instruments, petrochemical engineering, textile, cutting and measuring tools, hardware, art ware and machinery building, production capacity is 1200 tons per year.

CHEN YU FOUNDRY CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  pressure die castings for auto & motorcycle parts, electronic wooden furniture products and hand tools.

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